ATWT Update Wednesday 12/28/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/28/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the WOAK telethon, Jack and Mike are behind the scenes and spot a bomb that will go off if Katie pulls the lever. They both rush to go warn people but don’t get anywhere, as they turn to find B.J. waving a gun in their faces. Thinking quickly, Jack rushes up on B.J. while Mike goes to try to stop Katie from pulling the lever. TOO LATE—she has already pulled the lever, and the bomb starts ticking down from 30 seconds. Jack and B.J. struggle, and they end up on camera as the gun suddenly goes off. Everyone screams as they try to see what’s going on. Both Jack and B.J. stumble to the ground, falling in different directions. From the table at Java, Carly stares at the TV in shock and horror as she sees her bloody husband lying on the floor at WOAK. She desperately asks a man to take her to WOAK to see about Jack, and he agrees. While the commotion is going on, the stranger Carly had an encounter with earlier rushes into the studio, grabs the bomb and runs out of the studio. B.J. gets up and tries to run out the back way, and for a moment he is relieved when he runs into Olga. Unfortunately, it is Henry, dressed in Olga’s signature leopard coat and scarf and dark sunglasses. Henry shakes and his face is red as he angrily grabs B.J. by the collar. Meanwhile, the stranger runs out of the studio, and there is a loud noise followed by an explosion. Bodies lie still among the debris. Jack sits up and tells Margo that he is fine, and she goes to call for back-up. Everyone checks to see if others are okay. Carly rushes in and kneels beside Jack. She is relieved to find out that Jack has only suffered an arm wound. She scolds him for scaring her like that and kisses her G-man. When the stranger enters the studio again, he is greeted by applause and is pronounced a hero.

In a board room at WOAK, Carly makes Jack sit down and tries to get him to go with the ambulance, but he insists that he is okay. She tells him about her car troubles and her run-in with a jerk who tried to hit on her and help her. She is in disbelief when she looks up to see the guy standing a few feet away, talking with Margo. He explains to Margo about how he got rid of the bomb. Mike and Katie come up to thank him and Mike gets a grin on his face when he recognizes the stranger as “Nick”; the two embrace. Nick hugs Mike a little too hard, and Mike begins to groan about his broken ribs. Maddie searches through the wreckage and stumbles across a woman underneath it. She tries to see if the woman is okay. She is overjoyed when the person speaks, and it turns out to be Henry. The two hug and reunite. Maddie tells Henry the whole story about how Mike saved her and how Katie tried to trick B.J. so that he could be found. Henry has a briefcase that B.J. must have left. He opens it to find wads of cash. He smiles heavenward and closes it before Maddie can see. The two embrace, as they are happy to finally see each other.

Nick answers a few questions from the press at the hospital. He is kind of arrogant and proud of himself. He then walks into Mike’s hospital room. Mike is laid up in the bed. When Katie enters, Mike introduces them and tells Katie that Nick is his cousin. Nick tells Mike about the hot blonde (Carly) he met and that he plans to pursue her.

Back at WOAK, Carly brags to Margo about what a hero Jack was, hoping that he can get back on the force. Margo is a little distracted. She tells them that Nick is now a detective. Carly and Jack realize that Jack’s position has been given away. Carly is devastated for her husband.

In the guest house at Lucinda’s that Meg and Dusty share, Dusty looks at the plane ticket stub that Meg used to go to Tampa. When she enters the house, he hides it away in his coat pocket. Meg is on cloud nine as she smiles and talks about how great New Year's will be. She kisses him before taking off. Dusty spots her electronic planner on the desk and goes through it. He sees that she had a meeting a while ago with someone named Eli about DNA results. Dusty goes to Java to meet with Eli. Eli denies having run any test for Meg. After some probing and assurance from Dusty that he knew what was going on, Eli tells him the whole story about running a test to match a mother with her baby. Dusty doesn’t reveal to Eli that he had no idea what Meg was up to. Eli tells Dusty to keep his name quiet and leaves. When Dusty returns home, Meg is dressed to kill in a long black halter dress. She is packing for their New Year's Eve trip. She goes on about how great it’s going to be. Dusty is quiet and barely returns the peck she gives him, and she sees that something is wrong.

Jennifer arrives at the station, holding Johnny. She confronts her dad for letting Paul loose, but her dad seems preoccupied and leaves. Jennifer turns around to find Paul staring at her. She tells him to go to hell. Paul tries to get her to see that he was trying to protect her. She gets really angry when he tells her that it is a beautiful sight to see her with her son. When Jen tries to leave, Paul pleads with her that he will do anything to earn her forgiveness one day. Jen stops and tells him that there is one thing that he can do. Paul gets hopeful, but she shoots him down with her request. She tells him that the next time he is out to destroy someone or is launching a plan, to think about someone other than himself. Jennifer angrily warns him to stay away from her and her son.

Hal visits Emily, who is on cloud nine about her wedding with Paul. Emily refuses to let Hal ruin her day. Hal is calm and tells her that he doesn’t have to stop the wedding, because she will. He berates Paul and tries to get Emily to see that she is living in a fantasy. Emily starts to get upset. She tells him that she needs to get ready. He picks her dress up off the sofa and hands it to her. She snatches it from him and goes to get ready. All hell breaks loose when she returns with her wedding dress on to find Hal still there, sipping champagne. Hal yells at Emily and tries to get her to see how much he loved her and that she doesn’t have that with Paul. When Emily continues to insist that she loves Paul, Hal gets a look of rage on his face. Emily is frightened when Hal goes ballistic and begins throwing things. She cries for him to get out. He looks at her and tells her that he will get out of her life, but he is taking Paul with him, and he runs out. Emily stands there crying and shaking.

Paul gets a call from Emily, who is frantic. She tells him that Hal left, but she doesn’t give details. She tells him that she wants to meet him outside somewhere, right now. She wants them to get married where no one can find him. She is afraid of what Hal might do. Confused, Paul agrees. Jennifer is even more disgusted that he would take off in the middle of their serious discussion and that he puts himself before making things right with her.

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