ATWT Update Thursday 12/15/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/15/05


Written By Camille
Pictures by Boo

Mike struggles to get out of bed as the nurse tries to stop him. She wants to call the doctor, he tells her do it or he’s signing himself out. She leaves and Katie walks in. Mike is relieved to see her but Katie continues with the charade she’s been playing.

She tells Mike that there’s no future for them and on cue BJ walks in. Mike and BJ snipe at each other and then BJ announces that it was a bad idea for them to come to the hospital. “Sweetheart, let’s go” He takes Katie by the hand and they leave. Once outside the room, Katie tells BJ that she had so much fun seeing her friend Melissa, that she wants to see every one else. She and BJ arrange to meet at the coffee shop in twenty minutes. When Katie is sure that BJ has left, she rushes back to Mike.

Mike tells her that the car that hit to him was no accident. he wants Katie to break things off with BJ. Katie says she’ll do it gradually, the if she breaks up with him now he’ll know she was lying. Mike tells her to break up with BJ today but in public. Katie says he’ll let him down easy.

BJ is waiting for Katie at Java when a heavily disguised Olga approaches him. She sits and he asks her if Mike is still alive. She tells him yes and he tells her that he wants Mike out of his live permanently. Finish the job.

Meg awakens Dusty with a kiss. He can’t believe that it’s morning. She hands him “breakfast” that she’s made herself….. A cup of coffee. She wants to know how everything went. Dusty tells her that Jenn wouldn’t believe him until he showed the labs. Once she accepted the truth, it was like watching her come back to life. He has to go back there to explain things to her and answer any questions. Meg wonders if Hal couldn’t do it. Dusty says that he was the one who delivered the child, he needs to see it through. Meg want to know if she can see it through with him. Dusty asks if she sure and Meg tells him that she feels as if she’s a part of this. Besides, they can stop off to get a baby gift. Dusty sighs… baby shopping? Bedroom shopping is funner. They arrive to find Jennifer and the baby alone. Barbara has gone baby shopping. Jennifer tells them that everything happened so fast that she hasn’t had time to sort things out. Dusty asks what things. Jennifer replies like why the blood tests did not match. Dusty asks if her parents didn’t say anything. Jennifer replies that they are only told her about Craig the switching the babies. that still doesn’t explain the lab results. dusty tells her that Craig wasn’t the only one that wanted to keep her away from the baby. Paul did as well. he tells her that Paul and Emily were caught trying to destroy documents that proved that Jennifer was the baby’s mother.

At that moment Barbara walks in. Jennifer asks her if it’s true. Barbara cannot deny it. Jennifer rushes off to confront Paul.

Emily is brought back into the jail cell and Paul asks if she’s ok. She’s fine. She tells him that Hal left. She doesn’t know where he went. Paul says that as soon as he makes bail, he’s got to find Jennifer. Emily warns him that Barbara and Hal have probably already gotten to her but a deluded Paul thinks that because he and Jennifer were very close, he can get her to understand why he did what he did. He promises Emily that they will find a way out of this. On cue Tom walks in “It’s not a good day to be making promises” he says. He doesn’t know when they’ll make bail, he recused himself from the case. He’s petitioned the family court for full and permanent custody of Daniel. No visitation, no contact and Paul won’t get within 10 feet of his son ever. Emily begs Tom not to do that. Tom replies that Emily won’t even know that Daniel is gone. Emily cries, “Tom please don’t do this”. Tom replies “Do what? Keep a mother away from her child? Watch me.” He leaves and Emily breaks down. He really means it this time, she tells Paul. Paul makes yet another rash promise. She wont lose Daniel. Hal arrives to take to Emily to her arraignment.

Alone Paul is lying in a bed when he hears footsteps. He looks up to find Jennifer standing there.

The happy grandparents bond over a cup of tea. Babs tells Hal that Jennifer did not sleep because of watching the baby all night long. They can’t believe that they did not recognize the truth. Hal is there to tell Jennifer what Paul and Emily did. Barbara does not want him to do so. Jennifer comes in at that moment with the baby. She can’t wait to call Paul to tell him the good news. Barbara tries to stop her. Jennifer decides to dress the baby and take him to the wedding. Hal tells her that they need to talk. Jennifer tells him that she just wants to celebrate Johnny being back. Like a regular happy family. She knows that he is not happy about the wedding. Hal tries to tell her about Paul but Barbara covers up by saying that they feel that she should just stay home and enjoy the baby. Hal leaves and Jen asks Babs if she’s going to the wedding with her. Babs tells her no, there’s too much shopping to do.

Will and Gwen are outside of Carly’s door. Will can’t wait to give Billy the rocking horse. The two teenagers start planning a Christmas dinner. They plan to invite Carly and Jack. Gwen says that they’ll discuss it later. She just wants to see Billy now. Jack opens the door. Hey you guys are back early.

They come in and Gwen eagerly looks around for her child. Where is he? Carly tells her he’s with Jennifer. She wishes she didn’t have to tell Gwen this, Gwen is getting scared. Carly tells her that Billy is Jennifer’s son. Jack tells them that there is proof that Craig switched the babies. They tell her that Hal showed up with the court order and that they tried to call and Jack tried to go to the cabin but the roads were closed. There was nothing that they could do. Will says that they should call a lawyer and Jack tells him that it won’t help. Gwen asks Jack, if Billy is Jennifer’s baby then where’s her baby. in the background Will’s expression changes as he realizes the truth. Carly and Jack tell Gwen that there were only the two babies born that night. Gwen refuses to believe it. Jack tells her that they went to the hospital after Hal left. They had the cord blood tested and the results matched the autopsy that was done on the dead baby.

Gwen is hysterical. Her baby died and she didn’t even know it. She tells Carly that she’s not her sister and leaves.

Back at the Lakeview a doting grandmother opens the door to find a tearful Gwen outside.

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