ATWT Update Tuesday 1/3/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/3/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Java, Carly and Jack are sitting at the table talking about what happened at WOAK. Jack is excited about the job he did and how good it felt. He plans to go see Margo later, and maybe there will be something for him. Carly just wants to be happy for the moment that he is in one piece. They share a kiss. Katie and Nick walk into the place and order, but before much else happens the woman behind the counter recognizes Nick and heralds him as Oakdale’s newest hero: "He is the one who saved everyone at WOAK!" Carly looks on, aggravated.

At home, Jen is trying to comfort Johnny, who has been crying for a while, it seems, based on Jen’s appearance. She pleads with him to sleep so she can take a shower and maybe a nap. Just then he settles down and Jen goes to lie back on her bed, when Barbara walks in. She tells of her singing at WOAK and how she met a man who took her out after. She teases that he is a little younger than she is—okay, maybe he is closer to Jen’s age. He is a stock broker, and a great kisser. Jen cringes as her mother laughs telling her. Then Barbara wonders if she would like to meet him. Jen realizes that Barbara was not interested in this man but was auditioning him for her. "What is wrong with that?" Barbara innocently asks. Jen declares that she is not going out with someone her own mother has kissed first. Barbara smiles and says that she is sure that there is someone out there for Jen who will love her, as she hands Jen the phone. Jen laughs and reminds her to send him her way first. Barbara, still holding out the phone, tells her to call him. She is not blind; she should just call Dusty.

At their place, Meg is desperate to make Dusty understand. She says can make it up to Jen; she just had a few weak moments, and Paul took advantage of her insecurities. Dusty doesn’t want to hear another word out of her mouth. "Get out!" he screams. Meg tries to block him from walking away, and he tells her to get out of his way. Meg assures him that the only way out of there is through her, and she knows that he wouldn’t hurt her. Dusty tells her she shouldn’t be so sure. He wants her out. Meg tries to remind him of what they have shared together in the past recent months. She reminds him that he loves her; she knows it in the way he holds and looks at her, the little stuff he does for her, and the way they always are able to laugh. Dusty is backing away. Hasn’t he ever done anything that he wished he could erase? Hasn’t he ever made a mistake he would give his right arm to change? Dusty spits that he wishes he had never taken back up with her again. Meg looks devastated, but she tries to keep going. She is so sorry about what she did to Jen. Dusty tells her that she is the same as Paul and Emily. Meg vehemently denies that. They had no conscience; she couldn’t stand to keep this from Jen. She saw how much it was killing her and she needed to make it right. Dusty reminds her that she only finally did something months after the fact. He is growing angry again. Whose fault is that? Meg looks him in the eye as she tells him that it was his fault!

Emily is standing up on the cold, wintry bluff, after Paul has turned to walk away. She calls to him; he is just going to leave her there and walk away? Paul turns back around; there is nothing he could say to make this any better. He turns back to walk away; a furious Emily is standing there devastated. All of a sudden she pulls out a gun from her coat pocket and shoots Paul in the back. She immediately drops the gun and runs to a teetering Paul. She didn’t know what she was thinking, she just couldn’t deal with him walking away, she sobs. Paul stares at her blankly as he falls to the ground. "No!" Emily screams, as she falls to the ground beside him. "Don’t leave me!" she cries. "You were my perfect man and I thought I was your perfect one," she continues to sob, as she tries to hold on to him. Paul breathlessly asks why. She continues to sob as she says she thought he loved her. Paul keeps repeating and asking her why. He then stops moving and lies motionless in her arms. Emily screams out, “Oh God!”

Jen is adamant; there is only room for one man in her life, and that is her son. She didn’t even think that Barbara liked Dusty. Barbara tells her that she wonders about him, because he can seem cold and like a man of few words. Jen interrupts her to say he has never been cold. He saved her life and brought Johnny back to her. She couldn’t have made it without him, and as for being a man of few words, they could talk for hours about nothing. Barbara is smiling; does Jen hear herself? She should just pick up the phone and call him. She says she can’t, because she told Dusty that they couldn’t be together. Barbara is persistent; she wants her to call him. She insists that she can’t, because he belongs to someone else now.

Dusty demands to know how he stopped her from telling him the truth. She saw him in Florida; she saw him in Jen’s room. He wonders if she was spying. She defiantly tells him that was not why she was there. However, she saw him, and he and Jen were… Dusty interrupts her to coldly tell her that she should have stuck around, because nothing happened.. Meg admits that she heard Jen tell him that she couldn’t go any farther then, because she would not feel like a whole person until she got her baby back. Dusty is incredulous; that is why she buried the truth, because Jen getting her baby back would bring them together? Meg corrects him; she loved him, that is why. She wanted them to have a fighting chance. Dusty yells back, asking what about how he wanted things to go down. Meg sees his relationship with Jen as being all about him protecting her; it was based all on the baby. With their relationship, they have the whole package; they have everything.

Nick is addressing the crowd as an irate Carly and let-down Jack look on.. He can’t take all the credit, he says; he didn’t save WOAK all by himself. Jack and Carly look at each other; is he going to give Jack his proper dues? Nick continues, saying there was someone else who helped as well, and who risked his life. Carly and Jack perk up, as they think he is about to recognize Jack. Nick goes on, though, to talk about Mike and how he risked his own well-being for the love of his life. Jack looks defeated and excuses himself, as Carly mumbles to herself that maybe Jack is too nice to tell Nick off, but she is not, as she gets up and stomps over to where Nick stands. Nick is happy to see her. Immediately Carly is ready for battle. They exchange barbs (Nick's more playful then Carly's). Has he always been this obnoxious? She thought he was a jerk when she met him, and he has done nothing since then to prove her wrong. Nick smiles and flirts as he says that he likes a woman with spunk. Carly stares at him, not knowing what to make of him. Katie walks up and introduces them, and Nick realizes she is Jack’s wife. He guiltily mentions that he is Jack’s replacement. He compliments Jack, but Carly puts Jack on a pedestal. He is a great cop and great guy, she says, and she knows that some green, arrogant hot shot will never take his place.

Meg tries desperately to hold on to Dusty. She wishes she had believed he loved her from the beginning, but she does now. She wants him to give them a second chance. Dusty glares at her as he asks if she really thinks that could ever be possible. Meg tries another tactic: she could have kept her mouth shut and never made it right. Dusty doesn’t care; she still brought Johnny back to Jen while keeping Dusty, all the while lying about everything. He is going to pack up his stuff, and he doesn’t want her around. Meg gives in; this is his home and she will go stay at the farm. Just as she is about to go out the door, she turns and tells Dusty that while she was making these choices she kept asking herself the same question: if Dusty did this to her, would she be able to forgive him? The answer she came up with was always yes. Dusty starts to raise his voice as he tells her that he can’t even forgive himself. He was the street guy and no one ever got over on him until her. He never saw her coming; she was supposed to be a nice girl, and in turn that made him a nice guy. He turns and whips an object at the wall, shattering it. He screeches for her to get out. Meg stumbles for the door, and Dusty slams the door forcefully after her.

Emily is kneeling beside Paul, kissing him. She didn’t mean it, she is so sorry, she blubbers. She stupidly asks herself and an unconscious Paul if he is dead. She barely manages to pull herself up and stares down at him; he has a death grip on her scarf. She stands there panicking. Finally, she tries to drag Paul to the side and then rolls him over the bluff as she wails again “Oh God, no!”

Carly continues to sing Jack’s praises, saying he has worked with the FBI and has received many awards. He has saved the lives of everyone in this town, probably twice. Nick is nodding because he is probably aware of Jack’s career. She goes on to mention how he captured James Stenbeck, just as Jack walks back into the conversation. He and Nick introduce themselves and shake hands. Nick jokes that he thought he would be taller; by the way his wife described him he thought he was twenty feet tall. Nick remarks that he knows that he is a legend at the Oakdale Police Department. He realizes that he has big shoes to fill. Jack appreciates that. They ask Katie how Mike is and she tells them that he is back in the hospital because he may have refractured a few ribs. They want Katie to give him their best. After they walk away and go to sit back down, Jack wants to know what that was all about. She remarks that she can’t stand Nick because he is so arrogant. Jack deserves the applause, not that guy. Jack wants to know why it bothers her so much. Carly glares at Nick as she admits that it should have been Jack. He has his job, and it isn’t right. Jack seems much more accepting of this fact as he tells her that is just the way it is.

Emily starts looking at the ground around Paul. She picks up the gun, dusts it off and puts it in her pocket. She picks up her gloves and puts them back on over her bloody hands. She sees her cell phone and picks it up; she calls and hears her own voice saying to leave a message. Now no one knows she was there. Then she throws all of her belongings over the side. She is now convulsing with sobs as she stands by the edge of the bluff. She turns and walks away. She doesn’t see it, but we see a sparkling piece of jewelry on the ground by the edge.

Jen walks back into the room to see Barbara watching happily over Johnny.. She remarks that she used to watch her and her brothers sleep. She doesn’t know why she is being so sentimental; she just wants the best for her. Jen assures her that Johnny will get that from her. Barbara wants to know who will help her through the fevers, the broken bones and the baseball games. Jen reminds her that millions of women do that on their own every year. Dusty is with Meg now, and she won’t do that to them. Barbara understands that she feels for Meg after what she has done, but isn’t it time she put her needs first? Jen laughs as she explains she just told Paul he should try thinking of someone else for a change. Then she told Paul that she never wanted to see him again. Barbara tells Jen softly that she understands her feelings about what he did to her, but he is her son and she will always love and forgive him. She hopes one day she will understand why that is the case. Jen admits that she does understand that, now. Barbara wonders if, if Paul had had a decent father, maybe things would have been different. She just wants the best for her and Johnny. Johnny wakes up and starts to cry. Jen goes to get him, but Barbara offers to take care of him while she gets some rest. Jen finally relents, and they wheel him in his crib out of the room so she can get some sleep. Just as she is about to get into bed there is a knock, and she goes to the door. It is Dusty, and he needs to talk to her.

An emotional Meg is driving in the snow, remembering her conversation with Dusty when he was telling her to get out and that it was over. She talks out loud as she declares that it is not over. Meg looks for her phone on the passenger seat. She swerves, but she can’t find it and looks for it further. Just then, she loses control of the car in the snow.

Jack reminds Carly that Nick didn’t take his job away—he lost it all on his own. She just can’t help but be bothered by the fact that he lost his job because of her. Jack tries to explain to her that she is not to blame. Does she know he loves sleeping on the whole bed? And he would love to sprawl out, but he doesn’t; he wants her there so he can’t. That way when he reaches out in the middle of the night, he knows she will be there. He did what he did for himself. He needs her with him always. Carly just wants to try to fix this for him. Jack laughs as he reminds her that every time she tries to help people end up in trouble. Carly continues: why can’t a wife help her husband? He says she can help by listening to him. He wants her to promise that she won’t make trouble for Nick Kasnoff. She silently agrees. Will she be nice to Nick? Carly smirks and tells him not in this lifetime.

Katie is talking on and on about everything, while Nick seems to have tuned her out as he watches Carly. Katie realizes that he is focused elsewhere. He explains that he people-watches; it is the cop in him. He wants her to tell him about Carly. Katie smirks as she asks why is he so interested in Jack’s wife, Carly?

Susan rounds the corner to find a distraught-looking Emily sitting on a hospital chair in the hallway. What is wrong? It is awful, Emily responds sadly. Susan directs her into a room so they can talk in private. The last time she saw her she was so happy about getting married. Emily thinks back and remarks that she was. Emily starts to get worked up as she tells her she is sorry, through tears. Susan tells her she is the one who is sorry; she should have gone to her wedding. Emily tells a stunned Susan that the wedding never happened. What happened? Who called off the wedding? Emily breaks down; she needs Susan’s help. Susan hugs Emily, wondering what is going on.

Jen wonders if Meg knows Dusty is there with her. Dusty tells her no. Jen wonders if this is a good idea, then; did they have a fight? Dusty admits to that. Jen assures him that all couples fight and that it is probably no big deal, they will work through it. Dusty adamantly tells her no.. Jen stares and then wonders if she is the right person for him to be talking to. He says she is the right person, because he just found out tonight that Meg has known for months about her baby being alive. She and Paul were in this together. Jen is shocked; why would she do that to her? Dusty sheepishly responds that it was because of him.

Meg’s car is on the side of the road, smoke flowing out of the hood. She is unconscious, lying against the steering wheel. In a moment she comes to and manages to get out of the car. She looks around, dazed. Then she hears a noise and calls out to see if anyone is there. She nervously wonders if she has hit someone.

Nick tells Katie that ever since he met Carly he has been thinking of her. What is her story? She seems cute, funny and smart, and in a weird way it is amazing how protective she is of her husband. Katie remarks that that is the way it should be; she would do the same for Mike. Nick thinks it is a given when two people are made for each other like she is with Mike. Katie wonders if he doesn’t think Jack and Carly belong together. He admits that he can’t say, because he doesn’t know them, but she gives off this strong heat that doesn’t seem to go with Jack. Katie thinks he is underestimating Jack. Nick answers that since she knows them, she is probably right.

Carly and Jack get ready to go home. They say good-bye to Nick and Katie. Jack wants a quick word with Katie so she can pass along a message to Mike. This leaves Carly alone with Nick. He goes to shake her hand and there seems to be something between them (or at least something on Nick’s part, and a confused feeling on Carly’s side). When Jack comes back, Carly pulls away from Nick's hand and Nick and Katie leave, but not before Nick winks at her and tells her that he will see her later, “Sparky.” Carly looks after him strangely.

Emily tells Susan that she never saw Paul. Susan is incensed; the bum stood her up? Emily turns away from Susan because she can’t face her. She tells her that they decided not to get married in a church; Paul told her to wait for his call, and they will meet and figure out where to do it. Emily weaves a tale about how she waited and then went for a drive. Then Paul called and told her he canceled the minister—they would not be getting married. Susan is enraged and asks why. Emily starts to cry harder and tells Susan she can’t talk about this now. Susan demands to know how Paul could lead her on; how could he let it get this far? Emily explains that he said his life was too messed up right now. Susan worries that he will crawl back to her, wanting to be taken back. Emily needs to be prepared to not allow him to do that. Emily sadly tells Susan that Paul is gone forever; she is never going to see him again.

Jen can’t wrap her mind around what Meg did. It doesn’t make sense; she did what she did for her because she loved Dusty? No, he remarks, she had her own agenda. Jen wonders if it was to make her suffer. Dusty defends Meg slightly, saying Meg may be a lot of things, but she is not cruel. She did get her the truth, even though it took her long enough. Why didn’t she tell before then? Dusty guiltily explains that she didn’t want to lose him. She saw something they hadn’t even seen. She knew the baby was a strong bond between them, and she knew that they had fallen in love, and once she got the baby back nothing would keep them apart. Dusty gently places his hand on her face, and Jen rubs it softly.

Meg is walking around, calling out for whomever she thinks she hears. She hears a moan. Meg tells the voice that she is a nurse and can help. Just then Paul pulls himself up and back over the bluff and collapses at her feet. Meg looks down at him, terrified and shocked.

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