ATWT Update Monday 1/23/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/23/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Kim is at Java and notices whom she assumes to be homeless people sleeping there. She tells them that they have obviously refused the city’s shelter opportunities, but she wishes they would reconsider, considering how cold it is. She then realizes the "homeless" people she is talking to are Will and Gwen.

At the police station, Nick is suggesting to Carly that he could get her some ice to put on her ankle. She wants to get out of there quickly and tells him she will get ice at home. She tries to get by him but falls on top of him, just as Mike and Katie arrive with their good news.

At Jack and Carly’s, Jack wonders if Holden looks so upset due to some problem with Luke’s health. Holden assures him Luke is fine, which should make him not want to sweat the small stuff, but he can’t shake this feeling of uneasiness. Jack wants to know if he can put his finger on what is bothering him. Holden feels concerned about how Luke has been acting. He isn’t sure what he should do about it. Jack wants to know if Luke has done something wrong again. Holden starts to mention Luke’s friend Kevin.

At home, Lily is finishing up her conversation with Luke. She will always think of him as her little boy – even though he could now stand to put on a few pounds, she laughingly tells him. She is glad that he is healthy now, though. They share a hug and Lily goes upstairs to check on the girls. After she leaves, the phone rings and Luke answers it, and it is Kevin. Kevin tells Luke he wants him to come meet him so they can go out and party – just him and Luke.

At the cabin, Paul is ripping his bloody shirt with his teeth. He stops and wonders where Meg is. He worries that maybe she got lost trying to find the cabin in the dark. He hopes that she is not abandoning him there.

Meg is outside with a police officer. He is wondering what she is doing out in the cold and the dark. He wants her to put her hands up. A panicked Meg tries to explain that she is just out for a walk. The officer then asks what she has behind her back. A nervous-looking Meg grabs her bag a little tighter in hopes of hiding the gun that is half showing.

An embarrassed Carly gets up, explaining she slipped after twisting her ankle — she was trying to leave in a hurry. Nick pipes in smartly that having a woman fall for him twice in one day is a record. Carly snarls at him. Mike giggles and Carly tries to change the subject. She has heard about the good news and congratulates Mike and Katie on their engagement. Katie happily shows an admiring Carly the ring Mike gave her. They ask if Jack is around, and Carly explains she must have gotten her signals crossed with him, because she thought he was supposed to be there as well. She says she needs to leave to go find him, and Nick offers to walk her to her car. She turns him down flat, but when Mike offers she gladly takes him up on it. As they are leaving, Katie asks Carly if she would consider designing her wedding dress, and Carly happily agrees. After they leave, Katie gives Nick a disapproving look, to which Nick answers emphatically, “What?”

Holden tells Jack that Kevin is a friend from school. Luke and he play sports together. He was also the one Luke got caught drinking with. Is he worried Luke is drinking again? Jack asks. Holden acknowledges that they spend a lot of time together. Luke is in counseling, but he isn’t sure if he is overreacting to the time they spend together. He may not be a bad influence. Jack wonders if Luke has a girlfriend. Holden doesn’t think so, but he doesn’t know for sure. Then Holden pauses; maybe Kevin isn’t the problem, and maybe he is. He goes on to talk about how he and Lily got together young – right around Luke’s age. They have lived out a wonderful love story. That is a lot of pressure to live up to. Maybe that is why he is gun-shy to get involved with a girl. Jack can empathize with feelings of guilt involving his children. When he left home to be with Julia he figured his children suffered for his being absent. When he moved back home and the kids acted out, he blamed himself for that, but Carly made it clear that it was only growing pains.. Kids will be kids. Luke will make mistakes, but Jack urges Holden to trust in him. Holden’s fear seems alleviated; he guesses he is right. Luke will find his way; he will realize girls, romance and marriage are good in time.

Kevin is persistent, saying he found his dad’s stash. Luke tells him that he can’t, because his mom just had a long talk with him. Kevin tries to persevere; his parents are on his case too. Luke is stronger this time. He just can’t, he insists, and he hangs the phone up.. Lily, who has just walked in, asks who was on the phone. Luke lies and claims it was someone from school asking about a history test.

The police officer wants to know what Meg is hiding and why she is out in the middle of the night. Meg covers by saying she is staying in one of the cabins up the way. He can ask her cousin Jack Snyder if he doesn’t believe her. The officer backs down a bit when he realizes she is a Snyder. Meg continues; she knows they are out looking for Paul Ryan, and no, she hasn’t seen him. She goes to leave but the officer stops her by saying he really needs to look in her bag. Meg looks at him skittishly.

Will and Gwen try to cover by saying they are stargazing, but Kim has done enough pieces on homeless shelters and people to recognize it when she sees it. She can see that they obviously have not worked things out with his parents, but the weather is awful. It is cold and the wind is bitter. She wants them to come home with her. They can’t because they know she is not comfortable with that. She thinks they are crazy if they think she is going to leave them out there to live on the street. Will reminds her that they had an apartment, and he had a job, but his dad and mom took that away from them. They want him to leave Gwen and come home, and he is not turning his back on her. Kim feels that there must be a compromise they can reach. She invites them to have some hot chocolate and something to eat with her at the Lakeview. At first they turn her down, saying they don’t want to get warmed up when they have to turn around and come back out; they are growing accustomed to the weather. Kim is persistent, though, and finally they give in and agree to accompany her for a little while.

A more relaxed Holden comes back home and asks Luke how he would feel about taking a few days out of spring break to go watch the Sox in spring training – just the two of them. Luke is ecstatic; he knows Holden is a Cubs fan. Holden doesn’t care; he just wants this to be a guy thing, though. Lily pouts and asks if she can come. Holden and Luke smile and laugh as they tell her they will buy her a hat or tee shirt. Lily jokes it off. Luke is excited that he will be the envy of a lot of friends from school, and Lily pipes in that his friend Kevin will be envious especially — maybe they should ask him to go? Holden and Luke both look a little uncomfortable, for their own reasons, and they both agree they would rather keep it just the two of them.

Nick wants to know how Mike did it; were there candles and flowers? Mike and Katie joke about Jen showing up with divorce papers at first. However, Katie does mention how Mike got down on one knee. Nick jokes about the kind of motorcycle he could buy for the price of the ring Mike got her. Then Nick notices a scarf; is it Katie’s? Katie thinks it must be Carly’s. Nick offers to bring it to her, but Katie quickly suggests that Mike should do it while she waits to talk to Margo. Nick jokes about Mike marrying a pushy woman. Mike leaves laughing, and after he does, Katie tells Nick they have to talk – about Carly.

Carly comes home limping. Jack nervously asks her what happened. She tells him she simply twisted her ankle, but she is fine. Jack asks where it happened. Carly dodges the question by asking for some ice. Jack asks again where it happened, and again Carly skirts the question and tells him instead about how Gwen came to see her and they got into another fight. Jack wonders if Gwen and she got into a shoving contest. Carly assures him it was nothing like that, but she did something she shouldn’t have done, thinking she was helping, and Gwen didn’t see it that way. She wanted to go see him at the station, she says awkwardly, and that is where it happened. For his next question, Jack wonders who helped her — Hal? Carly doesn’t want to answer and she nervously tells him no. Jack hopes someone gave her a hand at least. A flustered Carly stares back at Jack, not knowing what to say.

Meg continues to stall; why does he need to look through her private things? He assures her that it is procedure. Meg becomes agitated as she tells the officer that she came out for a walk to be alone and mind her own business. If he wants to see in her bag then he needs to get a warrant. The officer is growing agitated and tells her he will call Jack and then call a judge and get that warrant while she waits. An uneasy Meg stands there until the officer hears a noise and shines his flashlight in the direction of where we can now see a hiding Paul standing. Meg covers, telling him that it was probably a deer. Paul falls to the ground to avoid being spotted. Just as the cop starts to walk towards where Paul is hiding, another officer approaches and tells him they have found a car in the river and are assuming it is Paul Ryan’s. They need to go check it out. The officer quickly tells Meg to go home and lock the doors, as he runs off. Meg quickly runs to where Paul is hiding and asks him what he is doing outside in the cold in his condition. Paul admits he was worried about her, which doesn’t seem to be lost on Meg. Paul thinks Emily must have pushed his car over the cliff to cover her tracks, but he does wonder how she could do it by herself. Meg dismisses it and reminds him that Emily thinks she killed him and feels she has to cover her tracks. He asks if she brought the gun.

He wipes Emily’s prints off of it and handles the gun with his own hands in order to put his prints on the gun. With any luck, they will think he killed himself.

Katie starts by reminding Nick that Oakdale is a small town. He shouldn’t be flirting with Jack’s wife; people will talk. They walked in to find her lying on top of him, for goodness' sake. Nick explains that she fell. Katie warns that he is playing with fire. Jack is loved around the station and he essentially took his job. Nick reminds her that Jack was the one who crossed the line, but Katie reminds him that he did it to protect his family. He now has to feed his family on half of his salary. Katie forcefully suggests that Nick leave Carly alone.

Jack repeats the question: no one helped her? Carly finally answers that Mike helped her to her car. Then she changes the subject by telling him that Mike and Katie got engaged. Carly and Jack talk about how Mike and Katie got together at their wedding. Jack hopes they are as happy as them, as he moves in closer to his wife. Carly laughs as she corrects him by saying that isn’t possible, because they are the happiest people alive. They kiss and fall back on the couch. Jack suggests they move this upstairs, and Carly readily agrees. She hobbles upstairs to await Jack, who's locking up. The doorbell rings and it is Mike. Jack immediately congratulates him about his engagement. Mike appreciates the sentiment and says he stopped by to drop off Carly’s scarf. Jack thanks him for looking after Carly when she fell, but an unknowing Mike explains that he really didn’t do more than get her to the car; Carly had been with Nick when she fell. Jack looks displeased upon hearing the full story.

Lily and Holden are walking arm in arm to the couch as Holden thanks Lily for the great meal. She jokes off his compliment about her mystery meatloaf. She notes he is in a much better mood now. He seemed worried about Luke earlier. Holden admits he had been, but now he wants to focus on the positive. Lily reminds Holden that Luke is a teenager, and by rite of passage, things will go wrong; it is okay. Lily was thrilled to see Luke’s reaction to Holden’s suggestion to taking in a couple of days of spring training. She flirts that he will just have to make it up to her when he gets home. They kiss, and Luke walks in, joking that they should get a room. They all get a laugh out of that. They ask if the dishes are done, and his homework. He has done the dishes and will be presently working on finishing his homework. Lily and Holden leave to go read some stories to the girls. Luke starts to do his work when his phone beeps, and he looks at the incoming text message. It reads, “Open the door.” Luke goes to the door and is met by a smiling Kevin, who says that he thought they would never go to bed. He is holding a full bottle of vodka. He doesn’t think it should go to waste; they could have a private party. Luke looks at him, wondering what he should do.

Kim, Gwen and Will are sitting at a table at the Lakeview, warming up with hot chocolate and some food. Isn’t this better than being outside? Kim wonders. They agree, but there is nothing they can do about it. Kim tells them the offer still stands for them to stay at her house. Will and Gwen refuse to take her up on it because they know how she feels about it; plus, they don’t want to put her in a bad spot with Barbara. Kim laughs and admits she and Barbara do this tango off and on. Kim then excuses herself to go talk to Lisa. After she leaves, Will asks Gwen if she wants to stay with Kim, and he can figure out something else to do. Gwen doesn’t want to do that. Then Will wonders about staying in a shelter. Gwen quickly turns that down, and Will wonders why. She admits to staying at one when she first left home and swears she will never do that again. Will reminds her that at least it would be warm, but Gwen would rather stay on the street. Plus, they are underage, and the shelter would separate them. Will drops the subject, telling her they will figure out something to do. Meanwhile, Lisa and Kim are huddled together talking.

Kim could strangle Barbara for doing this to the kids, and Lisa is surprised by Hal’s intervention. They want to help but don’t know how.. Then Lisa seems to come up with a plan.

Nick appreciates Katie’s concern, but nothing is going on with them. Katie pipes in that nothing ever will be, either, because Carly loves Jack with all her heart. If he wants the respect of the officers here at the station, he needs to start by respecting Jack and his wife. Nick jokes again by saying that if a beautiful woman falls on him, he can’t help but enjoy it. Katie wonders why he is so worked up over her. Nick denies it, but Katie calls him on it; he looks worked up.

Mike continues talking to Jack and says he doesn’t know the details.. All he and Katie saw was Carly and Nick lying on the floor. He starts to chuckle at the thought of it but notices Jack is not laughing. Carly didn’t tell him? he nervously asks. Jack covers by saying that she was about to when the kids interrupted. Jack congratulates him again, and Mike leaves. After he does, Jack calls up to Carly, sounding a bit on the agitated side.

Gwen is sitting alone at the table, having a daydream about Will and her staying at the Lakeview. Will has set up the room romantically with candles, flowers and sparkling cider. Will explains that he was able to do this because his mother gave him his trust fund back. She realized he would do great things with it, including taking care of Gwen. They are happy and share some romance, with Will then giving her a necklace for a gift. They profess their love. The dream ends and reality sets back in as Will shows up back at the table. Is she ready to go? They are getting up to leave when Lisa and Kim approach them. Will and Gwen thank them for their generosity. Kim is frustrated with Barbara. Every time they think she may be back to her old self, she does something dumb. Will and Gwen appreciate their support. As they start to leave, Lisa stops them. She would like Gwen to stay there at the hotel, as a guest of hers.

Luke tries to be strong with Kevin. His parents would kill him. They could come downstairs and see that he is gone. Kevin tells him he could tell them he is going for a run. Luke is hesitant and Kevin presses; he came all the way over there. Luke tries not to be affected by this. He didn’t tell him to come over. Kevin is frustrated; he thought they were friends. Kevin reminds Luke that he doesn’t like to be at home with his arguing parents. Luke offers to let him come in and hang out at his house, but Kevin bitterly replies that he doesn’t feel like making brownies. It would only be for an hour, Kevin presses. Luke continues to hesitate. Kevin turns to leave in a huff, but Luke stops him before he runs back in the house and grabs his coat. Kevin is happy that Luke reconsidered; he knew he would change his mind.

Nick continues to try to explain his stance; if a pretty girl passes on his radar, he will try to make her smile. He would like to make Katie smile right now. Katie pauses, but then smiles, as Nick smiles back. Mike comes back and Nick asks how Carly is. Mike assures him that she will be fine. An officer interrupts them by telling Nick that they found Paul’s car in the river. Nick takes off. Mike is sure Nick will solve the case because he is one of those people who don’t give up on something they want. Katie responds quietly that she noticed, and we are aware that she is talking about something that is lost on Mike so far.

Carly comes downstairs in her black negligée. She wants to know if everything is okay. Jack tells her that Mike brought her scarf by. Jack somewhat lights into her — is there a reason she did not tell him about Nick being the one who played hero to her when she twisted her ankle? Carly looks like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Paul explains to Meg that they will hopefully find the bloody scraps of his shirt, the gun with his fingerprints on it and his car, and think he killed himself. They agree that they need to get out of there, though. Paul stops to catch his breath, and Meg gets closer to Paul. They look at each other, and then Meg puts Paul’s arms around her as she helps him walk back to the cabin.

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