ATWT Update Wednesday 1/25/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/25/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

To Emily’s surprise, Henry joins her as she is seated quietly at a table in the Lakeview lounge. Emily jumps on Henry for coming there, and Henry tells her that he needs $10,000. Emily firmly declines his request. Henry is insistent that he needs the money to keep the mob from hurting him and his sister. Emily scolds him for gambling. Henry tells her to just give him the key to the safe deposit box and he will go and get the money himself. Emily says that the money is somewhere else, so that it wouldn’t look so suspicious. When Emily continues to refuse Henry, he pulls out his hold over her with Paul, and she finally gives in. She leaves the table angrily, and Henry shouts that he will wait there for her to return. Henry is seated at the table alone when Jennifer and Dusty come from downstairs into the lounge. The bartender hands Jennifer a note from her father. Jen looks confused. The note reads that he found out what happened to Paul and wants her to come down to the station, because he can’t hold the reporters off for much longer. Dusty tries to ease her mind by saying that maybe they found Paul, but Jen is concerned, knowing that her dad wouldn’t call her to the station unless it were important. They leave to go find out what the news is. Henry is tight in his seat and rushes out after overhearing the conversation to warn Emily.

At the station, Jennifer and Dusty find Barbara there, and she is equally concerned about what the news is. Hal comes in with a sullen face, and Barbara and Jen jump on him to tell them what is going on. Hal tries to get them to go into the interrogation room to talk, but Barbara is on edge and wants to know right there what is going on with Paul. Hal breaks the news to them that Paul’s car was found in the river. All of their faces sink. They still aren’t completely sure as to what Hal is getting at. He tells them that a gun was found with only Paul’s fingerprints on it. Jen’s face goes dead, and Dusty tries to comfort her. Barbara becomes hysterical at the thought that her son is dead. They move into the interrogation room. Dusty brings up the point that Paul has faked his death before, but Hal says that the gun is evidence this time and tható He stops himself, but Jen wants him to finish his sentence. He tells her that they found some of Paul’s tissue. Jennifer looks like she is going to be sick to her stomach, as does Barbara. Barbara and Jen hug and cry over Paul. Barbara tries to calm herself enough to make a statement. She heads to Hal’s desk. In the interrogation room alone, Jen tries to convince herself that he deserved the way that everyone treated him and that she will not feel guilty. Dusty agrees, but Jen is not buying her own defense and breaks down. Dusty holds her and tries to comfort her. Barbara sits at Hal’s desk and makes a statement that Paul Ryan is dead. Barbara’s mascara runs under her eyes from crying as she looks at Hal and tells him that he always thought Paul was just like his dad, James Steinbeck. Hal softly tells Barbara that she never saw him that way, and that is the best gift she could have given her son. Barbara is worried that Jen will take this out on herself and goes back into the room to comfort her daughter. Hal offers to go with Barbara to tell Will, but Barbara says that she can do it herself.

Emily hears knocking at the door and opens it to have Henry waltz in. She snaps at him and asks him what he is doing there. He tells her what he overheard with Jennifer. Emily becomes her usual panicky self and tries to figure out what to do. Henry tells her that it won’t be hard for them to figure out that she shot Paul. She packs a suitcase and frantically searches for her passport. She desperately asks Henry where she is going. He tells her that it doesn’t matter, she can figure that out later. While she is frantically looking for her passport, Henry is hounding her about giving him the money before she leaves. Emily refuses, thinking that he could turn her in. Henry says that he won’t, and even if he did, no one would believe him. Emily tells him that once she gets there, she will send it to him. Henry does not like that idea and says that he can have the cops on her trail in two minutes if she doesn’t give him the money. Henry then heads to the door, and Emily looks frightful that he might not be bluffing.

Henry swings the door wide open and Hal is standing there. He looks skeptical at seeing Henry there, and Emily’s suitcase. Henry quickly covers for her and says that he came to pick it up for charity. He then wants to know where the other special package is. Emily tells him that it is in the garage behind the ice box. Henry heads out to check her story. Hal starts to tell her that Paul Ryan has been found. She almost breaks down before he can get the words out. He tells her that Paul is dead and Emily cries, saying that she already knows.

Maddie snuggles in Casey’s bed, with her long hair spread around her. She wakes up to find Casey touching her face. She jumps up and asks him what he is doing. He tells her that he was getting her hair out of her nose. The two realize that it is morning and try to figure out a way to get Maddie out of there without his parents seeing. Casey figures that his dad has already left for work. He says that when his mom goes downstairs he will go talk to her, and Maddie can get out. Casey has a crick in his neck. Maddie sits on her knees in the bed and gives him a massage. They hear Margo calling Casey. Casey scrambles to put his shirt on. He opens the door and Margo has a parental look on her face when she sees Maddie standing in his room. She questions why she is there so early in the morning. Maddie picks up Casey’s calculus book off of his dresser and says that she left hers at school and needed to do a quick review for a test. She then thanks Casey and leaves. Margo spots Maddie’s hair clip on the bed. She tells Casey that he and Maddie should never be alone in his room together.

Outside in the hall, Maddie leans against the wall and has a daydream about Casey, in which he comes out of the room to find her there, and then grabs her and starts kissing her. She snaps out of it. She overhears Margo’s concern that she is a "pretty little girl." She also hears Casey’s reply that she is more like an annoying little sister to him. She is disappointed.

Meg returns to the cabin. Paul still looks like hell, and probably smells like it too. Meg gives him some more medicine. She puts batteries in a radio so that they can listen to see what the police have come up with. They hear that the family has made a statement about Paul’s death. Meg thinks that things are okay now, but Paul is worried that they might come back to the cabin. Paul does a 360 and decides that this scheme is too risky for Meg, and he fires her. Meg is surprised. Paul tells her that he will be fine alone. Meg is not buying it. Finally Paul convinces her that he doesn’t want her there. She makes sure that there is water for a few days and is about to leave when Paul starts coughing.

She grabs her stethoscope to check his breathing. Her face grows concerned. Paul assumes that it is bronchitis, but Meg tells him it is pneumonia. She tells him that he needs medicine. She sits him up in his bed and tells him not to lie down flat, so the cough won’t settle in his chest. She leaves to get medicine. Meg meets with her old friend Eli at the Lakeview. He hands her a pack of pills. He leaves. She reads the labels. Dusty comes downstairs, and she tries to hide the pills behind her back, but he is too quick. He grabs her arm and demands to know what she is doing.

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