ATWT Update Friday 1/13/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/13/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

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At Holden and Lily’s place, Luke asks Holden what made him fall in love with Lily. Holden explains that he couldn’t believe that someone like Lily noticed him, because he was just a stable boy. Holden tells Luke Lily didn’t care what other people thought of their relationship, she just loved him, faults and all. Holden assures Luke that if he ever finds someone that will love him like that he should never let her go, because a love like that doesn’t come along every day.

Lily helps Lucinda get ready for the wedding by trying to fix her wig so it will look nice. Lucinda explains to Lily that she isn’t feeling well today and says maybe she should just get someone else to give her away. Lily tells her mother that she doesn’t want anyone else to give her away and she is positive that she (Lucinda) won’t let her down, because she hasn’t let her down yet.

At the Lakeview, Dusty holds J. D. as he waits for Jennifer to get ready for the wedding. Dusty tells Jennifer that if she doesn’t hurry up they will be late for the wedding. Jennifer comes out and tells Dusty the wedding won’t be for another two hours. Dusty tells Jennifer she looks beautiful and hands her the baby so that he can take a picture of them.. Dusty says he plans to make a photo album full of pictures of all of them. Jennifer thinks that is a wonderful idea and, although she doesn’t want to scare Dusty, the three of them being a family feels right to her. Dusty explains to Jennifer that he will feel proud if someone stops him and the street and says that he has a beautiful family, because he is very proud of Jennifer and J. D. Jennifer is about to cry after hearing Dusty’s words, but she doesn’t want to ruin her makeup. Jennifer gives Dusty a kiss and then the newly formed family walks out the door to go to the wedding.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack looks at the pile of bills on the table and worries about how to pay them. Jack asks Carly to just use one credit card for expenses, so he can have a chance to work on paying the other credit cards. Jack reminds Carly that he just has half a salary now, since he is only working part time. Carly takes the opportunity to tell Jack about Barbara’s job offer. Jack is opposed to the idea because he knows Barbara has a hidden agenda. Carly tells Jack that since the loss of his job was her fault, she feels it's only right to help with the household expenses. Carly also tells Jack that she had thought about starting a website and designing wedding dresses in order to work from home. Jack tells Carly that she can design as many wedding dresses as she wants, but he doesn’t want her to worry about having to support the family, because Mike has agreed to take him on at the construction company. Jack also tells Carly he is hopeful that Hal will allow him to work on the Paul Ryan case. Jack also thinks he has some information on Nick that may cause Hal to fire him. Carly is excited about this news because it means Jack could get his job back very soon.

At the police station, Nick tells Hal he should let him handle the Paul Ryan case because it could create a conflict of interest if he (Hal) continues to handle the case. Hal gets offended and tells Nick he can’t just walk in off the street and question his decisions. Hal makes it clear that if he doesn’t start showing more respect for his boss and the rules of the station, he will be fired. Nick explains to Hal that he didn’t mean to offend him, but he knows that he is the perfect man for the job because, since he is new in town, people may be more willing to talk to him. Hal reluctantly gives Nick the case and tells him he had better see results fast, or he will take him off the case.

At the mountain cabin, Paul’s condition worsens as he gets a fever and also starts to get an infection.

At Java, Emily wonders why Meg stole medication and other medical supplies from the hospital. Meg tells Emily that before she starts throwing around accusations she should remember that she also has secrets to hide. Emily gets nervous and wonders what information Meg thinks she knows about her. Meg tells Emily she thinks that she and Paul make the perfect couple, and Meg also tells Emily that they both have reasons to not want to get the police involved in this situation. Emily leaves and Emma arrives a few minutes later to pick up pastries for the wedding. Emma encourages Meg to go to the wedding, try to put her mistakes in the past, and quit feeling sorry for herself. Meg tells Emma she will think about going to the wedding and will also consider her advice.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Holden and Luke go inside the house after their talk and smile when they see Faith and Natalie with too much makeup on their faces. Lily takes a picture of the girls and then Lucinda and Luke take the girls upstairs to help them get dressed and wash most of the makeup off their faces. Holden tells Lily that Luke seems much more calm after their talk. Lily and Holden share a kiss before the wedding.

At the mountain cabin, Paul’s high fever makes him imagine Emily is in the cabin with him and that, since she is angry, she throws away his pills.

At the hospital, a nervous Emily arrives and asks Susan if Meg has been asking questions about her. Emily also tells Susan that Meg stole medication and medical supplies from the hospital. Emily thinks her mother should file a report about the stolen medication. Susan wonders why Emily is suddenly so interested in Meg.

At Holden and Lily’s place, the wedding begins and Carly tells Jack she wants to renew her wedding vows too. Jack explains to Carly that he already married her twice, and he doesn’t see the need to do it again. Jack does promise Carly that he will take her on a honeymoon when he gets his job back, since they have never had a real honeymoon. Meg arrives at the wedding just in time to see Dusty and Jennifer kiss each other. Meg runs out the door and Emma chases after her. Emma tells Meg it's time to face the situation and stop running away. Meg explains to her mother that she isn’t running away from anything, she just can’t handle seeing Dusty and Jennifer together right now. Meg tells her mother she is fine and asks her to give Holden and Lily her best wishes on the wedding, because she has to leave now. Holden says his vows to Lily and promises not to take her for granted ever again. Lily says her vows to Holden and tells him she feels like the luckiest woman in the world to have him for a husband, and also to have a family that loves her. Lily promises to love Holden forever, and then the minister says they can kiss each other.

At the mountain cabin, Paul finally finds the pills on the floor and takes them, but his fever is so high that he imagines Jennifer is in the cabin with him and wants to kill him. Paul screams, “Meg, where are you?”

At the hospital, Susan encourages Emily to make amends for her mistakes and stop worrying about Meg’s mistakes. Nick calls Emily to ask her to come to the station for questioning, but Emily makes it clear she will never talk to him about Paul.

At the station, Nick decides that since Emily won’t talk, he will interview her friends, and the first on his list is Carly.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Dusty thanks Lily for inviting him to the wedding because the invitation meant a lot to him. Lily thinks Dusty has a real shot at happiness with Jennifer. Dusty agrees with Lily but explains to her that Jennifer wants to take things slowly. Jennifer asks Jack if there has been any progress on finding Paul. Jack tells Jennifer he doesn’t think there has been any progress, but he is out of the loop now. Jennifer tells Jack she wishes Paul would just stay gone. Carly tells Jack that she is ready to leave, so he tells her he will drop her off at home because he wants to go to the station and talk to Hal.

At the mountain cabin, Paul finally manages to call Meg, who realizes that he has a high fever that is causing him to hallucinate. Meg realizes that Paul has dropped the phone and she thinks he has passed out, so she rushes out of Java to go help him. Paul thinks he sees Emily and Jennifer and that they both want to kill him. Paul runs out of the cabin to get away from Emily and Jennifer.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lucinda tells Luke that he looks handsome and soon all the girls will be standing in line to get a date with him. Luke gives his grandma a shy smile and then goes outside to get some air. Lucinda follows Luke outside and catches him drinking champagne. Lucinda reminds Luke that he shouldn’t drink because he only has one kidney. Luke tells Lucinda he is only drinking ginger ale.

At Java, Dusty and Jennifer arrive with the baby to get some coffee, and Dusty decides to go change the baby’s diaper instead of facing the embarrassment of ordering Jennifer’s coffee. Jennifer goes to order her coffee and Emily apologizes for what she did to her. Emily wonders why Paul suddenly canceled the wedding. Jennifer smiles a bit when she tells Emily Paul canceled the wedding because of her.

At the station, Jack arrives to ask Hal if he can handle the Paul Ryan case, but Hal informs him that he has already given the case to Nick.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Nick arrives to ask Carly for her help with the Paul Ryan case.

At the mountain cabin, Meg arrives and is shocked to find that Paul isn’t there; she puts the supplies down and heads back out the door to look for him. Paul is lying motionless outside in the snow.

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