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As the World Turns Update Friday 1/27/06


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At Yo’s, Nick throws an engagement party for Mike and Katie, with the entire police department in attendance. Mike and Katie arrive and are very surprised by Nick’s party in their honor. Mike asks Nick if he can call some of his friends to the party. Nick says it's his party and he can invite whomever he wants, so Mike calls Jack and Carly and invites them to the party.

At Java, Casey invites Maddie to go with him to the Star Wars film festival, but she turns him down when she remembers that Casey told Margo he thought of her as an annoying kid sister.

At the Lakeview, Will asks Gwen if she will be getting off work soon, and she says the room they are in is the last room she has to clean. Will explains to Gwen that he needs to get out of there and be alone with her. Will is still struggling to understand why Paul killed himself, but he can’t come up with an answer. Will feels guilty because he thinks Paul killed himself because he (Will), Barbara, Hal, and Jennifer all judged him and never understood why he kept the truth about Jennifer’s baby from her. Will explains to Gwen that Paul never judged him for killing Rose; he just understood the reason why and forgave him without hesitation for killing the woman he loved. Will thinks that Paul was a better man than he is, because he did nothing but judge Paul and still can’t forgive him for what he did to Jennifer. Will tells Gwen that his entire family is messed up and he can’t understand why she would want to be with him, given everything his family has done to her. Gwen tells Will that his family is messed up, but he isn’t; he is the best person she has ever known. Will reminds Gwen that he killed Rose, and an innocent woman is dead because of him. Gwen tells Will that he was a child who was manipulated by his mother, but he has changed and made up for his mistakes just by always helping her. Will tells Gwen that she is the only thing that is right in his life and he is so grateful to have her. Will is sad that now he has lost his chance to give Paul the forgiveness Paul once gave him when he killed Rose.

At the Luther’s Corners church, Barbara tells Emily she shouldn’t be there, and Emily blasts back with, "I was his fiancée and I have every right to be at this service, and I am not going anywhere." Barbara thinks Emily drove Paul to kill himself, because she encouraged him to lie about the baby when he finally wanted to tell the truth. Emily starts to cry because she knows that she was responsible for Paul’s death, and she runs back up the aisle and is about to leave the church, when Henry stops her. Henry reminds Emily that, despite how things ended with Paul, she loved him, and she should honor his memory. Henry tells Emily she can give Barbara icy stares from across the aisle or do anything she wants, but she must stay for the service. Emily follows his advice, and they both go find a place to sit.

At the mountain cabin, Meg and Paul argue because he wants to go to the memorial service and she feels it’s a risk to his health. Meg is also worried that Paul may get caught, and then they will both go to jail. Paul explains to Meg that if Jennifer found a way to forgive him he must hear what she says about him at the service. Paul tells Meg that he knows the church very well and knows the places to hide, so nobody will see him. Paul wants Meg to drive him to the church. Meg refuses to drive Paul because she thinks he is too sick to make the trip. Paul tells Meg he is fine, but then he starts to cough so much he can’t talk. Once the coughing has stopped, Paul tells Meg he won’t give her the money if she doesn’t drive him to the church. Meg thinks Paul is bluffing and is fully prepared to call his bluff. Meg tells Paul she understands that he needs to hear that his family forgives him, and because of that she offers to go to the service and give him a full report on everything that happened. Once Meg leaves, Paul tells himself he has no choice, and he gets ready to go to the service.

At the Lakeview, Will still hasn’t decided if he wants to go to the service but he asks Gwen to go with him if he decides he does. Gwen doesn’t feel right intruding on his family’s grief, but Will tells Gwen she is his family now.

At the church, the service begins, and a few minutes later Meg arrives and has Dusty wondering why Meg would come to a memorial service for Paul. Paul also arrives and finds a hiding spot so he can listen to the service.

At Java, Maddie tells Casey she has a date with Nate Bradley, who is sitting in the next booth with his friends, because she can’t stand Casey asking her why she won’t go to the movies with him. Maddie walks over to Nate’s booth and asks if she can sit with him for a few minutes and pretend they are talking so she can get away from someone who is bothering her. Maddie is surprised when Nate is happy she came over to talk to him, because he has been trying to get his courage up to speak to her for a long time. Casey looks jealous as he watches Nate and Maddie talking and laughing together.

At Yo’s, Katie tells Mike that she doesn’t think it was a good idea for him to invite Jack and Carly, because she thinks Nick is interested in Carly. Mike explains to Katie that Nick enjoys flirting with every woman he sees, but it is always harmless flirtation. Katie tells Mike it is different with Carly; she has seen the way he looks at her. Mike tells Katie not to worry, because Nick would never go after a married woman. Katie tells Mike that she hopes he is right, for Carly’s sake. Nick toasts to Mike and Katie’s happiness just as Jack and Carly arrive, and neither of them is happy to see Nick. Carly wants to leave, but Jack refuses to do so because he thinks they should be there for Mike and Katie. Carly goes to say hi to Katie and Margo, and she also congratulates Katie on her engagement to Mike. Jack apologizes to Hal for his outburst at the station earlier and explains it’s just been hard on him, watching someone else take over his job. Jack tells Hal he is glad he took a risk and hired him to work part time, and he promises to make him proud by solving the gambling case. Jack promises to stay out of Nick’s way and not cause trouble for him at the station. Hal is happy to hear that, because he has decided to make Nick Jack’s partner so they can both help solve the gambling case. Jack goes to tell Carly that Hal just made Nick his new partner on the gambling case, and Carly wants to talk to Hal and tell him he is being very unfair. Jack asks Carly not to do that, because he promised Hal he wouldn’t cause trouble for Nick, and as much as he loves her, they both know when she tries to help him it tends to cause trouble.

At Java, Nate asks Maddie to hang out with him after he returns from signing up for a seminar. Maddie is thrilled and agrees to watch Nate’s bag for him until he returns. Once Nate leaves, a jealous Casey wonders why Maddie is interested in such a boring guy as Nate. Maddie thinks Casey is acting jealous, but Casey says he could never be jealous of such a boring guy.

At the church, Barbara begins to speak and feels guilty for not keeping Paul safe from the evil influence of James. Will and Gwen walk in the door and Barbara smiles a little, because at least in death Paul finally accomplished what he always wanted to do, which was bring his family together. Barbara cries as she asks Paul to forgive her and also tells him how much she loves him. Paul feels like his family has forgiven him for his actions as he watches from his hiding place. Jennifer gets up to speak and thanks everyone for coming to the service. Jennifer tells everyone that she is still angry with Paul for causing her so much pain, but she is even angrier with him for leaving them. Jennifer cries and tells everyone she would have forgiven Paul eventually, but he robbed her of the chance to give him that forgiveness. Paul is about to walk out of his hiding spot, but Meg sees him and stops him in time.

At Java, Casey tells Maddie that Nate Bradley is out of her league because he is smart and he is going to Harvard next year. Maddie is hurt because Casey thinks she is not good enough to date a Harvard man. Casey explains to Maddie that she is very smart, but all Nate cares about is books, and he doesn’t live in the real word. Casey thinks that a down-to-earth girl like Maddie would get bored with Nate.

At Yo’s, Jack goes to get some beers for himself and Carly, and Nick takes the opportunity to ask Carly to dance. Carly turns him down, but Nick continues to ask Carly to dance several more times until Katie tells Nick he owes her a dance. Jack arrives with the beers and Carly encourages Jack not to let Nick bother him. Jack drinks his beer in one gulp and quickly grabs another one from a waitress who is passing by. Carly is worried because Jack is drinking more than he usually does, but she says nothing to him about it. Margo makes a toast to Katie and Mike’s happiness and once again thanks Katie for donating part of her liver to save her life. Margo tells Mike that if he hurts Katie, the entire Oakdale police force will arrive at his door to arrest him. Jack drinks his second beer in one gulp during the toast and grabs another beer to drink.

At Java, Casey can’t understand why Maddie is being so cold to him, but he finally gets a clue when Maddie repeats every word he told Margo about her. Casey laughs and tells Maddie he can’t believe she would take anything he says to his mother seriously.

At the church, Meg pushes Paul out of the church, and he is happy that his family has forgiven him and is saying wonderful things about him. Meg reminds him they are saying wonderful things about him because they think he is dead. Paul insists on staying at the service to hear what everyone says about him. Meg tells Paul she will make him leave the church even if she has to carry him back to the cabin herself.

At Java, Jack drinks another beer as he hears all his former men praising Nick for solving the Ryan case. Nick jokes that it’s pretty easy to solve the case when the man’s car and clothes wash up in the river. Jack gets angry at Nick’s joke and shouts to Nick that Paul may have been a horrible person, but he was still a human being, and his family is suffering because he died. Jack tells Nick he should respect the families of the people that he arrests and stop treating them like a case number inside a file. Jack tells Nick that is part of the ethics code of being a cop. Nick tells Jack he has no right to talk, because he violated the police code of ethics. Jack gets angry and wants to take a swing at Nick, but Carly and Mike hold him back. Nick tells Jack he would be happy to take this outside. Carly asks Jack not to fight, but he thinks it's time someone taught "this kid" a lesson.

Outside the church, Paul begs Meg to let him hear what Emily has to say about him, and after that he promises to leave with her. Meg tells Paul he has taken enough risks today and tries to persuade him to leave now. Paul tells Meg nobody has seen him and they won’t get caught.

Inside the church, Emily tells everyone she loved Paul, despite what they all think, and she starts crying; she can’t go on and runs out of the church.

Outside the church, Paul is still arguing with Meg, and Emily hears his voice and then sees what she thinks looks like his face, but she knows it's impossible that he could be alive.

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