ATWT Update Monday 12/12/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/12/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the cabin, Will and Gwen are in bed, enjoying the afterglow. Will comments about how beautiful she is, but Gwen doesn’t know how to take the compliment. Beautiful women surround him, and she isn’t one of them. Will playfully takes inventory of her by commenting on her various body parts. Gwen thinks he is saying it because they just made love. Will corrects her; he is saying it because she took his virginity and she is the light of his life. She and Billy are his family now.

At Jack and Carly’s, Jen, standing in the doorway, asks Carly again if she can hold Billy. Carly doesn’t think it is a good idea.

At the hospital, Susan is trying to figure out what happened to her key card. Meg tries to have her go back over where she had been. Susan remembers putting it in her pocket when Emily arrived all upset. Meg exclaims that Emily took it; she has the card.

Paul and Emily are in the records room, shredding papers on Rory. They have only one paper left when Hal barges in and tells them not to move an inch. Dusty grabs the paper and Hal asks if there is enough left. Dusty tells them there is enough to prove that Jen is the baby’s mother. Why did Paul do it? Why would he hurt her that way? Paul tells Emily they should get going, but Hal demands they stay where they are. Paul tells them that they can’t hold them there because they have done nothing wrong. Hal wonders if he considers breaking and entering wrong. Paul is weaving a tale of how they walked by the door and always wondered what was in here, so they popped in. Dusty chimes in that they thought they would just start shredding papers. Paul continues his tale, saying that the paper was on the floor and they thought it was trash. Dusty snarls that they know that they didn’t think this piece of paper was trash. Hal holds up the paper triumphantly and says that this paper is going to send the both of them to jail. Emily looks horrified.

Will and Gwen continue to lounge in bed. Gwen starts to get up and put her clothes on, and Will asks what she is doing. She explains that she is cold because the fire went out. Will assures her that he will keep her warm. Will laments that there are no more logs left, and Gwen playfully tells him she will wait for him while he goes and gets some more logs outside, adding teasingly not to forget to wear his gloves. Gwen promises to stay inside and make some soup. Will tries to get her to switch jobs, but she laughs and turns him down. As he gets out of bed and starts to get ready to go outside, Gwen jumps up and tells him that she wants to accompany him. Will wants her to stay inside because it is freezing out there, but Gwen wants to go with him because that is her favorite place to be—at his side. Will smiles warmly at her.

Jen sets Carly straight: she knows he is not her child. She is leaving town tomorrow and she just wants to see him one last time. Carly is quite hesitant, but Jen goes on to say she was going to visit Johnny’s gravesite, but she didn’t want her last memory to be one of sadness.. She sees Johnny through Billy because of what he stands for; he is a happy and healthy boy, just like her son would have been. She feels that somewhere her baby exists, and if she holds Billy, somewhere Johnny can feel how much she loves him. Carly pauses again but then invites her in. She agrees to let Jen hold the baby for a short while. She will be right upstairs. She gently hands Billy to Jen and then walks upstairs, stopping on the landing to look back at Jen, unsure if she should go. Jen answers Carly’s non-vocal thoughts by assuring her that they will be okay. Carly turns and leaves.

Outside the records room, Meg has tiptoed up to the door and is listening. She hears them talking about the fact that they know Jen's and Gwen’s babies were switched. Paul continues to insist they have nothing on them. Hal is furious; how could he let his sister believe that her child was dead? When Hal demands that Emily come with him outside, Meg takes off. Paul tells Emily to say nothing. Hal tells Dusty to not take his eyes off of Paul. Dusty smirks as he asks what he should do if he tries to escape. Hal tells him point-blank to stop him. Outside the room, Emily repeats Paul’s mantra; she has nothing to say. Hal grabs the badge Emily has and speaks the name on it, Dr. Susan Stewart. He knows she did not give it to her. He then starts to list the charges against her. He could charge her with possession of stolen property, criminal trespass, and breaking and entering. Hal spits that he can’t believe she would do all this for her boyfriend. Emily corrects him; he is her fiancé. Is he important enough to lose her son over? Emily snaps back that he is just jealous. He is mad because she left him and now she is living happily with Paul. Hal vows that it is not jealousy, but it is criminal. Emily looks concerned as she asks Hal what he wants from her. He wants her to tell him everything. He wants to know everything that Paul coerced her into doing. Why is he doing this to her? It is all on her, Hal states. He begged her not to get involved with Paul. He knew he was a terrible influence. A crushed Hal reminds her how he almost destroyed Jen’s life; she got hooked on drugs, she thought her baby was alive, she was even committed to an institution. Emily starts to cry as she explains that she never meant to hurt him or Jen. Hal tells her that she has one chance to tell him the truth and the whole story, and maybe he can help her. A torn-up Emily stares at Hal, but then finds her resolve and tells him that she loves Paul. She will not betray him.

Hal’s shoulders slump. That is too bad, he tells her, because there is one thing he knows for sure, and that is that Paul will betray her. Cue the police officers: they greet Emily, but they are a bit surprised by Hal’s pronouncements to take the suspect into custody, as he nods towards Emily. They do as they are told, though, and Emily is hauled off in handcuffs. Meanwhile, inside the room, Dusty wonders if Paul thought he would get away with this. He tells him that it was only a matter of time, because people talk. He was lucky enough to have overheard Casey talking to someone else about having a paternity test done. He then put it together. "All by yourself?" Paul wonders, adding that must be why he screwed this up. Then Hal comes in and tells the officer to take Paul away as well. Dusty calls after him, taunting him by asking what he thinks Jen will have to say when she finds out. Paul is sure she won’t believe him. Dusty isn’t so sure she won’t believe them when they put her baby in her arms. Hal follows behind Paul and Emily as they are being taken away, and Susan sees this and nervously calls to Emily, asking her what is going on. Emily snaps back for her to stay out of it. Susan turns to Hal and asks him what is going on. He informs her that they are in a lot of trouble, which he can’t fully get into right now. Essentially, they were in the locked records room shredding papers. Susan is overwhelmed and runs after them, not really knowing what to do. Dusty tells Hal that the DNA guy is on his way over to run the test to see if the DNA is a match. Hal wants to make sure this is irrefutable and he tells Dusty to make sure of this guy’s solid credentials. Hal is going to see if they can recover some of the stuff Paul got rid of on the hard drive.

Jen is coddling the baby, talking softly to him as Carly and Jack watch from the stairwell. She tells him that tomorrow she will be leaving. She will miss him; he saved her life. She thanks him for that, and she begs him to remember her, because she will never forget him. A nervous Carly approaches them and tells her that she needs to get him to bed. Jen gives Billy back, even though she doesn’t want to. She thanks them and bids them farewell, and leaves very quickly. After she leaves, Jack feels empathy for her, but Carly is just glad to see her go and getting ready to leave town the next day. Carly just wants to see Billy get some stability in his life; he has been bounced around, fought over and kidnapped. She takes some blame at the same time for the upheaval in his life, though. She just wants everyone to back off and let Gwen bond and enjoy time with her son.

Will is putting logs on the fire and talking about how they can cook the soup over the flames, as well as toast marshmallows. Gwen is elsewhere as she looks at the pictures on the table. She tells Will she can’t imagine having her baby out here, because it was hard enough in the hospital. Being that far from the hospital—is that why she lost the child? She wonders how you get over something like that. She goes on to talk about how a mother gets to know her child as it grows inside of her. You feel it kick and you realize how innocent and full of possibilities it is, she relays. Will asks if she is missing Billy. She admits she had tried calling Carly but couldn’t get a signal. She then says that she loves being there with him, but she is worried about the snow coming and wonders if they should get home. Will looks saddened by this.

The doctor has arrived and Dusty and Hal are talking to him about doing a comparison of DNA. They hand him the baby’s DNA test and ask him to let them know if there is anything he would need. His results have to be above reproach. There can be no question as to the validity of his results..

Paul and Emily are talking in the interrogation room at the station. Emily explains that Cass won’t be there for an hour or so, so they have time to talk. They hug, almost clinging to each other. Emily wonders how they are going to get out of this. Paul thinks it will be easier for her to get out of this than him. He knows Hal is still in love with her, and he would help her get out of it. Did he want her to roll over on him? Did he threaten her son? Emily wonders if he was listening outside the door. Paul wants to get out of there just to get to Jen before Dusty does. Emily doesn’t want him to worry; she will understand after he explains. She will forgive him in the end. They hug and kiss desperately again as an annoyed Susan walks in. She tells them angrily to get a grip; they are acting this way as they are about to be hauled off to jail. Emily doesn’t want her there, but when Susan mentions posting her bail Emily is psyched, until Susan says she won’t do anything for Paul. She won’t do anything for Emily, either, until she tells her the whole story. Emily doesn’t want to in case Hal questions her, but Susan doesn’t want to hear that excuse. Did they do what the desk sergeant said they did? Did they keep a baby away from its mother? Is it true? An overwrought Emily admits to it. Susan is stunned; what kind of monsters are they?

The doctor comes back over to Hal and Dusty. It is conclusive; they are mother and child. Dusty and Hal are shocked but elated. The doctor leaves and Hal repeats that Jen’s child is alive. He has a grandchild. He wants to run off and tell her, but Dusty stops him. They need to go slowly. She is not going to believe this until her baby is in her arms.. They need to get Billy away from Gwen. Hal takes off to go to the courthouse to start the proceedings.

Meg walks over and smirks as she says she heard about Paul and Emily. They kiss. Dusty is euphoric; he had this gut feeling and he knew something was wrong. He stares into Meg’s eyes as he tells her how she made it real. Meg looks away guiltily. She doesn’t want to hear his praise. He admits that he was tempted to tell Paul that it was thanks to her that they were able to take him down. Meg freaks out; he promised he wouldn’t bring her in—she could lose her job. Dusty calms her down by saying he would never say anything. He promised he would keep her secret.. Did Paul ask how he figured it out? Meg asks. He didn’t tell him a thing. He hugs her, as Meg looks quite nervous. He assures her that all her secrets are safe with him.

Will is quickly telling Gwen he will go out and put the chains on the tires, and they can leave right away. Gwen stops him; what is wrong? He stops and admits that it was their first time, and when your girlfriend wants to hightail it out of there right after, it can’t be a good sign. Gwen admits she is a little unnerved to be there alone with him. What if she doesn’t measure up? Will can’t believe she is starting in again on how she is not pretty enough. He can’t get enough of her, and she is everything he wants. What more can he do to convince her? He has already convinced her, she says. She admits that she has fantasized about them being together each day, and it was better than she imagined and hoped. She just wants them to last. She is fearful because of their parents' track records. Will promises her that she has nothing to fear; they will last. They should get going, though, but now Gwen stops him. She doesn’t want to go anywhere. Will worries about there being a blizzard and what they will do if the roads become impassable. Gwen won’t hear of that anymore; she wants them to just focus on each other. She tells him that she loves him for worrying about her and Billy. Never stop doing that, she asks, and they seal it with another passionate kiss.

Barbara is on the phone in her suite, trying to reach Jen, when in she walks. She tells her that the concierge brought up her suitcases, but she thinks they should get dinner before they pack. Jen is preoccupied, and so Barbara goes to move the suitcases. She sees baby clothes in the open suitcase. Jen explains that that was the suitcase she was going to take to the hospital with Johnny, but then the baby came early, and then he— and she cuts herself off as she breaks down. Barbara quickly moves to hold and soothe her.

Dusty explains how he and Hal found Paul and Emily shredding the papers. Hal has gone to court to expedite the process of getting Billy to Jen. She could get her baby back tonight. Meg asks if he is sure he has to be there, but Dusty explains that he wants to be there. Meg looks disappointed.

Jack asks Carly how the baby is doing. Carly is sure he is fine, but she admits that she does feel a bit sorry for Jen. How can anyone look at this baby and not want him? However, it is Gwen’s time to spend with Billy. Jack reminds Carly that she will be able to be there with her as well now.

Will and Gwen are lying in bed, enjoying the aftermath of their lovemaking again. He promises her that if there is a blizzard he will find a snowmobile and a team of dogs and get her home. She tells him to let it snow, then.

Jen sobs; she is not trying to make everything about Johnny, but everything makes her sad about losing him. She tells Barbara how she just came from Carly’s, and a surprised Barbara asks why she was there.. She explains that she was looking for Will, but she can’t deny how right it feels when she holds Billy. She worries about having to see him with Gwen and Will at the wedding. Barbara doesn’t think they would ever bring a baby to a wedding. Jen can’t take that chance. Barbara thinks she should consider not going away. She should just stay and try to work through her feelings and try to gain some perspective over this. Jen feels strongly that she needs to leave. Barbara gives in; if she has to go, then she wants her to have a good dinner and good night's sleep and then deal with things in the morning. Things always look better in the morning.

A snappy Meg tells Dusty that she will just see him later, whenever he gets home. She starts to walk away, but Dusty grabs her and tells her not to leave. What is wrong? Meg tells him she is really happy to have her boyfriend going to see a beautiful redhead who will be so ingratiated to him for what he found out that she would be willing to do anything for him. Dusty reminds her that he has a beautiful brunette at home whom he is willing to do anything for. Meg appreciates his effort and tells him, more relaxed now, that she will see him at home. He tells her that she is the real hero in this and how thankful he is to her. Meg wants to leave quickly, guilty over his continued adoration of her.

Paul thinks that Susan being Emily’s mother doesn’t give her the right to talk to her that way. Susan snaps back that being Emily’s lover doesn’t give him the right to use her. He got her involved in this horrific scheme. A police officer comes to process Paul, and when he leaves Emily wants Susan to understand that she makes her own decisions and choices. Susan thinks that she is acting like a spoiled, impetuous, dishonest child. She has reverted back into that immature person she was before she married Hal. Emily wonders why being married to Hal made her good.. Susan saw her as happy and stable, and she was happy for her. Why would she destroy that? She feels she was always wrapped up in Hal’s wants and needs. Paul takes her for who she is. Susan is amazed; this is who Emily thinks she is? Why, because he thinks she is pretty and he has a big penthouse? He likes her for who she is, she screams. That is something she has not had in her life. Susan reminds her that she used her, making her believe that he was out of her life, all the while helping him further this evil scheme. Emily apologizes for that part. Susan wonders how she is supposed to get Emily out of this mess. Paul comes back into the room and Emily tells her that she will clean this up on her own, asking her to go home. Susan turns her rage on Paul and yells at him that if he were any kind of man (and she tells him that she uses that word loosely) that he would let Emily off the hook. He would take full responsibility for this. Susan leaves and Emily tells him to pay no mind to her, but Paul says he thinks she is right. Emily wonders if it is the part where she calls her petty and grasping, or him arrogant? Paul explains that he means that he should let her off the hook. There is no reason for the two of them to go to jail. He knows she was not always with him and that she tried to talk him out of it. She could have walked away. She reminds him that she didn’t, though. She understood his reasons, and that is why she stuck around. She still understands. Paul tells her that Susan is wrong about one thing: he does love her. She loves him too. She no longer wants him to talk about taking the fall. They are in this together.

Gwen and Will are sleeping when she shoots up in bed. She tells Will that Billy is crying. Will assures her that it is only a dream. They are alone in the cabin. He settles her down by relaying his happy dream. They were together at their house with Billy, and after he went to sleep they went to bed and made love, and then when she was asleep he whispered to her that this was his wish—to have this forever. Gwen smiles as she tells him that his dream sounds perfect, and that she hopes it comes true. Will promises her it will, starting tomorrow. Gwen turns onto her side, but she looks nervous.

Jen is hanging up the phone with the airline as Barbara brings in some Earl Grey tea for her. She worries that the snow may close the airport and that she won’t be able to leave tomorrow. They should order in and just pamper themselves, but Jen interrupts her to tell her that she changed her flight and that the car service will be picking her up in half an hour.

Jack tells Carly that he got Sage back to sleep and he wants her to put down the baby and meet him upstairs in their room. The doorbell interrupts them. They look at each other, confused about whom that could be. Jack opens the door and finds Hal. Carly wonders if he is there to see Parker, because he is already asleep. Just then Dusty pops up beside Hal, and Carly wants to know why he is there with him. A nervous Hal tells Jack and Carly that there is no easy way to tell them what he has to say. He is there to pick up Billy. Carly is instantly panicked; has there been an accident? Is Gwen okay? Hal tells her that she is fine, but they have just received conclusive proof that Billy is not Gwen’s child. The baby belongs to Jen. Carly is defiant; there is no way in hell he is taking this baby.

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