ATWT Update Monday 1/30/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/30/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the church, Barbara is all worked up, yelling to Jen and others about Emily being at the service for Paul. Henry stands up and tries to defend Emily’s right to be there, saying she wanted to show her support and knew it was the right thing to do. Then Barbara turns her wrath towards him: why exactly has he accompanied Emily to this service? They don’t even know each other. Is Emily now sleeping with him? She finishes her rant by saying Paul did one thing right before he died, and that was dump Emily. The minister is trying to settle everyone down and to continue with the service. Finally Barbara takes her seat, and the minister takes the opportunity, upon seeing all the hurt, to segue into a speech about family and forgiveness. Barbara looks sadly back at Will. Meanwhile, outside the room where the service is being held, Emily is listening at the outside door. She can hear only slightly what she assumes is Paul’s voice, as he talks to Meg. Outside, Meg is telling Paul to get lost; she does not want to conspire with a dead person. She turns quickly and goes back inside the door to the hall where Emily is listening and runs right into her.

At Java, Maddie is wondering if Casey is jealous of Nate. "He is perfect, it would seem," Casey mocks. Maddie wants to know why he cares if she is only like a little sister to him. Casey snaps for her to stop saying that. He had to say something to his mother when she caught her in his bedroom with him. Maddie understands that she is a girl and Margo may not like finding her there, especially after Gwen. Maddie point-blank asks Casey where they stand. Casey is not sure what to say or how to tell Maddie how he feels, so he stalls and asks why she needs to know specifics.

At Yo’s, Jack and Nick are about to come to blows. They are both wound up tightly and snapping at each other about the Paul Ryan case. Then the subject changes to how Nick came to town and diffused the bomb by running outside with it. Jack angrily reminds him that he and Mike found the bomb and had things under control, 'til he needed to play hero. He is reckless and a menace to the force, Jack snarls. Nick shoots back that at least he is not dirty. He doesn’t have to go around strong-arming witnesses. Jack yells that he was protecting his family, not that he would understand. Nick snaps back that he was most likely taking the easy way out. Jack snaps; he has had it with Nick and lunges at him, punching him in the jaw. Everyone quickly jumps into the fray, wanting to break it up. Margo finally is able to separate them.

A frantic Emily asks Meg if she saw Paul out there, because she heard his voice. A nervous Meg tries to cover by laughingly reminding Emily that Paul is dead. There is a full moon, Meg says, and maybe that is causing her to think crazy thoughts. Emily is adamant; she heard Paul’s voice. Maybe she thinks she heard his voice because she is guilty. Emily stares at her as she questions what she would have to feel guilty about. Meg covers, knowing she can’t explain what she really meant; instead she tells Emily that according to Barbara, she is the reason Paul is dead. She conspired with Paul, leading him to be cut off from his family, and that made him feel so bad that he obviously felt his only option was suicide. Emily cuts her off; Meg should not listen to what Barbara says. Paul is listening to this exchange from the corner of the church. Then Henry comes out, and Meg suggests that he take Emily home or to a therapist to help deal with these ideas she is having about Paul still being alive. Henry grabs Emily’s arm and leads her away, promising instead to get her many drinks. After they leave, Dusty comes outside wanting to know what she is doing there. Meg snidely asks if he is on her mother’s payroll. Meg turns it back on him — what is he doing there? He hated Paul too. She is there to dance on Paul’s grave, and he needs to stop being so sanctimonious, because he is there to do the same thing, Meg chides, as she walks away. Inside, Gwen approaches Jen. Jen thanks Gwen for coming and bringing Will. She knows Will is happy with her. Gwen apologizes for her loss. Then she starts to say something else but stops herself, but Jen figures out what she wants to say; she wants to know how Johnny is. Gwen quickly answers yes. A little ways away, Will is looking sadly at a picture of Paul. He goes to walk away, but Barbara stops him and thanks him for coming. Will explains he did it for Paul, not her. Barbara quietly asks Will if he was listening to what the minister said about family and forgiveness; she just lost her eldest son, and she needs him.

Maddie snips that it is not about what she wants. Casey jokes about her being a brave girl, moving to a new town and moving into his house. Does she want ‘Nate the Great’? Maddie mentions how Casey didn’t think Nate liked her because he was out of her league, or that she was talking to him to get back at him. Casey cuts her off, not wanting to talk about him. Does she want to go to the movies or not? Maddie looks as if she is about to say something and then changes her mind. She reiterates that they are just friends, which Casey nods at. Does she want to go to a friendly movie? No, Maddie answers.

Margo pushes both men backwards. They are drunk, she says, and if they don’t gain control over themselves then she will have to bring them into the station. Nick and Jack slink back to their separate corners. Katie asks Nick if he needs ice. A macho Nick mentions that he doesn’t need any, because Jack hardly connected. He then apologizes to Katie for ruining her party. Katie blows it off, telling him that they will have a story for their kids. Meanwhile, Margo is reprimanding Jack for losing his temper. He is the seasoned cop and he should know better. He could get into trouble for this. She doesn’t want to be forced to write him up, because he is already on probation; he could lose his job. He needs to make it right. Carly is furious; how can Margo side with Nick? He was the one shooting off his mouth. Nick was the one insulting a professional, well-respected cop, and Jack had every right to defend himself. Jack, who was initially would up similarly to Carly, then realizes that stance will get him nowhere. He mutters that life is not always fair, as he walks over to where Nick is standing with Mike and Katie. He awkwardly apologizes and Nick accepts it, muttering back his own apologies. It is a tense conversation. Carly whips around towards Margo and spits at her that she is supposed to be Jack’s friend. She is, Margo growls back. Carly thinks she is railroading Jack. A fed-up Margo snarls that she needs to grow up herself and put the blame where it is due. It is her fault that Jack lost his job after she drugged Gwen — another scheme that blew up in her face and cost Jack everything. Carly sinks back, realizing Margo is right. For once in her life, she needs to put the blame where it belongs – solely with herself. She needs to stay out of the Jack-and-Nick saga because she only makes things worse. Jack then apologizes to Mike and Katie, who again downplay it. Jack doesn’t want to have them make excuses; his temper made things worse. Jack offers to buy rounds for everyone. Jack walks back over to a subdued Carly. She would love to wipe the smirk off of Nick’s face. Carly wants to know why Hal would put the two of them together on a case; he knows it is a volatile situation. Jack thinks it is simply Hal’s way of forcing them to work things out.

Carly thinks it is dumb because it is not kindergarten, it is the police force, where people could get hurt if they can’t depend on their partners. Nick is reckless, and that could put Jack’s life in jeopardy, Carly continues. Jack cuts her off; they need to stop bashing Nick because it is not helping. Somehow he needs to work through this, and the constant negative thoughts about Nick are not helping. He wants them to stop talking about Nick, starting now.

Will apologizes to Barbara about Paul. Barbara appreciates the sentiment because they did truly love each other, and that is why Jen did this. She is grateful to Bob and Kim for taking him in, but she misses him, and then she quickly adds how she wishes he would come back home to be with her, Jen and Johnny. They could be a family again. On the other side of the room, Jen is showing Gwen a picture of Johnny. She smiles as she mentions how he has grown a whole size. If she ever wants to see him, Jen says, she is welcome to visit. Gwen appreciates the invitation and tells her that she will think about it, and she excuses herself quickly. After she leaves, Dusty arrives back and wonders if she is ready to go. Jen responds that she is — as soon as he tells her why he went after Meg.

At the cabin, Meg admonishes Paul for leaving the cabin to go to his memorial service. Paul is not listening because he is too wrapped up in the idea that his sister and brother have forgiven him. Paul recalls how Jen cried as she spoke of him. Meg remarks that he should stop congratulating himself for having made his sister cry. Paul feels strongly that if he were home with his family they would have forgiven him. Meg is worried that he is warm again. As he coughs, Meg notices he sounds worse. She hands him more pills and water. He never should have gone out. Paul feels confident that it was worth it. His siblings still love him. Meg wonders bitterly if he plans on throwing himself a welcome-home party — that is, if he lives through the night.

Emily and Henry are sitting at the Lakeview. As usual, Henry is downing his favorite drink, a martini. Emily is lamenting over the fact that she should not have gone to the service. Henry corrects her: she should not have run screaming down the aisle. She might as well tell the world she shot Paul. Emily isn’t sure he is dead. Henry is trying to assure her that Paul is dead and most certainly did not come back from the Great Beyond to attend his own memorial service. Henry reminds her that she knows Paul is dead because she herself saw the blood, and there was no pulse. Emily acknowledges that he looked dead, but she never felt for a pulse. Henry is thrown but is still sure that he is dead, but Emily is not so sure anymore.

Casey tries again in his own way. He thinks that Maddie should spend the day with him instead of Nate. Just then Nate shows up, apologizing for being late. Does she want a coffee? Maddie agrees happily to his suggestion, and Nate tells her he thinks she would like a decaf mochaccino. Maddie smiles warmly after he leaves, wondering how he would know that. Casey remarks bitterly that it is the drink she always orders. Maddie responds back snidely that if they are friends then he won’t at all mind if they sit at another table, as she gets up and leaves him.

Nick and Mike are playing pool as Carly and Jack watch, now sipping coffee. Carly tries to toast Jack and the great man and father that he is. However, she keeps slamming Nick in the process. Jack calmly tells her to lighten up and forget about him. He would rather she just kissed him. Carly melts into him, planting a passionate kiss on him, which is noticed by Nick. However, Mike also notices Nick being bothered by Carly and Jack’s show of affection.

Barbara continues nagging Will, saying Johnny needs a man around, and since he and Gwen are no longer together… Just then, Gwen sidles up to Will. Will corrects her; they are still together, regardless of everything she pulled. Barbara tries to explain that she and Hal did what they saw fit. They want him back at school. Will just wants her to give him access to his trust fund again so he isn’t forced to get a job instead of go back to school. Barbara doesn’t think that is a good idea, but Will thinks she is just trying to keep him wrapped around her finger. She begs him to reconsider her offer and come home; she needs him. Will wants Barbara to understand that Gwen is his family now. If she wants to ever be a part of his life, then she needs to accept this. He and Gwen may not be able to live together now, but they will be by Valentine’s Day. Barbara glares at Gwen.

Dusty explains that he thought Meg was sick because he saw her getting antibiotic pills from her friend. Jen thinks it makes as much sense as Henry being here at her brother’s memorial. Meg has some history with her brother, at least. Jen thinks it is strange to bring a vague acquaintance to a funeral. Either way, she thinks that everyone is trying to make peace with Paul’s death in their own way. Dusty reminds her that Meg lied to them and she kept Johnny from her; he doesn’t trust her. Johnny is home with her now, though, so he needs to just let it go, Jen suggests.

Meg wants to know from Paul if he thought he could march into the service and throw his arms around Jen, and then have Will drive back home with him to the Lakeview. He thinks he can act as if nothing happened, but he faked his own suicide. Paul admits there would be questions. Meg laughs sarcastically; they would only see it as him creating all this havoc and then faking his own death so he didn’t have to take responsibility for all the pain he caused. Paul sees it as sparing them. Meg corrects him; she knows what he did. He hid out and faked his own death so as not to go to jail, plus he was sick and tired of feeling guilty about everything he did. Meg understands why he did it. Now his little field trip to the church and Emily thinking she has heard his voice could cost them. Paul falls onto the bed as Meg reaches for his head and tells him he is burning up. Paul’s feeling lower now, and he tells her to leave him alone.

Henry can understand why Emily thinks she heard his voice; she did love him once. Emily shakes her head, agreeing that she did love him very much. Emily is sure that Meg knows something. She mentioned something about her feeling guilty, but then covered it up by claiming she meant something else. Emily is convinced there is something going on with Meg. Henry adds that it is that she knows Paul is dead, but Emily responds, "Or she knows that he is alive."

Nick is aggravated as he tells Mike about Jack. Mike thinks that Nick needs to take it down a bit. He is new in town and has taken the job of a well-respected cop, and all he has done is shoot his mouth off. It is no wonder that Jack gave him a knuckle sandwich. This elicits a laugh out of Nick; what is he, eight years old? Mike is glad he has a job, but he wants him to keep it so he can stick around; he needs a best man. Nick happily agrees. Mike and Katie decide to leave, but Nick tells them that he is going to stick around because he has apologies to make. As they leave, Jack walks away from Carly, and Nick and Carly exchange glances.

Barbara is assuring Will that she is not using Paul’s death to her benefit. She just realizes they need to cling to each other now. That is exactly what he is doing, he replies. A defiant Barbara wants to know how Will plans on supporting himself. He will find a job, he says, and Gwen is working now. Barbara inquires as to where, with a scowl on her face. Will happily tells her that Lisa gave her a job and a room at the Lakeview — right down the hall from her. Barbara tries to continue to shoot down Will’s plans, but he cuts her off. He is going to get a job and get some money together, and then they will move in together soon after, and there is nothing she can do about it. He adds that he thinks Paul would be happy for them. After they leave, Barbara mutters to herself that they will see about that.

Jen tells Dusty that she doesn’t think that it has been easy on any of them, but it is over now, and they have a chance for an amazing future together. Dusty assures her that Johnny and she are everything to him. Jen hugs him and tells him that Meg can’t do anything more to them.

Henry wonders if Emily is overreacting to Meg’s words. "She is probably pushing your buttons," he suggests. Meg hates her and Paul; why would she protect them if she knew the truth? Emily isn’t convinced; why was she at the memorial service? If she knows something or thinks she knows something, then they need to take care of her. Henry asks nervously if she is talking about the same way she took care of Paul. Emily shrugs her shoulders as if to say maybe.

Paul apologizes for going to the church, but Meg knows he doesn’t mean it. He does, he insists; he complicated things and drew attention to himself when Emily heard them. She needs to convince Emily that her suspicions are wrong. Meg isn’t sure she can do it, but Paul jokes that he is supposed to be dead, so he can’t do it. Meg is worried about the noise Emily could make. Plus, Jack already thinks he is not dead. If Emily finds any clues, they will reopen the case. If he has any suggestions, short of donating his body, then he needs to let her know.

Casey tries to eavesdrop on Maddie and Nate’s conversation. He is annoyed as Nate flirts with Maddie. Maddie glances over at Casey and then looks back at Nate, imagining him to be Casey as he bestows all sorts of compliments on her. Then Casey looks over at Maddie and imagines he is talking with her, saying he didn’t know how to tell her how he felt, but he does now. They both come back to reality, and Nate wants to know if he can ask Maddie something.

Katie and Mike are outside holding each other, looking at the sky. He wishes the party didn’t turn out the way it did, but Katie laughs it off. Nick was out of line. Jack is a great cop and family man. Mike thinks it is funny that she keeps bringing up family; is there something he should know? Katie smiles slyly as she tells him that she wants to have a family with him one day soon. In fact, she wants to have at least four kids. Mike laughs at her specific number and pulls her closer. They hug each other tightly.

Nick approaches Carly. He was out of line, he admits, and it won’t happen again. He never should have gone after Jack. He doesn’t want to spoil things between them. Carly answers quickly; he works with her husband, and between them there is no "you and me." Nick qualifies that he meant it is a small town and they will be bumping into each other often. He doesn’t want any hard feelings. Again, Carly says to him that there are no feelings at all between them, though she doesn’t seem as convinced of that as she is trying to sound. Nick leaves and Jack comes back, and they decide to go home. As they are leaving, Carly looks back nervously at Nick, who smiles back in return.

Gwen thanks Will for sticking up for her. She doesn’t want him losing his sister or Johnny over this, but she doesn’t want him to move home either, though. Will is glad to hear that, because he isn’t going anywhere. Gwen thinks maybe Will should think about going to see Jen or Johnny. She saw a picture of him; his front teeth have grown in. Will wonders if she would like to see him. Gwen thinks maybe later, when it doesn’t hurt so much. Will holds onto Gwen; he wishes they were going home together.

Barbara is on the phone, leaving a message for Lisa. She wants to talk to her tomorrow morning about Gwen Norbeck.

Jen wants to know what the plan is. Dusty answers that they should get dinner. Jen meant what is the plan with Meg. Dusty answers simply that she and Johnny are his life and his family, and nothing else matters.

Paul thinks if they can’t convince Emily that he is dead, then she will still not go to the police, because that would mean she would be incriminating herself. Meg is convinced that if Emily could shoot Paul at the altar and then show up looking like a widow out of a cartoon, then she is most likely capable of hunting him down and finishing the job.

Henry wonders if Meg saw Emily shoot Paul. Emily doesn’t know. Was she following you? he asks. He is sure Meg wouldn’t just coincidentally be in the woods. Henry wonders why Meg wouldn’t be blackmailing her; he would be. Emily explains that is what they would do, but others simply like to twist the knife for the sheer fun. Henry thinks she should let her have her fun then. Emily wonders if he thinks they should sit back, relax, and wait for her to turn them in. Meg is a loose cannon; she waited for months to tell Dusty about the baby. They need to find out for sure, and that is where Henry comes in. He needs to put his PI hat back on. Henry assures Emily that he is many things — a poker player, an ex-husband, a pimento lover — but he can’t be a PI for her. Emily is adamant; they need to follow her, read her mail and do whatever is necessary to find out what she knows. Henry wonders what happens then. Emily answers coldly that then they will shut her up — for good!

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