ATWT Update Monday 1/16/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/16/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the police station, Casey and Maddie arrive to bring some paperwork. Margo is a bit miffed because they are over an hour late. Casey tells her that basketball practice ran late, and then Maddie pipes in that she got stuck in science lab. Margo starts to wind up into her speech about him needing to prove that he is responsible and that he should start by being where he is supposed to be at the appointed time. Casey sarcastically snipes back that it would be easier if she simply put a tracking chip in his head, as he walks off to deliver the papers. Maddie tries to appeal to Margo on Casey’s behalf. His heart was really set on going to Wisconsin, she says, and he has been working really hard lately trying to make up for the mistakes he made; isn’t there some way they can reconsider their decision? Margo smiles slightly as she listens to Maddie defend him.

Will arrives home to find Gwen slaving over the stove. Presto, she has concocted canned raviolis, she laughs. Will tells her that it smells good, but he is going to take a shower first because he smells like an oil can. Gwen slinks up beside him, promising to fix anything that needs fixing. They fall onto the bed, kissing.

Hal and Jack are having a minor disagreement about his desire to take over the Paul Ryan case. Jack thinks he is much better qualified to take it on as opposed to Nick, but Hal has already given the go-ahead to him. Jack thinks his lack of knowledge on the history of the case and the people involved will work against him. Hal explains that the commissioner likes things low-key right now. Jack cynically wonders if his place is going to be dealing with traffic stops now. Hal assures him that won’t always be the case. He has a lead on an illegal gambling ring, and he would like Jack to look into it. Jack is not overly impressed with this, and it is quite apparent by his attitude. There is a knock at the door and Burt interrupts them, needing to talk to Hal. Jack excuses himself briskly. Burt asks Hal if there is a problem with the garage. Hal tells him that there is.

Nick is at Carly’s door, wanting to talk to her about the Paul Ryan case. Carly doesn’t believe at first that he would be the one handling the case. If anyone would have the go-ahead, it would be Jack, because he is the best detective on the force. Nick wonders if she is going to let him in. Finally Carly gives in and lets him come in.

Meg shows up back at the cabin, unable to find Paul. She frantically searches inside and then grabs a flashlight and goes outside. She finally locates him lying in the snow, almost fully covered. She desperately brushes the snow off of him and tries to wake him up.

At the Lakeview, an overwrought Emily tries to understand why Jen would tell Paul to call the wedding off. Jen admits that is not exactly what she did. She told him that in order for him to start making amends, he should try putting someone else’s needs before his own. Maybe he took her advice and pushed her away. Jen reminds Emily that one year ago she had everything – she had a family, friends and a job. Now, thanks to Paul, she has been left with nothing. The realization hits Emily like a ton of bricks: Paul said the things he did in order to push her away in a twisted attempt to save her. Jen continues, saying maybe Paul finally did one selfless act; he loved her enough to cut her loose. Those words cause Emily to break down and sob. She yells back that he said he did it because he still loved Rosanna. Jen reminds her that Paul had told her that her baby was dead; his word isn’t always gospel. Emily is getting more and more wound up. She screeches to Jen that she doesn’t know what she has done, she doesn’t know what she has made her do. She wails that it is her fault that Paul is never coming back. Jen looks at her, shocked, as Emily realizes what she has said.

Gwen and Will are in bed together, enjoying the afterglow. Will jokes that he should come home dirty more often. Gwen tells him that she got him something, and then she shows him the GED study guide. It is much less expensive than Oakdale Latin; then he can go to college after. Will is appreciative of this, and they hug each other, happy to just be together.

At the station, Burt is finishing up with Hal. He doesn’t want any trouble. Hal scolds that the zoning laws are strict, so he needs to take care of this today. Burt thanks him and leaves. Meanwhile, outside the room, Margo appreciates Maddie’s words. She knows she means well, but it isn’t just a tiny mistake Casey made. He didn’t tank a test; he had a baby, turned his back on Gwen, and lied to his parents for months. She doesn’t really want to talk further about this so she tells Maddie that she hopes that she sticks with Casey, because she is good for him. As Maddie is walking away she overhears Margo talking to another cop about the emails that were sent to B. J. to get him to Oakdale. She says there is a lead; the emails were sent from Margo knows they were not sent from Katie’s account. She demands that they find out who brought this monster to town. She plans to charge that person with attempted murder. A shocked Maddie overhears this, panics and runs right into Casey, who wants to know where the fire is. Jack then approaches Margo about where he can sit and do his work. She tells him to sit at his own desk, because Nick is out on assignment. He isn’t sure he is comfortable with that. She sees he is upset with his deal, and she counsels him to give it time. It won’t be like this forever, she insists, but Jack isn’t so sure it won’t be.

Nick comments that Carly has a nice home, and Carly snidely responds for him not to get comfortable. He wonders if she is always this hostile. Carly jokes that he hasn’t seen anything yet. Carly shortly explains that she knows nothing about the Paul Ryan case. Nick is confused — isn’t she friends with Emily? Carly jokes that she was before her taste in men went south. Nick wonders if Emily supposedly being left at the altar by Paul is a cover story. Carly doesn’t know about that, but she wouldn’t be surprised, because she always thought Paul continued to have feelings for her sister Rosanna, even while he was with Emily. She relays the story of the night of Rosanna’s accident, and how Paul was involved and how it affected him. She is not close to Emily anymore, though. Nick is confused again. When she had custody of Jen’s baby, didn’t she ask her to be the godmother? That sounds friendly to him..

Jen thinks the whole town, including Emily, is better off with Paul gone. Emily snaps back at her to not say that, because he loved her. Jen doesn’t want to hear any type of justification for his unforgivable actions. She suggests that Emily go home to wherever that is now. Emily cries that her home was with Paul. Dusty arrives at the end of this confrontation to see a distraught Emily talking to herself, wondering how she could have been so wrong. She has ruined everything, she wails; what has she done to Paul? An interested Dusty wants to know what she has done to Paul.

A nervous Meg has placed Paul back on the bed. She stares down at him, wondering how she is going to get his fever down. She takes out a needle and starts to stick it into his arm, but Paul tries to stop her. No more needles, he tells her. She explains that it is just an antibiotic. He is hypothermic and needs a lot more help than she can give him here. Paul isn’t listening to her; "Where are Jen and Emily?" he mumbles. Meg explains that they are not there, nor have they ever been. He was hallucinating. She sticks the needle in his arm as a sweaty, feverish Paul lies there.

While Will and Gwen are still lying in bed, there is a knock at the door.. They quickly dress and open it to find Burt. He is apologetic as he explains he has to tell them something. He has to evict them; they need to be out of this apartment by tomorrow. A dumbfounded Will and Gwen stare in disbelief at each other.

Meanwhile, Hal is on the phone with Barbara, assuring her that he handled it. He feels this will at least force Will’s hand. He will talk to her tomorrow. Jack walks into the room, thinking he could look over the files in the interrogation room alone. He is surprised that Hal is in there.. He takes this opportunity to apologize to him for his attitude earlier. Hal understands. Jack assures him he is going to give it his all to break the illegal gambling ring case, and Hal appreciates this. Just as Jack sits down at the table, an officer tells him that another officer needs the room. A sarcastic Jack wonders if he will be bothered if he sets up shop in the men’s room.

Carly explains that all of a sudden Emily started acting weird towards her. She wanted her to give the baby away. The friend she trusted for so long seemed to be turning her back on her. Parker comes home from his piano lessons and Carly takes the opportunity to suggest that Nick make himself scarce. However, Nick takes this opportunity to help Parker on his keyboard as he suggests Carly make him some coffee. Carly is amazed at his forwardness.

Emily covers by saying that the last time she saw Paul she said some terrible things to him. Dusty isn’t concerned with this and suggests that Emily not bother Jen with this either. Emily leaves and Dusty tries to cheer Jen up by being his charming self. Johnny is with Barbara now, so they can have some alone time. They kiss and Jen mentions that she has wanted to do that ever since witnessing the romantic vow-renewal ceremony at Lily and Holden’s. Dusty smirks about that, and Jen knows something is behind that. He tells her that Meg showed up at the ceremony, saw them, turned tail and left. Jen is irate; how dare she show her face? She has some nerve! She wonders why she wouldn’t have left town by now. Dusty isn’t sure, but Jen is convinced it is because she wants to stay close to Dusty. Dusty doesn’t care; they are over and she knows it. Jen still can’t help wondering what would be keeping her there in Oakdale.

Meg is trying to keep Paul awake. She jokes that she isn’t going to dig a grave in zero-degree weather. If he wants to get back at everyone, he needs to live. She tries slapping his cheek. Finally she says out loud that he needs much more help than she can give him and she needs to get him to a hospital. Paul is suddenly conscious as he grabs at Meg’s arm to stop her.

Dusty is adamant; he doesn’t care why Meg is still in town, she can’t touch them. He tells her suddenly that he has to go take care of something. Jen is surprised; where would he need to be going at this time of night? Dusty is being secretive, and when Lisa shows up he tells her to keep an eye on her and not let her go anywhere until he gets back, to which Lisa happily agrees. After he leaves, Lisa lets her know that she knows what happened with her baby and what Paul, Emily and Meg did. She is astonished by their actions. She thinks that Jen needs to focus on her future with her baby now. Jen admits that while she wants that too, she can’t help but think about the time she missed with Johnny because of them. She wants to get rid of all reminders. Lisa nervously tells her that may be a problem, because she just found out that Jen is going to have a neighbor. Jen is curious – who would that be? Meg, Lisa answers; she paid for three months in advance for a suite. Jen is unpleasantly amazed at this news.

Meg tries to explain to Paul that at this point, going to the hospital may be his only chance to survive. He needs a high dose of antibiotics, and possibly a transfusion, Meg explains. However, Paul remains unfazed; he is not going. When Meg continues to push, Paul threatens that if she tries to take him there he will make sure she goes to jail for a very long time.

Gwen is confused. She has a copy of all her previous rent checks, she insists; there can’t be any problem, and if there is, she can fix it. Burt explains that is not the problem, but he seems hesitant to tell them why he has to evict them. They just need to go, and he no longer can use Will at the garage either. Will and Gwen are stupefied at Burt’s words. He explains that he doesn’t want any trouble, but he is not zoned to rent. Will has figured it out — his dad has leaned on him. Burt never had a problem with them before. Will is determined to not let his dad do this to them. Gwen tells him she wants to accompany him when he talks to him, so off they go.

Maddie reminds Casey about how she sent those emails to B. J. many months ago, supposedly as Katie, to try to break her and Mike up. She tells him she just overheard Margo talking about the person who sent the emails to B.. J. and the fact that she wants to charge that person with attempted murder. Casey tries to get her to calm down. She doesn’t know she even remotely had anything to do with it, but Maddie knows they have people that track that kind of stuff, and it will only be a matter of time before she is busted. Margo hears the tail end of her statement and asks who is going to be busted.

Carly tells Parker it is time for him to go to bed. J. J. and Sage are already asleep. Nick wonders who they are. Carly explains that they are her other children. Nick is impressed that she already has three children and yet was eagerly willing to take in her sister’s baby. His attention is turned to a picture—who is the beautiful woman? Carly warmly tells him that it is Rosanna, her sister. Nick is amazed at her beauty. Carly goes on to explain how much of a warm and generous person she is, as well. All she wanted was to be a mom. Nick comments about how beautiful a family she has. Carly and Nick are in close quarters as they talk now. Just then Jack comes home and is unpleasantly surprised to find his replacement chatting it up with his wife in their living room. A nervous, almost guilty-looking Carly jumps up and hurries over to kiss him and tell him how much she missed him. Jack asks what he is doing there. Nick explains it is about the Paul Ryan case; he was asking Carly about Emily. Jack doesn’t think Emily is a factor, but Nick isn’t so sure of that. Nick says his goodbyes, and as he is leaving, Jack tells him if he has more questions for his wife, he can talk to her at the station.

Maddie and Casey are speechless as they try to figure out what to tell her. Margo jokes that police officers love silence; it usually implies guilt. Casey tells her it is a private conversation, but Maddie tells her it involves something that happened at school; she got in trouble for letting someone copy her homework. Margo seems appeased for the time being, and Casey and Maddie make a quick getaway. Outside the station, Maddie wishes she didn’t have to lie, but until she can figure out what to do, she has to. She asks Casey if he can wipe her computer clean. Casey thinks he is already in enough trouble and doesn’t really want to get involved. Maddie pleads with him and offers to clean his room or do his homework for a year. Casey gives in easily and tells her he will help if she makes him a week's worth of her special smoothie drinks. She says it is a deal. They share a hug, and both pull back as they feel the strong connection between them.

Meanwhile, back inside, Will and Gwen are confronting Hal about what he did to Burt to make him kick them out. Hal wants them to calmly discuss this in private, but Will is livid. Why did he do it? He expected no less from Barbara, but he figured Hal was more on his side. How could he have his son kicked out on the street? They are trying to get their acts together. They are working and will be getting their GED’s. Hal doesn’t think that is good enough. They have to do it that way in order to survive, Will continues. Hal wants Will to do it right by going back to school, getting his degree and getting a good job. He wants Will to come home. He will help pay for all of that, or Will can get a part-time job. Will wants to know if he plans on letting Gwen live with them too, since she got kicked out as well. Hal can’t allow that as his father. He is still a kid, and it isn’t appropriate. He is going to burn himself out by taking on all this stress so young. Will wonders angrily if he worries that he is going to go insane. Hal disagrees; he is worried that he will burn himself out, and it will be too late to fix it. Gwen agrees with that, but Will isn’t listening. He thought he could depend on him; he thought he would be there for him. Hal tries to explain he is doing just that, as a father. Will yells that Gwen is his home now. He reminds Hal that he lived with him when he was married to Emily, and he saw him come home whistling and happy each night. Has he forgotten what it is like to be so in love that you want to be with that person all of the time? Will and Gwen leave hand in hand. After he leaves, Hal mumbles to himself that he wishes he could forget.

Emily is crying as she approaches the area where she shot Paul. She falls to the ground as she looks over the bluff. Why did he listen to Jen? she sobs. "Why did you have to tell me you were still in love with Rosanna? Why did you try to drive me away?" She didn’t need to be saved; she needed him to love her.

Meg is dumbfounded; he is threatening to have her thrown in jail because she is concerned for his worthless life? What about the money? Meg reminds him that he offered it to her. Paul taunts her and says he thinks it could be seen as extortion. Meg is flabbergasted. If he wants to die, then she will pull up a chair and watch the show.

Gwen and Will are back home. He is trying to stay positive; they will find another place, and there are plenty of jobs out there. Gwen is worried that every place will want security and first and last month's rent. It will take months for them to come up with that kind of money. Will assures her that with both of them working they will be fine. Gwen looks at Will and feels better as he talks. They hug and promise each other that his parents will not be successful in trying to pull them apart.

Carly brings Jack some more coffee and apologizes again for Nick having the case he should have had. He asks how he treated her, and Carly admits he was fine and was nice to Parker. Jack is surprised he met Parker, and Carly blows it off. She wants him to focus on her and not worry about Nick. She snuggles up beside him, and before long they are in each other’s arms, kissing passionately. Nick is outside the door, about to knock again because he has something he forgot to ask, but when he notices their passionate embrace he turns and slowly walks away.

Dusty doesn’t want Jen to worry about where Meg lives. She is nothing to them. Jen thinks it is strange that Meg has no job or license now, and yet she is still in town. She is convinced she wants Dusty back. A suspicious Jen continues to wonder where an unemployed nurse would get the kind of money that would be needed to stay at the Lakeview for three months. Dusty doesn’t care; all he cares about is Jen. They hug, but Jen looks doubtful.

Meg watches Paul nervously as he feverishly sweats in his unconscious state. He is still burning up, she notices. His fever needs to break soon or he is all done. She paces beside the bed, blowing in her hands as she walks back and forth. Finally she climbs into bed beside him and huddles up beside him for warmth. Paul briefly opens his eyes and then closes them again.

Emily sits rocking on the cliff's edge. Losing him is killing her. When he left her, her life ended. She takes her engagement ring out of her pocket and looks longingly at it. She proclaims her love for Paul as she throws it over the edge.

Paul wakes up and feels Meg’s arms around him. Meg wakes up when she feels him stir. Paul declares his love to her, which causes Meg’s face to drop. Then he repeats that he loves her as he addresses her by Rosanna’s name. Meg’s face drops again slightly, but then she cuddles in closer to him.

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