ATWT Update Thursday 1/26/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/26/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

At Lucinda’s guesthouse, Holden arrives and asks Lucinda why she had him rush down there, and when he sees Luke is there he thinks Lucinda is sick and called Luke as well. Luke struggles to tell Holden about last night.

At the Lakeview, Gwen is cleaning one of the hotel rooms on her first day at work as a hotel maid. Will surprises her and comes to visit; he also greets her with a kiss. Gwen wonders how Will knew which room she was cleaning. Will explains that since he used to live at the hotel with his mom he has several friends on the hotel staff, and they gave him the information about which room she was cleaning.

At Susan’s house, Hal doesn’t believe that Henry is there picking up donations of old clothes for charity. Henry leaves to go look for the place where Emily hid his money, but he tells Hal that the box of old clothes is in the garage. Hal asks Emily to tell him everything she knows about Paul’s death.

At the police station, Barbara is still in shock about Paul’s death; she can’t believe her firstborn son is gone. Barbara wants to plan a memorial service, but she wants to hold off on planning it, because she knows if she plans the service Paul’s death will become real to her. Jennifer thinks a memorial service is a good idea and picks up the phone to start making plans.

At the mountain cabin, Paul is relieved that his death is being reported on the radio, because it means his plan worked.

At the Lakeview, Dusty demands that Meg tell him why she is holding a bottle of medicine in her hand. Meg gets angry and tells Dusty that her life is none of his business anymore. Dusty grabs Meg’s arm and tells her he won’t let her leave until she explains to him why she needs the pills. Dusty explains that Emma thinks she is taking drugs and is very worried about her. Meg once again gets angry at Dusty and explains that her friend Eli got her some antibiotic samples to treat an infection. Meg goes on to tell Dusty that she can’t get the medicine herself because she lost her insurance and doesn’t have the money to pay for her medicine. Meg’s last comment makes Dusty wonder how Meg can afford to stay at this hotel if she doesn’t have any money.

At the police station, Barbara and Jennifer decide to have a memorial service for Paul because it will help them, not for Paul’s sake. Jennifer and Barbara also agree that since Paul had no friends, the memorial service will just be for family. Barbara leaves to go find Will and tell him about Paul’s death.

At the Lakeview, Gwen tells Will he has to leave or she will never get her job done, but Will doesn’t listen and gives Gwen another kiss. Once Will and Gwen have finished kissing Will notices a basket full of fruit and candy. Gwen explains that that’s the basket the hotel gives to very important guests, but the guest that was in this room didn’t take it with him. Gwen explains that the rules say she has to throw the untouched basket in the garbage. Will goes to throw the basket in the garbage and quickly takes it out again. Will sits down on the couch and opens the basket and begins eating the fruit and candy inside it. Gwen thinks what Will did is wrong, but after a few minutes of watching him eat she also takes fruit out of the basket and begins eating, and then the two lovebirds kiss once more.

At Susan’s house, Emily can’t handle the guilt anymore and almost tells Hal the truth about Paul’s death, but her mother arrives and tells her that Paul committed suicide. Emily cries tears of relief, but Hal and Susan think she is devastated by the news of Paul’s death.

At the guesthouse, Luke tells his father he got drunk last night and passed out on the couch. Holden blasts Luke for being so irresponsible and putting his one kidney at risk. Luke promises his father he has learned his lesson and won’t drink again. Luke tells his father he stole a bottle of vodka and snuck into the guesthouse to drink. Holden doesn’t believe Luke’s story and is positive Kevin got the vodka for Luke. A knock on the door interrupts Holden and Luke’s conversation. Kevin and his father Shaun arrive so that Kevin can apologize to Lucinda and Holden for getting drunk with Luke and keeping him out all night. Holden is hurt that Luke didn’t tell him the truth about what happened last night.

At the Lakeview, Will and Gwen are about to make love, but the moment is interrupted by Will’s ringing cell phone. Will looks at the phone and, since the caller ID tells him it's Barbara, he turns the phone off because he doesn’t want to talk to her. Will starts kissing Gwen again, but Gwen stops them because she doesn’t want to abuse the trust Lisa has placed in her. Will tells Gwen he understands and gives her one more kiss before he leaves to continue looking for a job.

In the hotel hallway, Will sees Barbara, who tells him she has been trying to get in touch with him all night because she has some bad news to tell him. Will doesn’t want to listen to Barbara and tells her he has to go look for a job, because thanks to her he doesn’t have a job or his own place. Barbara sees Will is about to leave, so she blurts out that Paul is dead.

At Susan’s house, Emily tells Hal Paul probably killed himself because he couldn’t deal with the guilt he felt about what he did to Jennifer. Emily also tells Hal Paul was very depressed because he felt his family had turned their backs on him. Susan wonders how Paul killed himself, so Hal explains that Paul pushed his car into the river, probably with some help, and then walked back and killed himself. Hal also tells Emily, Henry and Susan that the only fingerprints found on the gun belonged to Paul. Emily starts to cry, and Susan goes to walk Hal out the door. Once Hal and Susan are gone Emily tells Henry that there is something wrong with the evidence, because she wiped the gun clean before she threw it away. Henry tells Emily not to worry and just be happy that she is off the hook. Emily cries because Paul is really dead, and she is the one who killed him. Henry holds Emily as she cries, and he also tells her not to worry about anything.

At the Lakeview, Meg tells Dusty that she made a big mistake, but she can live with that; she will never be as good as Jennifer, and she can live with that; and she can certainly live without him, and she doesn’t need to take drugs to get over their breakup. Meg manages to get her arm free of Dusty’s grasp and starts walking out, when Jennifer arrives and tells Meg and Dusty Paul killed himself. Meg gives her sympathies to Jennifer and explains that even though she hated Paul, she never wanted him to die. Jennifer tells Meg and Dusty they will have a memorial service for Paul at the Luther’s Corners church. Meg tells Dusty and Jennifer that she has to go, and Dusty tells Meg not to do anything stupid. Dusty doesn’t want to go to Paul’s memorial service, and he doesn’t think Jennifer should go to the service either.

At the Lakeview, Barbara tells Will that Paul committed suicide and that Paul must have been overcome with guilt to do such a thing. Will thinks Paul was a coward for killing himself instead of facing the consequences of his actions. Barbara tells Will about the memorial service. Will refuses to go; Paul didn’t care about his life, so he doesn’t see a reason to care about Paul’s life either. Will goes back inside the room and Gwen gives him a hug, since she overheard everything.

At Susan’s house, Susan walks back inside in time to hear Emily blame herself for Paul’s death. Susan gives Emily a hug and tells her not to blame herself. Susan leaves for work and asks Henry to stay with Emily. Emily gets a call from the minister at Luther’s Corners church telling her about Paul’s memorial service. Emily cries and hangs up the phone. Emily tells Henry that she wishes she could go, but it would be very awkward, since Paul’s family hates her. Henry tells Emily she must go to the service or everyone will be suspicious. Henry tells Emily he will help transform her into the grieving widow so she can go to the service.

At the guesthouse, Luke goes outside to ask Kevin about a homework assignment while Lucinda explains to Holden she didn’t tell him the truth about what happened because Luke didn’t want to get Kevin in trouble with his parents. Lucinda thinks it's good that Luke was thinking of a friend instead of himself. Holden has a flashback to seeing Luke rub Kevin’s back and tells Lucinda that Luke and Kevin are very good friends. Lucinda tells Luke that she told his father the whole truth, because he is very worried about him. Lucinda asks Luke to work hard at trusting his father.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer explains to Dusty that Paul used to be a good brother and tells him about the time that kids were teasing her about her skinny legs, and he dried her tears and told her jokes until she laughed. Jennifer also remembers that when Will was sad because Barbara was coming home late, Paul would get on the floor and play with Will until he laughed. Jennifer tells Dusty she needs to honor and say good-bye to the good person that was once inside of Paul. Dusty gives Jennifer a kiss and agrees to go to the service with her.

At the mountain cabin, Meg arrives just as Paul is burning his credit cards and identification. Meg tells Paul that Jennifer is planning a memorial service for him. Paul is shocked at this news, since Jennifer told him she would never forgive him. Paul notices that Meg is sad and asks her what is wrong. Meg tells Paul she is tired of hating herself more than everyone else hates her.

At the guesthouse, Holden asks Luke to tell him about his problems, but Luke insists that he doesn’t have any problems. Holden tells Luke that if he drinks again he will send him to rehab. Holden also takes away Luke’s driving privileges and tells Luke he can’t see Kevin again, because he is a bad influence on him.

At the Lakeview, Gwen encourages Will to go to the memorial service for Jennifer’s sake and because Paul wasn’t always a bad person. Will can’t forgive Paul for leaving him again. Will explains to Gwen that he feels everyone that he ever cared about has abandoned him except for her. Gwen holds Will as he talks to her.

At the Luther’s Corners church, Barbara, Jennifer and Dusty tell the minister he can start the service, and they are all shocked when Emily walks in the door with Henry.

At the mountain cabin, Paul tells Meg he wants to go to the memorial service to see Jennifer.

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