ATWT Update Monday 12/19/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/19/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

B.J. and Katie are at the cottage, and the fire is crackling. B.J. wants to know what is wrong. Katie claims it is just the fire bothering her eyes, and B.J. cuddles up to her, saying a kiss from him and she would be fine, but Katie puts him off by saying they had a deal; she has to see Henry first. B.J. assures her that in a moment or two Henry will be knocking on that door, and then they can begin their life. Can he have a preview of what is to come, though? Henry is outside when Olga shows up, and he gasps. Katie wonders if she hears something. She wonders if it is Henry as she rushes outside.

Gwen is at Tom and Margo’s. She is telling Casey about the baby switch and how their baby is dead. Casey remains unfazed. How can he not care his baby is dead? Margo wonders if Gwen wants them to believe there was a baby switch now. Gwen doesn’t care what they believe; she came here because she thought it was the right thing to do. Casey wants to know why she won’t let this go. She explains that he was the father, and when they tested the baby and it didn’t match with Casey, that was because they tested the wrong baby.

Susan shows up a little late for Emily’s arraignment because she got caught at the hospital. Emily replies snidely that she is surprised she even came. Susan explains that she may be angry and confused, but she would never turn her back on her. What is the bail? Emily tells her it doesn’t matter because they denied her bail, so she is staying put.

Will is at the jail, screaming at Paul. He wishes he had died, and not Gwen’s baby. He ruins everything he touches. Paul is indignant and stubborn in his belief that he did the right thing for Jen. He kept her safe from Craig. Will yells that he nearly destroyed her, and for that he could kill him. Paul tells him to "do it!"

Jen is with Dusty at the Lakeview as she explains how, when she looked at her brother, all she could feel was hatred. She will never forgive him. Dusty doesn’t want her to worry about Paul now. Someone else needs her attention more. She smiles as she thinks of Johnny. When she holds him the rest of the world melts away. That is how it should be. She can’t begin to thank Dusty for bringing her back to life. They take a step closer to each other. Meg arrives at the Lakeview to witness a close moment between Dusty and Jen. She clears her throat in a subtle attempt to let them know she is standing there.

They look up, a bit guiltily, and Meg asks how Jen is doing. Jen tells her she is great, but she would be flying even higher if not for the fact that she just saw Paul. She can’t even wrap her mind around what he did to her, it is so big. She has no idea how to deal with the betrayal. She goes on to explain that Paul tried to justify his actions by telling her that Rosanna had given him a hint of what went on right before her accident, and then he figured out the rest. He knew all along, though. Meg nervously wonders if that is all he said. Jen didn’t allow him to talk further with her; she had to get out. She really doesn’t at all understand how Emily could do this to her, though. She is a woman; how could one woman (who is a mother) let another woman believe her child is dead? That is incomprehensible to her. Meg swallows hard. She immediately wants to change the subject. Jen goes onto lavish her gratitude on Dusty, but Dusty tells her that he is not the only one to thank—Meg helped too. Meg again swallows hard. All she is thinking is that she needs to stay out of the middle of this, or her cover-up in this will be blown sky high.

At the police station, Will continues to screech at Paul. An officer is trying to hold him back. Will tells him there is no excuse in the world that could justify how badly he hurt Jen and Gwen. Paul wants Will to think about what Jen’s world would be like if Craig found out she had his child, but Will won’t hear it. He blurts out that what he did was so much worse than anything Craig could have done. Paul warns that everyone will see, when Craig gets wind of this, what he will do, and then everyone will understand why he did what he did. Will is glaring at Paul, and Paul tells him to hit him if it would make him feel better. Will stands unmoving. Hal approaches and tells Will gently to walk away because he is not worth it, which Will does. Hal then turns his bitterness towards Paul and tells him how Emily’s bail was denied because of him. It is because of him that Emily may never see her son again, and with that he stalks away.

At Margo’s, Gwen is yelling at Casey. He was not shown to be the father on the results because he wasn’t; she had Jen’s baby, and therefore the tests were right because Craig was the father. Their baby died, she cries out. There is proof at the hospital if he continues to deny it. Casey snaps back, wondering why she won’t leave him alone. Tom intercedes, saying that they all know why. Margo looks shocked and Casey looks guilty.

At the cottage, Katie runs outside saying she thought she heard Henry’s voice. B.J. is edgy and says she is wrong; it is probably just because she is anxious to see him. He directs her back into the house, but Katie is convinced she heard something. B.J. snaps at her but covers when he realizes what he did. He explains that he hates to hear about other men in her life. Katie chuckles, trying to regain her composure by saying he had better get used to it, because there have been a few men in her life before him. He wants to know who else. She lists Mike, Henry and Simon. Who is Simon? He was a big mistake, Katie tells him. Did he hurt her? Yes, in the worst way, Katie admits. B.J. wants Katie to know he would never hurt her. B.J. changes the subject, saying they should be productive while they wait, and he is going to go to the car to get the notes on the telethon. He promises to be right back, and after he leaves Katie rushes over to the fireplace and pulls the half-charred remains of the picture of her and Mike out of the fireplace. She talks to it: can he ever forgive her for having to do that? B.J. walks back into the room to find her staring longingly at the picture and demands to know what she is doing. She covers quickly, saying the picture was causing some sparks and she wanted to get it out of there before it started a fire. She changes the subject quickly by asking him if he wants chocolate milk. B.J. smiles and mentions how they are meant to be, because she now has grown a liking for chocolate milk. Katie turns on the charm and asks him to make it for her, because he does such a good job. B.J. melts at her request and runs off to go make two glasses. After he leaves the room, Katie hurriedly places the picture in her purse for safekeeping.

There is a knock at the door, and Katie answers it to find Kim there, wanting her to look at the new ad campaign. Kim is surprised to find her working at home, to which Katie explains that she gets more work done there. Kim adds that it must be a bonus to be keeping her distance from B.J. Cue B.J., who walks up behind her. Kim looks shocked. Katie is speechless, not knowing how to explain this.

In the wine cellar, Olga throws Henry back. Why did he run away from her? Henry covers by turning on his ‘charm.’ He was afraid of her; he doesn’t want to let her down. She wants him to let her down—right onto the floor, where they can make passionate love. Henry tries another angle: he fears he may have performance anxiety. Olga relaxes a bit and wants to know what he means. Henry explains it by saying that a runner may get a numb foot before a race because he is nervous he can’t finish the race. Olga wonders if Henry could “finish the race,” as she raises her eyebrows. Henry needs to make sure she doesn’t call his manhood into question, so he waxes on about how he definitely could finish the race. The issue is with the fact that he wants to be great for her and doesn’t want her disappointed. Olga starts to smile widely as she cozies up to him. Why does he seem afraid of her? Henry continues to schmooze: he wants things to be perfect for them; he never wants to disappoint her. He is falling for her—he can see them having kids. Why did he run to Katie, then? He admits old habits die hard. Olga’s smile fades when she tells him that he is a big fat liar who is only trying to save his own hide. She is going to see B.J. and tell him what he did so he can finish him off. Henry yells for her to stop—she will be very sorry if she does that. This statement stops her cold in her tracks.

At the station, an exasperated Emily is trying to defend Paul’s actions to Susan, but her speech is falling on deaf ears. Will arrives from seeing Paul and stomps into the middle of the conversation. She is sick for what she did. Why would she do this? Why would she keep Paul’s secret? Did she do this in order to make Paul love her? Emily stutters trying to explain to Will, but he doesn’t want to hear her words. He looked up to her. It was strange, he admits, but much of the time he thought of her as more of a mother figure than his actual mom. How stupid he was to feel that way, he snaps, as he walks away. Emily looks crushed. Susan wonders how much more she is going to take for Paul. She is losing everyone who is important to her because of him. Emily stands firm; she will not turn her back on the man she loves. Paul shows up, being led by a police officer, and enters the conversation by agreeing with Susan; maybe Emily should rethink her stance.

Meg explains that she had a feeling something was wrong with the initial tests they ran, and she told Dusty. She saw Gwen’s records when she came in for an appointment, and then saw Billy’s bloodwork, and she realized they couldn’t be mother and son. Dusty took a strand from her and then ran a DNA test, and the rest is history. She had a hunch and it turned out to be right. She immediately asks Jen to not say a word about her part in this, because she could lose her job for what she did to find this information out. Jen promises to keep quiet. Meg just knew she had to follow her hunch, because she saw how much pain Jen was in. Jen can’t imagine how she could ever thank her for everything she has done. Meg just tells her that her reward is that Jen finally is reunited with her baby. She also tells her that she has everything she needs, as she leans in and hugs Dusty. He has thanked her enough already, and she happily and proudly holds up the necklace Dusty bought her. Jen looks at it, boldly covering her pain as she compliments the necklace.

Margo asks Gwen if that means the baby she fought so hard to hold onto turned out not to be hers. Gwen painfully admits that is what ended up happening. She turns to Casey and sadly says their baby didn’t make it; he came too soon. Casey stands firm; he is sorry about the baby switch, but that doesn’t make him the father. Gwen gives up; she has come to say what she wanted to say. He can fight this out with his parents. She knows that they both will always know the truth. She turns to walk away and Margo calls to her. She says she is very sorry about her baby, and Tom echoes her sentiment, but Casey turns his back to her. She thanks them and leaves. After she leaves, Margo mentions that she can’t believe she is still holding to that. She was probably not thinking straight. Tom is sure she was thinking straight. Tom further wonders, if it weren’t true, why she would continue this charade in the middle of her unbearable grief. Tom wants the truth from Casey. He has told them lots of stories; does he want to be straight with them now? Did he really sleep with Gwen or not? Casey demands to know why his father is taking sides with a crazy girl. Tom doesn’t see it as taking sides. It is about honesty and the truth. Casey wants to know if they don’t trust him, then. Margo pipes in quickly that of course they do. Tom adds that if he is so scared to be honest with them then they have failed as parents. Casey’s eyes cast downward; they are not failures. Tom wants him to prove it. They can call the hospital and have them run the tests, or he can be straight with them now. Margo reminds Casey that she believed in him from the beginning, almost hoping her words will make Casey innocent still. Casey shatters that by saying that he slept with Gwen—only once—and he guesses that the baby could have been his.

Paul wants Emily to take Tom’s deal, but she won’t hear of it. An aggravated Susan walks away. Paul reminds her that Tom could take Daniel away from her if she doesn’t do this, but Emily is convinced that Tom will be hellbent on taking away her son no matter what. He thinks that Emily will have at least a fighting chance with her son if she is not fighting from a jail cell. Daniel needs her more than he does right now. Emily pouts; she needs him, though. Paul wants her to have faith because she won’t lose him over this. She wants to believe him, but she is afraid to. Meanwhile, Susan is pleading with Hal. Can he tell the judge that Paul forced Emily to do this? Hal is giving up and says Emily will just deny that. He has done all he can. Susan pushes; isn’t there anything else he could do for her? Hal thinks long and hard before he says slowly that maybe there is something he could do.

Jen admires Meg’s new necklace. It is beautiful. Barbara interrupts by coming outside holding the baby. She tells Jen that the baby needs his mother. Jen takes the baby; Dusty stands by her side and they coddle the baby, as Meg uncomfortably watches on. Jen sees this and tells them both she needs to change him, and she and Barbara bid them farewell. After Jen and Barbara leave, Meg talks about how happy she is for Jen. It is just that Dusty caught her by surprise. Next time, could he give her some advance warning? He laughs as he wonders if that puts him in the doghouse. Meg smiles as she tells him there is something he could do to work it out with her. He admits that it was not planned. Meg can’t help herself; was his visit to Jen unplanned as well?

Will is looking in through the door window at Tom and Margo’s. He doesn’t see Gwen but then turns around and finds her silently crying at their patio table. How did he find her? she wonders. He knew she would go there to tell Casey about their baby, because she would think it was the right thing to do. Gwen laughs sarcastically—a lot of good it did her. Will tells her not to worry about him, because he is a moron. Gwen says, almost to herself, that her baby didn’t even live long enough to know he had a dad, or a mom for that matter.

Barbara and Jen are sitting with the baby. Jen is telling her mom that Gwen needs Will, especially now. Barbara playfully adds, Like she needs Dusty? Jen replies that everyone is with whom they should be. Barbara can’t help but wonder if, had the truth come out before Dusty and Meg hooked up, things would be different. Jen stops that line of thought; she wants to focus on the positive, she says, as she kisses her baby on the head.

Dusty explains that he called Jen to check on her and he didn’t get an answer, so he went to make sure everything was okay. Meg understands that he would naturally be worried about her and the baby. She doesn’t care that he came here to check on her and the baby. Dusty further explains that the decision was spontaneous. Meg assures him that she really is okay with that part, but Dusty tells her that he isn’t, though.

Paul is worried; Jen and Will both hate him. She didn’t see the looks on their faces. Emily wants him to stop second-guessing his choices. They have to look towards the future. Paul asks sheepishly if that means she still wants a future with him—does she still want to marry him? Yes, she does, Emily declares, and as a matter of fact, she thinks they should do it right away!

Henry wants Olga to know that if he goes down he is taking her with him. He escaped with the help of her key. He is crazy about her, but when push comes to shove he has to think about himself. B.J. will be angry and see things his way. Olga gives in; she won’t say anything, but she wants him to do something for her. Henry laughs, because it is not like he can pick up her dry cleaning or her bratwurst. She is not talking about that; she wants favors of love.

Kim is confused; she thought she couldn’t stand to be in the same room with B.J. B.J. pipes in that they worked it out. He was not the enemy, Katie realized; Mike was. Kim is listening in shock. B.J. goes on to say Mike didn’t love Katie in the way she needed to be loved. Kim asks if this is true. All Katie will say is that she and Mike are facing serious problems and that she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it. Kim decides to get going but asks Katie if she will walk her out. B.J. smiles as he tells Katie to hurry back. Outside, Kim barrages Katie with questions: what is going on? Why is she there with B.J.? What trouble has she gotten herself into? Katie pretends that she was surprised by her budding feelings for B.J. too. Does Kim feel they are moving too fast, though? Kim tells her in no uncertain terms that she does not at all believe that Katie has turned her back on Mike and has now turned to Mr. Chocolate Milk. She knows she is lying through her teeth. All Katie will say is she knows what she is getting into. Kim has heard that before, and that worries her. Katie wants her to trust her; she knows what she is doing. Kim walks away as she tells her she hopes she does. Katie mumbles to herself that she hopes that, too. Meanwhile, inside B.J. is signing papers and then appears to be looking for his glasses, but when he can’t find them he somehow ends up in Katie’s purse, where he finds the half-burned picture of her and Mike. He glares at it angrily.

Henry wonders, if he has sex with her once, will she not tell B.J.? Olga asks playfully why it needs to be only once. Henry asks if that means she wants him to be her love slave. Olga smiles as she says that is better than being a dead man. Henry agrees and forcefully takes Olga into his arms and kisses her, to her delight.

Gwen breaks down; she needs to go, she doesn’t want Casey and his parents to find her there. Will doesn’t want her to run away from him again. She promises him that she is not going to, but there is something she has to do alone, because she started things that way and that is how she needs to end it. She walks off as a concerned Will watches after her.

An emotional Margo demands to know how Casey could lie to them. She stuck up for him. Casey tells her he did it because he knew they would freak out like they are doing. Tom tries to calm the situation, but Casey points out that it was obvious that he never believed what he said from the beginning. Tom points out unhappily that he was right on about things, though. They are interrupted by Tom’s cell ringing. When he hangs up he tells them that he has to leave because he needs to get to the courthouse regarding Paul, but their conversation is not over. Casey snaps back that he could have guessed that. Tom tells him that attitude he has is not helping his cause. After he leaves, Casey tells his mom to let him have it. Margo stares at him and tells him that she doesn’t know what to say. Casey tells her that she can start by saying that she loves him; she realizes he made a mistake and she forgives him. Margo stares at him as she says she doesn’t know if she can say that. She doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Emily is riled up; there must be a chaplain in the building. Paul jokes about the fact that Hal won’t like this, but Emily doesn’t care; does he? He doesn’t. Emily thinks this will make a great story for them to tell their grandkids. They seal it with a kiss, but an officer interrupts them to take Emily away. As she leaves, Paul looks after her, concerned.

Dusty explains that he saw Meg's face when she came upon him and Jen. She was not surprised, she was jealous. She admits a small part of her was at first, but then she remembered what he told her: he would never hurt her. She trusts him implicitly. In fact, if he needs to go inside and check on Jen and the baby further she understands. Dusty smiles and tells her that he wants to go home.

Barbara is leaving for the store. She will be right back. After she leaves, there is a knock and Jen finds Hal there. He happily kisses his daughter and grandson on their cheeks. Jen is happy to see him but can tell there is something wrong. There is something he needs from her, he admits, and it is important. Jen looks at him, wondering what this important request might be.

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