ATWT Update Friday 12/16/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 12/16/05


Written By Camille
Pictures by Boo

Katie and and BJ walked into the cottage. BJ looks around and immediately begins making plans. This place feels like home We'll keep it.  We'll live at Fairwinds but will keep this as a cozy getaway. Katie tells him not to jump the gun. BJ says that he realizes that she didn't get to finish things up with Henry so BJ called him. He'll be returning home sometime. Then Katie can settle things with Henry and she and BJ can move forward.

He tells her they need to start afresh and close some doors.  He takes the pictures of Mike and starts throwing them into the fire.  Katie has no choice but to go along with it.

Olga is at the hospital and about to inject Mike with poison. She hears Maddie out in the hall and hides behind a screen. Maddie comes in and begins to straighten Mike's pillows. They do not see Olga sneak out. Mike tells her that Katie is back but asks Maddie not to do anything to push Katie at BJ. He tells her that he made Katie promise to break things off with BJ. He also promises her that as soon as he gets out of the hospital, he'll find Henry.

Back at Fairwinds, a frustrated Olga is being baited by Henry. He rubs her shoulders and flirts with her and Olga suddenly kisses him. She wants him right there. Henry tells her she needs soft pillows and blankets. Olga agrees and opens the door. She is taken by surprise when Henry pushes past her and escapes.

Meg tells Dusty how happy she is that he's there. She asks now that Jennifer will be remaining in Oakdale, what does that mean for Meg and Dusty. What if Jennifer decides that she wants a daddy  for her baby. Dusty tells her that he made her (Meg) a promise and he's in it for the long haul. Meg tells him that it sounds like a prison sentence when he says that.

Dusty gives her her Christmas present early. It is a beautiful pendant. Meg gets a call, she has to go to the hospital. When she is gone, Dusty calls Jennifer. There's no answer. He heads over the Lakeview in time to see Jen fumbling at the door with her keys.

At the prison, Jennifer tells Paul that the only good reason that he could have for keeping her away from her baby would be if every family member that they had would die if she got her baby back. Paul tells her that he never wanted to see her look at him the way she's looking at him now and Jen tells him to get used to it. Paul tells her that he didn't switch the babies, Craig did.  Jennifer wants to know how long did Paul know. Did he know when she was grieving back at the grave. By his expression she figures out that he knew from August and wonders how he could do such a thing to her.

How could he hate her that much. Paul tells her that he was thinking of her future without Craig. Jennifer replies that it was never about her, it was about Paul, Rosanna and Craig. Paul inadvertently reveals that Emily knew about the baby switch as well  and begs Jen to tell him what he can do to make it up to her.  Jen tells him that he took her baby's first few months away from her and he can never give that back. Paul tells her that she only has one big brother and that's him. Jen says not anymore and she leaves. An officer comes to escort Paul to his hearing, but before they can leave Paul is confronted by Will.

At the Lakeview, Barbara answers the door to find Gwen outside. Gwen tells her she wants to see her baby. Barbara tells her he is not her baby and she needs to go. Barbara attempts to slam the door in Gwen's face but is stopped by Will. He tells her that they were away when Hal came to pick the baby up and persuades her to let Gwen hold the baby. Alone with Billy, Gwen can barely look at the baby she once thought was her son.

She can't keep the tears from falling as she tells Billy that he will have a new mother who will never love him more than she does. Barbara walks in at that moment and gently asks Gwen if she wants her to take him. Gwen hands over the sleeping baby telling him "Night Night, sleep tight, you'll forget but I wont". And with a kiss she bids her baby farewell.  Will tells her that Jen will tell Johnny all about Gwen. Gwen asks Will what the baby's whole name is, she couldn't remember what it was at the funeral.

It suddenly hits her that that was her baby. "They put my baby in the ground" she sobs as Will holds her. Will tries to get her to go home, but she tells him she needs to be alone. She rushes out and Will tries to go after her but Barbara stops hi. They need to talk, it's about Paul.

Casey is at home reveling in the acceptance letter he got from the University of Wisconsin. Tom tells him that it's a good start and Casey tell him that UW was his first choice, he got early acceptance and he's out of there. Tom asks him what he's trying to get away from and Casey tells him that he wants to go somewhere where no-one has heard of Gwen and the baby. Tom baits him, telling him that he's off the hook and it's all over with. Margo comes in, she's back from Chicago after putting the bad guys in jail. She's thrilled that Casey got into UW, Casey is more interested in finding out where to pledge. Alone, Tom and Margo Tom's thinking that Casey is jumping the gun. Margo is sympathetic to Casey's feelings. He had a bad year, he's had to face some horrible accusations. Tom realizes that Margo hasn't spoken to Hal yet. He tries to tell Margo about Gwen's baby, but Margo won't listen.

Casey comes back and they discuss living arrangements. There's a knock at the door, it's Gwen. She thought that Casey should know that Billy wasn't their baby. She tells him that Craig switched the babies and that's why the paternity test came back wrong. Casey can only stand there in disbelief.

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