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As the World Turns Update Friday 1/20/06


Written By Eva
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At Jack and Carly’s house, Gwen wonders how Carly got the money to give her the one thousand dollars. Carly explains that she wanted to help and she found a way to get her the money. Carly tells Gwen not to ask so many questions and just take the money and rent an apartment for herself and Will. Gwen refuses to take the money unless Carly tells her how she got it. Carly tells Gwen that someone owed her the money and managed to pay her today. Gwen doesn’t believe Carly’s story. Gwen also finds it hard to believe that Carly would give her the money instead of keeping it, because her family is also having hard times financially. Carly explains that family always find a way to help each other. Once Gwen is assured that Carly won’t get in trouble for giving her the money, she accepts it and thanks Carly.

Outside Gwen’s place, Barbara asks Will how he knows that Carly supports his relationship with Gwen. Will tells Barbara that Carly has always been on their side, and even though she and Jack are going through hard times financially she is going to give Gwen one thousand dollars so they can get an apartment. Barbara wonders where Carly got this money she is going to give them. Will tells Barbara that is none of her business, and he doesn’t have to stand there and listen to her anymore.

Outside Holden and Lily’s house, Luke notices Holden staring at him as he's rubbing Kevin’s back, so he nervously stops rubbing Kevin’s back and says, "Hi, dad." Kevin explains to Holden that Luke was just rubbing his back because it was stiff from playing basketball. Holden asks how the basketball game was, and Luke smiles and proudly says that he beat Kevin. Holden asks Luke if he has any homework to do. Luke explains he only has a little homework, because he did most of it in study hall. Holden tells Luke he should go inside and finish his homework, but before Luke can go inside Lily comes out and wonders why everyone is standing outside in the cold.

At the police station, Nick orders his men to keep searching for Paul all night, before his trail gets cold. The policemen leave to follow orders. Jack notices the exchange and offers Nick some advice, saying that the men of the Oakdale Police Department are the best at their jobs, and they will do the best job for him if he shows them some respect and considers that they have families and may need a rest once in a while. Nick tells Jack he would never push the men farther then they were willing to go. Nick asks Jack to tell him everything he knows about his cousin Meg. Jack wonders why Nick is so curious about Meg.

At the mountain cabin, Paul explains to Meg that he wants to fake his own death by making the police believe he killed himself, but he can’t put the plan into motion without her help. Paul goes on to explain to Meg that the gun Emily used to shoot him is in a bag next to a tree close to where she (Meg) found him. Meg refuses to help Paul, until he reminds her she is already in trouble for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Meg tells Paul she will walk away, but Paul reminds her that she won’t get far before the cops get her. Paul goes on to explain to Meg that he plans to wipe Emily’s fingerprints from the gun and replace them with his own prints, so the police will think he killed himself and start dragging the river for his body. Paul explains that all Meg has to do is plant some evidence. Paul tells Meg he would do it himself, but he isn’t strong enough to do anything yet. Paul tells Meg he is faking his own death not only to protect himself but to protect her as well. Meg agrees to help Paul fake his own death and starts to leave to go look for the gun. Paul thanks Meg for her help, but Meg tells him not to thank her until he is sure the plan will work.

Outside Holden and Lily’s house, Luke tells Lily that he and Kevin had fun playing basketball and they just wanted to talk for a little bit longer. Lily tells Luke she is glad he had fun playing basketball, but he is still recovering from his operation and he has to be careful and take it easy. Lily invites Kevin to stay for dinner, but Holden tells her that he wants to have a family dinner, since it's his first night home. Luke agrees with Holden, so Kevin says good-bye to Luke and then Luke and his parents go inside the house. Holden asks if Luke had to give Kevin a massage because he beat him at basketball. Luke explains that Kevin’s back was stiff because of basketball and he was just helping him get the kinks out of it. Holden sends Luke upstairs to finish his homework until it's time to have dinner. Holden tells Lily he doesn’t think Luke should be spending so much time with Kevin.

At the police station, Nick suspects Meg is the person helping Paul to hide, so he interrogates Jack to see if he can get any information out of him. Jack, being the great cop that he is, catches on to what Nick is doing and asks him to just tell him what he is thinking about Meg. Nick tells Jack he thinks Meg is the person helping Paul to hide. Jack tells him that Meg has made many mistakes, but he doesn’t think Meg would help Paul, because she hates him—he was responsible for her losing her job and her nursing license. Jack tells Nick he is going down the wrong path with the investigation, but Nick tells Jack it's natural he would say that, since Meg is his cousin. Jack is annoyed at Nick for his suspicions about Meg, so he decides to end the discussion and work on the gambling case.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Barbara arrives to catch the end of Carly and Gwen’s conversation and tells Gwen she shouldn’t thank Carly just yet.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily is puzzled as to why Holden thinks Luke shouldn’t spend time with Kevin, because they have been friends since elementary school. Lily thinks that Holden is worried that Kevin will encourage Luke to drink again. Lily assures Holden Luke won’t drink again, because he only drank because of two reasons—peer pressure and unhappiness over his parents getting a divorce. Holden explains to Lily that he is just trying to protect Luke from negative influences. Lily can’t believe Kevin is a negative influence, because they know Kevin’s parents and they watch Kevin like hawks. Holden tells Lily that parents can’t watch their children every second of the day. Lily thinks that keeping Luke from spending time with his best friend will only serve to alienate him and push Luke farther away from them. Lily goes to check on dinner, and Holden calls Jack to ask if he can go over to his place and talk. Jack tells Holden he is on his way home and that would be fine.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Barbara tells Gwen she gave Carly a job and a one-thousand-dollar advance in exchange for splitting up her and Will. Gwen is hurt that Carly would do such a thing and tells Carly she knew she could never trust her. Barbara thinks that Carly and Gwen were both in on the plan to scam money out of her. Barbara tells Carly the check is useless, because she has already stopped payment it. Will arrives and Barbara tells him Carly and Gwen were trying to scam her out of money. Barbara also tells Will that Gwen isn’t good enough for him and that he should leave her and come back home. Will demands that Barbara leave the house now. Carly explains to Gwen and Will that she was never going to break them up, she just wanted to get money from Barbara so she could use it to help them. Will tells Gwen that his mother would do anything and use anyone in order to break up their relationship. Gwen thinks Carly is just as bad as Barbara, because she would also lie and do anything she had to do to get what she wants in life. Gwen tells Carly she can’t trust her and she wants her to leave her alone; then she leaves the house.

Outside the house, Will tells Gwen that he thinks Carly was trying to help her because she loves her. Gwen doesn’t want to talk to him about Carly. Will has some more bad news for Gwen: his car was towed away and impounded, and he doesn’t have the money to get it out of impound.

Inside Carly’s house, Carly calls a babysitter to stay with the kids, because she knows Gwen is in trouble and she must help her.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily thinks about what Lucinda said to her about Luke and tries to think of what to do to figure out what is bothering Luke. Luke comes downstairs, and Lily decides to have a talk with him. Lily asks Luke how his sessions with the counselor are going. Luke tells Lily he doesn’t think he needs to see a counselor anymore, because it doesn’t do any good. Luke tells Lily that he was just angry that she and Holden were getting a divorce, but now they are back together, so everything is fine. Lily tells Luke that he can trust her and Holden again, because they won’t take each other or their family for granted again. Lily tells Luke she just wants him to be happy. Luke admits to Lily that he is unhappy, and he doesn’t know the reason why.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Holden shares his concerns about Luke with Jack. Holden explains that he feels he has lost the connection that he once had with his son. Holden thinks that Luke is hiding something from him, because it isn’t something people expect from him. Holden tells Jack he wants to protect Luke, but he doesn’t know how to help him.

At the police station, Carly stops by looking for Jack but bumps into Nick instead, and she isn’t happy about it. Nick tells Carly that Jack was there, but he left a while ago. Nick is surprised; Carly and Jack are such lovebirds, he can’t figure out why Carly doesn’t know Jack’s whereabouts.

At Java, Will and Gwen have some tea and intend to stay at Java until it closes, and then they will try to find some place to stay. Gwen is hurt because she took a chance and trusted Carly, but instead Carly proved that Gwen couldn’t trust anybody. Will tells Gwen that she can trust him and he will never leave her. Gwen gives Will a kiss and tells him she knows he can be trusted. Gwen and Will are told by a waitress that Java is closing early, because a big snowstorm is headed to Oakdale.

At the police station, Carly is about to go home because she needs to speak to Jack. Nick invites her to have a cup of coffee before she goes back out into the cold. Carly refuses because she must get home. Nick grabs Carly’s arm and tries to persuade her to stay and have coffee with him. Carly screams that she doesn’t want to have coffee because she must go home, and Carly pulls her arm away from Nick’s grasp so hard that she falls down and twists her ankle. Nick picks her up in his arms and says he is going to put ice on her ankle. Carly demands that Nick put her down right away, so he gently sits her down in a chair.

In the mountains, Meg looks for the gun, slips on the ice and falls down, but she finds the gun in the spot where she lands.

In the park, Will and Gwen snuggle under a blanket and try to sleep. Gwen is sure things will get better for them. Will gives Gwen a kiss and tells her he will always keep her safe and warm.

At the police station, Nick tells Carly he will be happy to drive her home, but Carly tells him she can drive herself home. Carly gets up to leave but her ankle really hurts and she can’t stand up, so she falls on top of Nick.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Luke tells Lily he blames himself for getting sick and forcing her to stay with Keith. Lily explains to Luke that she made the choice to stay with Keith and it wasn’t his fault. Lily tells Luke that he shouldn’t think about that anymore, because it’s over and he has no reason to be afraid anymore. Luke gives his mom a hug and tells her he won’t be afraid anymore.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Holden tells Jack he can’t communicate with Luke anymore and he thinks Luke is hiding something from him. Jack knows Holden too well and encourages him to be clear and tell him the reason he is so worried about Luke.

In the mountain cabin, Paul is very worried because Meg is taking too long to find the gun.

In the mountains, Meg gets up with the gun in her hand and starts walking back to the cabin, when suddenly a flashlight shines in her face and someone tells her to freeze.

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