ATWT Update Thursday 1/19/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/19/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

At Holden and Lily’s house, Holden moves his things back into the house and asks Luke to help him unpack his suitcases and boxes and put them back in his room. Luke asks his mom and dad if he can go to Kevin’s house and play basketball, because Kevin just got a new basketball hoop in his backyard. Holden and Lily allow him to go play basketball, but Luke has to promise to help his father unpack later. Meg arrives with a wedding present for Holden and Lily and apologizes for not being able to be at the wedding. Lily asks Meg to stay for dinner, but Meg turns down the invitation.. Lily asks Meg to come to Sunday dinner instead, but Meg tells Lily she will call her and let her know if she can make it. Emma follows Meg outside to talk to her and asks her what is so important that she can’t spend a few minutes with her family. Emma tells Meg that Susan called her and let her know that Emily saw Meg at Java with stolen medical supplies. Inside the house, Lucinda informs Lily and Holden that Faith and Natalie are happily settled in their rooms. Lucinda tells Holden and Lily she is very worried about Luke because, despite the fact that he has his parents back together, he is still drinking and unhappy. Lucinda tells Lily that she thinks it was a bad idea allowing Luke to serve the champagne at the wedding, because she caught him drinking some of the champagne (although he told her it was ginger ale). Lily tells Lucinda that Luke drank before because of peer pressure and because he wanted to experiment, but she is sure he won’t drink anymore because he knows the risk to his kidney.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tells Dusty that she gave Mike divorce papers and makes it clear that just because she is getting a divorce doesn’t mean he should feel any pressure to make a serious commitment to her. Dusty tells Jennifer he is happy she is getting a divorce, because she needs to move on with her life. Dusty tells Jennifer that just because they are in love, it doesn’t mean they have to lose their friendship, and as friends they should be able to share everything.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly tells Barbara she will accept the job she offered her because she needs the money, since Jack is only working part time at the station. Barbara wants to make sure Carly will break up Will and Gwen in exchange for the job. Carly persuades Barbara that since Gwen trusts her she will be able to break them up, although it won’t be easy.

At Gwen’s place, Will tells Gwen she will stay at his Uncle Bob and Aunt Kim’s, but he will have to live someplace else. Gwen refuses to live anywhere without Will.

In the mountains, Henry wants to know what Emily did to Paul before he agrees to help Emily get rid of Paul’s car. Inside the mountain cabin, Paul hears Emily’s voice but thinks he is having hallucinations again. In the mountains, Emily tells Henry she shot Paul because he changed his mind about marrying her. Emily cries as she tells Henry that Paul died, and that is not what she intended to happen; she just wanted to stop him from leaving so they could talk. Henry is shocked that Emily was capable of killing Paul. Emily begs Henry to help her get rid of the car as they hear police sirens coming closer to them. Henry tells Emily that he will only get eighteen months for stealing B. J.’s money, but he will get more for aiding and abetting a murderer. Emily reminds Henry that he will be spending 18 months in jail with big guys who could really do bodily harm. Henry agrees to help Emily get rid of Paul’s car in exchange for her keeping the money in her safety deposit box.

Outside Holden and Lily’s house, Emma thinks Meg is doing drugs and tells her daughter she is really worried about her. Meg is annoyed her own mother could think such a thing about her. Meg tells Emma she isn’t doing drugs and she is just fine. Emma wonders why Meg moved out of the house and somehow has enough money to get a room at the Lakeview, since she doesn’t have a job anymore. Meg avoids the question and tells Emma not to pick up the phone the next time Susan calls her.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Barbara doesn’t believe that Carly wants to break up Gwen and Will’s relationship. Carly explains to Barbara that she supported the relationship because of the baby, but now that the baby is gone she thinks Gwen should go to college so she can have a chance at a bright future. Barbara is convinced by Carly’s reasons to break up Gwen and Will, so she gives Carly the job she promised her. Carly asks Barbara to give her an advance of one thousand dollars, because the family budget is really tight with Jack only working part time. Barbara tells Carly she isn’t going to give her the advance unless she can prove she will break up Gwen and Will’s relationship. Barbara wants Carly to call Gwen to ask her to come over and talk about Will, and if she accepts the invitation to talk to her, then Carly will get her money.

At the Lakeview, Emma arrives to apologize to Jennifer for Meg’s actions and Jennifer accepts the apology, even though Emma isn’t to blame for Meg’s actions. Emma asks to talk to Dusty alone. Emma asks Dusty if Meg ever took drugs when they were together. Dusty tells Emma Meg didn’t do drugs when they were together, or any other time. Emma tells Dusty Susan told her that Emily saw Meg with stolen drugs and medical supplies from the hospital. Emma tells Dusty she is very worried about Meg, and if he should find out anything about her to please let her know. Dusty promises he will do as she asks and assures Emma that she shouldn’t worry about Meg.

At the mountain cabin, Paul tells Meg he thinks he heard Emily’s voice outside. Meg tells Paul he was probably hallucinating again. Nick knocks on the cabin door and says, "It’s the police; please open the door."

At Holden and Lily’s place, Holden agrees with Lucinda that Luke may have a problem and that is why he is unhappy. Lily insists that Luke is just scared that his family will split up again, so they must assure him his family is back together permanently.

Outside Kevin’s house, Luke is startled when Kevin asks him to give him a back rub. Luke tells Kevin he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for him to be giving him a back rub. Kevin explains that his shoulder is stiff and he can’t move it, and Luke is the only person around to give him a back rub. Luke is very reluctant to do as Kevin asks but finally agrees when he sees Kevin is really in pain.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen continues to insist that she isn’t going to live anywhere without Will. In the middle of the argument, Carly calls and tells Gwen she will give her the money. Gwen is thrilled at the news and agrees to go right over to Carly’s and get the money. Carly puts on a show for Barbara and pretends to be talking to Gwen, even though Gwen hung up the phone a long time ago. Carly pretends to tell Gwen that she wants to talk about her relationship with Will. Carly hangs up the phone and tells Barbara that Gwen agreed to come over and talk to her. Barbara gives Carly the check and tells her she expects her at work in the morning. Carly is thrilled she can help Gwen and fool Barbara at the same time.

At the mountain cabin, Meg opens the door and tells Nick a friend allowed her to use the cabin for a few weeks. Nick shows Meg a picture of Paul and asks her if she has seen him. Meg tells Nick she knows Paul, but so does half of Oakdale, because he has done evil things to the whole town. Meg tells Nick she hasn’t seen Paul lately, but if she does see him she will make sure to notify him. Nick wants to come in to make sure she isn’t being held hostage against her will. Meg opens the door to let him look inside the cabin, but he doesn’t go inside to search. Nick makes sure Meg is alone, and after he gives Meg his card he leaves. Once Nick is gone Paul comes out from his hiding place and wants to leave, but Meg insists she change his bandages before they leave. Paul tells Meg they must leave now because the police are after him and they are getting closer. Meg jokes that the only way they would stop chasing him is if he were really dead. Paul thanks Meg for giving him a brilliant plan.

At Java, Emily asks Nick if they are close to finding Paul, to ease Henry’s fears that they might get caught. Nick tells Emily they still have not got any leads on Paul. Henry doesn’t trust that Emily will give him back the money when he asks her for it. Emily tells him that he is the only one who knows she killed Paul, and she would never risk him going to the police. Emily grabs Henry's tie and makes it clear that they must trust each other. Henry, who can barely talk because of Emily’s tight grip on him, agrees to trust Emily.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Holden and Lily snuggle on the couch and Lily is grateful for a second chance with Holden and that her family is back together. Lily tells Holden that they must make Luke feel secure so that he can trust them both again, and she is positive he will be okay. Holden has to go check on a horse. Holden steps outside and sees Luke rubbing Kevin’s back.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Gwen refuses to take Carly’s money until she tells her who gave it to her.

Outside Gwen’s place, Barbara asks Will to break up with Gwen and come back home. Will tells Barbara that will never happen and that he and Gwen are going to be fine, since Carly agreed to give Gwen one thousand dollars.

At the Lakeview, Dusty tells Jennifer that Emma is really worried about Meg because Meg stole drugs and medical supplies from the hospital. Jennifer encourages Dusty to let Meg go and not worry about her anymore.

At the mountain cabin, Paul tells Meg that the only way he can make the police stop chasing him is to make them think he is dead.

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