ATWT Update Wednesday 12/14/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/14/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Lily and Holden cuddle under a blanket on the barn floor after making love. They look into each other’s eyes and profess how much they’ve missed being like this. Holden brings up Keith, and Lily sits up and puts her defensive guard back on. Holden tells Lily that she doesn’t have to marry Keith just to keep her promise. He then pleads with Lily to come home for Christmas. After they’ve put their clothes back on, Holden continues to get close to Lily and try to woo her. He tells her that he is trying to make it impossible for her to walk away. He reminds her about how their lives together started in that very barn and says that they are still there because they are meant to be together. They steal some more kisses and are interrupted by Keith calling Lily on her cell phone. Holden tries to convince her to tell Keith that she will be going home with him tonight. Keith tells Lily that he was getting worried and wants to know where she is. Lily pretends to have a bad phone connection. She tells him that she is checking on the kids at the farm and that she will meet him at the coffee shop as soon as she can. After Lily hangs up, Keith spots Luke and a friend, who have just entered the coffee shop. He confronts Luke and tries to make nice, but Luke is not biting.

Keith tries to find out where Lily is from Luke. Luke rudely tells him that it’s not his problem if he can’t keep up with Lily’s whereabouts. Keith tells Luke that Lily told him that she was checking on the kids at the farm. Luke unpleasantly reminds Keith that he is not a kid anymore. He then tells Keith that he has not seen Lily and to leave him alone. Keith tells Luke that he has no right to speak to him that way, but Luke does not care and completely disregards everything that Keith says to him. He and his friend take off. Back at the barn, Holden still tries to convince Lily to stop pretending with Keith and to come home. He can still sense that Lily is reluctant. He gives in to her and tells her that he loves her, and even though he doesn’t like it, if he has to be her secret then he will. He tells her that they will just keep the divorce tied up for as long as it takes for Keith to back off. Lily is relieved and grateful to Holden for being understanding. Lily leaves to go meet with Keith at the coffee shop.

Lily joins Keith at the coffee shop and tries to be upbeat. He asks her about the kids and why she took so long. She tells him that she has a hard time pulling herself away from her girls. Keith then asks her how Luke is doing, and Lily responds that he is fine. He asks her if she told Luke earlier today that she would be meeting with Keith. Lily tells Keith that she has not seen Luke today because he was out with a friend. Keith then slips up and tells Lily that he saw Luke just a little while ago at the coffee shop. For a moment Lily is confused as to why Keith asked her if she had seen Luke when he already knew that she had not. Then it dawns on her that Keith was trying to trick her to see if she was telling him the truth. She confronts Keith, who gets a little flustered and stumbles over his words trying to find a reason to tell her why he tricked her. She then tells Keith that it is unacceptable for him to try to use her son to find out information about her. The look in Keith’s eyes shows that he feels very small at that moment. Lily tells Keith that she has hired a new divorce attorney to sue Holden into the divorce, and the lawyer is a real shark. Keith gets excited and Lily shoots his excitement down when she tells him that Holden also hired a new pit-bull attorney, and with two of them going head to head it could take weeks, or even months. Keith is disappointed when he realizes that it will be quite a while before he and Lily can marry. Lily does not look as disappointed and has a "that’s life" look on her face.

Jennifer returns to her suite at the Lakeview to pick up an item that she forgot. She runs into Dusty, who's standing outside the suite holding Billy. She asks what he is doing there. He tells her that he needs to talk, and she responds that she only has a minute because her car is waiting for her. He tells her that it is important and that the car can wait. They step inside. Dusty’s mysteriousness causes Jennifer to worry that something might have happened to a member of her family. She cannot understand what Dusty would be doing there with Billy. Dusty assures her that her family is safe. He then asks her if she wants to hold Billy and she adamantly declines, saying that she has already said good-bye to the baby. Dusty looks at Jennifer gently and tells her that from now on it is not about saying good-bye, it’s about saying hello. He looks Jennifer in the eye and tells her to say hello to her son. Jennifer takes a breath and looks at Dusty with total confusion, and then anger. She asks him what kind of sick joke he is playing on her and tells him to get out. Dusty tries to calm her down and get her to see that the baby is really hers, but Jennifer does not want to believe it. He tells her that he has proof that the baby belongs to her in his pocket. Jennifer tells him that she does not want to believe it because she can’t go through that kind of pain again. She still refuses to hold the baby. Dusty reaches inside his pocket and hands her the proof. He tells her that a DNA test has been done. She is confused about he could have gotten a DNA sample. He tells her that he took a strand of her hair and then compared it to the paternity test from Gwen’s case. Jennifer looks now as though she wants to believe it, but is still not quite sure. She challenges Dusty as to why the paternity test that Meg took did not come out that way. He tells her that someone messed it up. He then looks her in the eye and tells her that the test she is holding in her hand proves that the baby and she are a match. Jennifer’s eyes show that she is finally convinced, as she whispers, “It’s a match.” Dusty hands the baby to Jennifer as all of the emotions begin to kick in. She holds her baby in her arms and looks at Dusty in disbelief, with tears in her eyes. She whispers to the baby that she can’t believe that he belongs to her. She tells the baby that she always believed it in her heart.

Dusty tells Jennifer about the court order and that the baby is in her full custody. Jennifer realizes that she has nothing for the baby. Dusty says that he has it covered and that he has enough supplies to last the night, and then another delivery will be there in the morning. Jennifer is grateful to Dusty for thinking of everything. Dusty has a light in his eye and is touched to see Jennifer with her baby. He goes into the hall and makes a phone call to Meg to tell her that Jennifer has finally been reunited with her baby and that he will be home shortly, after making sure that Jen and the baby are settled in. Meg is a little jealous but still happy. Dusty opens the door and sees Jennifer rocking her baby and feeding him a bottle. They smile at each other and he closes the door to give her some privacy.

Hal confronts Emily in the interrogation room. He warns Emily that she had better use her head, because Tom’s plea bargain is her only shot at getting out of this mess without any charges. How asks Emily how she could go along with Paul’s scheme to keep the baby away from Jennifer, being a mother herself. Emily still does not confess to anything. Through the glass window, she spots Paul being escorted by an officer. She looks Hal in the eye and then tells him that she will not testify against the man she loves. Hal is clearly disappointed in Emily. He pleads with her. He admits that he doesn’t give a damn what happens to Paul, but he tells Emily that he still loves her and that he does not want to see the book get thrown at her. Hal’s words cause Emily to break down. She brings up things from their marriage and tells Hal that this is personal and not about what she did. He admits that it is. She tells him that she cares about him, but she is not his to protect anymore, and she tearfully begs him to let her go. Hal does not want to, but he tells the officer to book Emily.

Barbara is outside of the suite where Jen and Dusty are. She suddenly gets confronted by an officer. Her defenses immediately go up and she tells the officer that she has done nothing wrong. The officer informs her that he is there because Hal wants her at the station, because Paul has been arrested. Barbara is shocked and leaves with the officer. At the station, she demands to know why Paul has been arrested. Hal pulls Barbara aside and tells her what Paul did to Jennifer. When he tells her that her grandson is alive, she is in disbelief at first. Then she and Hal hug over their shared grandson. She wants to know why Paul would keep something like this from Jennifer. Hal tells her that she can ask him now, as Paul comes up for fingerprinting.

Paul refuses to talk to Barbara. He tells her that she of all people should be able to figure it out. Her eyes go down for a moment and she immediately connects the situation with Craig and realizes that he switched the babies. As the officer takes Paul to lock-up, Barbara yells to Paul that she will get him out of the mess. Barbara goes down to confront Paul, who is lying on the bed, looking into space. She tells him that it is frightening to see what he is capable of. He turns to her and tells her that he had a good teacher. Barbara tells him that Jen will never forgive him. Paul blurts out that “we were just trying to protect her.” Barbara demands to know who "we" is, and Paul tries to cover quickly, realizing that he has said too much. However, the hateful look in Barbara’s eyes shows that she knows exactly whom he meant. She goes upstairs and sees Emily getting fingerprinted. When she confronts Emily, she hisses for her to get the hell away from her, but Barbara does not back down and immediately tears into Emily, calling her a slut and blaming her for everything. She calls Emily jealous of Jennifer and Paul’s relationship. She warns Emily that Jen will never forgive Paul, and when he realizes this Paul will hate Emily for helping him with the scheme. Emily gets a fearful look in her eyes.

Hal confronts Paul in his cell and gloats about how good it is to see him behind bars. He then tries to guilt him into getting Emily off of the hook by saying that she knew nothing. Paul tells Hal that he will let Emily make her own decisions and that his lawyer will get him for harassment. Hal tells Paul that if he thinks this is bad, then wait until Jennifer is on the other side of the bars.

At the hospital, Meg tries to comfort Susan. She tells Susan that she should talk to Emily, because maybe there was more to the story, both good and bad. Susan is clearly disgusted with the lengths that Emily went to for Paul. She then tells Meg that she knows that she would never go that far to keep Dusty. Meg gulps and tells her that she already has. She doesn’t tell Susan the entire truth, but she tells her about the secret blood test that she administered for Jen. Susan is impressed with Meg and tells her that she should be proud of herself for trying to help and not putting the possibility of Jen and Dusty getting together before the needs of a baby.

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