ATWT Update Tuesday 12/6/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/6/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Java, Mike is talking on the phone with the FBI, apparently getting nowhere. They don’t see B.J.’s muscle around town anymore, plus he has to wait a certain amount of time before someone is considered missing. A frustrated Mike threatens that if anything happens to Katie it is on their heads. Maddie shows up as he hangs up and tells him that she waited around WOAK after he left, and no one came around. She also hacked into Kim’s calendar and found nothing to lead them to where B.J. may be. Did Mike check around? He says he has checked the bars, the gym, and restaurants–nothing, and the FBI won’t do anything for 24 hours. Maddie is worried it might be too late by then. Mike appreciates being reminded of that. The waitress asks for their order and Maddie orders a double skim mocha latte with a shot of espresso and cayenne. Mike simply orders black coffee. Mike wonders what she just ordered. She explains that was Henry’s regular drink, and he loved it so she wanted to try it. Mike thinks it sounds gross, but Maddie thinks she should have listened to Henry before now, and maybe he would be– Mike cuts her off and says he will find them both.

B.J. and Katie arrive at Firewall Island. Katie is curious about the name. B.J. explains it was named that because it is a computer term for a program to keep intruders out; islands in the middle of nowhere surround them. Katie wonders if they are working here. B.J. agrees, but reminds her that they got a lot of work done for the telethon on the plane. Katie worries that she has no phone reception. B.J. reminds her they are in the middle of nowhere. They can’t just drop off the face of the planet and not let anyone know, she reasons. B.J. wonders whom she needs to tell. Katie tells him that she should have called Margo; she needs to feed Snickers. B.J. tells her that he will have an intern at WOAK call Margo. Katie wonders how he could get through. He tells her that there is a satellite phone on the island. Why does she not look like she is having fun anymore? She admits that she feels hijacked. He doesn’t want her to feel like that. If she were still in Oakdale she would be stressing instead of relaxing. Is that what he has planned for her? He wants her to enjoy the champagne he has for her, like the one she enjoyed from his wine cellar. He promises that they will be back in Oakdale soon, but in the meantime she should kick back. Katie smiles and gives in; she will take full advantage of this trip.

Outside of the mall, Jen, Paul and Emily are walking. Jen is making some caterer suggestions and asking about florists. Paul and Emily appreciate her help, but they joke at the fact that there are only going to be, like, three guests. Jen looks at them slyly and tells them that there could be more. Just then, Will shows up with Billy. Will wants to know about the message she left him about France and Switzerland—is she leaving forever? Jen wants him to calm down because she doesn’t want to upset the baby, whom she is quite focused on. She wants him to talk to Paul. Paul interrupts; why the hell did he bring the baby here?

Meg is watching Dusty sleep and talking quietly about how she thought she could live with their life and now she isn't sure, but she doesn’t want to give him up, though. Dusty awakens and wants to know why she would be giving him up. Meg is surprised and tells him not to do that. Dusty says, "You are the one who wants to give me up." Meg wants to get out of there, and she says she has to go do something. Dusty tries to persuade her to stay in bed, but she tells him she has to go to the hospital. He wonders why, because it is her day off. Does it have to do with whatever happened after she saw Jen, he asks, because he didn’t buy her story. She says that she will look into it and tell him if in fact there is one.

In the barn, Holden and Lily are kissing and getting more and more passionate. They start to undress when we see Keith approaching outside. He calls her name, and inside they hear him, and Lily stops in a panic. Holden wants him to find them, but Lily tells Holden that she is still marrying him and that she hasn’t changed her mind. Holden is still convinced that Keith is not the one Lily really wants.

Lily runs and ducks down behind a haystack as Keith walks in and asks Holden if he has seen Lily.

Katie jokes that B.J.’s chocolate milk is probably not so easy to get in the tropics. He admits it is mostly juices and other stuff. He uncorks the bottle of champagne and it bubbles over. He tells her to enjoy the bubbles, but he sees Katie’s face drop. She explains that was Henry’s nickname for her. She and Henry shared a lot of bottles of champagne, so B.J. suggests juice. Katie agrees because Henry’s alternative drink of choice was martinis, which B.J. laughingly admits that he noticed. B.J. remarks that she mentions Henry’s name almost as much as Mike’s. Katie cringes and asks him not to mention his name. B.J. apologizes, but Katie tells him it is okay. She is now glad to be there; she is able to think. B.J. doesn’t want her to necessarily get bogged down by thinking, but Katie claims she needs to because she never had a chance to do that between when Henry left and when she got involved with Mike. She needs closure. B.J. suggests writing a letter, but she thinks the only way to do this is face to face. B.J. suggests putting that on her to-do list when she gets back to Oakdale, but Katie is determined to do this now. She just figured out the key to her future happiness. They need to go. If he could fly her there, then he could fly her to Palo Alto. That way she can finally feel better about things. He just wants her happy, so he says he will call the pilot.

Mike is now on the phone with Jack, telling him about the runaround with the FBI. He is worried about Katie’s safety. He talks a bit longer and then hangs up after thanking Jack. Maddie wants to know if Jack and his cop friends are going to bust down some doors. Mike tells her that they don’t want to spook B.J. and send him over the edge. Maddie is worried that B.J. has already launched himself over the edge. She thinks the two of them should go bust some doors down. Mike disagrees. Maddie desperately believes Henry is in the wine cellar. Mike thinks a cryptic phone call (Maddie adds the wine bottle with the word "help" on it) is not reason to assume that. Even if Henry had been there, B.J. would be stupid to keep him there after all the attention the wine cellar drew. Maddie thinks that would be the perfect place now because it is right under everyone’s noses. She looks pensive; Mike wants to know what she is thinking. She tells him nothing. He wants her to promise that she won’t go over there. Maddie jokes that he sounds way too paternal. The last thing they need is for her to get in trouble snooping; doesn’t she have a mid-term? Maddie is confused about how he knew—more paternal instincts? Nope, he saw her sticky note. He wants her to stay there and study so she is occupied, and he is going to see Margo. He once again makes her promise to stay put. As he is leaving, Maddie thanks him for all he is doing. Maddie takes a sip of her coffee with cayenne and makes a funny face—no good, Henry.

Will explains that the message said to come quick, and Gwen had an appointment, so he had the baby. Jen tells Paul not to worry; she loves seeing the baby. She is going back to Europe for a while, but they'll have time for good-byes later; that is not why she called him. Will can guess and tells her she can forget about it. Jen forges on, saying they need each other. Will is adamant that he will never need Paul. Paul doesn’t think she should push this now, but Jen thinks that now is the best time, since she is leaving. She gets preoccupied wondering if the baby is cold. Will tells her that he is bundled up and fine, but Jen wants to see. Emily steps in and offers to take the baby and walk around the corner, where the wind isn’t strong. Will is unsure, but Paul reminds him that Emily is a mother and won’t hurt him. Emily takes Billy, promising not to break him, with a smile on her face.

Meg is at the hospital, looking through files. She sees Gwen’s name and then rushes to the phone, as if she has gained the resolve she needs, and calls Dusty. She tells him that she needs to see him right away. Dusty wants to know what is wrong. She tells him that she just has to show him. After she hangs up, she talks to herself, saying so far, so good; Jen will have her baby back soon.

Holden tells Keith that Lily was there but has left; he needs to pick up her trail elsewhere. Keith explains that he is not trying to hunt her down. Holden is not convinced. Keith explains that she said she was coming to get the divorce papers from him. Holden toys with him; he says it sounds plausible. Keith is not amused. He sees Lily’s scarf on the ground. Holden explains that she must have dropped it, but Keith threatens that he had better not be forcing himself on her. Holden is adamant that he would never have to do that. He would never do that unless she wanted it. Keith demands to know what Holden is acting so smug about. What is it he wants to tell him? Holden tells him if he wants it he will get it.

We see Lily growing awfully nervous as she listens.

B.J. hangs the phone up. The pilot will call after he does a check of the plane. In the meantime, does she want to go for a swim? Katie thinks a walk on the beach would be nice. He tells her that it is quiet here and no one will bother her. Then he mentions, almost as an aside, that his dad would approve. Katie‘s attention is sparked; his dad? Yes, he was a loner. Katie empathizes; it can be tough when you want a dad. B.J. offers that she is the first guest he has brought here. Katie feigns surprise and says she is honored. Is he pulling her leg? He hasn’t brought any other girlfriends here? She is sure thousands of girls would have been thrilled— B.J. interrupts to say, "With the money." Katie corrects him: with him. B.J. is thoughtful; he laughs about all the money and time he put into himself to be more attractive, and he can’t trust in it. He doesn’t trust anyone who would want him for this, because he bets none of them would have been interested in him when it mattered, back when she was nice to him. Katie then thanks him for being so nice to her now. B.J.’s cell phone rings and he has a very animated one-sided call about leaving and what if it were an emergency. Then a frustrated B.J. hangs up, and Katie asks what is wrong. He tells her sheepishly that there were some parts the pilot needed for the plane and he left for the mainland. Katie is a bit nervous now. When will they be able to leave? He tells her probably tomorrow morning. It is official: Katie looks very nervous.

Maddie is studying at the table. She is looking at a skeleton in her textbook. Then she has a vision where Katie is the person performing an autopsy and she is her assistant. There is someone under the sheet, dead, and they find a note in the body’s hand which Maddie recognizes as being in Henry’s writing. He wrote it to her just before he died, supposedly.

Maddie is riddled with guilt for letting him die. Katie tells her that she blew it. Maddie tries to explain that Mike told her to stay put, but Katie laughs off that explanation. She has to live with what she did. Meanwhile, back in reality, Maddie overhears Olga berating the waitress as she puts in her order, which includes a double skim mocha latte with a shot of espresso and cayenne.

Will wants to leave, but Paul jokes about there being a custom somewhere where the groom gets forgiven for his past mistakes right before his wedding. Will is not amused really; he appreciates Jen’s effort but he doesn’t need this. Jen tells Will that he is 18 and about to help his girlfriend raise her child, and Paul is about to enter into a marriage that not too many people support. It is at this time that they should be depending on each other the most. That is all she wants for Christmas; she pleads for them to work it out, as she walks away. After she does, Paul angrily tells him to keep the baby away from Jen. Will snaps back, wondering why he is so obsessed with Billy. Jen walks around the corner to see Billy. She gently takes him from Emily. She coos over him and says that she bets he misses his mommy, which makes Emily look concerned.

Meg starts to babble when Dusty shows up. She is talking about double- and triple-checking things. Dusty wants her to slow down. Meg tells him that Gwen was in there today for Billy’s appointment. She was just looking over the folder before she sent it back to records and she noticed the baby’s blood type. She then looked at Gwen’s blood type.

If the records are correct, then there is no way that Gwen could be the baby’s biological mother. Dusty wonders if the records are showing the right blood type, because he thought Craig switched the results. Meg covers by saying that the bloodwork was done recently. Is there any chance that it could be wrong? Meg is sure that it is not. The lab is very dependable, and bloodwork is basic. Dusty wonders if Gwen’s baby could be related to someone they don’t even know. Meg can’t see how. Then there must be a mistake with the test on Gwen or the baby, Dusty assumes. Meg pipes up, trying to rope him in; maybe there was a mistake on the test they ran on Gwen and the baby? Dusty tells a worried Meg that that changes everything.

Jen tries to explain that when she said that about him missing his mommy, she meant Gwen. Emily assures her that she knew. Jen comments that Gwen is such a good mother and Billy loves her so much. Emily comments that Jen is really good with him as well; he is asleep. Does she think so? Is it wrong for her to be so happy to hear her say that? Emily doesn’t think it is for her to judge. Jen wonders if she is as worried about her as Paul is. Emily wonders if deep down inside Jen is worried about herself, too. She admits that she is leaving the country, after all. Emily goes to take him, but Jen wants a little while longer. It is not like she will have many more chances like this.

Paul tries to justify things by explaining that he hates to see Jen torn up. Will thinks it is more about him. He left him in jail facing charges when he heard Jen was with Billy, and then when he got sent to the state hospital he didn’t even care. Paul tries to explain that he cares about them both the same, he just didn’t know who needed his help more. He apologizes for bailing on him. It wasn’t just bailing on him in jail, Will says, it was everything he has been doing; he lied, and he tried to break him and Gwen up and get her to leave town with Billy. Paul, sounding like a broken record, tells him he was trying to protect Jen. Will has had it with him; they will stand there for five minutes and pretend to make nice for Jen’s benefit. Paul tries to get him to see that he just did what Will is mad about Paul doing. Will doesn’t understand. Paul explains that he just lied in order to protect Jen. Will softens a little but still wants to know what the point is. Paul jokes that it is some kind of family curse. Will wonders if that means they are destined to be like their mom. Paul tells him no, as long as each calls the other one on it when it happens. Will smiles and agrees.

Holden continues; Lily will always know how much he loves her. Keith leers, thinking that might be a little awkward, since Lily is becoming his wife. Not in her heart, Holden tells Keith. Keith smirks as he asks why he is so sure of himself. Holden is sure he knows what is in Lily’s heart, no matter what she does. Lily gets antsy and causes another noise, which Keith clearly hears, and he demands to know what that was. Holden covers quickly by telling him to get off his property and then handing him the ripped divorce papers. Holden explains they are the divorce papers and that he and Lily did not reach a settlement. Keith is annoyed. Holden goes on to explain that he hired a new lawyer, and they are starting from scratch.

A fuming Keith wonders if he wants a bigger piece of the pie, or more money. Holden eggs him on, saying that they will renegotiate every provision, every comma and sentence. She does not love Keith, yet that didn’t stop him from forcing her into this. Why? "Did she tell you that?" Keith wonders. He then says he was the one who put a smile back on her face once, and he will do it again. With that, Keith walks out with determination.

Olga glares at Maddie, who is staring at her. An agitated Olga asks her if she has spinach in her teeth. Maddie covers by asking if she is from around there. Olga ignores her and repeats the order to the waitress to make sure she gets it right this time. Maddie continues to stare, as Olga demands to know what the bug eyes are for. Maddie remarks that she ordered an unusual drink. Olga tells her that in her country it is a popular drink. She starts to walk away and an emotional Maddie grabs her and yells that that is what her brother drinks—what has she done with Henry? Olga pushes her to get by her and leave.

Katie continues to work B.J. She bemoans the fact that she wants to move on, but she can’t there. B.J. thinks she can because all it takes is focus; he is living proof. Katie agrees that he has built an amazing empire for himself, but that is not what he is talking about. He is talking about the two of them, there alone, after all the mistakes he made. He never lost his focus though. We can just redo everything, he insists. Katie doesn’t understand. Her focus was lost when he mentioned "bubbles" and it being Henry’s nickname for her. They should go back to when they were opening the champagne, and they will say something different to change the future of the conversation. He opens the champagne, and it bubbles up all over Katie and it gets her all wet. He tells her that in his cabana there are some clothes that will probably fit her. Katie remarks that probably everything in there fits her.

Will wants to know truthfully if Paul can ever look at him and not see Rose. Will he ever be able to trust him completely? He can take it. Paul admits that he probably doesn’t trust anyone fully, most of all himself. He loves him, though, and he is proud that Will is his brother, and he and Emily would love to have him and Gwen come to their wedding. Will tells him that they will try to. They hug and Paul jokes about him now being able to tell Jen that they kissed and made up. Meanwhile, around the corner, Jen is saying that she realizes it sounds as if she is desperate to be near Billy—is she? Jen asks if she can tell her something without her telling Paul, hoping it isn’t as crazy as it sounds: she feels so connected to this baby. When she holds him it feels like she is home for them both. She knows what the tests said, and she knows he is Gwen’s baby. She feels the very best when holding him, but at the same time, she also feels tortured. What is she going to do? Why is this so hard? Emily answers that it is because she can’t shake the truth. Paul and Will arrive to witness this and they look concerned.

Meg is panicking and saying it is her fault the test came out wrong; how can she forgive herself? Dusty doesn’t think she even knows what happened. Meg knows she messed up the test. He reminds her that she put herself on the line for him, so they need to calm down and go over it from the top. Meg relays taking the blood from the baby at Iris’s, and then she took Jen’s blood at the hospital and kept an eye on it. Does she think the lab tech did it? She says no. She is overwhelmed; it is all a blur. Barbara was there, and then a nurse almost caught her. She had to cover and go get another file to throw her off. Does she think the nurse tampered with it? No, she says, but the bloodwork was out of her sight for about 5 minutes, though. Does she think someone else tampered with the blood? Meg stares him down as she says a definite yes. Dusty’s interest is piqued.

Lily comes out of her hiding spot and Holden asks if she is all right. She is, but she has to get back to Keith. He pleads with her to tell him what is going on. He will get her out of it no matter what it is. Lily begs for him to stop because he doesn’t know what is going on. He understood what was happening before Keith got there. Lily is clear when she says it will never happen again. If he wants to talk, he needs to go through her lawyer. She starts to walk out, and Holden calls to her that when she comes back he will be waiting.

Maddie is pleading and following after Olga. "Take me to him or I will call the cops," she declares. Olga pushes Maddie down hard onto the park bench. Mike shows up and asks if she is okay. Maddie tells him she is fine but to follow the Amazon, because she knows where Henry is.

Katie comes back in in a bright, flowery wrap-around sundress. She jokes that it is this or a string bikini. He tells her admiringly that she looks beautiful. She changes the subject and mentions how beautiful the flowers are—can she take them to Palo Alto when they go see Henry? SSHH. No talk of Henry, because they are starting over. He approaches her and is within an inch of her face when he whispers that she is irresistible.

Dusty wants to know if Meg has an idea about who tampered with the results. She doesn’t want to say. Then just tell him more of what she recalls, he pleads. She mentions leaving the results out and bumping into Paul, who was outside the door. Dusty jumps up; Paul was there? Meg pretends to not understand what that means; isn’t he on their side? Dusty assures her that Paul is on his own side only.

Jen is glad to see Paul and Will talking again. Emily suggests that Paul go with Will to put the baby in the car. Jen watches after them. Emily tells her not to torture herself. Jen wants to know what Emily meant about shaking off the truth. Emily covers again, saying it will always hurt to see Billy, so don’t. She suggests that Jen leave. Jen reminds her that she is leaving right after the wedding. Emily pushes; she should leave now. She will miss her because she was one of the only people to support this marriage, but it is not fair to her. Why stick around and risk running into Gwen and the baby? Jen wonders if she means to just pack up and leave. Emily tells her yes, to pack up and leave–today!

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