ATWT Update Monday 1/9/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/9/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the airport, Keith is talking to the ticket agent about Lily and his flight. Is he flying alone? the agent inquires. Keith beams as he tells the man that his soon-to-be wife is accompanying him. Is he flying to San Diego roundtrip? Keith answers, smiling, that once they leave town they are not coming back.

At the farm, Lily is staring at the papers Holden has handed her. Why is he going through with the divorce? Doesn’t he want her anymore? Lily wonders. Holden pauses and then assures her that he will always want her. Nothing feels more right than being with her. Lily asks sadly why he is sending her away, then. Holden explains that he can’t do this anymore. He can’t put himself and the kids through this any longer. It is time to go or to stay for her. Lily stares at him, pouting. She sadly reminds him that she is petrified to break her promise to Keith because she couldn’t go on if she did and something happened to Luke. Holden sighs, resigned to the fact that Lily can’t let herself out of this; he tells her that he has signed the papers and all that is left is for her to now sign them. All they have together will be gone, and she will be free to pursue her promise. Holden holds out the papers. Lily stares at him for a long while before she slowly takes them and picks up a pen, poised to sign the papers.

At the hospital, Will is waiting nervously for Gwen. She comes out into the lobby, beaming; they have to come back in an hour for the results of her lab tests and sonogram. Will looks surprised; she has had a sonogram? Don’t they only do that when you are pregnant? Is she already pregnant with his child? Gwen looks at him, smiling from ear to ear.

Maddie and Casey are sitting on his bed, looking through the book of incoming freshman to the University of Wisconsin. He proudly explains what it is about. Maddie asks why a certain blonde on the page was circled. Casey slyly smiles as he reveals it is because she is “hot.” Maddie playfully slaps him on the shoulder as she leafs through some more pages. He has circled only blondes. He and she continue to tease each other. Then she asks if he wouldn’t be homesick. She would be if she weren’t around Henry anymore. The way he sees it, he will be back on holidays and some weekends. They will still be able to hang out—she, he, and his new gorgeous girlfriend, he jokes. Maddie grabs a pillow and starts hitting him with it, and Casey retaliates. They are both laughing as they continue their pillow fight when Margo and Tom interrupt them, wanting to talk to Casey. He explains they were just talking about college, and he says he will catch up with Maddie at Java. After she leaves, Tom and Margo explain that college is why they want to talk to him. They look at each other nervously as they tell Casey he will not be attending that particular college. Casey's mouth drops open.

Emily and Paul are staring at each other through the fog and the dirty window of the cabin. Emily immediately starts to scream. As she does, Paul quickly falls to the floor and hides behind the door. He is sitting on the floor, breathlessly waiting for her to go away, but Emily tentatively approaches the door and turns the handle. She looks scared out of her mind. Just then, a car approaches and Emily takes off.

Gwen laughs at Will’s stunned look. Is he going to pass out? Will is babbling; he is going to be a dad. Gwen stops him and tells him he isn’t going to be one yet, but she has all the symptoms, so they took blood and did the sonogram. They want to be extra careful because of what happened with her baby before, and the fact that she didn’t have great prenatal care before. Will adds that she also fell down the stairs in New York. Gwen assures him that if she is pregnant this time she is not taking any chances. She screwed up last time by not taking care of herself. This time she will do everything perfectly. This time, Will adds, she also has him for the entire time. He will be there 100% to help with the “little guy.” Gwen smiles at the fact that he thinks it will be a boy, reminding him that it may be a girl this time. Gwen looks at him and then tells him that she wants to buy him a milkshake, because she has a really big favor to ask of him and she wants him on a sugar high when she asks. Will wants her to just ask him right then and there.

Margo and Tom tell a stunned Casey that they don’t think it is a good idea for him to be attending an out-of-state university right now. He can attend Oakdale University. Casey is beside himself; they can’t do this to him, he is going. Since he was ten years old he has wanted to attend this school, and he has told all of his friends he is going there. Tom is firm; the only way he is attending college is if he goes to the local school. He can’t put himself through college, and they will only be paying for Oakdale U. When they send him out into the world, they want him to be ready. Casey assures them that he is. He made one mistake.. Tom corrects him—it was more than just one mistake; he lied to them for months, he denied his relationship with Gwen and allowed her to go through a pregnancy on her own, and he denied his baby, who died. He can’t change or take that back. Casey pleads with them to ground him from everything—they can take away his car and his games—but please just let him go to Wisconsin. Tom and Margo won’t budge. What is he going to tell all of his friends who think he is going there? Tom tells him maybe he should try the truth, but Casey scoffs at that. Tom snaps back sarcastically that it really appears that he is sorry, too. He had lied to them for a long while. Casey snaps back that he isn’t the only one who has done that. Tom is ready to really ground him as well if he doesn’t watch his tone. Margo intercedes to say they just want him to prove he is trustworthy. Tom adds that it is one thing to be a man, but it is another thing to act like one. The decision stands until he can show he should be treated differently. Casey snaps back bitterly that he is supposed to forgive and forget everything they have done, but they are going to punish him for the rest of his life for his mistakes. Do they want to hurt him because he hurt them? If so they should congratulate themselves, because they succeeded, he grumbles as he pushes by them.

Lily balks at signing the papers, saying she can’t sign them now because she needs time to look them over. Holden reminds her that they have been the same for months; she knows what is there. She demands more time. Holden tells her to take them on the plane, read and sign them, and send them back quickly. He needs closure; it is torture living in limbo. He and the kids need to move on. Lily pleads for more time; she needs to figure out how to work this out for her, the kids and Keith. Holden tries a different tactic: if Lucinda hadn’t pushed so hard to keep them apart, would they still have been married? Lily assures him they would have, but she was more determined than ever because she was being pushed. Lily gets what he is doing. He is giving her a dose of reverse psychology. When someone pushes, she pushes back. Lily feels as if he is pushing her out of his life. He sees it as pushing for her to run back to their marriage. Holden wants her to tear up the papers and come back. In the middle of this emotional conversation, Keith calls and Lily needs to go. She picks up the papers, heads for the door and glances back, but then she leaves Holden there shaking his head.

Meg comes into the cabin and a panicked Paul tells her that Emily was outside and saw him. The only thing that kept her from coming in was Meg's car, which scared her off. Meg asks nervously how she knows he is alive. He doesn’t know; all he knows is she saw him. Meg tells him that they should get him out of there before she comes back with the police. Paul then wonders if they need to do that, because he is not sure she would believe what she saw. She probably figures it was her mind playing tricks on her, and it was foggy. Meg then calms down and tells him she will rewrap his wound and make breakfast, but by now Paul is quite worked up at not knowing whom he can trust or what to do, and he starts screaming about how Meg needs to drop everything and go see what Emily knows—now! Meg turns around slowly, glaring at him, and tells him in no uncertain terms that he will not be telling her what to do!

Emily is back at the hospital, wandering through the hall with a very agitated look on her face. She remembers seeing Paul’s face through the window, and then recalls beforehand when she shot him and rolled his body over the bluff. Susan walks up and taps her on the shoulder, sending Emily flying. Susan wonders why she is so jumpy. Emily covers by saying that considering what she has been through recently, she is allowed to be that way. Susan notices Emily’s coat is wet, with some mud on the sleeve; where has she been? Emily covers again by claiming that she had been looking for her earring on the ground. Susan touches Emily’s hand and notices that it is ice cold. She wants to take her someplace to warm her up, and then she can tell her where she really was and what she was really doing.

At Java, Gwen says Will’s full name back to him, adding a "Jr." at the end. That is what she wanted to ask him—she wants his name. She thinks that he might be worried about bad memories being attached to that name, but that is not how she sees it. She knows that this baby should have a name just for himself, but she wants to use Will’s name. Will continues to look at her as she tells him that she wants to name her baby after the best person she knows in the world. Will finally talks; that name, in this town, isn’t perceived positively. She doesn’t care; she just wants him to say yes. He finally does, and they hug. When Will goes to get them something to drink at the counter, Maddie approaches and stutters nervously as she reintroduces herself. She just wants to say she had heard about her losing her baby, and she wanted to say sorry. Gwen smiles warmly and tells her she appreciates that, because most people avoid the topic. She thanks Maddie. Just at that moment, Casey comes charging in and demands to know why she is continuing to try to ruin his life. Will sticks up for Gwen and tells him to back up off of Gwen. Maddie tries to diffuse the situation by telling him they should go somewhere else and finish their conversation about the University of Wisconsin. Casey bites back that there is no longer a University of Wisconsin—his parents aren’t letting him go, because of Gwen and the baby; is she happy now?

Keith is sitting anxiously at the airport when Lily shows up. He didn’t think she was going to make it and feared they would be forced to take a later flight. Where was she? he demands to know; was she with Holden? She admits that she was, and Keith wants to know what he is up to. Lily holds up the divorce papers. Keith is ecstatic; she can sign them and mail them to Holden, and when they get to San Diego they can get married. She tells him that Holden signed them, not her. Holden is right, she declares; as long as he was pushing her she didn’t know what she wanted, but she does now. Keith asks her what it is she wants, and she tells him she wants her freedom.

Tom assures Margo that they did the right thing. Margo doesn’t seem as convinced. He wonders if he is alone in this. Margo reminds him that he asked for a united front and she gave him that, but she thinks they may be making a mistake. Tom thinks that if Casey senses that, he will use the old "divide and conquer" tactic. Margo is sure she can handle Casey; she is just wondering if they are taking this too far. He did make a huge mistake, but he is just a kid; they are breaking his heart. Tom reminds her that he was sexually irresponsible and then turned his back on Gwen and their baby, and it died. Margo is worried that he may not forgive them for how strictly they are handling this. Tom thinks that if they stick to their guns, maybe he will learn something from this.

Maddie is stunned; he is not going to Wisconsin? Casey spits that it is because of her, as he shoots daggers at Gwen. Will wants him to back down, but Gwen tells him she is okay. She says she's sorry that things didn’t work out for him. Casey takes off, and Maddie starts to go after him, but before she does she thanks Gwen for being so nice to Casey. Maddie explains that he is just devastated, because he couldn’t wait to go to the University of Wisconsin. She turns and leaves. Gwen tells Will that she was wrong about Casey. Will wonders why she would say that—she thought he was a jerk, and he is. She explains it is because she always thought he had everything and she had nothing. She was wrong; it was the opposite. Will reminds her that she has him, as well, and they also now have their baby. They share a kiss.

Holden sits Luke down and tells him he has something to tell him that might be hard for him to hear. He tells him that it is not his fault. Luke does not agree and insists it is his fault. He got sick, and his mom had to make a deal with Keith. Holden tries a different angle: if Faith or Natalie got sick, would it have been their fault? Luke shakes his head no. Holden continues; should Lucinda be to blame because she made Keith fly her to Mexico? Luke doesn’t think she should be blamed either. Should he be blamed because he checked out on Lily and started up with Julia? Luke smiles and says maybe a little. Holden wants Luke to understand that Lily's and his marriage is between them, and they are the only two people involved in it. He is counting on their love to bring her back. When does her flight leave? Luke asks. Holden tells him it leaves in twenty minutes. Luke wonders; if she isn’t back in twenty minutes, does that mean they won’t see her again?

Keith is smiling as he moves towards Lily. She clarifies her statement; he is the only one who can give her the freedom she needs. Keith stops and realizes what she means. She made him a promise; he kept his end, and she needs to keep hers. Lily reminds him that holding up his end of the deal required a couple of hours of his time. He is asking for her whole life, and to have her affect the lives of five other people. Keith starts to remind her again, but Lily doesn’t want him to threaten her with divine intervention if she doesn’t go along. How does he feel about the fact that her decision is killing her son? Because he is dying inside a little each day that he thinks he is to blame for his mother leaving and his parents divorcing. Keith doesn’t understand her; Holden left her and cheated on her. Lily corrects him, saying she checked out first after Rose died. Holden picked up the slack and never really turned his back on her. Lily pleads with him to not make her keep her promise. Keith tells her fine; she can go. Lily excitedly thanks him. Then Keith pauses and finishes his thought: or she could keep her word. He will give her one more chance to do the right thing. Lily glares back at him.

Casey stomps up the stairs and into his room, where Margo is sitting and waiting for him. He wants to be left alone, but Margo wants to explain. Casey interrupts; they want respect, and in turn they will respect him. She needs to take a page from that book right now and respect his wishes. She understands and gets up and leaves, and Casey slams the door on her face. He turns and angrily rips down the University of Wisconsin poster..

At Java, Susan brings Emily a cup of hot chocolate. What has gotten her so upset? Emily covers and says that while she was looking for her earring she got to thinking about how she was preparing to get married just yesterday and how Paul ruined everything, and she started seeing things. Susan worries that Emily will take Paul back because she seems so desperate, but Emily assures her that Paul is gone for good. Hal shows up and surprises them. He was wondering about her story of seeing Paul last night. The video shows that Paul never came back to his apartment. Emily wonders how she should know where he is. Hal tells Emily he is pretty confident that she does.

Meg tells Paul defiantly that she is sick and tired of the way he treats and speaks to her. He needs to watch the condescending tone. Paul reminds her that, in his eyes, he is paying her and she is his employee, so he can treat her how he sees fit. He's sure she won’t walk away, but Meg grabs her keys and starts to do just that. He says he will stop her; he will make sure she goes to jail. If he gets caught he is going to jail already, so it is no big deal for him, but he will bring her down by making sure the police know she stole medication to treat him and was harboring a fugitive. He plans on staying one step ahead of all the people trying to hurt him, and that includes her. Meg shoots back icily that if he thinks he knows her then he has another think coming. He is delusional—all the talk he is spewing about what he could do to her, when he has no idea what she has already done to him.

Luke and Holden are sitting at the table when Luke looks at his watch and mentions that his mother’s flight has taken off already. She is gone, he declares, as Holden’s face shows the strain of his words. Just then the door opens and in walks Lily, asking if anyone wants pancakes. Luke jumps up and goes to her, thrilled. He has questions, but he sees Holden’s face and he makes an excuse to go see Natalie. Lily and Holden gaze at each other before Lily starts to apologize. Holden stops her and tells her all that matters is that she is there now, and they hug.

Maddie knocks on Casey’s door and lets herself in. She sees the torn poster on the floor and the window open. She goes to it and sees Casey sitting on the roof. She joins him outside. He starts talking: he never wanted something as badly as he does with Wisconsin, but the worse thing is his parents hate him. Maddie adds that her mom isn’t fond of her either, and that is why she moved to Oakdale. Henry is the only one who really likes her. Casey smiles as he says he likes her—occasionally. Maddie thinks what happened today wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Now they can see more of each other. Casey smirks as he says to her that he thought she couldn’t stand him. She smiles back and says, "Only occasionally." She adds that she would have missed him. Casey holds her hand as he mentions how cold it is, and he moves in to kiss her.

Gwen and Will are back at the hospital to see the doctor, whom they bump into in the hall. Gwen excitedly asks if they are pregnant. The doctor wants to go somewhere else to talk, but an oblivious Gwen just wants to know for sure and doesn't look at the concerned expression on the doctor’s face. The doctor tells her that she does have news, and Gwen jumps into Will’s arms, telling him she knew it. The doctor has to clarify and still wants to talk in private, but Gwen wants to hear it now. The doctor delivers devastating news: she is not pregnant, and the odds are that she may never be able to get pregnant again. Gwen's and Will’s faces drop in agony.

Meg goes on: "You think you have me figured out?" she yells. Did he ever wonder how the police got the evidence they did that led to him and Emily? She declares happily that she was the one who provided the evidence to the police to take them down—"Me!" she repeats, for good measure.

"You think I am involved in Paul’s disappearance?" a nervous Emily asks Hal. She adds that she doesn’t know where he is and swears she has not seen him since the other night. Hal looks directly at Emily as he tells her that she is lying. Emily looks back at him very skittishly.

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