ATWT Update Tuesday 12/13/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/13/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Java, Lily is sitting at one of the tables, pensive. Holden comes in and, upon seeing her, a smile widens across his face. "You wanted to see me?" he asks. Lily tells him that she talked to her lawyer about him dragging his feet regarding their divorce. Holden cuts her off to say that he is sure the lawyer told her that he was well within his rights, which Lily confirms. Is that the only reason she wanted to meet with him? He adds that it is great to see her. She falls into his intense stare, but then tells him that he needs to let her go. He needs to stop making things difficult. Holden can’t give her what she wants because he knows deep down that she doesn’t want this divorce anymore than he does. Just then, Keith walks into Java and sees Holden talking with Lily.

At Carly and Jack’s, Carly repeats to Hal and Dusty that they are not taking the baby. She knows they are there because of Jen. She can’t believe that they let her hold Billy, and this is how she repays them. Hal and Dusty express confusion. They didn’t even know Jen had been there. They are in the middle of an investigation. Carly can’t believe this; she utters over and over that this can’t be true or happening. Hal appreciates the good care they all took of Billy, but … Carly backs away. Hal starts again: they have proof. They matched the DNA in the custody suit with Jen’s DNA. Hal hands Jack the papers, and he thumbs through them and then looks nervously at Carly.

In the cabin, Gwen asks Will if he is sure that Billy is okay. Will assures her that Carly and Jack are taking good care of him. She will see him in the morning, which, by the way, is only in a few hours. Carly promised everything will be fine; he reminds her she has full custody, and that is not going to ever change. Gwen admits that she is not used to things working out. Will hugs her and reminds her that it is okay to allow herself to be happy. She hugs him tightly back and tells him how very happy she is.

At Barbara’s, she wants Jen to sit down, relax and drink her tea. She thinks Jen looks exhausted. Jen can’t, she is too wound up; she needs to distance herself. She saw the results, and she gets that her baby is not alive, but she just feels at this point she needs to be someplace new. Barbara still pushes her to stay, even if she doesn’t attend Paul’s wedding. This statement prompts Jen to remember that she needs to call Paul. She picks up her cell and calls him.

At the police station, Cass is meeting with Paul and Emily. He has read the charges that the police have shown him and he feels that they are both in a lot of trouble. They could be charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, obstruction of justice, and forgery. Paul tries to explain that he found out weeks after the fact, and by then he decided to go along with it in order to protect his sister. His ex-wife is in a hospital in a coma, never to recover, and that is all he could think about with Jen. Cass reminds him that Craig was in jail. Paul answers by wondering if they could rely on him being in jail forever. If he got out, he would terrorize Jen. Paul’s cell phone interrupts them, and he looks at the caller ID and sees that it is Jen. He has to answer to explain his side. He picks up and immediately tells her to not listen to them, because they don’t understand. Jen answers, "Who doesn’t understand?" Paul asks where she is. She is at the Lakeview with Barbara. She goes on quickly to say that she has to talk to him, because she feels awful about the fact that she can’t handle seeing Gwen and the baby. She knows she promised to go to his wedding, but she can’t; she is leaving for Paris tonight. Paul jumps at this news. He thinks she should leave; it is for the best. He promises to send her some cake and lots of pictures. As he is hanging up, he tells her that everything he did was to protect her; he only wanted her safe and happy. Jen appreciates that and asks him if he could meet her at the airport. Paul has to turn her down (obviously); he tells her he is swamped with things to do. Jen asks what he meant in the beginning of the conversation. Paul covers by saying that he was preoccupied when he answered the phone. They say goodbye, but after they hang up Jen tells Barbara that he seemed strange, as if he was not telling her something that was wrong. Barbara can’t refuse—she pipes in that it probably has something to do with the fact that he is marrying Emily. Jen points out that Emily makes him happy and that is all that matters. Barbara jokes back that she should be marrying a kilo of bittersweet chocolate. After Paul hangs up, he happily tells Emily of Jen’s change of plans. Emily is thrilled. As Cass is about to leave, he asks them how Hal found them in the records room. Emily answers, saying that Dusty fancies himself Jen’s protector and has been snooping around, and he overheard a conversation and must have directed Hal to go there. Cass looks interested as he leaves. Paul tells Emily that Jen will hate him when she finally finds out the truth. Emily thinks that she will be mad, but not hate him. Emily asks again out loud, as if trying to figure it out in her own mind, how Hal knew to look for them there. Someone that worked at the hospital would have been the only one to know to go there. Light dawns on Emily. Dusty wasn’t just protecting Jen, but Meg as well. Meanwhile, outside the room, Meg has arrived and sees Paul and Emily huddled together and talking in the interrogation room. She remembers Dusty telling her that he kept her secret from Paul about how they figured this out. She wonders out loud—she knows Dusty will keep her secret, but will Paul and Emily? She looks at them apprehensively from afar.

Carly can’t believe this is true, but Jack tells her that the paperwork all looks in order. Jack reminds Carly of Montana; does she remember when they were waiting for the paperwork on Sage? The paper and results meant everything to them. It changed their lives. The test didn’t lie; Hal doesn’t lie. Carly knows that deep down. Where is Gwen’s baby, then? Hal unravels the mess for her. Craig switched the babies in order to adopt his own child. Jen was given Gwen’s baby. Carly realizes what that means: her sister’s baby has died. She can’t believe that Gwen wouldn’t have known; she would have felt it. Dusty reminds Carly that Gwen went to the service, but Carly explains she was there for Will. Was she? Dusty wonders. Jack starts to realize this is the truth. Does she remember how Gwen named Casey as the father of Billy, and the tests showed he wasn’t? The tests were right because Craig is the father. Does she remember how desperate Craig was to keep the baby when he showed up there? Carly starts to realize that this is the truth as well. She asks Hal if Emily knew the truth. Hal pauses before he says yes. Carly now understands why Emily suggested that Carly keep the baby away from Jen. Hal reminds her that Emily has not been herself recently. Carly starts to break down; how is she going to tell Gwen? Jack knows they will find a way. They need to do the right thing. Dusty moves toward her, but Carly steps back and clings to Billy tighter, saying that she can’t let them take him.

Holden pleads with Lily to stop this, because he knows she doesn’t want this either. Keith walks up and interrupts this. "Isn’t this touching." Holden, who has been the grass-is-greener guy; why wasn’t he fighting for his marriage like this when Julia was alive? Keith wonders. Holden and Keith exchange a few choice words and then Holden leaves. Keith inquires as to why Lily didn’t tell him she was meeting Holden. Lily snaps back that she didn’t know she would have to run all of her plans by him. She was meeting him in a public place about their divorce. Keith tries to appease her; when is she going to marry him? Lily, who is getting up, replies shortly that she will when she can. Keith grabs her arm and begs her not to go. What has happened to them? Lily wonders if he has noticed that he is holding her hostage. He understands that he is pressuring her a bit, but he doesn’t want her to go back to her stale marriage because it is convenient. Lily wonders if he thinks their marriage will work. Keith knows they will make mistakes, but he will never cheat. He will not go back on any promises, as he knows she wouldn’t with him. Lily wonders if that holds true to promises people are forced into. Keith promises that they will go back to having fun like before. He knows that those feelings just don’t go away. Lily agrees with that statement, but it is obvious that she is thinking of her feelings for someone else, namely Holden. She stands to go and tells him that she is going to say goodnight to her kids. Keith just asks her not to be long.

Emily explains what she is thinking. Dusty overheard this conversation between Casey and Will and then he most likely told Meg. She would have been the one to direct him to the records room. Paul isn’t sure; Meg would have nothing to gain by telling him, and everything to lose. Cue Meg, who walks in the door to see them both. She feigns disbelief. She heard at the hospital that they got arrested and had to talk to them. She asks them to please tell her this has nothing to do with Jen and that they haven’t said anything about her part in it. Paul starts to relay what Dusty said to him, but Emily is suspicious and she accuses Meg of helping Dusty. How could Dusty not have told her what was going on? Meg covers, saying that the topic of Jen is a sore subject and they don’t broach it often. She claims emotionally that their arrest and this are the last things she needed. Please tell her they believe her, she pleads.

Gwen wants to get up because she can’t sleep. She starts riffling through a chest and comes across games and a doll of Jen’s. Will gets up because he wants to put more logs on the fire. Gwen tells of how she was never much into dolls, but Will says that Jen was because she always wanted to be a mom. Gwen can understand that, because Billy is the best. He looks longingly at the doll and admits that he would do anything to bring Jen’s son back to her. Gwen knows he would.

Jen is hanging up the phone, asking them to call her room when the car service shows up. Barbara continues to plead with her to stay. It is Christmas; she will be lonely without her. She doesn’t want to share the holidays with Will in a garage with his platinum-haired sourpuss girlfriend and her illegitimate child. Jen thinks Barbara should reconsider, because Will loves her, and Billy is such an angel. The phone rings and Jen finds out the car service is downstairs.

Carly continues, insisting they have no right. Hal reminds her that biologically the baby is Jen’s. Gwen raised the baby and fought for him, Carly retorts, and she doesn’t have the right to give him away. She is at Barbara’s cabin in the woods and there is no cell phone service, so they can’t reach her. Can’t they just wait until morning? Jen is leaving first thing in the morning, they tell her. Jack suggests that they tell Jen and she can come to their house, and that way Gwen has a chance to say goodbye. Carly can’t fathom them wanting to tell Gwen her baby is really dead and then taking the only baby she has known right out of her arms. They all feel deeply for Gwen, but they also feel for Jen. Jen needs him too, and she has been hanging on by a thread. Hal wonders—if it were Parker and some other woman had him, would Carly wait until morning? It is out of his hands; he has a court order. She needs to either hand him over, or he has to take him. Carly holds Billy tighter.

Meg continues to plead her case; everything is falling into place for her and Dusty. They just moved in together. Emily wonders if her newfound conscience got the better of her. Meg assures her that if Dusty found out then he would leave her. Her words seem to be affecting them, as Paul and Emily seem swayed. She starts to leave, saying she needs to get to Dusty before he goes to Jen. Paul grabs her arm and tells her that Jen will never find out.

Barbara wants to know exactly where Jen will be; she wants to come visit. Isn’t she staying with her friends? No, she has changed her mind. She had intended to, but now she just wants time to herself. She will see them when she is ready. Barbara worries about Jen spending Christmas by herself. Jen admits that she isn’t even going to celebrate this year. She couldn’t handle not having Johnny with her.

Will has cleaned up the rocking horse for them to take back to Billy. Gwen laughs that he can’t even sit up, never mind ride on one of these. She thanks Will with another hug and kiss for taking such good care of her and Billy. Will admits that taking care of her and Billy is giving him a second chance. They are his family now, just the three of them.

Carly is starting to cry; Gwen will never forgive her. Jack explains that they have to comply with this court order. Why? Carly asks. They have bucked the system before. Jack reminds her how much this baby has been bounced around. He needs to be with his real mom finally, and Jen is going to be a great mother. Does she want him to do it? Carly stares at him and then silently answers his question by walking slowly over to Hal and Dusty. She gently hands Hal the baby, giving him instructions. Then she turns and runs out of the room. Jack excuses himself quickly to go get the car seat. Hal is in disbelief. Jen’s baby is alive; he has a grandson. It is a miracle. Dusty wholeheartedly agrees. Does he remember how Jen kept saying that she just wanted to hold her baby? Well, now she can. Hal’s cell phone interrupts, and it is Tom talking about offering Emily a deal. Hal promises to be right in. He hands the baby to Dusty and asks if he could do him a favor: could he get his grandson to his daughter? He is needed at the station. Dusty asks if he is sure. Hal laughs, saying that he brought this baby into the world, and he knows he can trust him to get him to his daughter.

Meg pretends to worry that if Dusty tells Jen then she will be free to cry into his arms, and then she will lose him. Paul explains that Jen is leaving for Europe tonight. She doesn’t know anything and they want to keep it that way. Meg continues; she asks them to promise not to tell anyone about her role, or Jen will run to Dusty. Paul agrees and says that he doesn’t want Jen with Dusty either, so she does her part and he will do his, and he won’t need to drag her into this. As he is finishing that sentence, Hal walks in and wonders what they are talking about.

Barbara and Jen share an emotional goodbye. Barbara wants her to promise to call the minute she gets there and to stay on touch. Jen admits that she is going to miss her. She recognizes that they had their problems, but when she lost Johnny, she was there for her. She couldn’t have made it through that without her. Barbara starts to head for the door. No arguments: she is going to see her off at the airport. There is a soft knock at the door. Is it Dusty? No, it is the bellman, ready to take Jen’s bags down. Jen takes one more long look around the room.

Lily walks into the barn, calling out for Luke and Faith. She stops and looks around nostalgically. She remembers kissing Holden, and then remarks out loud that Keith is right—those feeling just don’t go away. Just then Holden walks in with a Christmas tree. He asks what she is doing there. She stopped by to see the kids and say goodnight. Holden explains they went to bed over an hour ago. She didn’t realize how late it was. She remarks nervously about how cold it is, and, like the gentleman that he is, Holden removes his coat and gives it to her. As he is putting it around her shoulders their eyes meet, but he backs slightly away. She asks when they are going to decorate. Holden laughs and reminds her that will be up to Emma. Then Lily feels the lump in his pocket and pulls out a pine cone. He remembered! She asks laughingly if this really was the first pine cone he saw. It was, because it wouldn't be good luck if it weren’t. Holden pulls Lily closely to him. Lily, though putting up no fight, doesn’t think they should, but Holden is sure enough for the both of them. He kisses her and soon they have fallen onto the hay.

Gwen is staring out into the snow. Will asks what is wrong. She says nothing, but she hugs him tightly as her face shows an expression of concern.

Carly is holding a stuffed-animal horse. Jack asks if it is for Sage. She explains that she bought it for Billy for Christmas. Rosanna loved horses so much that she thought he would like this animal. Jack is sure she still can give it to him, but Carly knows it won’t be the same. She starts to break down. She has broken two promises now. She promised Rosanna that she would take care of her baby, and now she promised Gwen … She starts to sob, as Jack holds her and we see the empty park and playground in the foreground.

Hal demands to know why Meg would need to be dragged into this. Meg answers, covering: it means nothing; she was there because everyone heard about the arrest and the staff was upset. She was there for them. Emily asks Meg to keep an eye on her mom, which Meg agrees to do. Hal seems suspicious, but the officer comes in to bring them to booking. Paul and Emily start to walk out, but Hal grabs Emily. Hal promises to bring her over after. She is confused; Cass is representing them both, and she needs to go with Paul. After they leave, Hal tells her that he wants her to turn state’s evidence. He tells her she either testifies against Paul or she will go to jail. Outside, Paul tells Meg that he and Emily are together on this, and they will not tell anyone about her role in this. A relieved Meg calls Dusty and leaves a message for him, asking how things are going.

Dusty arrives at Jen’s room, only to bump into the bellman. If he is looking for Jen, he just put her into a car, because she is heading to the airport. Dusty looks disappointed but bundles the baby up and prepares to go after her. He doesn’t have to, though, because as he is about to leave Jen shows up. She is stunned to find Dusty and Billy there outside her door.

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