ATWT Update Tuesday 1/24/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/24/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the Lakeview, Gwen and Will ask in disbelief if they heard Lisa right — is she going to give them a room to stay in for free? Lisa quickly needs to qualify her invite: she is willing to let Gwen stay as a guest of her hotel, and Will will have to stay at Bob and Kim’s. Their happiness fades, as Will believes they are just two more people who are trying to keep them apart and figure this is a way to do it. Will turns to Gwen and asks her if she is ready to go. When Gwen’s response is no, Lisa and Kim decide to give them a moment to talk about their decision.

Maddie knocks on Casey’s bedroom door. She peeks in when she gets no response. She looks around the room dejectedly, mumbling about how he is probably still enjoying his great party. She wanders around his room picking up his stuff. Then she stops in her tracks as she hears Margo telling Tom that she will be in as soon as she checks in on Casey.

At home, Carly and Jack are getting into a disagreement about why she neglected to tell him that Nick was the one who helped her when she fell. Carly tries to rationalize that she said Mike helped because he did actually help her to the car. She didn’t want him to get upset if he heard about Nick’s role in helping her. Jack is getting more agitated. He raises his voice as he tells Carly that Nick needs to step off. Why was she really at the station anyway? he asks in an almost accusatory tone. Carly is stumbling as she tries to explain. She went to see Jack after her fight with Gwen, and Nick just happened to be there. Why didn’t she leave immediately when she saw he wasn’t there? She tries to explain that she was headed out the door— Jack cuts her off to bitterly remark about her just happening to fall into his arms. Carly assures him it was not like that, but if she isn’t mistaken, he almost sounds jealous. Carly tries to calm Jack by assuring him she only wants him; Nick would never have a shot with her, because he is her G-man. Jack is still angry about Nick, and he grabs his coat and heads for the door, promising that Nick needs to be set straight tonight.

In the woods, Nick is walking with another officer. Nick is ordering him to set up a perimeter and to be very careful with any evidence that he may find. The officer assures him they will be careful, and he takes off. Nick slows down and shines his flashlight off to the side at something in the snow.

Meg helps bring Paul back to the cabin. She chides him on how he never should have left the cabin to begin with. Paul explains that he was worried after she was gone for so long. She hands him another antibiotic pill. Paul takes it, but he is concerned and asks if she thinks the police will find the evidence they left for them. Meg responds sarcastically that if he doesn’t take better care of himself, they will find his body, too. Paul comments that it almost sounds as if she cares about his well-being. Meg blows him off and tries to stay impersonal with him, saying if he dies then she won’t get paid. Paul hesitates before he says the next sentence. He has to ask her for one more thing — to see what the police believe about his so-called death.

Gwen tries to rationalize with Will. She doesn’t want to be separated from him, but she really doesn’t think she can go back out on the street. She thought that she could, but now she realizes she really can’t. They have no apartment, no car and no money. Will doesn’t want to see Gwen hurt by all of this, but he thinks there must be an alternative to them splitting up. Gwen feels guilty about Will being dragged into her problems. He would have a place to stay if it weren’t for her. Will swears there is no place he would rather be. He loves her, and no one will break them up. Gwen worries and says that they can't allow circumstances to break them up either. She thinks it won’t be bad if they take Lisa up on her offer for a few days. They are going to prove to people that nothing will break them up.

Jack wants Carly to understand that he trusts her implicitly; Nick is the problem. Every time he turns around, Nick is in his face. Now he seems to be making moves on his wife. Carly cuts him off, swearing that would never happen. Jack knows that. Carly pleads with Jack to stop letting Nick make him crazy. Jack is frustrated with how he acts at work. He thinks he is sloppy and he has an oversized ego. Carly is sure that, because of those qualities, Hal will realize the mistake he made, and then Jack will be back on top. She wants him to let it happen on its own, because it will, and it will only be a matter of time. Jack and Carly fall into a kiss, but are soon interrupted by his cell phone ringing. It is Hal, who tells Jack Nick has made some progress; they are on the trail of Paul because of some new evidence, but Hal wants Jack to come down to the station to give him his take on it. Jack agrees and promises to be right down. After Jack tells Carly his news, Carly happily sees it as a sign of Nick’s impending downfall. Jack doesn’t want her to get any ideas and tag along, though. Carly agrees, but she happily sends him on his way, convinced this is a good sign.

Paul explains to Meg that he needs to know what the cops know, but Meg is sure that it is too early. Meg sarcastically wonders if he expects her to lurk behind the trees. Paul seems like that is kind of what he wants. Meg wants him to see that it is too risky; she has already been questioned, and they must be wondering what she is doing up there. Their plan will be shot if she gets caught. Paul finally agrees, but then he tells her that he plans on going himself if she won't. Meg stares at him as if he has sprouted another head. Meg is sure that they can wait until tomorrow. Paul explains that he won’t be able to sleep anyway. If they don’t believe he is the killer, then they are going to start looking at someone else. Meg immediately believes that he is protecting Emily, but Paul corrects her and tells her that he is protecting her as well. Nick may begin to look at her as a suspect, especially after she declared that she wished he were dead. Meg jokes that that would probably earn her points in town. Paul reminds her that she wouldn’t get her money and be able to disappear, though. He just doesn’t want anyone else hurt by his actions. Meg decides she will go instead. She wonders where the sudden act of selflessness is coming from. No one can move on until he is deemed dead. Meg jokes again, wondering who would have thought they would end up needing each other so much. She helps him back to bed and tucks him in. Paul jokingly responds that it is one of life’s little twists. Meg promises to be back soon.

Nick picks up the bloody piece of shirt and bags it. They have his car and the shirt; now if they could only find the body. Just as he says those words, Nick’s eye catches something else under a branch. He shines his flashlight in that direction and realizes it is a gun.

Margo enters Casey’s room and walks over to his bed, where Maddie is hiding underneath his comforter. She sits down on the edge of his bed and starts talking to ‘him.’ She is glad he is home with time to spare. She recalls a time when he used to come home and wait up to tell her about his night, but now her baby boy has grown up. Maddie moves and Margo assumes it is Casey wanting to go to sleep again. She starts to wrap things up. She is proud of him and is glad to see him obeying the rules. She taps him gently and goes to leave. Casey, who is arriving home through the window, sees her and jumps back, almost getting caught.

Lisa tells Gwen and Casey that Kim had to leave, but she was wondering if they were going to take them up on their offer. Gwen and Will tell her they will be happy to stay. Lisa is happy to see that they are reconsidering living together. Will corrects her; they aren’t doing this because they are reconsidering living together, they are doing it simply to get by. Just then Gwen stops everyone and tells Lisa and Will that she is not sure anymore. What will a couple of days in a hotel do for them? Their situation will be no different in a few days. Maybe they are just delaying the inevitable. They still need to find a way to get money. Then Gwen stops and regroups, and Lisa wonders if she is asking for another handout. Gwen tells her that she is not — she is asking for a job!

Jack has arrived at the station and asks for Hal. The officer tells him he is out, probably dealing with the new evidence in Paul’s case. Meg has arrived just behind Jack and is eavesdropping on their conversation. The officer goes on to tell Jack that they found the car, a gun and a bloody shirt. Meg bumps into Jack purposely to get his take on what he was just told. He is surprised to see her here, since he heard she was up in the woods trying to get time to herself. As for the new evidence, he doesn’t really have much to say because he isn’t in the loop. Meg presses and wonders if the evidence is pointing to Paul being dead. Again, Jack isn’t sure, but he is curious as to why Meg is suddenly so interested in Paul.

Paul is lying in the bed. He keeps picking up the phone, wanting to call Meg, but then he changes his mind, convincing himself she will be okay. He drifts off into a fitful sleep. He dreams in black and white of Meg being at the police station and talking to Jack about him. She is overly curious about Paul and Jack calls her on it, and then Nick shows up and tells Meg and Jack that he is on to her. He knows she was the one who helped Paul escape; she got him the medication he needed by stealing from the hospital. She will be charged with aiding and abetting. Meg is indignant and tells Nick to prove it. Nick promises that he will be the one taking her to the grand jury with his evidence. Paul awakens with a start, sweaty from his nightmare.

Meg tries to backpedal with Jack; surely he can understand her interest in Paul. Jack understands that he and Emily got her into a whole lot of trouble. Meg offers up that that is why she hates him so much and wants to know if he is dead. Meg becomes contrite; she wishes she could change what she did, and that is why she is up in the woods. She had to go there to reevaluate her life and make some decisions. Jack wonders if she came up with anything. She believes she is going to leave town at some point. Jack becomes interested in whose cabin she was staying in while she made this big decision. Meg blows it off, saying it was no one he knew. She tells Jack she wants him to pass a message on to Nick: she wants him and his officers to stop harassing her. She went to the cabin for peace and quiet and doesn’t appreciate them interrupting her. Nick walks in saying he heard her words, and based on what he has found she will be getting plenty of peace and quiet. Meg looks petrified, but struggles to cover it well.

Carly is cleaning up around the living room when she sees a picture of Jack, smiling at her in his police uniform. She falls into a daydream of Jack, Nick and Hal talking at the police station. Hal is beaming with pride over Jack solving the Paul Ryan case. Hal happily gives Jack his job back, and then Jack says that he wishes Carly were there with him, because she never lost faith; it is her moment too. Carly quickly phones the babysitter and asks if she can come sit at the house while she does something important.

Meg demands to know what Nick is talking about; is the case closed? Have they found Paul? Nick admits they haven’t found Paul exactly, but they have found what is left of him. They found a bloody shirt with bullet fragments on it, a gun with a missing bullet with Paul’s fingerprints on it, and his car. He feels confident that it is a suicide. Jack just thinks it proves that Paul fired a gun and someone was shot. Nick feels confident that suicide is a plausible option; he was on the run, cut off from everyone he loved, and he knew at some point he would be caught. Jack is ticked off because he thinks this thought process goes to show that he knows little about who Paul is. He is not the suicidal type. Meg worries that Jack doesn’t buy it. Jack says it doesn’t matter because it isn’t his case. Hal arrives and is happy to see Jack. Jack is happy to give his perspective, and Nick is a little miffed that he is being asked for it. Hal wants his input because as far as he is concerned, until he sees a body, Paul is still alive and out there somewhere.

Paul has another dream. This time the police surround the cabin, and charging in is Hal. He smirks, saying he didn’t really think he was dead, and he is glad because now he has the satisfaction of killing him himself. He raises his gun and shoots Paul. Paul awakes with a start, gripping his shoulder.

Margo comments to herself about how cold it is in the room and goes over to the open window and closes it, while Casey is right outside the window on the roof. She leaves right after, and Maddie crawls out from underneath the comforter. Casey sees her and knocks desperately on the window to get her attention. Maddie saunters over and opens the window; "Look who decided to come home," she sarcastically says. Casey is cold and he wants her to move, but she picks on him some more, blocking his way. His mother thought he was asleep, she explains, and she covered for him. He could have made an effort to get home when he was supposed to, but he was probably having too much fun, while she was freaking out that Margo would catch her. Casey picks on her, jokingly telling her that he hopes she didn’t sweat on his sheets, because he still has to sleep in them. Maddie smirks and tells him, “You wanna bet?” as she slams the window closed.

Gwen tries to get Lisa to go for her plan. If she works for her then she would be paying for her room as well. Will isn’t sure about this idea; doesn’t she want to go back to school? How will that work if she is working full time? He takes her aside and tells her that if he goes back to Kim’s maybe his mother will ease up with the trust fund, and they can go back to school and not have to worry about working. Gwen wants to take care of him now, especially since she knows Barbara is convinced she is after him for his money. Will laughs, saying his mother will always find a reason to hate her, unfortunately. He has an idea, and she isn’t going to shoulder the responsibility alone. He walks over to Lisa with purpose; can she give them both jobs? Lisa apologizes to them and says she can’t give them jobs. It is not that she doesn’t want to help, it is just there are no openings at her hotel. Gwen pleads with Lisa. She doesn’t care what she pays her; it doesn’t have to be much, just something to get them on their feet. Lisa gives in and Gwen gleefully hugs her. She won’t disappoint her. Lisa explains that she will find an opening for her, but that is all she can promise. She leaves to go check on her room. Gwen appreciates that this is probably not how Will wanted it to go down, but it is a start on them fixing their lives. Will is happy she has a nice warm place to stay. Now Will realizes that, for the first time in a long time, they have to say good night to each other.

Casey knocks on the window, shivering. He mouths he is sorry and that he was just kidding. Maddie opens the window and lets him in. He mentions that she should have gone to the party, but Maddie didn’t want to feel like a third wheel with him and his friend Skylar. Casey tells her that she wouldn’t have been. Maddie looks a little happy, but then mentions she really would have, because he probably hooked up with her. Casey tells her that isn’t the point; there would have been plenty of people for her to talk to. A saddened Maddie tells him parties aren’t her scene. Then Casey wonders why she was in his room, anyway.

Hal says that they need a body to prove Paul is dead. They will just get help from all precincts from here to Lake Michigan. He then tells Jack he wants to talk to him alone. Meg turns to Nick and tells him that, for what it is worth, she thinks he is right. Nick mentions sarcastically that at least she didn’t shoot Paul. Meg leaves and Nick watches Jack and Hal talking through the window and wonders out loud, “What the hell are they talking about?” Carly, who has just arrived, happily tells him that it doesn’t look good for him.

Will knows they haven’t been together that long, but he can’t imagine spending a night without her. Gwen promises they will see each other first thing in the morning. They will be fine. Will wishes there were a star for them to make a wish on, and Gwen laughs, telling him they don’t need a star; she closes her eyes, and soon Will follows suit. When they open them, Gwen leans in and kisses him. She will see him in the morning. They hesitantly walk away from each other.

Maddie laughs, saying that she was looking for some loose cash in his drawers. Casey doesn’t care what the reason was, he is just glad she was there to cover for him. Maddie goes to leave, but Casey worries that his mom may see her leave. She says she can say they were talking, but Casey thinks it would be weird, since he was just supposedly sleeping. Maddie gives in, but wonders how long she should wait. Casey thinks a while, because his parents usually read and watch TV before they go to sleep. She isn’t going to get in bed with him. He wasn’t suggesting that, and he tosses her a blanket to curl up on the floor with. Maddie laughs. How long does she have to wait? she asks, because she is tired. Twenty minutes, Casey thinks. Maddie worries that she may fall asleep. Casey offers her no support, laughing as he tells her he is going to sleep. Maddie lays back in a huff, and then Casey opens his eyes and looks over at her, smiling.

Jack thinks that with no body, it is crazy to make assumptions. Hal understands where he is coming from, but this case is not the same as when he went missing. He was not suicidal, and they did not find a gun; the cases are very different. Jack believes the evidence Nick has is circumstantial no matter how you cut it. Isn’t he the one who taught him that if it looks that easy too soon, he has to dig deeper? In a murder maybe, but not in a suicide, Hal thinks. Jack wonders if he is taking Emily out of the equation. Hal is convinced she is clean. Jack knows that he wants to protect her and to believe Paul is dead. Hal is getting angry as he raises his voice. He has never let his personal feelings cloud his judgment on a case. He demands to know if Jack is simply miffed because Nick was given the case and solved it. Jack defends himself, saying that is not the reason; he is the only one looking at alternate options. If Hal isn’t, then he should ask himself why. Hal demands to know his supposed theory behind that. Jack thinks that Hal wants the case closed and Paul gone so he can get another shot at Emily. A furious Hal tells him the conversation is now over. Nick and Carly can clearly overhear that their conversation has gone sideways, and Carly looks nervous.

Meg comes back to the cabin, and Paul comes out of hiding with a weapon. Meg wonders what he is doing. He tells her he thought she was Hal. He had a nightmare that Hal found and killed him. Meg settles him down and then informs Paul that Nick is buying the evidence, but there is a glitch, because Jack doesn’t and Hal is on the fence. Jack is trying to convince people to listen to him. Paul wonders what it would take to convince him. Meg smiles as she suggests that his body would stop their investigation. Paul smiles back and admits he is not ready to give that up yet. He can only hope that Nick will have more pull than Jack.

Hal yells that Jack has said his piece and now he can go home. Jack sees Carly there and asks what she is doing there. Hal tells Nick he has until morning, and then the case is closed. An agitated Nick asks Jack what he said to him to rile him up. Jack shortly responds that he said the truth, and then he and Carly leave.

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