ATWT Update Tuesday 1/31/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/31/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Will and Gwen meet outside. She apologizes for having overslept. He has spoiled her, because she has trouble getting to sleep now that she sleeps alone. Will empathizes; he was going crazy last night as well. He considered sneaking up to see her. She notices something is wrong with him. He admits that he was thinking about Paul’s service. Gwen asks if he is sorry he went, but he says it is not that. He is just worried that he tipped their hand with his mom. He isn’t sure he should have told her their plans. Gwen wonders why it matters. It shouldn’t, he admits, but she got this look on her face… He doesn’t want her to try to undermine them again. Gwen assures him that she can’t hurt them anymore.

At the Lakeview, Barbara is trying to reason with Lisa about what she believes is right regarding Gwen. She is frustrated that Lisa gave her a place to live and a job. Lisa doesn’t see the harm in that, because she thinks she is sweet. Barbara is determined to believe, and try to get others to believe, that she is a bad influence on Will. She insists she has turned him off of school and she is only after his trust fund. Lisa would rather believe they are simply in love. Barbara is adamant that they are only teenagers and are too young to really know that. Lisa’s salary now will help Will and Gwen even more on their quest to be together. Lisa wonders if Barbara will ever give her a chance. She says it is not Gwen per se; she just doesn’t go for someone who is overly needy and dominates all of Will’s time. Lisa thinks that no one will ever be good enough for Will. She also knows that Paul’s death is terribly hard on her, but she is trying too hard to hold on to her other son; she needs to let them spread their wings. Barbara will not be deterred from her beliefs. She can’t let him spread his wings, not like this

At home, Luke is busy typing on his computer when Lily enters the room. Luke hurriedly closes his laptop. He was just finishing up some last minute stuff for school, he claims. He goes to stomp by her, when she asks why he is still so angry. He answers gruffly that he has had his driving privileges taken away and his best friend has been banned from him. Lily tries to get him to see they are worried. He was drunk again; he is risking his health and his new kidney. Luke fires back that it wasn’t as if he committed the crime of the century. He did something very wrong, though, Lily counters. He made a mistake and he certainly wasn’t the first person in this family to do that. He leaves the room as Holden is entering. He asks what is wrong. Lily tells Holden that she is worried about Luke. Holden stands strong, believing that they are doing the right thing. Lily just hopes that they don’t end up pushing him farther away.

At the Lakeview, Emily and Henry are at it again. How could Meg afford to live at the Lakeview? Henry jokes that she has a rich aunt. Emily wonders if it is more like a rich benefactor. Henry doesn’t think that Paul would have left Meg, of all people, any money in his will, to which Emily agrees; that is why she really wonders if he is dead. They will have to deal with her accordingly, and again Henry worries about what Emily means, exactly. Emily gives him a big push towards the maid cleaning Meg’s room. She wants him to charm the maid and find something out. Henry talks briefly to the maid and finds out Meg isn’t around, and when the maid got there the bed was already made. Henry jokingly scoffs, wondering who would make her bed when she lives in a hotel. Emily is more interested in the fact that it appears that Meg never came home last night.

At the cabin, Paul is dreaming that the door opens and in walks Emily. She sees Meg lying there asleep and pulls out a gun. Paul promises that it is not what it looks like, but Emily is sure it is and fires the gun. Paul wakes up with a start. He calls out to Meg. She awakens, wondering if he is okay. He tells a confused Meg that she needs to get out of there right away. Meg calms him down and then checks his lungs. He is in desperate need of hospital care. He should be in intensive care. Paul needs her to do something for him first. There is a storage facility on Main Street, and she needs to go to it and bring back the box that he has there. Meg is concerned and suggests that they not bother with the box and focus on getting him to a hospital. Paul is adamant; they can’t go to the hospital until he gets the contents of the box. Meg doesn’t think she should be back in town. She doesn’t trust Emily or Henry; they are on to them. Paul pleads, swearing he will never ask her for another favor. Meg assumes that will happen when pigs fly, and Paul nods that she is probably right, but he really needs the box.

Emily and Henry continue to sneak around in the halls near Meg’s room. Emily thinks Henry should write a note to Meg. He jokes that he will write that they are following her and trying to find out if she knows Emily shot Paul. Then he finishes with, "Call me!" Emily slaps him on the shoulder; she wants him to use the note as a pretense to get into the room to snoop around. He would rather go to his poker game, but Emily reminds him that because of what they know about each other, they are bonded together.

Henry goes back to talk to the maid, trying to use his wily charms on her again. Can he leave a note for Meg? he asks. She suggests that he leave it at the front desk, per hotel rules. Henry persists; how can he leave a romantic note in the cold hands of a front-desk employee? If she were Meg, would she rather have a sweet note left for her on her pillow or at the plain ol' front desk? The maid seems to be swayed, but then at the last minute changes her mind and closes the door. Henry is concerned he is losing his charm, but Emily is amazed that he was ever a P.I.

Gwen and Will are enjoying their time together, and Gwen wishes she could stay with him like this all day. Will smiles and suggests that she call in sick, but Gwen doesn’t want to do that to Lisa. She gave her a shot, and she doesn’t want to blow it. Plus, he has job interviews to go on. She tells Will she has something for him, and she hands him a box with a bow on it. He tells her she should not have bought him anything. She assures him that it is not what he thinks. He opens the box and finds a slip of paper. She tells him Lisa gave her an advance on her paycheck, and she went to the bank and opened an account in both of their names. An ecstatic Will hugs her. It feels real now; they have a future to look towards. Gwen can’t help but still feel that if they talk about it too much they might jinx it, but Will promises that they are going to be making their own luck now.

At the Lakeview, Barbara tries another tactic and tries to sound empathetic. She is not trying to be a monster; she knows Gwen has had it tough with her mom, living hand to mouth and losing her baby. Lisa tells her that she is not going to throw her out. She understands that after losing a child her life feels turned upside down, but that doesn’t give her the right to destroy her other son’s life. They are interrupted when an employee of Lisa’s calls to tell her that a regular guest of the hotel has lost her diamond necklace. Lisa is agitated, wanting to make sure the woman is not insinuating one of her staff is responsible. Barbara is listening, interested in Lisa’s conversation. When she hangs up, Barbara asks if everything is okay. Lisa tells her shortly that someone has lost some jewelry and she needs to go take care of it. After she leaves, Barbara’s eyebrows go up as if to say, "I have an idea."

Holden is firm; they can’t back down. They need to send a message to Luke. Lily worries that she thought the bad times were behind them. Keith is gone and Luke had his transplant — why would Luke still feel he needs to get drunk? Holden recalls seeing Luke massaging Kevin’s shoulder and back. He tells Lily that he thinks it is simply that Luke has had a tough year and needs a little extra time to bounce back. Lily has misgivings about whether they are being too hard on him, then. Holden thinks they are doing the right thing; Luke needs structure and order now. Lily has an idea; does he mind if they keep him home from school today? They can make lunch and watch a movie with popcorn, just to assure him that everything is okay. Holden thinks it is a good idea. They leave to go start the lunch. Faith wanders in and starts to get onto Luke’s computer. When Luke comes into the room and sees this, he immediately grabs the computer and tells Faith to stay away from it. Faith is confused, because he always lets her play on it, but Luke doesn’t want her near it today. Holden has come into the room to witness this and is concerned by Luke’s slight outburst. He asks if everything is okay. Faith explains that Luke won’t let her touch his computer like he used to. She guesses he is probably worried about her reading his blog. Holden laughs and wonders how she knows that term. Luke explains he told her that was what he was doing on his computer one day. Luke covers by saying he doesn’t want her erasing any schoolwork, and he would like some privacy. Lily then comes in and tells Luke about their plan and is met with a sarcastic, “Whoopee!” Holden tells him to knock it off and go with his mom to the store, and he will stay here with Faith. After Luke and Lily leave and Faith goes into the kitchen, Holden stands there staring at Luke’s bag that has his laptop computer in it.

Barbara is listening outside the door where Lisa is talking with the guest, Mrs. Lombard, about her missing necklace. Lisa wonders if she misplaced it. The woman is adamant that she did not. She has stayed here many times and has always enjoyed herself, and that is why she has not called the police, but she will if her necklace is not returned. She wants the staff questioned, and in particular the blonde girl with the black eyeliner and flower on her apron. Lisa seems to realize the woman is talking about Gwen. She tells her she will take care of it. The woman leaves and then Barbara comes in with a smug look on her face. She didn’t have to do a thing; Gwen has already gotten herself into trouble. Lisa is disappointed she was listening but tells her she will not be making any assumptions. She calls security and tells them to find Gwen. After she hangs up, Lisa looks concerned.

Will asks Gwen what is with the flower. Gwen tells him that Lisa gave it to her; she said people give better tips if they have something to remember you by. Will is happy that Lisa seems to have really taken to her and taken her under her wing. Gwen is really appreciative for all she has done for her. Her cell phone rings, interrupting them. It is Lisa, and she needs to see her right away. Will thinks she is going to give her a raise, but Gwen is concerned that she sounded very upset. Will offers to go, but Gwen tells him to go on his appointments and she will see him later.

Lisa tells Barbara that she is sure there will be an explanation. Barbara laughs bitterly as she says that there is; a woman now in jail raised Gwen, and they are witnessing history repeating itself. Lisa reminds her that they don’t know anything yet and says she is looking forward to proving her wrong. Lisa walks away, and Barbara goes to leave and drops her purse and some contents on the floor. She goes to pick it up along with all the items that fell out, when she sees the necklace under a chair.

At the bar in the Lakeview, Emily and Henry continue to ponder Meg’s connection to Paul. Why would Meg show up at Paul’s service? She hated his guts. Emily is convinced she was there to find something out. Meanwhile, in walks Meg, on the phone with Paul. He is asking if she got the box and if everything is okay. Meg assures him she is fine and will be back shortly, when Henry shows up next to her, surprising her. Paul wants to know if she has been seen — who is with her? Meg answers by saying Henry’s name out loud. Henry wants to help her out, as she is juggling the phone and a metal box, but Meg refuses. In the confusion, Meg drops her phone, and we hear Paul asking if she is there. Meg looks concerned and wonders if Henry heard Paul’s voice. She quickly scoops up the phone and hangs up. Henry continues by introducing himself and saying he needs a nurse, and she comes highly recommended. Meg reminds him she lost her license. Henry tells her it is for his aunt. He says he was upstairs inquiring about her to the maid at her room and she said she hadn’t been home last night, and he assumed she was pulling a late night shift. Meg is surprised he was outside her room, but she covers it. She needs to go, she mumbles; she has an appointment. Henry wonders if they could have drinks sometime. Meg agrees, telling him he already knows where she lives. She leaves after glancing over at Emily. Emily asks Henry if he found out where she was going. Henry tells her he didn’t want to be nosy; he is trying to slowly gain her confidence. Emily rolls her eyes and tells him they have to follow her.

Barbara coolly grabs the necklace and stuffs it in her purse with the rest of her belongings. She leaves with a promise that she knows Gwen took the necklace. Lisa answers that they will see, and Barbara assures her that they will.

Meg is walking up to her room, talking loudly enough on the cell phone, as Emily and Henry follow her. She says over the phone that she doesn’t know why they want to meet at Java, but she will see them there in 10 minutes. She walks into her room for a moment, while Emily and Henry hide behind the maid’s cart, and then she leaves. Henry wonders whom she is going to meet, but Emily worries; she has a sinking feeling she knows who it is. So off they go, hot on her tail.

Lily and Luke arrive at Java. Luke wonders why they are there. Lily thinks maybe they can get a coffee and talk. Luke sarcastically wonders if Holden approved the unscheduled stop. Lily wants him to stop the sarcasm, because it is not like he will be grounded forever. She wants them to sit down and talk, but Luke tells her that he doesn’t want to and he will meet her back at the car. He walks out, but turns back and sadly watches Lily. He turns back around to find Kevin standing there. Kevin is happy to see him there and wants him to come to a rooftop party with him. Luke tells him he can’t and that his parents think he is a bad influence. Kevin laughs and tells him they just won’t get caught. He will even bring the top shelf stuff. Luke snaps back that he needs to back off, because he can’t. They turn around to find Lily standing there.

Holden is standing in his living room, looking suspiciously at Luke’s bag that holds his laptop computer. He recalls how Luke was going on to Faith and him about wanting his privacy. He toys with getting it out, but then seems to back away from it. Then, as he is about to leave the room, he heads back, picks up the bag, and takes out the computer.

Lily asks Luke if he is ready to go. Luke guiltily agrees to go and he leaves. Lily walks by Kevin and glares at him as she does.

Holden is trying to gain access to Luke's computer but can’t seem to get by his password. He tries a few words but they don’t work. He is stumped, when he notices the scratched writing on the front of Luke's notebook. Holden pronounces the words that are written in shorthand computer language. He is able to realize it reads “hated boy.” He types it into the password area, and he is able to log in.

Meg arrives at Java and calls Paul. She explains what happened with Henry and Emily. He worries, but Meg feels confident that they took her bait and it will throw them off track. Outside, Emily worries that she is going to see Meg meeting with Paul. Henry is still adamant that he could not have survived a gunshot and then being thrown over a cliff into a cold river. Emily thinks Meg would be a perfect pick, being a nurse. Henry doesn’t think that Paul would show up in such a public place. Inside, Meg is asking if there is a back door. The waitress tells her there is, but it is not accessible to customers. Meg thanks her for the information. Emily asks if Meg is meeting with anyone. Henry’s face is pressed up to the window, watching Meg. She is still alone. He jumps back and tells Emily that she is getting up and heading this way. They scramble to hide, but after a moment they realize she is not coming this way.

They look over and see her car is gone and realize she has given them the slip, out the back door. Henry feigns sadness and tells her all is not lost; he can still make his card game. Emily isn’t having any of that; there is still something they have to do.

Gwen meets with Lisa at the Lakeview lounge. Lisa asks if she did the turn-down service in room 643. Gwen thinks and then says she did; it was one of her last rooms. Lisa explains the woman staying there is a frequent guest and has never complained before. Gwen is becoming concerned; did she do something to cause the woman to complain? Lisa explains that she had a diamond necklace that has gone missing. Gwen remembers it because the diamonds were the size of ice cubes. She thought it was funny that the woman left it out on the table. Lisa explains that the woman claims it was stolen. Gwen starts to realize what this is about. Does she think she stole it? Lisa doesn’t want to think that, but no one else was in the room after her. Gwen thinks she must have misplaced it in the room. Lisa explains that security made a clean sweep, and no one was in the room after. She doesn’t want trouble with the police; Gwen can just return the necklace, no questions asked. After she does, though, she needs to turn in her pass key and uniform. Barbara is happily eavesdropping from the bar. Gwen’s face drops. She has done a lot of things in her life to be ashamed of, but she is not a thief. Lisa wishes she could believe her. A dejected Gwen gets up, but then notices Barbara starting to leave at the bar. She asks Lisa if Barbara was around when all of this went down. Lisa doesn’t see what that matters. Gwen rushes the bar and Barbara. She roars that she is behind the set-up.

Outside the house, Luke doesn’t want Lily to tell Holden about bumping into Kevin. Lily isn’t sure what she is going to do. He continues, saying it is not like he called him up to arrange the meeting. Lily only wants him to talk to her. Why is he being so defensive? Luke seems to be pondering her request, but then he tells her nothing is wrong.

Inside, Holden is starting to read Luke’s blog. It reads that his parents wouldn’t understand and they would kill him if they found out the truth. Just then, Holden hears Luke’s voice, and in they walk, catching Holden reading his blog.

Henry is dressed up as a female maid. He approaches the maid at Meg’s room and explains he is the new girl. She asks if he is okay, because he sounds funny. Henry covers by saying he has allergies. He tells her that she is needed on the eighth floor. The maid leaves and Emily shows up. She jokingly adjusts Henry’s front section, and Henry scoldingly tells her to not touch the goods. They are in, so "let’s go," he advises.

Meg has arrived back at the cabin. She is sure she gave Emily and Henry the slip, but Emily is like a dog with a bone. She feels his head and mentions that his fever broke, but it is still in his chest. Paul is not concerned about that right at this moment. He opens the box and Meg sees it overflowing with cash. It is his rainy-day fund. Meg jokes that it is more like a 40-day-flood fund. He throws a huge amount of cash Meg’s way; that should settle them up. Meg tells him they will worry about that after they get out of there. Paul corrects her; they are not getting out of here, but she is.

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