ATWT Update Friday 1/6/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/6/06


Written By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the farm, Lily and Holden haven?t heard from Luke.  Faith comes downstairs and tells them that Natalie is crying.  Lily goes to her, and Holden goes to Lily?s to check to see if Luke is there. 

At Lily?s, Luke argues with Keith.  He tells Keith to take the kidney back.  Luke says he?ll do it himself if Keith won?t. 

Emily is asleep on Susan?s couch, and she dreams of the wedding that she thought she and Paul would have.  He disappears when it?s his turn to say the vows, and she is screaming for him.  Hal shows up in the dream and tells her that he knows what she did.  Back in reality, she is screaming and Susan wakes her up.  Susan apologizes for calling Hal.  Emily tells her that is the worst possible thing she could have done. 

Meg tells Paul that she wants $1 million, in a way that can never be traced.  He tells her that it?s done.  She agrees to help him.  He thinks she?s in a bad mood for someone who just made a million.  She tells him her mood is none of his business.  She rushes him back to bed and tells him that the sooner he is better, the sooner she is rid of Oakdale. 

Jennifer and Dusty are at her place, talking about when they first met.  He asks her if she wants him to go so that she can get some rest.  She tells him that she wants him to stay and pulls him in for a nice kiss.  They talk more about all they have been through.  She tells him this is the first time they have been free, with nothing in the way of them being together.  They exchange "I Love You"s. 

Paul and Meg talk about her leaving.  He figures out that everyone found out about her involvement.  He is genuinely sorry.  She tells him that she?s leaving Oakdale for good.  He tells her that he is too, as soon as he?s better, and thanks to Meg he can disappear without a trace.  She asks if Emily will be looking for him.  Paul remembers getting shot. 

Emily tries to leave Susan?s.  Tom shows up with Daniel, and of course she is thrilled to see him.  After Susan takes Daniel to the kitchen, Tom talks to Emily about the pain and suffering that she has caused him and his family, since it is his grandson that died.  She apologizes and explains that Paul convinced her that they were protecting Jennifer. 

Keith gets the knife from Luke, knocking him down and hurting his wrist in the process.  As Holden comes in, Keith is standing there with a knife and Luke is on the ground looking injured.  Holden asks what Keith has done to his son.  Holden figures out that Luke has been drinking.  He calls Lily to tell her that he found Luke.  Holden tells Luke to get to the car.  Holden apologizes to Keith for all of this.  Keith accepts and tells him that he really does like Luke.  Outside, Luke asks Holden if he told Keith that he couldn't see Lily anymore.  Holden tells Luke that it?s not his decision.  He tells Luke that what he just did was unjustifiable and that they will talk about it when he?s sober. 

Back at the farm, Lily makes pancakes for the girls.  Keith calls and tells Lily what happened and that they need to get out of town ASAP.  Lily tells the girls that she?s going on a trip. 

Dusty and Jennifer make love.

Emily apologizes again to Tom.  Emily begs for him to consider visitation of any kind.  He agrees to think about it. 

Meg asks why Emily wouldn?t be looking for Paul.  He says she wised up and dumped him.  Meg figures out that it was Emily who shot him.

Dusty and Jen are in bed when the baby starts to cry.  Dusty offers to go get him. 

Paul tells Meg that if anyone finds out that Emily shot him, their deal is off.  He tells Meg that he?s protecting Emily and that he doesn't want her to suffer any more for him. 

Emily tells Daniel that she and Paul broke up.  He notices that she lost her earring, and she panics.  She offers to take him to school without asking Tom first.  Tom doesn't look too happy, but he caves when Daniel seems so happy about it. 

Holden and Luke arrive back at the farm.  Luke won?t even talk to Lily.  Holden tells Lily that Luke is in trouble, and it is their fault.

Emily searches for her earring and is frantic. 

Meg starts to leave to get Paul something to eat.  She tells him that she?ll be back with a phone so that he can call Switzerland, and if the money isn't in her account in 24 hours the deal is off and she?s calling the cops. 

Holden tells Lily that he let the kids get caught up in his fantasy that she was coming home.  He tells her that if she?s not going to walk away from Keith, then she has to walk away from them.  A messenger shows up at the door with papers for Holden.  It?s the divorce papers.  He tells her that he?s setting her free so that the kids won?t be in the middle anymore.  She looks like he just broke her heart. 

At Lily?s, the movers show up to pick up their things.  He says they are going to be gone for a long time. 

Dusty brings Johnny into bed with Jennifer.  They all cuddle and look like the perfect little family. 

Susan pushes Tom to consider visitation if Emily lives with her.  Tom agrees.  He gets a call from Hal and tells him to do what he has to do.  He tells Susan that Paul never came back to his apartment and that he?s nowhere to be found. 

Emily finds the earring finally.  She turns to head back to the car, and there is a thick fog.  She comes upon the cabin and sees Paul inside, looking very creepy and just staring at her.  She freaks out and starts screaming. 

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