ATWT Update Thursday 1/5/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/5/06


Written By Sarah
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

At the cottage, Nick (Mike?s cousin) and Katie are up late talking.  Neither of them could sleep.  He apologizes for flirting with her earlier.

Luke shows up at Lily?s house late.  He tells her that he knows she?s marrying Keith because he got him the kidney.  Lily thinks that Holden said something to him, but Luke tells her that he figured it out on his own.  He sees the suitcases and asks where she?s going.  She tells him she's heading to California with Keith for his job. 

Emily is getting ready to throw her blood-stained gloves in the fireplace at Susan?s when Hal comes in and asks what she?s doing.  Hal tries to talk to Emily, but she is resistant.  She thinks that he?s just trying to run to her rescue.  He tells her that he?ll find Paul and give him what he?s got coming to him.

Paul is at the cabin alone and tries to get up and leave before Meg comes back with the cops. 

Dusty has packed up all Meg?s things and brought them to the farm.  Emma thinks that he broke Meg?s heart. 

Jennifer confronts Meg at the hospital.  Meg tries to avoid her, but Jen doesn't let her.  She asks her just one question: Why??

Luke tells Lily that he saw her and Holden together in the barn, and that he knows that she doesn?t love Keith.  He tells her that if she marries Keith then he isn't her son anymore.  She tries to stop him, but he runs off. 

Katie tells Nick that she doesn't even notice men flirting because she is head-over-heels in love with Mike.  Nick tells her that he can?t help himself around beautiful women.  Katie thinks that explains how he was acting around Carly.  He tries to deny it, but Katie tells him to watch out, because Mike and Jack are both protective over their women. 

Emma is putting Dusty through the ringer.  He is a gentleman, though, and doesn't rat Meg out for being the bad guy; he just tells Emma to talk to her daughter. 

At the hospital, Jen tells Meg that she?s selfish and heartless for letting her go through hell without her son.  Meg tells Jen that Emily and Paul were relentless and told her that she would lose Dusty forever if Jen got the baby back.  She tells her that she finally just snapped and substituted her blood for Jen?s on the blood test.  Jen asks her how she could do that.  Meg tells her that she couldn?t live with it, and that?s why she finally did the right thing.  Bob approaches them (after overhearing everything) and tells Meg it?s a bit late for that. 

Hal tells Emily to tell him everything.  She tells him that Paul was supposed to pick up the minister and call to tell her where to meet them.  She tells Hal that Paul called, but he broke it off with her instead of telling her where to meet him.  Hal is furious that Paul did it over the phone.  Hal tries to find out if Paul had anything with him (money, passport, briefcase, etc.), and Emily says she doesn?t? think he did.  Hal tells her not to hold anything back from him.

Meg tries to explain to Bob, but he cuts her off.  He states that there?s no excuse for falsifying a blood test, especially one that she was not authorized to perform.  He suspends her from the hospital immediately and tells her she could lose her license.  Jen asks her if it was still worth it.  Meg blames it on love.  Jen asks her about the love for her child.  Emma comes up to them.  She tries to comfort Meg and asks her what happened with Dusty.  Jennifer suggests she tell Emma what she did to her baby.  Emma looks very confused. 

Meg and Emma leave the group to talk privately.  Meg asks what Dusty told her.  Emma tells her nothing, but it was what she suspected all alongóJen got her baby back, so Dusty doesn?t need Meg anymore.  Meg tells her that she has it all wrong and that she has messed up really badly. 

Lily shows up at the farm to find Luke.  Holden doesn't even know that he left.  She tells him about the fight, and how Luke thinks it?s all his fault that she?s marrying Keith.  Holden tells her to tell Keith that she is not marrying him, and everything will be fine.  She still thinks that something will happen to Luke.  Holden asks her what she thinks is going to happen to Luke when his family is ripped apart. 

Katie and Nick are talking about when Mike was younger.  Katie wants to know more about him as a kid.  Nick says that Mike was the good one who watched over him as he got into trouble.  Nick hears something at the door.  He slams the door open and pulls a gun on Mike, who was coming home from the hospital after convincing Bob to let him come home.  Katie is glad to have him home.  Nick goes to get a snack from the kitchen.  The three of them start talking about old habits and stories, and Katie says she wants to know everything about Mike. 

Emily tells Hal that if she knew that Paul was going to run off, she?d have been with him.  He seems to believe her.  He asks her for her keys to Paul?s apartment so that he can search it for clues as to where he might have gone.  He tells her that he is going to make Paul pay for what he did to Jennifer, and what he did to her (Emily).  After Hal leaves, she goes back to the fireplace to try to burn the gloves and keeps thinking back to the shooting.

Meg thinks she failed her mother, but Emma tells her that she failed herself.  Emma tells her to pick up the pieces and move on.  She suggests they go back to the farm.  Meg hesitates and tells her that she has to take care of some things.  Meg tells her she?ll be home later. 

Holden has called all Luke?s friends, and no one has seen him.  Lily thinks that leaving town will make it easier for Luke to adjust to her marrying Keith.  Holden tells her that she needs to walk away from Keith so that Luke isn't overwhelmed with guilt.

At Lily?s, Keith hears something and comes to see what it is; it?s Luke there, drinking. 

Nick tells Mike and Katie that he had been drinking and totaled his motorcycle, and the first cop that showed up helped him a lot.  He was a role model for him, and that?s how he became a cop.  Then he tells them, "I?m going to kick some major butt at the OPD.  They ain't seen nothing yet.? 

Lily thinks that if Luke thinks she traded her happiness for his, he could do something crazy.  She begs Holden to help her convince Luke that he has nothing to do with her marrying Keith. 

Luke has pulled a knife on Keith.  Keith tells him to put it down and they can talk.  Luke tells Keith to take the knife and cut out his kidney and take it, so he can let Lily go. 

Dusty tells Jennifer that he took Meg?s stuff to the farm.  She tells him that Johnny is with Barbara and that she wants him to take her home.

Meg shows up at the cabin and asks Paul where he?s going.  He asks her if the cops are coming.  She tells him that it depends on his offer and asks if he was serious about making her rich. 

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