ATWT Update Friday 12/9/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 12/9/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Jack and Carly’s house, Jack and Carly arrive and Parker and J.J. are thrilled that their mom isn’t going to jail. Carly explains that Gwen was the one who made the judge change his mind. Will takes Gwen outside to talk to her.

Outside Carly’s house, Will tells Gwen he is proud of her for doing a good thing and making Carly’s family so happy. Will gives Gwen a kiss, and Carly walks outside and interrupts them. Will and Gwen are a little embarrassed, but Carly smiles and tells them she is happy they were celebrating.

At Java, Meg recalls how proud Dusty was of her for discovering the truth about Jennifer’s baby. Jennifer arrives and sits at the table with Meg and apologizes for crying on her shoulder earlier. Jennifer tells Meg she has been running all over town looking for a dress for Paul and Emily’s wedding tomorrow. Jennifer admits to Meg she is feeling guilty, because Paul and Emily had to rush their wedding because she is leaving Oakdale. Meg tells Jennifer not to feel badly that Paul and Emily are rushing their wedding plans, because they love her and they want her to be a part of the wedding. Meg wonders if Jennifer is sure that she wants to leave town. Jennifer explains that she needs to get away from painful memories so she can heal. Jennifer doesn’t really feel there is a reason to stay in Oakdale. Meg thinks Jennifer should stay in Oakdale because of her family. Jennifer explains to Meg that she will miss her brothers and family, but if she stays in Oakdale she will never heal.

At the courthouse, Dusty and Hal arrive to ask Tom for a warrant to search the hospital records room. Tom explains to Dusty and Hal that he is swamped with work now that he has to finish Carly’s plea agreement. Hal was unaware that Carly had been sentenced, so Tom explains that the judge gave Carly a twelve-year suspended sentence. Dusty explains that they must get the warrant before Jennifer leaves Oakdale tomorrow. Tom is puzzled, so Hal explains that they need to unseal records on genetic testing that was done on Billy Norbeck. Tom gets angry because he fears Casey will be hurt and refuses to unseal the records. Tom walks back into his office to finish Carly’s plea agreement.

At Paul and Emily’s house, Paul explains to Emily that Dusty discovered that there was another DNA test done on Jennifer’s baby as part of the custody battle between Gwen and Carly. Paul tells Emily that Dusty is trying to get a search warrant to look at the test results. Paul is frantic because he doesn’t have an idea of where the records could be stored. Emily tells Paul she has an idea where the records are, and she knows exactly how to get them. Emily makes a phone call, and after she hangs up the phone she tells Paul they must get to the hospital right away. Paul is amazed that Emily is willing to risk so much to help him.

Outside Carly’s house, Carly tells Will and Gwen it’s important for them to have time to celebrate happiness together. Parker walks outside and is happy that Will is staying for dinner. Carly tells Parker to show Will his volcano, so Will goes inside the house with Parker. Carly tells Gwen she is grateful for what she did for her in court today and once again apologizes for drugging her. Carly explains that she really thought she was doing what was best for Billy. Gwen tells Carly she understands and probably would have done the same thing if the situation were reversed. Carly tells Gwen she is a wonderful mother, despite the fact she grew up with Iris. Carly tells Gwen she wishes she had known sooner that they were sisters so that she would not have had to grow up with Iris. Carly tells Gwen she is grateful that they are sisters and that they finally found each other. Carly asks Gwen if she is in love with Will, and Carly can tell by Gwen’s look that she does love Will, and he loves her. Gwen explains that she couldn’t stand Will when they first met, but through everything he was always there for her. Carly asks Gwen’s permission to give her some sisterly advice. Carly tells Gwen she got the impression that she interrupted a private moment when she stopped by the house earlier. Carly tells Gwen she hopes they are being careful about making love. Gwen tells Carly they have not made love yet because they just don’t have time, since the baby is teething and fussy. Carly offers to baby-sit Billy so Gwen and Will can spend some time alone together. Gwen tells Carly she appreciates the offer but she can’t accept it. Carly tells Gwen she understands and pretends she isn’t hurt by Gwen’s refusal to let her take care of Billy.

At Java, Meg asks Jennifer if she is thinking about coming back to Oakdale someday and getting back together with Dusty. Jennifer explains that her relationship with Dusty brings back the pain of losing her baby. Jennifer thinks that she and Dusty will always be good friends but nothing more, because he has moved on, and she would never do anything to ruin his happiness.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Gwen asks Will if he wants to spend some time alone with her, because Carly offered to stay with Billy. Gwen explains that she hurt Carly by turning down the offer because she doesn’t feel she can trust her. Will tells Gwen he understands her feelings and they will be alone when the time is right. Will tells Gwen any mother would feel nervous about leaving her child with anyone. Gwen watches Carly play with Parker and J.J. and decides to let Carly stay with the baby. Carly is thrilled at the news and reassures Gwen three times that Billy will be well taken care of and in one piece when she returns to pick him up tomorrow. Gwen tells Billy goodbye and that she loves him.

At Java, Jennifer assures Meg that Dusty loves her and she would never hurt her after everything she has done for her. Jennifer tells Meg she will miss her, because she feels they have become good friends.

At the courthouse, Dusty and Hal plead with Tom to grant them the search warrant because this has nothing to do with hurting Casey. Hal explains there is reason to believe Jennifer’s baby was switched with Gwen’s baby, and Paul is keeping it a secret from Jennifer. Tom can’t believe Paul would do that to his own sister, but he calls the judge and gets the search warrant for Hal. Hal and Dusty rush to the hospital.

At the hospital, Emily pretends to cry and tells Susan that the wedding is off because Paul is lying to her. Susan gives Emily a hug and Emily sticks her hand in Susan’s coat pocket to get the keys to the records room. Susan is called away on an emergency and Emily and Paul rush to the records room.

At the courthouse, Tom calls Casey to ask him to come to the courthouse because they must have a talk.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack and Carly share some quiet time after putting the kids to bed. Carly wonders if Billy looks like her father. Jack isn’t sure whom Billy looks like, but the only important thing is that he is family. Carly asks Jack if she and Gwen look alike. Jack tells Carly he doesn’t know if they look alike, but they act alike. Carly tells Jack she thinks that Will and Gwen are the perfect couple because they help each other, and in the areas where one of them is weak the other is strong. Carly wants this to be a perfect night for Gwen and she hopes that Will is good to Gwen like Jack is to her. Jack tells Carly he is going to be very good to her right now, and he kisses her.

At Barbara’s cabin, Will tells Gwen that the two of them and the baby are a family now and they are going to be very happy. Gwen kisses Will and tells him that nobody will get in the way of their happiness.

At the courthouse, Tom tells Casey that he thinks he lied to him about something and he demands Casey tell him the truth now. Tom asks Casey if he slept with Gwen. Casey tells Tom that Gwen is just trying to ruin his life and he wishes that Gwen would be happy with Will and leave him alone. Tom repeats the question, and Casey tells Tom he can’t believe his own father thinks he is a liar. Casey leaves without answering Tom’s question.

At the hospital records room, Emily and Paul search for the computer password and the paper files for the results of Billy’s DNA test. Paul and Emily search for five minutes before they find the password to the computer. Paul and Emily struggle to find out under what name the records would be listed. Paul and Emily decide to look under Rory Cabot.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Billy awakens and Carly picks him up to calm him and get him back to sleep. The doorbell rings and Jennifer asks Carly to tell Will to call her tomorrow. Jennifer tells Carly she is leaving town tomorrow and congratulates her on getting a suspended sentence. Jennifer stands outside the door, ready to leave, but she can’t take her eyes off Billy.

At the hospital, Susan can’t find her keys and asks the nurses if they may have found them.

Inside the hospital records room, Paul deletes the DNA test results for Rory Cabot from the hospital computer. Emily is about to take the records out of the paper file and shred them, but Hal bursts in the room just in time to stop her from doing it.

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