ATWT Update Tuesday 1/17/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/17/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Jack is in the interrogation room at the police station, trying to do some work on the illegal gambling ring, when Tom walks in to see if he has made any progress with the case. Jack expects to make some headway in the next couple of days. Tom lets him know that it is great to see him back at work, and that he will keep his fingers crossed that if he cracks this case he will be back on top. After Tom leaves the room, he runs into Casey, who is looking for him and Margo. Tom wants to know why he isn’t in school. Casey explains there was a heating problem and they may not have school for a few days. He is there to check in and remind him that he is following their rules and doing as they ask. Tom recognizes his efforts and says he has been doing a good job. Casey wonders if they can ease up on their punishment and allow him to go to a party that night. Tom immediately wants to know where the party is and whom he is going to the party with..

At the Lakeview, Maddie is looking nervous as she waits for Henry. He arrives after a few more seconds, and Maddie asks him why he was late. Henry explains his cell phone was turned off due to his not paying his bill, and when he called the cell phone company up to explain he was locked in a cellar, they were not exactly understanding. Maddie explains that she was just worried; she thought something was wrong. She sees he is holding a gift bag and asks what it is. It is gifts for Mike and Katie to thank them for putting their lives on the line. She wonders if they were expensive. Henry laughs it off by saying it is B. J.’s money, so she shouldn’t worry. Maddie thought they had a deal in that he wouldn’t spend any of the money unless it was absolutely necessary. He promises that he is being careful with it. He is investing it, and rolling it into something untraceable. Maddie asks if he likes stripes, and Henry admits he does. Then he won’t mind, she retorts, when they are in matching striped jumpsuits in side-by-side cells.

At the cottage, Katie comes home to find the room set up romantically with candlelight, roses and two glasses of wine. Mike wants them to celebrate the fact that they are crisis-free. There are no more Simons or B. J.s, and Nick is gone all day. Katie is afraid to admit there are no more dramas, because they may jinx it. They start to kiss but are soon interrupted by the doorbell ringing. They smirk at each other, amazed that they can never seem to get private time. They answer the door and are surprised to find Jen standing there. She sees she has interrupted and apologizes, but she explains she has waited too long to do this, and she really hopes they can talk now.

Meg starts to wake and Paul pulls her in closer as he starts to stir as well. Meg pulls away after a moment and gets up. She asks how he feels. He admits he feels awful but smiles, remembering that he is alive. He made it through the night. Meg believes that Rosanna helped him get through the night. Paul doesn’t understand. Meg starts to explain that last night he thought she was Rosanna.

Emily is at Java having some coffee when she notices the "missing" poster with Paul’s face and information on it. She takes it to her table, where she is staring at it when Nick shows up. He introduces himself and asks if he can talk to her about Paul Ryan. Emily doesn’t think she could help him, but Nick thinks she is the one person who would be able to shed some light on Paul’s disappearance. Emily looks awfully nervous when he says this.

Casey repeats that he knows he did something wrong and he is sorry; he won’t do it again. Tom appreciates the sentiment, but he still wants to know where the party is being held. Casey tells him it is at his friend Jamie’s house. Tom wants to know if there are going to be parents there. Casey rolls his eyes and doesn’t want to be treated as a child. Tom wants Casey to understand this is how it has to be until he proves himself responsible. The last time he was at an unchaperoned party he was drinking and got Gwen pregnant. Casey understands and offers that Tom can call Jamie’s parents if it makes him feel better. He rolls his eyes again when Tom pushes, wondering if he is taking anyone special to the party..

Henry assures Maddie he won’t ever tell the police that she was involved in keeping the money from B. J. Maddie explains that is not exactly what she is talking about; does he remember when she sent those emails to B.. J., supposedly as Katie? Henry reminds her that it was not her finest hour. She overheard Margo on the warpath, wanting to find out who sent those emails to him to get him to town. She has taken precautions by cleaning her computer and she doesn’t think there are any paper trails, but she is still worried. Henry tries to calm her down by suggesting they change the subject. Maddie grabs the gift bag from his lap and tells him that she is taking the gifts back, because Katie and Mike would be happy with a simple "thank you." Then Maddie asks how much he lost. Henry feigns not knowing what she is talking about. She reminds him that when he wins he brags, "so how much?" He admits, to a shocked Maddie, to losing $30,000. He will get it back though, he assures her, because he can feel his luck changing. Maddie laughs bitterly and wonders if he is going to spend some more of his illegal money to win back the illegal money he lost. They are interrupted when Henry’s cell phone rings. It is Jack, who's hoping he can come down to the station and talk. Henry balks at it, saying he is busy, but Jack pushes and Henry finally agrees. Maddie is nervous about what he wants, and Henry jokes that if she doesn’t hear from him in an hour to call a lawyer. She notes that he doesn’t have one. Henry suggests that she find him one, then.

Emily snaps back that she is sick and tired of everyone implying that she had something to do with helping Paul disappear. Nick softly tells her he is the new guy in town and has no preconceived notions about her. She should see it as her helping him to clear her name. Could she come to the station so they could talk? Emily isn’t thrilled about going to the police station, but she hesitantly agrees to go with him.

Paul thinks he was delirious to confuse Meg with Rosanna. Meg thinks he was scared and needed to believe Rosanna was with him to get him through the night. He must have loved her a lot. He flatly replies that she is gone and never able to come back. Meg knows that may be the case, but she is not out of his head or heart. She continues; is that why Emily shot him? Was she tired of living in Rosanna’s shadow? Paul thinks back to his conversation with Emily right before she shot him, when he was telling her that he can’t love anyone else because of Rosanna.

Maddie is still sitting at the table after Henry leaves. She has a vision of standing on a bluff when Tom, Mike and Katie come to her wearing black, hooded robes. They want to know how she could do this to them. She brought a psycho into their lives, and they could have been killed. She has to pay for it. She pleads with them to understand that she did it for Henry; he loved Katie and she wanted him happy, so she thought this would be the way to break them up. They aren’t listening as they back her up to the edge of the bluff. Henry appears, wearing a striped prison jumpsuit. They say their goodbyes, and Maddie is blindfolded and tossed over the side of the bluff. Casey snaps her out of this waking nightmare. Where was she? She answers darkly that she was staring death in the face. Then she decides she has to come clean before it is too late.

Katie, Mike and Jen are sitting a bit awkwardly on the couch, drinking tea. They chitchat about how everyone is doing, but soon Jen wonders if she and Mike could talk. Katie excuses herself to make some calls. Jen tells her that she doesn’t have to go anywhere, but Katie thinks they need some alone time. After she leaves, Jen talks about how the past couple of months have been a blur, which left them lost in the fallout. They never got the closure they needed. Mike tells her that he never meant to hurt her. Jen understands that he was trying to do right by her, but he just couldn’t deny his feelings for Katie. They agree it all could have been handled better. They are happy to all be in good places now. Jen needs to make the rest of the things between them right, and she takes out their divorce papers from her bag. This will be a fresh start for the both of them, she thinks.

Nick walks into the interrogation room where Jack is working. He thought he was working from home, he says. Jack explains that someone is coming in whom he needs to question. Nick says that is why he needs the room, as well. Jack decides he will move somewhere else to conduct his interview. Emily appears in the door at this point, and Jack sees her, says nothing and walks past her out the door. Nick comments about her not exactly being popular, to which Emily answers, “Welcome to my life.” Nick wants to know why she went to all the trouble of having her lawyer get Paul released to get married if he was going to change his mind. Emily recalls what Paul said to her on the bluff, but she hedges the truth when she relays it to Nick. She tells him Paul didn’t want her to be stuck to him and have to spend her life with a convict. He asks if she saw him in person, and she explains he did it over the phone. Why? He did it that way probably figuring that would be the only way he could go through with it, Emily answers. Paul didn’t think it would be fair to her if he went to jail and she had to wait the rest of her life for him to get out. She admits that she would have been willing to leave town with him.. Nick thinks that is a big undertaking, considering she has family she would have to leave behind. Emily discloses that Paul refused to let her do that because she has a son she shouldn’t be turning her back on. Nick notes that he doesn’t think she is hiding anything to cover for him, but Paul seems to be willing to go to great lengths to protect her.

Paul tells Meg he never hid how he felt about Rosanna. In fact, when he set Emily free, he told her that was why. She didn’t take it as he'd hoped. Meg smirks as she says that he makes Emily an accomplice, and then cuts her loose when things get hard. Paul wants Meg to understand he did it to protect her. He did the same thing for Jen. Meg is in disbelief at the idea that he is still holding to that explanation. He reminds her of what Craig did to Rosanna. He feels he was right to worry about Jen’s well-being. He had to let Emily go for the sake of Daniel. Meg laughs again sarcastically. Paul snaps back that they aren’t that different. They both did things to others with selfish motives; they are more alike than they are different. Meg rips the tape off of Paul’s bandage, causing him to wince in pain. She angrily tells him never to say that again. Meg doesn’t like him putting them both in the same pot. Paul doesn’t see it as wrong. Meg does. They were driven by completely different things. Paul replies that they both went too far because of those motives, and they lost everything. Meg wants to know where he will go after she patches him up. He isn’t sure, but maybe Switzerland. Meg says of course; he would go to the love of his life. Paul explains that he is not even sure he knows what love is. That is one of the truthful things he told Emily. He recognizes that he has made a mess of things. Meg acknowledges a moment of weakness in him. He jokes that it must be her pills. Meg pipes in that it's either that or having Barbara Ryan and James Stenbeck for parents. Paul thinks blaming them will only take him so far. Meg recognizes that they have to take some responsibility for their actions. Paul starts to emotionally talk about the fact that he somehow messes up every relationship he has. There was a woman before Rosanna named Rose. He loved her and was going to marry her, but he got it into his head that she was sleeping with Dusty. She wasn’t, but he believed in his twisted mind there was something amiss. He was blinded by jealousy. When Rose was murdered everyone looked at him as the murderer – except Rosanna; she believed in him, and she helped him believe in himself again. When he thought he was losing her to Craig, he went crazy. He had wanted to destroy Craig, but he destroyed Rosanna in the process. Now he has done it to Jen, and then Emily. It never stops. Meg has been listening quietly all the while. She seems to be seeing another side to Paul and is being affected by it. Meg thinks he at least has something to hide behind. She only has her stupidity, she says with a sigh.

Emily tells Nick that she thinks that Paul has left for Switzerland to see Rosanna. Nick agrees that they considered it, but there is no paper trail indicating that he has left the country or even the town. Nervously, Emily suggests that maybe he snuck into Canada and will try to leave from there. Nick feels that Paul is still in town, right under their noses.. Emily shrinks down a bit in her chair.

Mike signs the divorce papers. He is glad it all worked out. She is going to be an amazing mom. Jen wonders if all of this was meant to be. They may have had to be together for them to realize the people they were truly meant to be with. They reach out their hands to each other. Mike holds her hand and tells her softly that he did love her. Jen tells him that she loved him too. They hug warmly, and then Jen leaves. Mike stands there watching after her, as Katie comes in from the other room and watches him.

Maddie asks Casey how he was able to keep the secret about Gwen for so long. He admits it was fear propelling him. Maddie thinks she has to do something. Casey wonders if she is planning on telling his parents. She is not sure she is up for that yet, but she has to tell the two people that got hurt the most in this. Casey wishes her well and tells her that they can hang out later if she needs to have some fun. Maddie doesn’t think she will be up for fun for a long while after that conversation. Then Casey offers to go with her when she talks to Katie and Mike, for moral support. Maddie is pleasantly surprised and takes him up on it.

Henry arrives to see Jack. He is noticeably nervous. He rambles on to Jack about how happy he is to see him back at work. What juicy case is he working on? he asks with a gulp. Jack mentions it is about an illegal gambling ring, and it involves a poker game. Henry makes light of the fact that he didn’t know poker was illegal. Jack wonders what is wrong with him, and he says he lost a huge amount of money the other night. Whom was he playing with? Where was the game held? Furthermore, where did he get that kind of cash to lose? Henry is starting to look more and more nervous. He starts to loosen his tie, but then he passes out. A few moments later, Jack brings Henry a drink. Henry pretends it is due to low blood sugar. Jack knows that is not the real truth. He assures him that he is not trying to nail him. He is not the one in trouble. He just wants names and a location. Henry tells him it was dark. Jack reminds him that he is not going to get in trouble, he just needs to give him the address of where the game was held. Henry gives in finally and relays the address of 321 2nd Street, 8th floor. There were six other players, Henry confesses, and people can’t get in without putting up $50,000. Jack wonders where he got that kind of money. An edgy Henry tells him he won it at the tracks. He implores him not to tell anyone he gave up the information, and Jack promises not to. Henry leaves with a sigh of relief.

Katie and Mike are back to drinking their wine and kissing when the doorbell rings again, interrupting them. They are amazed. This time it is Casey and Maddie. They hope it is not a bad time, but they wanted to see them.. Mike and Katie welcome them in, telling them they were just sitting around talking about loose ends. Mike thinks that is a good-enough reason to broach the subject of apologizing to Maddie. He should have believed her when she said Henry was in trouble. They feel bad about not giving her the benefit of the doubt for a while. Maddie understands; she gave them a hard time as well. After all of Mike and Katie’s apologies, Maddie feels worse. They ask why she came by. Maddie hesitates, not knowing how to start with what she needs to tell them. She loses her resolve to tell them and shoves the gift bag that Henry had for them their way, telling them she got them something because she wanted to make up. She looks over guiltily at Casey, knowing she wimped out from telling them the real reason for their visit.

Emily tries to get Nick to back down from looking for Paul as if that might happen. Why would he dump her for her protection and then stay in town? she reasons; he has to be on the run and far away. Nick hasn’t figured that out yet, but he will. Emily hopes he will keep her in the loop, and he promises to do that.

Meg needs to go to town to get more stuff. Paul admits that every time she leaves he wonders if she is coming back. She assures him that she has no plans to leave him there alone; she needs him for her ticket to a better life. Paul asks her if she thinks it is out there. Meg hopes so, because she forced a man to love her, hurt a woman who didn’t deserve it, hurt her mother and asked a dying man for money. Could she be any worse of a person? Paul just sits quietly and listens to her. Does he need anything in town? He says he would love hot coffee. She promises she will get him some. In the meantime, until she gets back, she lays her coat on top of him to keep him warm. Paul doesn’t want her to do that because it is cold outside, but she tells him not to worry and tucks the coat around him.

Jen is calling Dusty from the lobby of the Lakeview. She wants him to meet her. She doesn’t want to tell him what it is about. It is a surprise, and it involves them, she happily tells him.

Mike and Katie tell Maddie that they can’t accept these gifts; they are too extravagant. Maddie tells them that Mike threw himself in front of a speeding car for her and saved her, and Katie put her life on the line to get close to B. J. It is the least she could do. They look at the watches and realize how expensive they really are, and then Mike wonders where she got the money to buy them.

Henry is standing on the bluff with his suitcase of cash. He talks in a baby voice directed at his money. He tells his "darlings" that he hates to leave them out in the cold, but he will be back for them once he finds a warm, safe place for them. He looks around to make sure no one is aware he is talking to a suitcase of cash.

When Emily is leaving the police station she bumps into Tom, and she takes the opportunity to ask about Daniel. She wants him to reconsider her seeing Daniel. Her suggestion is met positively, which pleases her no end. However, as she is leaving the station, she overhears an officer tell Nick that they know where the last call came from on Paul’s cell phone. Emily is panicked.

Meg tucks Paul in and goes to leave. He hopes she isn’t gone long, because he can’t get well without her. Meg hesitates and looks at Paul for a while and promises not to be long.

The officer tells Nick that the call came from the northwest part of town. Nick asks what is there. The officer tells him there are mountains, hiking trails and a few cabins. Nick wants to get a team of officers together quickly, because with any luck they will find Paul there hiding out in his own backyard. Emily overhears this and is absolutely terror-stricken..

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