ATWT Update Tuesday 1/10/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/10/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the hospital, Gwen and Will are talking to the doctor. An overwrought Gwen is asking the doctor why she can’t get pregnant. She has been taking good care of herself; she is not smoking and she is eating well. The doctor tries to explain that it is more complicated than that. Gwen desperately asks the doctor to explain, because they have to have another baby.

Maddie and Casey are kissing on the roof when Maddie pulls back. They agree that was the last thing either of them expected. Maddie’s wall comes up, and she tells him that she doesn’t intend to be someone he uses to get over his bad day. He seems to do this as part of a pattern. She was just sitting there, all innocent, and he jumped her. Casey is now agitated by her reaction and words and backs away as well. She tells him that she won’t be a notch in his bedpost. Casey starts to get wound up about her and how it is obvious now why she has no friends—she has a rotten attitude. Maddie thinks that is rich, coming from him, since he is the "king of bad moods." Casey wants to know why she keeps finding reasons to hang out with him. Maddie looks over the edge of the roof and tells him she came out to make sure he didn’t jump, but now he can be her guest.

Henry arrives at the police station trying to find out some information. Nick jokes with him that he didn’t recognize him out of his dress and high heels. Henry asks if they have found B. J. yet. Nick assures him that they haven’t yet, but it will only be a matter of time. Henry pipes in that he could be almost anywhere by now. Nick assures him that he and Katie Peretti are being well looked after.

At the Lakeview, Carly and Jack meet. Carly tells him that Hal has called and wants to see him. Jack tries to be cautiously optimistic, but Carly is gung ho that it must mean Hal is prepared to give him his job back.

At Java, Hal is telling Emily and Susan about his feelings that something is off with Paul’s disappearance. He also feels that Emily is not being completely honest about what she knows regarding Paul. Emily is beside herself as she works herself up trying to cover her tracks—why would she allow herself to be humiliated in front of Hal, of all people, if she were truly helping Paul? Hal thinks there are no lengths she wouldn’t go to in order to help Paul, even if it meant making herself appear in the worst possible light. Hal is suspicious because Emily is not acting like someone with a broken heart; she is acting like someone who is scared—scared that he may find something out that she is hiding.

At the cabin, Paul is furious. He screams at Meg, wanting to know why she would tell the police. Meg tells him, almost proud of herself, that she did in fact direct the police towards him and Emily because—not that he would understand, but—it was the right thing to do. Paul continues to berate Meg; why would she do that, knowing she would lose Dusty? She says she had to make it right, and yes, she did lose Dusty as well. Paul hollers about how her sudden burst of conscience has made her life as terrible as his; was it worth it? Meg shrieks back that he can keep his million dollars and go to hell!

Gwen is desperate; she asks if the problem is her, swearing she can fix it. The doctor tries to calm Gwen. She mentioned she had taken a fall recently; had she seen a doctor? Gwen mentions that she took off before she could really be seen, but she had a concussion. The doctor says that if she didn’t have any tests, that is how they would have missed the damage to the pituitary gland, which controls the reproductive hormones. Gwen knows there must be something they can do to rectify this. The doctor assures her they can discuss some options, but before they can get into it further, she receives a call that she has to take. She says she will be back soon. After she leaves, an overwhelmed Gwen wonders how this could be happening. What if they can never have children? she laments. Will tries to calm her by suggesting that they not work themselves up right now; they need to wait to hear what the doctor has to say.

Maddie and Casey both cover how they are feeling. It was just a stupid kiss that shouldn’t be made into a big deal, they agree. Casey jokes that it didn’t mean he was declaring his undying love. They will agree it was a mistake and leave it at that. Maddie adds that it is a good thing that she is moving out pronto. The last thing they need is to get the wrong idea about each other, they cover. They stand there uncomfortably, neither knowing what the other truly feels. Then Maddie excuses herself quickly, saying she has to go meet Henry. Once outside the door, she leans back on it slightly while touching her lips, and Casey seems to be in a similar frame of mind up against the door on his side.

Henry tells Nick that he is worried for his sister. B. J. is as wily as they come. Nick tells Henry that he is on the force now, and nothing will happen to anyone on his watch. Henry jokes that he is glad to have an egomaniac cop on the job. Nick mentions that B. J. took a large sum of money out of the bank before he left, so he could be anywhere by now. Then Henry tries to get information from him on whether they could track him if he tried to use the money (knowing full well he has it, not B. J.). Could they trace the serial numbers? Henry is trying to get specifics to gauge whether or not he could use the money, but all Nick will tell him is if B. J. spends any money, they will know.

Jack comes back to the table and an anxious Carly wants to know if he talked to Hal. Jack explains that he left a message. He reminds Carly that Nick has his job, and it is not like they are going to fire him on his first day. Carly starts to defend him, while putting down Nick. She assures him that he is the true hero, and the criminal part is that Nick has his job. Jack laughs and mentions how he lost his job to Nick essentially because he is under investigation for acting criminally. Carly smirks at the reference. Jack tells her he has to get going.

Paul demands to know what Meg really wants; does she want more money? Meg explains that she is beginning to see that love and loyalty are more important than money. Paul wonders if she is sure about that. Meg replies that she has a family to go home to after all is said and done; he has no one and is all isolated, and even Emily has forsaken him. Paul corrects her by saying that he realized he put her through hell and pushed her away. Meg doesn’t see a reason why she should keep his secret. Paul doesn’t want her to because he wants Emily kept out of this; she does not deserve more pain. Meg yells back about what she deserves after what Paul has done to her. Paul thinks giving her a million dollars is a good start for an apology. He sees that he has also done a lot for her. When he was arrested he kept her secret, even when he was going down, and in his book that is loyalty. Meg agrees somewhat. However, she has nothing to lose because she has no secrets left. She can always rebuild her life—can he?

Hal explains that Paul never went home and he did not take his passport with him, suggesting maybe Emily is going to bring it to him later. Emily is adamant; she is not his to protect or condemn. Could he please just leave her alone? she pleads.

Gwen sadly wonders if they aren’t meant to be parents. Will corrects her, saying they should not see it that way. They should take this time to get ready. They have some things they need to straighten out. Gwen wants to know if they should go back and finish school, and then get jobs and find a suitable place to live… but what would be the point if they can never have kids? Will reminds her that if that ends up being the case, they have other options. Look at Carly; she adopted J. J., and she loves him like her own. Gwen smiles and tells him that when he puts it that way… They hug just as Barbara arrives upon the scene, surprising them and causing the baby book Gwen was holding to fall. Barbara picks it up and notices the title, and then she proceeds to rebuke her—she has already ruined Casey’s life; is she planning on ruining her son’s life now?

At the Lakeview, Maddie races in to meet Henry, a bit flustered by the events of the day. He immediately notices, but Maddie claims that Casey is just annoying to her. Henry laughs about her disdain for a certain teenage boy. Henry tells her that he thinks it is safe to use the money from B. J. He explains that he was at the police station snooping around, and they don’t think that B. J. will come back to retrieve the money. He has too many accounts to know what to do with them all. The money is pocket change for him. Henry acknowledges that they need a place to live, and he can find a modest one so as not to draw attention to them. No one will be the wiser. He starts to pick up the phone. Maddie grabs his hand and tells him, "No way!"

Jack walks into the police station and is met by a few officers who are happy to see him and want to know when he is coming back. Jack beats around the bush and tells them he will have to see. He starts to walk around and hears the phone ringing at his desk. He looks at it, wanting to pick it up—force of habit. He goes to do just that, but at the last minute Nick walks over and grabs the phone. Jack backs away uncomfortably, knowing answering it was not really his place.

Susan defends Emily to Hal. She thinks she has told him everything she knows. Emily tearfully wants to know why he can’t let it go. Hal thinks it is strange that she would want that, considering that Paul supposedly hurt her so badly. Emily pretends she simply doesn’t want to have to go to court and air out her dirty laundry with Paul. Hal is not sympathetic; she expects him to let a fugitive go for her? He never intends to stick his neck out for her again. If she is involved in Paul’s disappearance, he will show her no mercy. Emily swallows hard as Hal leaves.. Susan quickly turns back at Emily and makes her swear that she knows nothing. Emily tells her that Paul is never coming back.

Paul tells Meg that if she leaves, he could die. She can’t live with murder on her conscience. She has taken an oath and he knows that means something to her. Meg is agitated; she wants him to stop pretending that he knows her. She has to help him because that is her nature. Meg reminds him that she already offered to call 911, but he didn’t want the police involved. Meg is convinced that there is nothing he could do for her that would make her want to continue helping him. Paul seems confident as he says, "Want to bet?"

Susan tells Emily that if she says she isn’t involved then she believes her, but she just doesn’t want to worry about her receiving a call from South America and then hopping on the next plane. Emily recalls shooting Paul. She assures her mother that they will never see Paul’s face again. Emily thinks that Hal is whom they have to worry about. One minute he wants to help her and the next minute he wants to crucify her. Susan is not convinced. He made sure she didn’t go to jail, and he was the one who convinced Jen not to press charges. Emily is tired of his constant threats and anger. She needs fresh air. Susan doesn’t want Emily going to Paul’s. She will pick up anything she needs to get; she will get it for her after her shift. Susan just wants this all over; she says she wants Paul caught and put away for good, and then she leaves. Emily falls into the chair, crying as she does.

Hal and Jack are talking at the police station. Jack wants to know what is up with Paul. Hal explains that he is missing without a trace. It is strange, since he didn’t take his passport. Jack wonders about what Emily has to say about it. Hal isn’t sure what to believe when it comes to her. They get onto the topic of the IA next. They have decided to not recommend dismissing Jack. Hal wants him to understand that they are not exactly square, though. He broke his trust. He understands that Jack was doing what he felt was best for his family, but what he did was still wrong. Jack agrees with his observation, but wonders about his job. Hal explains that they couldn’t hold it for him because they didn’t know what IA would say, so they hired Nick. He can offer Jack some part-time work helping on cases when he is needed. It would be a cut in pay, though. Jack tries hard to mask his disappointment, but he does understand Hal’s predicament. Outside the room, Carly has arrived with a celebratory box of donuts. She wants to know where everyone is. Nick shows up and tells her that Jack is in with Hal. Carly snidely responds that he is most likely getting his job back, so he shouldn’t get too comfy. Then she gleefully asks if he wants a donut.

Will snaps back that, as usual, his mom is off base. They just found out that Gwen is not pregnant. Gwen adds that there might also be something wrong, so she may never be able to have a baby. Barbara seems sincerely apologetic at first, but then she puts her foot in her mouth by suggesting that maybe it is for the best. Will and Gwen are aghast. Barbara continues: they are emotionally and financially not ready to have a baby, and it was good that they learned this now before they made a mistake. Will and Gwen don’t want to hear any more of what she has to say. Will tells Gwen they have to wait to talk to the doctor about their options, though. Gwen defends the type of mother she was to Billy and will be when she has her next baby. The doctor arrives and Gwen goes to talk to her while Will finishes up with Barbara. She starts by saying she admires his loyalty to Gwen, but he must know that he is not ready to start a family with her.. He doesn’t think it is any of her business, but she begs to differ, since she is his mother. She tells him if he can act responsibly then she will grant him access to his trust fund again.

Henry tries to make Maddie see that they need to spend some money in order to get a place and get her out of Tom and Margo’s. It is going to take a little while to find a place anyway. Maddie guesses she can deal with Casey a bit longer. Henry wonders, after her reaction, if he has taken advantage of her. Maddie assures him that he has not; he is just way too full of himself. Does she want him to talk to Margo? Maddie certainly doesn’t want him to intercede. They agree to focus on getting the down payment for their place. Maddie wants Henry to keep his hands off the money until then. Henry agrees and Maddie leaves, but right after she does, Henry gets on the phone with a bookie and agrees to put down $50,000 to get in on some action.

Nick tells Carly that Jack is lucky to have her as his protector, but Carly assures him that he doesn’t need her help, he can take care of everything by himself. Nick tells her he may not need her, but she needs him, and that is the problem. Didn’t he lose his job protecting her? Carly explains that Jack was protecting his family—not that he would know anything about that, being, as he is, on his own. Nick agrees that he can focus more on his work that way, and nothing gets in his way. Carly adds, Nothing beside his ego. Jack comes out from talking to Hal and is surprised to see her there. She has come with some donuts to celebrate him getting his job back. Jack is looks defeated as he explains that there is no real place for him on the force right now, so they could only offer him a part-time position. Nick apologizes for being the one taking his position. Jack tells him it is not his fault, but he needs to clean out his desk. Nick admits that he did that already for him and put his stuff in the locker room. Jack leaves to go get it, while Carly assures Nick that it is only temporary. Nick hopes so, for Jack’s sake.

Paul wakes up in bed and calls for Meg, asking what happened. She tells him he passed out again. He is happy to see that she stayed. Meg comments snidely that they both must be suffering from delirium. She can’t watch him die, but it is going to cost him. She asks him if he has any money on him. Paul tries to joke—is it for a down payment? Meg grabs his wallet and tells him it is only for the supplies that she needs. They can talk about what she wants when he feels better. Meg guarantees that while she won’t let him die, she won’t hesitate to send him to jail if he gives her a reason to.

Will wants to know what the catch is with getting back his trust fund. Barbara tells him he needs to act responsibly, and that includes him and Gwen admitting they have no future and parting as friends. Will is in disbelief at her suggestion. He tells her he is thinking clearer than he has in a long time; she can give away his trust fund if having it means he has to give up the girl he loves. Gwen comes back and wants to know if they are okay. Will tells her things are fine and ushers her out of there quickly.

Casey is reading on his bed when Maddie tiptoes up to his door, which he hears. He quietly gets off his bed, slips to the door, opens it and catches her there. He teases her about being there, but soon he is apologizing for kissing her. She says me too, but then realizes that she is admitting to kissing him too, and so she changes her reply to say that he was out of line. They say their goodbyes and Casey closes the door. Again, they both stand up against the door, obviously both dwelling on their kiss.

Carly is pacing in front of Nick. He wonders if she is always this annoying. Carly replies that between the two of them, she is not the annoying one. He claims she doesn’t know him really, but she says she knows his type—an arrogant show-off. He corrects her—he is a narcissist. Carly tells him her grandmother had an expression—“Pride goeth before a fall”—and she will be around when he falls. They both smile slyly at each other.

Susan goes to see Hal at the station. She feels Emily is really being truthful. Hal will withhold judgment until he brings Paul in. Susan thinks that now that Paul is out of the way he and Emily will have a chance to get back together. Isn’t that what he was waiting for?

Emily is at the bar at the Lakeview, having a drink. She looks over and sees a bloody Paul standing there. She freaks out, screams and drops her wine glass. The man standing there apologizes for upsetting her. Emily realizes she was seeing things and tries to get out of the situation as quickly as she can without drawing more attention than she already has.

Meg hands Paul some more pills, saying he should only take them once every four hours. She starts to leave, but Paul wonders if she is going to be gone for a long time. Meg snaps that they need some more supplies and some food. Paul wonders if she is really coming back. Meg reminds him that she said she would get him through this, but after this she doesn’t know. He wonders if she is enjoying toying with him and keeping him guessing. She insists it is for his own good; she doesn’t want him getting too attached, because when she decides he isn’t worth it, he is a dead man.

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