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As the World Turns Update Wednesday 1/11/06


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

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Gwen sits at a table at Java and pleads with the owner, who is seated across from her, for a job. He is reluctant to hire her because he is looking for someone who is experienced. Gwen quickly interjects that she is a quick study. He looks at her and tells her that he doesn’t' doubt it, but he just doesn’t think that he can hire her. At this time, Carly enters and, hearing enough to realize that Gwen is after a job, she immediately tries to help Gwen by throwing her two cents in. She tells the manager that Gwen would be great to hire because she is friendly andó Gwen, cutting her off, glares at her and tells her to stop it. Carly is stunned. Gwen snaps that she doesn’t need Carly to vouch for her, because she doesn’t really know her all that well. Feeling the tension between the two, the manager excuses himself. Carly stands there innocently, unsure of what Gwen’s problem is. Gwen stands to face Carly and tells her that she just ruined that for her, along with everything else that she has ruined for her. Carly purrs that she didn’t ruin that for Gwen. Gwen goes on to talk about how Carly let them have Billy while she was away. Carly defends herself. Gwen is stone-faced as she tells her to go home to her kids and enjoy spending time with them, and know that she can have even more kids if she wants to. Carly is caught off guard by Gwen’s sudden attack and demeanor. Carly tells Gwen that she can have kids, too, when she is ready. Gwen tells Carly that she can’t have children because of what she did to her. Carly stares at her, wide-eyed, not understanding. Gwen tells Carly that in New York, she tried to grab the baby from her, causing her to fall down the steps. Carly explains that she didn’t mean to hurt Gwen, she was just worried about the baby. Gwen goes on to explain to her that the doctor told her she must have had a concussion that went unchecked, and it messed with her pituitary gland. Now she can’t produce reproductive hormones. Carly is still not convinced and says that maybe Gwen has other options, like taking hormone shots. Gwen shifts her eyes as she tells her that because of a blood clot that she had a couple of years ago, she is not a candidate for hormone shots. Carly then tries to offer that they will get a second opinion, but Gwen shoots her down and tells her that she just wants her to stay out of her life. Carly begins to plead with her sister to let her help her and tells Gwen that she doesn’t want to lose her now that they have found each other. Angry, Gwen tells her that maybe it would have been best if they never found out, because family has never really worked out for her. Gwen is still insistent that she wants Carly to leave her alone, and she blames her for her inability to have a child. Carly tells Gwen that she will leave her alone for now, but she is not going to lose her; she walks off, leaving Gwen standing there.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Will is about to have his own powwow with his family. He goes to the station to get his dad, to enlist his dad’s help in keeping Barbara off of his case. Barbara enters and hears Will talking about her. She is upset and states that she seems to be the only one who is concerned about Will in this family. Hal suggests that they take their discussion into the examination room. Will is angry that Barbara is interfering in his life and trying to use his trust fund to keep him away from Gwen. Barbara declares that Will needs to finish school and focus on other things and that Gwen is trying to trap him into being a father. Hal intervenes and defends Will by saying that he is older and that she needs to let him make his own decisions. He then defends Barbara and says that he doesn’t think Will should ditch school in his last year. He thinks that Will is confusing love for Gwen with something else, and he hints at what he thinks that something else is (sex). Will is angry and storms off.

Will arrives at Java and asks the manager if he has seen Gwen. The manager points to her sitting at a table. Hal comes up behind Will and tells him that he needs to talk. Annoyed, Will says he is all talked out. Hal tells Will that he thinks that he is hiding behind Gwen to keep from doing what he really wants to do. Gwen gets up and overhears the conversation. When Hal leaves, she tells Will that the job didn’t work out. Will tells her that he got a job as a mechanic at Burt’s garage to help support them. Gwen is appalled and tells him that he shouldn’t be working at a place like that, because that is not the type of guy he is. Will thinks it is no big deal and is not ashamed to get his hands dirty in order to support them. Gwen tries to use other tactics to set Will free. She even tells him that maybe she doesn’t want to be with a mechanic. She tells Will to forget it and grabs her coat and leaves. Will catches up with her outside and reassures her that he is happier with her than ever.. Gwen smiles and admits that she wanted him to come after her.

Barbara walks up to Carly, who is walking Sage in her stroller at Memorial. She greets Carly with a big smile, and Carly fails to return the friendly greeting. Barbara tells her that she called her babysitter to find out where she was. Carly makes a reference to how she needs to fire that babysitter. Barbara tells her that she has a job offer for her. She knows that her finances might be in tough shape since Jack lost his position. Carly wonders why Barbara would offer her a job. She tells Barbara to cut to the chase. Barbara continues to beat around the bush, but Carly sees through her. She knows that Barbara is there because she wants her help in breaking up Gwen and Will. Carly tells Barbara that she wants her sister to be happy and for her to get lost. Barbara says that they are just kids and are not ready for the responsibilities that they are taking on. Carly doesn’t buy her reasons and knows that Barbara does not think that Gwen is good enough for Will. Carly prepares to leave as Barbara rattles off more reasons. Finally, Barbara says that after all that Gwen has been through, Carly can't really want her sister hurt again when her relationship with Will crashes and burns. This catches Carly’s attention.

Mike holds Katie on the couch at the cottage. They talk about how great it will be with just the two of them. Henry is staying at the Lakeview, and Nick found a place. They get up and canoodle some more. There is a knock on the door. Surprise! It’s Nick, who has been evicted from his apartment. Guess what? He wants a place to stay. Katie and Mike agree that he can stay there. At this time, Jack comes up and says that he stopped by to see how Mike was doing. Nick feels uncomfortable with Jack in the room. Mike gets a call on his cell phone from Lisa, who wants him to do renovations at the Lakeview. Jack asks to tag along and maybe help out, since life has been slow and he only has a part-time gig. Once they are gone, Nick jumps on Katie with all types of questions. Katie tells him that Jack and Mike are good friends. She says that one would be surprised, because they used to share the same woman. Nick is surprised and wants more info, but Katie just tells him that it is a long story. When Nick continues the questioning about Jack and Carly, Katie tells him that they are a solid couple.

At the Lakeview, Mike and Jack sit at the bar and have drinks. Mike feels a little weird that his cousin took Jack's position. Jack says that it is his own fault, and that he hears Nick is a good guy and a good cop. Mike confesses that he is surprised and that he always thought growing up that Nick would be on the other side of the bars. Later, back at the cottage, Mike and Katie canoodle some more on the couch and Nick comes in from out of the kitchen. He apologizes for interrupting their privacy and promises to lock himself in his room. Mike and Katie smile and think that they can finally enjoy themselves, but suddenly there is a loud boom, followed by louder rock-and-roll music blaring on loud speakers. They both sigh and roll their eyes.

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