ATWT Update Wednesday 1/18/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/18/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Carly sits alone at a table at Java, sipping coffee. Jack walks in, very upbeat, and not expecting to see her there. He jokes with her about how she was able to afford a babysitter, and she responds that luckily they have very cute kids, and one of the neighbors wanted to watch them. Jack mentions that he is going to go to the station and try to get a break on a case he is working on. Carly can see the discouragement on his face and is quick to suspect that Nick is the culprit. Jack clearly has a distaste for Nick and says that the man takes up too much oxygen. Jack thinks that Nick is green (inexperienced), but that he can learn. Carly is quick to throw in that he might if he knew how to talk to people, which he doesn’t. She also tells Jack that it is okay to get mad that Nick has his job. Jack changes the focus to her and asks her what she is doing there. Carly is hoping that Gwen will show up at work so that she can talk to her. She is her only family, and she won’t give up on her. Carly also tells Jack the full extent of Barbara’s job offer. Jack gets up to leave, and they say their “I love you"s. Carly heads straight to the counter and asks the manager what time Gwen Norbeck will be in. The manager is puzzled and asks her whom she is talking about. Carly tells him that she is talking about the girl he interviewed the other day, who she told him was great. The manager remembers and tells Carly that he couldn’t have someone working with the public who talks to people the way that she talked to Carly. Carly immediately feels guilty, realizing that the man didn’t hire Gwen because of her.

Jack fishes for a desk to use at the station. Nick comes out of the interrogation room and uses this opportunity to gloat and make Jack feel small.. He tells him that he made a break in the Ryan case.

Gwen enters her room at the garage and finds Will standing there to greet her. He can tell by the look on her face that things didn’t go well.. She tells him that they can’t stay at Iris’s house because it has been confiscated, because she was behind on her bank loans. Will tries to remain cheerful and hopeful as he goes into his wallet and pulls out $59. He smiles as he tells her that they can probably afford to stay somewhere like The Wagon Wheel for one or two nights. Gwen is fine with that, as long as it is warm and has a bed. Just then, there is a knock at the door. Bert is standing there, and Gwen immediately tells him that they are almost finished packing and will be out soon. He hands them their phone bill and tells them to pay it on the way out. Their hopes are crushed when they realize that the bill is $57. Will tells Gwen to wait there for an hour, and he will go and take care of things. Gwen smiles, trusting that he will.

Will sits across from his aunt Kim at a table at the Lakeview. She is beaming and begins to go on about how much she misses him. She asks him if he is all ready for school to start, and he replies that he is going to work this semester. He gets straight to the point and tells her that he needs a job and will do whatever she has available for him. Kim tells him that there is nothing available except for high-level construction jobs that require a license. Will is disappointed and tells her about his dilemma. She seems sympathetic and offers him a solution. She misses having him at the house and offers him his old room, saying that they would love to have him around again. Will feels relieved and thanks her. As he thanks her, he mentions that he and Gwen will be so good. The look on Kim’s face changes. She tells Will that she can not condone two teenagers living together. Will mentions that Allison lived there with Chris. Kim insists that it was different, because Chris was an adult and he and Allison were engaged. Seeing how disappointed Will is, Kim offers to let him stay in his room and let Gwen stay in the guest bedroom for the night, to buy them some time to figure things out.

Gwen continues to pack and hears a knock on the door. As soon as she opens it and finds Carly, she turns and goes back in to pack without acknowledging her. Carly lets herself in. Gwen wants Carly to leave, but Carly wants to know why Gwen is packing. Gwen reluctantly tells her about the eviction. Carly leans on Gwen very heavily to let her help her. Gwen continues to tell Carly to back off and stay out of her life. Finally Gwen tells Carly that there is one way that she can help. She tells her to give her a thousand dollars. Carly’s face scrunches up. She tells Gwen that she would give her ten thousand dollars if she had it, but because Jack has only been working part time, there is a financial strain on them. Carly desperately tries to get her to see how much she cares and even goes so far as to say that she probably has equity in the house and could get a loan off of that.

Gwen tells her not to do that. Carly offers an easier solution. She invites Gwen and Will to stay in the nursery. She quickly tries to cover the mention of the nursery and calls it the "spare room." She even says that when they fix up the attic, they can have a whole floor to themselves. Gwen looks almost like she wants to give in when Carly offers that both of them can stay there, but then her pride gets the best of her and she tells her to get lost and stop trying to help. Carly reluctantly leaves, but first she looks Gwen square in the eye and tells her that she is not as bad as she thinks she is and that she is not giving up on her.

Gwen is full of anticipation when Will comes back. “Any luck?" she asks. Will quietly tells her only part of the story. He tells her that he found that warm bed for her. Gwen rushes over and hugs him with relief.

Maddie and Casey stand in Katie’s living room as Mike and Katie stare at the expensive watches that Maddie just handed them as a gift. Katie points out the logo, and she and Mike want to know how Maddie could afford such a gift. Maddie tries to dodge the question and tells them that it is the least she could do for them, after all that they did to help her and Henry. Maddie tells Casey to head for the door. Before leaving, she looks at Casey and realizes that she has been telling more lies than he has. She turns back around to face Mike and Katie, who are confused. She admits to them that she is the one who brought B. J. Green to town. They are stunned and want to know how she could have done that. She explains to them all that she did and how she found his e-mail address from Katie’s yearbook. Maddie begins to feel smaller and smaller as Mike lights into her about how so many people almost got killed. Katie is not pleased either, but when Mike heads to the phone to call the police, Katie’s conscience kicks in. Katie feels sympathy and can see that Maddie realizes how big her mistake was and learned from it. As Mike is not buying it, he continues to light into her. Maddie blushes when Casey jumps in to defend her, saying that calling the cops is not going to make anything better. Finally, Mike throws the phone on the couch. Katie thanks him, and Maddie, who has been on the verge of tears, thanks him as well. Before they leave, Katie gives her the watches to return. She kisses Maddie, and Maddie makes a comment that Henry always did have good taste. Katie thinks that she is talking about the watches, but Maddie tells her that she is talking about her.

Katie kisses Mike when the kids leave. Mike tells her that he will be back and heads to the kitchen, saying that he has something special. Katie smiles, wondering what he is up to. The two sit on the couch with the lights dimly lit as they sip champagne. Katie is surprised at all this.. Mike tries to get serious and talk to her about something, but she has the giggles and breaks out into them every time he tries to talk. Mike gets on his knees and her face drops. He smiles as he looks into her eyes. He then plays with her a little and tells her that they can’t have a serious talk, and he gets back up. Katie tells him that she wants to be serious and pushes him back down there. She tries to calm herself down and prepare. He looks into her eyes and tells her that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since the day that he met her. He asks her to marry him, and an emotional Katie hugs him tightly as she tells him, “YES!"

Maddie and Casey have coffee at Java. Casey asks Maddie if she wants to go to a party with him that night. Maddie is surprised that he invited her and wants them to go together. Casey smiles and tells her that it is not a big deal. One of Casey’s pretty blonde female friends walks up and asks him if he is ready to go. Casey stands and tells her that he is, and that Maddie is. Maddie realizes that it isn’t going to be just the two of them. Casey asks her if she is coming and she declines, telling him that she is kind of tired. When he leaves, she feels very stupid about thinking that it was a date.

Henry wobbles around in the snow, looking for a place to hide his briefcase full of money. He sees a car and goes closer to investigate. The car is very nice, and abandoned. For a minute he begins to panic, thinking that it might be B. J.’s. The passenger-side door is open. He gets in and finds a paper with Paul Ryan’s name. He kisses the paper and begins to get excited, thinking that he can turn the information about the car in to the police for reward money. He hears a car pull up and quickly hides behind a tree. He sees Emily get into Paul’s car and try to start it up. The engine is dead, and Emily is frantic.

She gets out of the car and hears a noise. She grabs the shovel that Henry left against the car. She begins to demand to know who is there. Henry comes from behind the tree once she begins picking at the nearby bushes with the shovel. Each wonders why the other is there. Emily scares Henry with her craziness and the shovel. She pokes at him and demands to know why he is trying to hide his briefcase. The comical Henry comes up with all sorts of excuses, none of which is true. He turns the tables on her and asks why Paul Ryan’s jilted lover was trying to steal his car. Emily tries to pretend that she is innocent and turns the tables back on him. The two go back and forth with the upper hand. Finally, Henry realizes that she killed Paul. Emily tells him that the police are on the way and that they had better come to an agreement soon.

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