ATWT Update Wednesday 12/7/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/7/05


Written By Lindsey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Night has fallen on the island B.J. has whisked Katie off to. He is getting more aggressive with her and making her feel more uncomfortable. When B.J. leans in to kiss her, she sneezes to avoid kissing him. Katie insists that she needs closure with Henry before she can move forward with anyone else. B.J. gets ticked and yells at Katie for not being able to enjoy the island. She is taken aback and he quickly apologizes. He grabs her face in his hands. The fear is evident on her face. B.J. gets a phone call and takes it outside of the tent, with Katie trying to eavesdrop. Olga is on the other end and she is adamant that Maddie Coleman is a problem. She explains the incident at the coffee shop. B.J. is angry at her for even being at the coffee shop. He tells her that Maddie needs to be taken care of permanently and that he will be home soon. Katie is horrified at hearing this. Katie pretends to be occupied with pouring wine when B.J. reenters the tent. He tells her that there has been a change of plans and that they won’t be going to Palo Alto (where Henry was supposedly at). He tells her that they will be returning to Oakdale tonight because he has work to do. Katie comments that she thought the plane was having problems, and B.J. says that something will be worked out.

Mike finds Maddie doubled over in pain on the bench outside of Java. She is still recovering from the violent shoving given to her by Olga. She tells him not to worry about her, but to go after a tall, blonde Amazon, because she has Henry. Mike takes off in the direction pointed out by Maddie. Shortly after, he returns, breathless, saying that he saw no one matching that description. Maddie can’t fathom how he could have missed her. Mike questions whether he even believes Maddie’s story. She defends herself by telling him how the Amazon ordered the exact same drink that only Henry orders. Mike is annoyed that this is all the proof that Maddie has.

Emily tries to convince Jennifer to leave for Paris tonight instead of waiting until after the wedding. Emily tells Jennifer that running into Gwen and Will with baby Billy constantly will be torture for her. Jennifer is confused that Emily wouldn’t want her at her wedding. Jennifer seems to start taking Emily’s words to heart. Paul walks up and agrees that Jen should leave for Paris as soon as possible.

Back at the hospital, Meg tries to put Dusty on the right track to finding out that the baby belongs to Jennifer. She aims the cloud of suspicion as to who could have mixed up the results toward Paul. When Dusty begins to bite, she throws out reasons as to why Paul would keep the truth about the baby from Jennifer. Meg is thrown for a loop when Dusty wants answers and goes off to confront Paul, saying that he will answer to him. Meg runs after Dusty.

Jennifer is still not sure that she should leave before the wedding. Paul covers and says that she should not have to be there to put up with whatever tactics Barbara would try to use this time to stop the wedding. Jennifer continues to cite reasons as to why she wants to come to the wedding. Finally, Paul throws everyone for a loop when he announces that he and Emily will get married tomorrow morning and that Jennifer can leave after that. Emily keeps calm and Paul tells her that it would mean a lot for him to have his sister there. Jennifer thanks and kisses them and rushes off. Emily confronts Paul about his surprise idea and asks him what to do if she can’t find a minister by the next morning. Paul throws out that she can hire an actor, as if it is no big deal. Emily is disturbed that he would compromise their wedding just to please Jennifer.

Meg catches up to Dusty and tells him not to confront Paul without proof. Dusty is convinced that Paul has been keeping the baby a secret from Jennifer from the very beginning. Meg continues to reason that they need proof. Dusty questions why Meg went out of her way to bring him there and now doesn’t want him to find the truth.

Mike takes Maddie inside the coffee shop, and she has not calmed down from the earlier incident. She is panicked and sure that this woman has Henry. Mike tries to calm Maddie down, but she continues to insist, and he starts to believe that she might be right. Mike and Maddie go over all of the information that they have about Henry. Mike decides to call Jack to fill him in. Maddie yells at him that that is a terrible idea.

Paul apologizes to Emily, and she accepts his apology and leaves to make wedding plans. Paul then makes a mysterious call on his cell phone and changes a plane reservation for Munson from Chicago to Paris. Dusty tells Meg that she is acting strange. She insists that they should be sure first. Dusty tells Meg that he will come up with a plan that does not include her to get to the bottom of this. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to have to put herself on the line again. Dusty tries to figure out a way to get the baby’s DNA, because he knows that Gwen will probably not let him near the baby. Meg remembers that Gwen accused Casey Hughes of being the father. Dusty heads off to find Casey Hughes. He bumps into Jen, who is stepping off the elevator. She is there to tell her aunt Kim that she won’t be able to help out with the toy drive anymore, because she is leaving town tomorrow for an indefinite period of time. Dusty helps Jen to pick her things up off the floor. He brushes her hand as he hands her a hat. Meg sees this. Jen leaves and Dusty proudly turns around to show Meg a strand of hair that he got from Jennifer’s hat that he can use for DNA. Meg asks Dusty what will happen if the truth turns out to be that the baby is Jennifer’s. He says that he will get her baby back to her. He then sees that Meg is concerned that this will push him towards Jennifer, but he assures her that nothing will change. When he leaves, the look on Meg’s face says that she is not so sure.

Maddie tells Mike that B.J. hates cops and that they can’t become involved. Mike says that nothing has been going well so far. B.J. needs to be stopped, and they haven’t been able to do it. Maddie gets a call telling her to report to work at the station. Mike tells her that she cannot go because the Amazon could be waiting for her there, or it could be a set-up.

B.J.’s thoughts and actions become scattered. He tells Katie that he wants to trust her, but people are always trying to undermine him. B.J. then begins to talk about events in high school that Katie barely remembers. He mentions one of her ex-boyfriends. He reveals to Katie that the guy was a jerk and tells of how the guy set it up to look like Byron (B.J.) had spray-painted someone’s car. He then tells Katie how unfortunate it is that his business went south, and he ended up buying the business and selling it. It’s even more unfortunate that the guy had a heart attack. Katie realizes that B.J. caused the guy to have a heart attack by making him believe a lie about his wife and by causing him to lose his business. She sees how off-set he really is and accuses him of destroying anyone who gets in his way. She uses this opportunity to save Henry. She tells B.J. that she knows that the phone call must have been him planning to destroy someone in Oakdale who looked at him the wrong way. She urges him to call off whatever he was planning and to be the bigger person. B.J. goes to check on the pilot.

Maddie pretends to go to the bathroom while Mike makes a phone call to Jack. She then sneaks out without him noticing. Mike gets a phone call and sees B.J.’s number on the ID. It is Katie, who spotted his phone when he left. She tells him that she has no time to talk, but that Mike cannot let Maddie out of his sight. She tells him that she loves him before hanging up. Mike asks the waitress to tell the young lady in the bathroom to hurry up, but she tells him there is no one in there. Mike rushes off to find Maddie. B.J. re-enters the tent. Katie again urges him to call off his operation. B.J. picks up the phone and sees that Katie has made a call to Mike. He gives her a menacing look as she stands speechless. Maddie is walking along on a road outside. She hears a car and sees headlights. She continues walking, but the car gets closer. She sees the headlights coming towards her.

She screams, and out of nowhere Mike pushes her out of the way and is tossed on top of the car; he rolls off, banging to the ground.

Jen shows up at Paul’s penthouse. Emily answers the door and asks if she is okay. Jennifer hands Emily something. She realizes that Jen has made her a wedding dress. Emily tries it on and loves it. Paul walks in and tells Emily it’s beautiful. He finds Jennifer’s baby’s hospital wristband and becomes angry and demands to know why it is there, catching Emily and Jennifer off guard.

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