ATWT Update Thursday 12/8/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/8/05


Written By Camille
Pictures by Boo

Carly, Jack, Jessica and Tom are all at the court house waiting for her sentencing. The Judge tells Carly that she has a history of breaking the law and getting away with a slap on the wrist. He believes that it’s time for a wake up call. Will, Gwen and Billy show up at the courthouse and while Gwen goes off to find a court officer to let her into the closed hearing, Will stays with Billy. He is confronted by Casey who wants to know why Will sent Dusty to question him. Will tells Casey that he had nothing to do with it and neither did Gwen, why would they open a can of worms that would bring Casey back into their lives?

Inside the courtroom, Carly addresses the judge. She tells him that he’s right. She has done a lot of horrible things. When the people she loves are threatened, she doesn’t think, she acts. She asks the judge to think about her three children and show her mercy. Outside the court house Casey tells Will to keep his mouth shut and to be sure that Gwen does the same. Neither of them notice Paul lurking in the around the corner. Casey leaves and Gwen soon returns with an officer. They go inside the courtroom. Paul meanwhile catches up with Casey and learns that Dusty has been asking if Gwen’s baby had a DNA test.

Back in the courtroom, Gwen tells the judge that Carly is her sister and that they have had a chance to get to know each other. She has forgiven Carly and she hopes that the court will do the same. Carly has given her a family, she needs her sister, her son needs his aunt. She doesn’t want the judge to take away her family when they’ve waited so long to find each other. The judge sentences Carly to 12 years in prison and then suspends the sentence. He warns her however that if she screws up again, he will make sure that she serves the entire time.

Mike pushes Maddie out of the car’s way and is struck himself. When the police arrive, Maddie tries to give them a description of the car and driver but the officer doesn’t believe her especially as she begins to ramble on that the driver of the car is holding her brother hostage.

Mike is taken to the hospital and he tells Maddie that as soon as he is better, he will find Henry and Katie and put a beating on BJ.

Back on the island, BJ confronts Katie about calling Mike. She says that she called him to let him know that she’s with BJ and that she’s happy. Don’t come looking for her. BJ tells her to prove it. He thinks that with everything going to right, someone is bound to pull the rug out from under him. Katie doesn’t know what else to say to him. BJ says that actions are much more eloquent than words. Katie kisses him. BJ tells her that he has practiced on pillows and pictures, while waiting for that moment. He misses the look of disgust on Katie’s face as he says this. They are interrupted by a call from Olga. She tells BJ that she missed Maddie and hit Mike instead. BJ tells Katie that it seems that Mike was so depressed, he walked out into a street in front of a car.

Katie tells him that they have to go back but BJ has changed his mind. He doesn’t want to return to Oakdale. Katie tells him that if he doesn’t understand why she needs to go back, then they can never be together. BJ tells her he’ll call for the plane. Olga calls him again to report that Mike is this’ll alive, he only has a broken rib. BJ tells her to finish the job.

Meg and Dusty are at the coffee house. Meg tells Dusty that if a paternity test was done on the baby, then the records would be sealed by the DA’s office. Dusty’s determined to get his hands on those records no matter what. Meg tells him that he’s no good to her and Jennifer if he’s behind bars. They go back to the hospital and Dusty is trying to find a way to get into the records room. Meg tells him he looks suspicious, they have to find another way. Dusty says it’s time to bring in the big guns.

Paul is livid when he finds the baby’s ID band on his coffee table. Jen tells him it’s all she has left of the baby. Paul wants to know if she’s a glutton for punishment. He thought that they had gotten rid of all keepsakes. Emily tells him that Jen gave her the band so that she could let go and move on. Paul apologizes but Jen thinks that his reaction shows that something else is going on. She wants to know what it is.

Emily tries to cover up by saying that they are all under pressure with the wedding being tomorrow and there’s so much to be done. Jen accepts the explanation and goes off to get the veil for the dress. Emily tells Paul to calm down and focus. She sends him to get the license.

Hal shows up saying he’d waited until he saw Paul leave. He is stunned to see Emily in a wedding dress and tells her that Paul is using her to cover his tracks. He’ll dump her when he gets what he wants. Emily bursts into tears and leaves the room. Hal now turns to Jen, why didn’t she tell hi she was leaving. She tells him that she has to get away. He’ll miss her. At that moment Dusty calls him and tells him he needs help proving that Jen’s baby is alive. Hal says to meet him at the hospital. Dusty tells him he thinks Paul tampered with the records.

After Hal leaves, Jen tells Emily that he’s upset about her going. She seems to hesitate and waver in her decision. Emily tells her not to let Hal change her mind. Jen is upset. Whenever she talks about staying, Emily and Paul jump on her. Are they trying to get rid of her? Emily denies it. She and Paul are on Jen’s side. At that point Paul walks in. “EM we’ve got big problems!” Then he notices Jen standing there. He tells her that there was a problem with the license. After she leaves he tells Emily that Dusty is back on the case.

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