ATWT Update Wednesday 12/21/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/21/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Casey comes down the stairs and sees that Margo is having trouble putting an ornament near the top of the tree. He reaches to help her and she gets agitated. Casey can see that she really doesn’t want his help. There is a knock at the door. Casey opens it and it's Will, who wants to talk to him alone. They step outside. Will is worried about Gwen and he asks Casey if he has seen her. Casey tells Will that the last time he saw Gwen was last night at the cemetery when they were both visiting their baby. Will is surprised to hear that Casey is finally admitting that it is his baby.. Will is still not impressed, though; he tells Casey that he loved the baby even when he knew it was Casey’s.

Casey looks at Will and tells him that he is a better man than he is. While they are outside, Maddie enters and tries to help Margo with the decorating. She is still agitated, and Maddie asks her if it has something to do with Casey. Margo tries to be polite and tells Maddie that she is just used to decorating alone. Maddie knows that there is something going on with Margo and Casey and offers to play peacemaker. Margo tries to politely put her off and heads for the hills. Casey comes back into the house, and Maddie can tell from the look on his face that something is wrong. He tells her about the mix-up with the babies and that his baby with Gwen died. Maddie now gets why Margo was so upset with him.

She sees how down and discouraged Casey is and tries to get him to see that things will get better. The two are sitting on the couch. She tells Casey that when Henry gets back, even though she is mad at him, she is going to forgive him, because that is what families do. Casey can see how much Maddie misses Henry and holds her hand. They look at each other in a way that they never have before.

Carly knocks on the door of the room Gwen used to rent at the garage. Gwen opens it. Gwen asks her how she knew where to find her, and Carly tells her that it is where she would have goneóback to the beginning. Gwen tries to politely get rid of Carly, but Carly asks Gwen to come home to her house. Gwen lets her in and tells her that she is not celebrating Christmas this year. Carly tells her to come home anyway. She sympathizes with Gwen and tells her that she understands how she feels. She explains that she lost a baby before, too. Carly tells Gwen that she loves her, and Gwen has an outburst.

She asks why Carly gave her baby away if she loves her. Carly tells Gwen that she and Rosanna traveled a long road to being sisters. She quietly pleads with a defensive Gwen, asking that she come home with her and let her help her heal her broken heart. Realizing that Gwen is not coming, Carly heads to the door. As she is about to leave, Gwen makes another statement about being alone. Carly turns to her and tells her that she is her family and is always welcome, and that she never has to call in order to come home. It’s hard for Carly to leave Gwen there feeling so sad, but she leaves her.

Margo is at the counter at Java, making a purchase. She sees Will and asks him how Gwen is doing. He tells her that no one has seen Gwen except for Casey, at the cemetery. Margo winks when she hears that Casey actually visited the cemetery. She tells Will that she saw Gwen yesterday and that she looked really upset. Seeing how much Will cares for Gwen touches Margo.. She pats him on the shoulder and tells him that he is a good man. Gwen gets another knock on her door. She opens it to find Will standing there. Will looks exasperated. Gwen immediately assures him that she is okay. She tells him that she didn’t sleep after going to visit her baby at the cemetery. Will attempts to put his arms around her and comfort her, but Gwen backs away from him, yelling for him to stop. Will is surprised and asks her what that was all about. Gwen tells him that she needs to be alone. Will tells her that he understands, and before he is about to leave, he tells her that he will call her. Gwen tells Will not to call her. Will asks Gwen what she means. She yells at him to take a hint. She says that they are over, and Will looks shocked and devastated.

Luke's doctor explains to Holden and Lily that this will be a routine follow-up for Luke. Lily gets a call on her cell phone and takes it outside of the room. It’s Keith, who wants to know where she is and wants her to meet him at Java. In the room, Luke urges Holden to make his move on his mom. Luke wants Holden to ask Lily to be with them on Christmas because he doesn’t want his little sisters to be disappointed. Holden tells Luke to let it go and to just have faith. He believes that Lily will show up on Christmas morning. Lily comes back into the room.

They wheel Luke off for some tests. Lily and Holden sit on the bed and Holden tells her what he got the girls for Christmas. He tries to entice her to be with them because he knows that she wants to be there. Lily tries to resist, but Holden doesn’t buy it. Luke gets wheeled back in and the doctor says he is okay. Luke reminds Holden that he is supposed to take the girls sledding and asks if Lily will take him home. Holden can tell that Luke is up to something, and, after seeing them exchange looks, so can Lily. Lily and Holden go outside so that Luke can get dressed.. Holden tells Lily that he will tell the girls that she will be there on Christmas morning and jets off before Lily can reply. Lily goes back into the room to finish packing Luke’s stuff. He is not in there. Keith enters the room. He tells Lily that she never showed up at Java. She tells him that he was not on her mind. Keith wants to talk about Christmas. Lily tells him that she is going to the farm for Christmas to be with her family.

Emily enters the interrogation room at the station and thanks Hal for everything that he’s done for her. Hal hands her all of her valuables in a bag. The first thing that Emily does is put on her engagement ring from Paul. The two are actually being cordial, until Emily tells Hal that she needs to see Paul. Hal gets upset and yells, “Absolutely not!" Hal and Emily go back and forth, with her defending Paul and him trying to get her to see how self-destructive she is being. Cass Winthrop enters with Emily’s release papers. She tells him that Paul is being transferred to a state prison tonight. Cass makes attempts to get Hal to call it off, but Hal does not budge. Emily glares at Hal before she leaves and tells him that she is going to marry Paul before the year is over, no matter what.

Later, at Java, Emily and Cass discuss the case. Emily desperately tries to find ways for Paul to get bail. She writes Cass a large check and tells him to use every penny he has to get Paul out. When Cass leaves, Carly, who has been eavesdropping, turns on her bar stool and looks at Emily as if she is crazy. She joins Emily at the table and asks her if she has lost her mind. Emily defends Paul, and Carly tells her that she is crazy, because he is still in love with Rosanna Cabot. Emily looks upset.

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