ATWT Update Thursday 1/12/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/12/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily sheds a few tears as she realizes that she came very close to losing her family. Holden tells Lily to stop crying because everything is fine and she shouldn’t think about the past. Holden smiles and tells Lily to save the tears for the wedding. And then Holden gives Lily a kiss.

At the Lakeview, Dusty is on the phone working on Street Jeans business from home. Dusty is on the phone trying to reach Lucinda when Jennifer and Johnny arrive for a visit. Once Dusty hangs up the phone Jennifer asks Dusty why he has to talk to Lucinda today. Dusty explains to Jennifer that he must return the key to her guesthouse today because he is back home in his hotel room to stay. Jennifer wonders how Dusty can leave a home so fast. Dusty explains to Jennifer that he never considered the guesthouse his home. Jennifer doesn’t think that Meg would agree with his opinion. Dusty tells Jennifer that Meg can stay at the guesthouse if she wants to but he doesn’t care anymore what Meg does with her life. Dusty gives Jennifer a kiss and then shocks her by asking her and Johnny to move in with him.

At the hospital Emily arrives with lunch for Susan because she felt like doing something normal for a change. Susan thanks Emily for the lunch she made for her. Susan smiles when she sees Emily is wearing her clothes but Emily explains she didn’t bring any of her own clothes because she left Paul’s place in such a hurry. Emily tells Susan she is going to Paul’s place to get her clothes. Susan tells Emily not to go there because she is afraid Paul might return and persuade her to go on the run with him. Emily gets upset that her mother has no confidence in her. Susan explains that Emily is doing so well and she even managed to convince Tom to let her see Daniel so she shouldn’t go backwards again. An annoyed Emily leaves telling her mother that she can’t handle this discussion now. Once Emily is gone a worried Susan calls Hal to ask him to check on Emily at Paul’s place because she was acting strange.

At the Mountain Cabin, Meg finally arrives to check on Paul who is annoyed and wonders why she took so long. Meg explains she had to be very careful to make sure she wasn’t being followed since the police put out an APB on him. Paul heads for the door ready to make a get away but Meg makes it clear that he isn’t going anywhere until she says he is ready to go.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer gives Dusty a polite not yet on moving in with him because she wants to have time for them to get to know each other and have fun together before they consider such a serious step in their relationship. Jennifer tells Dusty that she and J.D are going to do some errands like pick out colors for his room and getting a new crib bumper. Dusty tells Jennifer that he wants to take J.D. for the day because they should do guy things together. Dusty explains to Jennifer she needs some time to herself. Jennifer is reluctant to leave her son’s side because they have never been apart since Dusty placed him in her arms. Jennifer eventually agrees to let Dusty take the baby for a few hours. Jennifer gives both her guys a kiss and leaves to do her errands.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Holden gives Lily a new and improved version of the wooden cat he carved for her when they first dated since the original wooden cat was lost in the fire. Holden is hesitant about inviting Meg to the wedding but Lily persuades him to invite her because even though they don’t agree with what Meg did she is still family.

At the mountain cabin, Meg worries that Paul may get an infection because the medicine she gave him isn’t strong enough to help him and he has lost a lot of blood. Paul asks Meg to go to the hospital and steal the medicine he needs to get better. Meg explains to Paul that she has been suspended from the hospital because of him and she just walk in and grab medicine. Meg gets a call from Bob telling her that he needs to see her to discuss her situation. Meg leaves Paul hopeful that she will get her job back. Paul wonders if Meg will return to help him.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Dusty comes over with J.D. because he is looking for Lucinda who left a little while ago. Dusty formally introduces Lily to J.D. and allows her to hold him. Lily apologizes to Dusty for what Meg did to him and Jennifer. Lily explains to Dusty that she and Holden think what Meg did is wrong but she is family and they love her. Lily asks Dusty not to hate Meg but Dusty says he doesn’t want to think about Meg anymore.

At Paul’s place, Emily cries as she steps inside Paul’s place and remembers all the love they shared together. Emily also remembers when she shot Paul on the mountain and she cries harder and says how could this happen I just want you to love me.

At the hospital, Susan explains to Meg that Bob fought hard for her license not to be suspended but the board suspended anyway. Susan explains to Meg that she isn’t allowed to practice nursing in the state of Illinois. Holden arrives and invites Meg to his wedding tonight. Meg smiles and gives her brother a hug. Holden tells Meg that this proves that mistakes can be fixed and life can work out. Holden encourages Meg to get her life back on track. Meg decides not to go to the wedding because she doesn’t want to ruin the big day for Holden and Lily. Once Holden leaves Meg tells herself it’s to late to turn her life around and steals the keys to the medication cabinet.

At the mountain cabin, Paul is bored and then he hears voices he carefully sticks his head out the door and gets accidentally shot by some hunters who are trying to shoot a deer.

At Paul’s place, Emily is startled out of her thoughts by Hal who demands to know where Paul is hiding since he heard her mention Paul’s name. Emily blasts Hal for scaring her so badly on the night of her wedding that she felt she needed protection. Emily demands that Hal leave her and Paul’s home.

At the mountain Cabin, The hunters who shot Paul try to open the cabin door because they think they heard noises. Once they see the door is locked they go back to hunting for deer.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Jennifer arrives with some dresses for Lily to try on for the wedding. Jennifer is happy to be reunited with Dusty and the baby because she missed them both very much. Lily tells Jennifer that she and Holden are getting married tonight. Jennifer offers to help Lily alter the dress if she needs help but then feels awkward helping Lily given everything that happened with Meg. Jennifer and Dusty are about to leave but Holden arrives and asks them to stay because he has something he needs to say to them. Holden apologizes for Meg’s actions because they were wrong but she is his sister and loves her despite her mistakes. Dusty and Jennifer explain that they don’t want anything that happened to come between Meg and her family. Dusty and Jennifer wish Holden and Lily well with the wedding. Holden tells Lily that Meg isn’t coming to the wedding so Lily invites Dusty and Jennifer to come to the wedding and they accept the invitation.

At Java, Emily is so nervous that she almost reveals she sot Paul. Emily asks Hal to stop chasing Paul just because Paul took her away from him. Emily asks Hal to let her go. Hal makes it clear to Emily that he let her go a long time ago. Hal also says that the only thing he cares about now is Jennifer, John Dustin, and Daniel who was the people hurt by this mess. Hal suspects Emily is hiding something so he reminds her not to leave town because she is a person of interest in the investigation.

At the mountain cabin, Paul is aware that he must stop the bleeding on his second gunshot wound or he will get an infection. Paul can’t use his arm because it is wounded because Emily shot him in the arm. Paul tries to reach for the phone Meg left him but he can’t reach it and it falls to the floor. Paul hopes Meg will return soon.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Holden wonders if they did the right thing inviting Dusty and Jennifer to the wedding. Lily tells Holden that dusty is an old friend and Jennifer is in his life now so she should be invited to the wedding too.

Outside Lily and Holden’s place, Dusty wonders if they should have accepted the wedding invitation. Jennifer tells Dusty she won’t allow Meg to ruin her life anymore. Jennifer thinks its time she and dusty started having fun. Jennifer wants to rush home and get dressed but Dusty says the wedding isn’t for hours and gives Jennifer a kiss.

At Java, Emily finishes her cup of coffee and gets up to leave on her way out she bumps into Meg and the impact of them bumping into each other causes Meg to drop the medical supplies she stole to help Paul.

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