ATWT Update Tuesday 12/20/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/20/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Jack walks into Mike’s hospital room as Mike is trying to get up and leave. He teases him about the fact that one day is not enough time to heal from a couple of broken ribs. Mike tells him that Maddie Coleman was the target of this and he got in the way, and he needs to get out of there. Jack figures he must know who tried to hurt her. Mike tells him that it was B.J. and says he is glad he is still being watched. Jack admits that the FBI is no longer watching him. Mike is now nervous and wants to leave even more. B.J. has done something with Henry and would have finished off Maddie if he hadn’t gotten in the way. Jack calls for a nurse for Mike.

At the cottage, Katie is glad that B.J. is allowing her to see Henry and work through things with him. She is glad he understands. He says he is trying. She goes on to explain how burning the pictures of herself and Mike was hard, and she wasn’t sure she was ready for that. Even though she and Henry weren’t together as long, she is glad they can talk so they can learn to be okay, and then she will get the closure she needs. B.J. understands because he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost her. Katie tries to relax his grip on her; if something did happen and they had to let go— But he cuts her off and pleads that he hopes she is not letting him go.

At the police station, Emily is telling an officer she wants to talk to Paul when he gets back from his arraignment. Susan wants her to stop worrying about him. Emily shoots her down, saying this is her problem and Susan doesn’t need to be there. Susan reminds her how much trouble she is in and says that is why she has spoken to Hal. Emily doesn’t want his help and says Susan can go tell him that. Susan will not; one of them has to start worrying about her life. When is it going to sink in how much trouble she is in? Emily is preoccupied; she asks the officer again if she can talk to Paul. He turns her down and tells her that since her bail has been denied, she will be transferred to state prison to await trial. Both Emily and Susan look stunned. Susan asks when it will happen, and the officer tells them that it will be within an hour.

At the Lakeview, Hal is trying to find a way to ask Jen for a favor. He says it is important. Then he looks at his grandson and talks about how sorry he is that she lost so much time with him. Jen tells him that Johnny is such a slice of heaven, and that is why she is trying not to dwell on what Paul and Emily did. Hal sadly laughs and wishes her good luck with that. Jen tells him that if it is any consolation, Emily tried to tell her, but Paul stopped her. Hal admits that the same thing happened with him. How did she get tangled up in this web? Jen reminds him that she is a grown woman who has a child of her own. She knew what she was doing was wrong. Hal agrees and knows that Jen shouldn’t forget or maybe ever forgive what she did, but she is going to suffer whether she goes to prison or not. Jen asks if she might not get punished; Hal tells her that it will depend on her.

At home, Margo poses the question of when Casey knew he was the father of Gwen’s baby. Casey doesn’t know why it matters. It matters, she says, because that baby was his son, and her grandson. Didn’t he think that she and Tom might have wanted to hold their grandson? They may have wanted to say a prayer for him when he died. So, did he know before Gwen gave birth? Casey admits slowly that he did know before. He didn’t have proof, but he guesses that deep down he knew. Margo, defeated, asks what made him lie to them for so long.

Gwen is at Billy’s gravesite. She apologizes for screwing things up. She had no idea he was even there. She never would have let him die alone. She never would have let him lie in a grave with someone else’s name. He deserved so much more than that. She writes his name on snow that is covering the headstone.

At the hospital, Bob is talking to Mike about taking it easy while he recovers. Mike wants to know why he feels so wishy-washy. Bob tells him it is because there is a sedative in with the painkiller that is helping him relax. As he is leaving, he tells Jack to keep an eye on him. Immediately, Mike and Jack get into their conversation about B.J. and Katie. Mike can’t believe that the FBI isn’t watching B.J. any longer. He is worried about Katie. Jack doesn’t know why, if she is keeping her distance. Mike lets him know that Katie was very worried about Henry missing, and so she is trying to get close to B.J. to find out what happened to him. He feels that she is very unprotected, with him in there and Katie with B.J. out there. Jack tells him not to worry because he is free to keep an eye on B.J. and Katie. There is plenty he can do.

At the cottage, B.J. is agitated and Katie is trying to put him off. He promised to make sure she could see Henry, and that way they can get on with their life. A promise is a promise, B.J. repeats. He seems distracted, though, and tells her that he has work to do on the telethon. Katie asks him to handle it for her because she is tired and wants to turn in early. B.J. stares at her strangely as she is telling him this, but all he does is flash that smile, kiss her on the cheek and leave. He is eerily calm. Katie is a bit distracted herself and probably doesn’t even see this. After he leaves, Katie waits for a moment and then grabs her coat and also heads out the door.

At home, Casey is having it out with his mom. He admits that he doesn’t know why he kept this from them for so long. It just didn’t seem real to him, because what happened between him and Gwen was only a one-time thing. Margo is not impressed with that rationale; so that gave him the right to treat her so badly, because it was casual? she spits. He admits that at first he didn’t believe her that the baby was his. Why, because she wasn’t a virgin? Well, he thought she seemed to have been around the block. She always tried to act more grown-up than everyone else. So, she had a tougher life and was forced to live on her own. She wasn’t given a car for her birthday. Margo is quite unimpressed with that thought process. He doesn’t think he should be punished because he didn’t have a bad life. Margo wants to know—was he a virgin? Yes, he admits, he was. He just made a mistake. He wanted to tell her, and tried, but something always got in the way. She doesn’t want to hear his excuses or to have him try to shift the blame. He should have stepped up, no matter what the circumstances. How was he supposed to know it was his or that it was for real, he argues, because she didn’t come forward until much later. Margo is so disappointed. He sheepishly admits that he was afraid to tell them and have to see that look he is now seeing in her eyes. He knows deep down that she couldn’t believe that an unplanned pregnancy could happen with her son. He was a star athlete, a great student, popular … There is a lot he has to live up to. Margo bitterly responds that that is a flimsy excuse. Did he think that if he kept denying this long enough it would make it less real? He silently nods his head. Well, he should feel proud; it no longer is real. Congratulations; his son is dead, and her son isn’t half the man she thought he was. She drops her head and slowly walks upstairs.

Emily sounds desperate to get to talk to Paul. Susan wants her to stop talking about him and focus on the trouble she is in. Susan feels strongly that Emily is an addict; Paul has destroyed everything she holds dear, and yet there she is, looking for another hit. Emily isn’t listening. She wants Susan to do something important for her; she needs to make sure she gets this note to Daniel. Susan demands to know what she could possibly say in the letter—that she has chosen Paul over him?

Hal was hoping Emily would save herself and testify against Paul, but she chose not to. Jen says, "That tells you who she is." Hal is overwhelmed. All he knows is he remembers the woman she used to be before Paul. She was very good to him. She knew right from wrong; she was strong. She turned to Paul because she needed Hal so much, and he wasn’t there for her. Now, she is losing her life. Tom wants to take away Daniel, and then she will be left with nothing. Jen asks, stunned, if he wants her to talk to Tom on Emily's behalf; he wants her to do this after everything she has done to her, and to him? Hal knows it is asking for a lot. He thinks that if Jen, being the victim, talked to Tom, it would go far. He knows down in his soul that Emily could still be a good mother, because he has seen her for years dealing with Daniel and Parker. Jen’s eyes widen—he is still in love with her! Hal avoids the question and tells her that whatever she decides, he is behind her. Whatever? she repeats. He assures her he loves her and then kisses both her and his grandson, and he leaves.

Bob knocks on Tom and Margo’s door and is greeted by a visibly distraught Margo. He has talked to Tom and knows everything, and he wanted to check on her to see how she is doing. Margo starts to cry a bit harder. She had a little grandson and didn’t even know it. Then she remembers that Bob was there when he was born; he had held him. Bob recalls the day he was born and that he had in fact held him, but never even knew that he was related to him. They hug in hopes of consoling each other.

Gwen is sitting in front of the headstone that now reads Billy’s name, which she has written in the snow. She wonders why she is talking to herself as she sits there; she is not even sure she believes in heaven. She answers her own question: she is there talking to him because it is better to picture him happy somewhere. He would be wrapped up, warm, safe and happy. Then she starts to break down. She doesn’t even know if he was sad or lonely when he died. She admits that she messed up. She didn’t take care of herself, and he suffered for that. She apologizes for not letting him have a chance at life. The awful truth is that nobody wanted him, not her, his father, or even the father who was supposed to adopt him. She apologizes again for leaving him all alone with no one to love him. There is a shadow behind Gwen, and she turns around to find Casey standing there.

Emily can’t go another round with her mother. Susan tries to explain that Tom is doing what he is doing to protect Daniel. Between sobs, Emily declares her love for her son. Susan wants her to recognize that there is a difference between what you feel inside and what you do. She won’t take the stand; she won’t turn state’s evidence. She is willing to throw her life away and spend the rest of her days in a god-forsaken jail cell, all in the name of Paul, rather than go home to Daniel? She shunned Hal for just trying to help— Emily cuts her off; she doesn’t want to hear about what Hal is willing to do. Susan changes gears; what is Emily going to put in her letter to her son? She has abandoned him, essentially. Emily continues to whimper about her getting this letter to Daniel. Susan agrees and admits that she won’t turn her back on her, no matter what. She hugs Emily and tells her she is going to see Hal about stopping the transfer. After she leaves, an overwrought Emily is sitting at the table when an officer opens the door to show in a visitor; it is Jen with her baby!

Katie arrives at Mike’s hospital room, but he is sleeping. She sneaks in and proceeds to talk to him out loud. She wishes she could talk to him; she needs him. She realizes that she promised that she would stop this charade with B.J., but she can’t. She is so close to finding out about Henry. Her plan is working with B.J. As Katie talks we see the feet of someone creeping up to the door. We then see it is B.J. standing in the shadows just out of sight, menacing, listening to her talk. Katie continues, unaware of the pending danger. She needs to put herself at risk and follow this plan through until they find Henry. B.J. actually thinks he has a chance with her. She now knows that stringing him along is the only way for them to end this. B.J.’s stare turns to ice.

Casey tells Gwen that he will come back, but she immediately tells him that it was his baby too and he should stay. Casey asks if she ever saw him. She was too afraid of becoming attached, but Bob told her that she should say goodbye for closure. By the time she had the guts to say goodbye she was saying it to the wrong baby. Strange how all the feelings she developed were for the wrong baby. Casey mumbles, "Me too." Gwen asks him what he means. He admits to a surprised Gwen to being at the hospital to see the baby.

Jen puts the baby carrier gently down on the table facing Emily. She sees it, too—how much they look like each other. A guilty Emily casts her eyes downward, but Jen wants her to look at the baby. She lights into her right off. She has been racking her brain but cannot fathom how one mother could put another mother through the anguish and pain of having her believe her child was dead. Emily starts to bawl as she apologizes, but Jen won’t back down and doesn’t want to hear her meaningless words. Does she remember the last time they saw each other? It seems like ages ago. They were planning her wedding. Emily stood by as she went on about missing her son. She even tried to push her towards leaving for Europe to get her out of town. Emily tries valiantly to explain. It hurt her so much, and she couldn’t see her hurt anymore. Jen snaps angrily, "You were hurt? How rich is that!" She wanted her to leave town because she couldn’t handle the guilt. Jen tells her that she saw Hal recently, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him how big of a part she had in this evil plot. Why didn’t she tell him? Emily wonders.

Jen answers quickly that she doesn’t hurt the people she loves. He needs to believe that Paul forced her into this and that she is innocent. Emily mumbles that she is not. Jen knows that, but she is there to set her free. Emily timidly asks if she isn’t going to press charges against her and Paul. Jen corrects her: she is not going to press charges against her, but Paul is on his own. Jen then poses a question to her: can she imagine Daniel at Johnny’s age? Can she imagine not having him? All Emily can do is listen and continue to cry. She has only lost a couple of months with Johnny, and when she looks back on his life it will seem like only a drop in the bucket. You, she seethes, will be without Daniel for years to come. Emily bawls, and tears stream down her cheeks. "Don’t say that," she blubbers. Jen continues to pummel her with words and images of the rest of her life without the love of her child. If she presses charges, Emily will believe that she can’t be with her son because she is behind bars. If she sets her free, though, and she has to walk around in the same town as her son and still know she isn’t ever going to have any type of relationship with him, then that is as good as justice gets. Tom will make sure of that.

Margo wonders sadly what the baby was like. Bob admits that he was tiny and frail. He didn’t see any familial resemblance because he was too young. Margo sadly remarks through tears that she can’t believe she lost a grandson she didn’t even know she had. Then she looks at Bob and apologizes for being selfish; he lost a great grandson. Bob knows that part of her pain is also attributed to her mourning the loss of the faith she had in her son. Bob tries to give her a pep talk and to remind her there will be more grandsons. Margo can’t take the "glass half full" talk right now. Bob wonders if she even realizes she has a glass to hold; they have to change that.

Casey admits to wanting to see the baby but not knowing why. He might have felt bad, or maybe he was thinking of stepping up; he just found himself standing in front of the nursery window, also apparently looking at the wrong baby. All he knew was that he was not ready for the responsibility. The baby looked so afraid and helpless. He always figured he would have time, though. Gwen is watching Casey talk, looking almost relieved to be sharing this with him. He figured one day he would be able to be there for his son. He thought he had his whole life. Gwen sadly agrees. She turns away from him and kneels at the gravesite. Casey comes up beside her; she moves over to make room for him, and Casey kneels beside her. They sit there side by side, sadly staring at the stone that is all they have left of their son.

B.J. is back at the cottage and sitting in front of his laptop. He angrily talks out loud: he is such an idiot, he let her play him, how stupid of him to believe her. He starts typing, but he is banging on the keyboard more than anything else. Katie walks in and is alarmed to find him there after she had said she was staying in. Why is he there? He glares at her but covers by light-heartedly asking why she wasn’t there, since he thought she was staying in to catch up on sleep. She tells him that she remembered she had gifts she needed to drop off. B.J. stares at her, knowing she is lying. How did he get in there, by the way? B.J. lies and tells her that the door was open. He adds that she should be more careful (almost a double meaning there). He had left his computer there and really had to work on something. B.J. turns and starts typing, and Katie obviously wants him to leave. She tells him she is tired and wants to get to bed now. He tells her that he just thought of a great idea for the telethon and he didn’t want to forget it. It is going to be a surprise; it is going to be a night she will never forget for the rest of her life. Little does Katie know those words are said meaning something malevolent.

Casey leans forward at the grave and pushes his hands into the snow at the side of Billy’s name, leaving an imprint there. He gets up and stands behind Gwen. Gwen soon does the same thing, and then they are both standing up beside the grave and looking down at it.

Emily is a bit angry now; Jen and her father have gotten together to cook up this punishment for her? Jen barks that whatever hell she's found herself in is of her own making. Her father had asked her to set her free, and that is what she has decided to do, for him. She can turn her back on the gentle, loving man, but come Christmas time he will be celebrating with her and Johnny, and Emily will be alone. Emily wants to know if she is enjoying this. No, Jen snips; that is her game. She now knows that she is okay with not sending her to prison. She has lived with holding her child while people waited to see if she was going to break, and then having to hand him back to the people who were raising him. Her prison is over, but Emily's is just beginning. She takes her baby, turns, and leaves, while Emily crumbles into the chair, a sobbing mess.

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