ATWT Update Thursday 12/22/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/22/05


Written By Camille
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

Keith and Lily are at the hospital. Keith is trying to persuade Lily to spend Christmas with him. She wants to spend Christmas with her family. Keith points out that, as they are engaged, he's going to be a part of her family. He reminds her that he got the kidney that saved Luke's life. Neither of them notices as Luke comes to the door. Lily tells Keith that if he comes to the Christmas celebration, everyone will be so self-conscious that no one will enjoy it. Keith tries to compromise but Lily won't accept it. Keith loses his temper and reminds her that they had a deal and he kept his part of it. He expects her to do the same. Luke hears this. Lily and Keith head over to the coffee shop. Lily tells Keith that she doesn't want to confuse her kids. Keith agrees. He tells her to go spend Christmas with her kids. Then he tells her that when she looks at Luke, she should remember why he's even there for Christmas and whom she has to thank for that.

Meanwhile, Luke goes to Lucinda and asks her what kind of deal Lily made with Keith; did it have to do with him? Did Keith get him the kidney? Lucinda tells him that is impossible; Keith only dealt with illegal organs, and she saw the paperwork on Luke's donor herself. Luke points out that the donor was anonymous, which means that it could have come from anywhere. Lucinda tells him that he's just upset and that they should hope and pray that Lily comes back to her senses soon. Luke asks Lucinda not to tell anyone about their talk, and he leaves. He runs into his friend Kevin, and Kevin produces a bottle of eggnog. It has alcohol in it. Luke says it's Christmas and he has plenty to celebrate—all thanks to Keith Morrissey.

Back at the farm, Lucinda and Emma run into each other. They wonder if there's something that they can do to get their children back together. At that moment, Dusty and Meg walk in. Dusty is still in his Santa suit. They are followed by Lily and Keith.

At the coffee shop, Carly confronts Emily. She tells her that Rosanna was the love of Paul's life and will always be. She calls Emily a consolation prize.. Emily angrily denies it. She knows what's in Paul's heart. Carly calls Emily on the fact that she found out about Jen's baby and confronted Paul. If she hadn't done that Paul would never have told her the truth. Emily tells Carly that she's the one serving a suspended sentence for keeping a child away from his mother. Carly replies that she was trying to deal with a situation created by Emily and Paul, and Emily wasn't thinking of Craig when she went along with Paul, she was trying to prove to Paul how much she loved him. Then Carly tells Emily that she's going to go back home to read to her kids and tuck them into bed—and Gwen won't have a chance to do that. But neither will Emily, because she's lost Daniel—and that is justice. Carly leaves, and a rattled Emily heads straight over to Tom and Margo's.

Margo isn't too happy to see Emily. She knows she's not supposed to be anywhere near Daniel. Emily begs her; it's Christmas, she has presents. Margo tells her she can have five minutes with Daniel, but she won't leave the room. Daniel tells Emily that Tom told him she was out of town working on a story. Emily replies that she's not done yet.

Daniel asks if she'll call him, and she promises to try. Margo signals to her that she needs to leave now and walks her out. Margo tells Emily to never do that to her again. Emily asks her if she wouldn't do the same if she were in her place. Margo replies that she would never be in Emily's place.

Kim stops by the Lakeview to drop off some presents for Johnny. She tells Jen that it's a miracle that she got Johnny back. She tells Jen that she is surrounded by people who love her and who will be willing to help her; all she has to do is ask.

At the farm, Meg is trying to persuade Dusty to dress up as Santa for the kids at the hospital. He doesn't want to. She tells him that if he doesn't he'll be sleeping on the couch. Dusty agrees to be Santa Claus. He goes off to change, and Emma walks in.

Meg shows her the gift and tells her that this is going to be the first of many Christmases together. Meg and Dusty head over to the hospital, where Dusty visits the kids. They are standing in the hallway of the hospital when Jen walks in. She is very surprised to see Dusty dressed up as Santa. She regains her composure and gives them a gift for their new home. Then she tells them that she has to get going; she doesn't want to be late for the Christmas service..

Gwen is trying to push Will away but he won't let her. He tells her that she doesn't deserve anything that happened to her. He wants to help her and he's not going anywhere. He loves her and doesn't want to lose her. He begs her not to hate him. She replies that she doesn't hate him. He asks her to tell him if she loves him. If she doesn't, then he'll walk out the door and it will really be over. Gwen replies that she loves him, but everything that she loves has either left or been taken away. Will tells her that he's not going anywhere—get used to it. He tells her to close her eyes, he's got something for her. It's a bracelet with her baby's birthstone. Gwen tells him that she feels bad because she didn't get him anything. Will tells her she can come with him to the Christmas service, it would mean a lot to him. Gwen agrees. They get to the church and Jennifer and Johnny are already there.

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