ATWT Update Monday 12/5/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/5/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Iris’s, Will and Gwen are getting frisky beneath the decorated Christmas tree. They stop themselves and each goes looking for protection. They laugh about being on the same wavelength—as they always are, Will reminds her. They are in the throes of passion when there is a knock. They try to ignore it, but Carly is insistent. She calls for Gwen through the door. She says it is important and it is about Billy.

Gwen yells back that they are coming, just give them a moment. They get redressed and rush to the door. Carly is standing there, folder in hand. She wants Gwen to know about what Social Services had to say about Iris’s arrest: they petitioned the court regarding Billy’s custody, and the judge has revised his ruling about the baby. Gwen stares at Carly nervously.

In the barn, Lily walks in with purpose to see Holden. She has been looking for him. Holden smiles and says that she has perfect timing, because he was just thinking of her. Lily forges on; she went to the safe for their divorce papers, and they are now gone. Does he know anything about that? Holden responds by telling her that she still hasn’t given him a reason for why she is back with Keith. He just wants one good reason that makes sense. Lily, knowing full well that she can’t come up with one, ignores his question and asks him again where the papers are, because he is the only one with the combination. Holden takes them out of his pocket and tells her they are right here, as he rips the papers in half.

At the mall, Emily sees Tom. They make small talk about Daniel, and Emily mentions how he wanted a skateboard and says that maybe Tom would want to give it to him. Tom thanks her but wonders why he is there to meet with her. Emily is confused; she didn’t call him. Just then, Paul walks up with some coffees and tells Tom that he is the one who called him. He wanted Tom to be aware of the fact that he and Emily are planning on getting married. Tom looks from Paul to Emily, unsure of what he has heard.

At the hospital, Jen is sitting with Meg. She is asking Meg what she means by saying that she is the reason that Meg is upset. Meg, almost breaking down, tells Jen that she can’t watch her suffer anymore; it is about the baby. Just then, Meg sees Dusty arrive. Meg pauses, not knowing what to do now. Jen brings her back, asking what she is referring to.

Dusty walks up and greets them both. He thinks they both look intense. Jen tells him she was just at the hospital, working the toy drive. Meg pipes in and says she is doing a wonderful job, and she is just worried that she is taking on more than she should. Jen assures them that she is okay. Meg quickly gets up and asks Dusty what he is doing there—nothing medical, she hopes. Dusty jokes that he has a growling stomach, if that is medical enough. Does she want to grab lunch? Meg tells Dusty she was getting off her shift and she will finish up so they can leave. After Meg leaves, Dusty asks Jen how she is doing. Jen feigns being perfectly fine. So many kids need so much—she is just overwhelmed. Dusty reminds her that adults need stuff too. Does she need anything? Jen looks sadly and longingly at Dusty, but then puts a smile on her face and laughs as she says she needs toys for the kids, so he needs to crack open his wallet and get her some. Jen walks away and then finds Meg across the room. She wants Meg to finish what she was going to say to her before Dusty came to see her. Meg pauses as she stares at her. Meg says she was simply sorry. Jen is confused; she thought it had something to do with a baby. Meg covers by saying she was watching Jen handle the toy drive and she realized how lucky her baby was to have her, even if it was for only a very short time. Jen is still confused, but in the end she says to never mind. Jen leaves and Dusty asks Meg what was going on. Meg says she wants to cancel their lunch and just go home. They leave, and Barbara walks by them as they leave. She shows up at the nurses' station and asks if they have seen her daughter. Susan arrives and tells Barbara that congratulations are in order. Barbara naturally assumes she is talking about Will and starts to babble about how she always knew Will was innocent and that he hadn’t poisoned that idiot woman, and now everyone knows. Susan stares at her, perplexed, and then she realizes she must not know. "Know what?" Barbara demands. Susan tells an agonized Barbara about Paul and Emily’s pending nuptials. Barbara is mortified; she wants to know what Emily did to get Paul to agree to marry her. Susan is defensive as she informs her that this was a mutual decision. Barbara continues, pointing out the ink is not even dry on her divorce papers; what is Susan’s daughter holding over her son’s head?

Paul tells Tom that he wanted to talk to him because he wants him on board with their decision to marry. Both of them are committed to giving Daniel a stable and happy life. If Tom has reservations, he wants them on the table so they can deal with them. Tom talks carefully; he just wants Daniel happy and safe. He is not trying to make things worse for them. He appreciates Paul’s consideration. Paul reiterates the obvious; Daniel is a great kid and he loves him like his own son, but he also adds that he is not trying to replace Tom. Paul is stumbling over his words a bit, probably because he is nervous, but in the end the three of them are in agreement about the state of Daniel’s life and the custody agreement. Everyone leaves happy, and Tom wishes them well, kisses Emily and leaves. Emily then turns to Paul and happily kisses him, telling him that he gave her the best Christmas gift ever. Paul tells her, in the words of the great Frank Sinatra, the best is yet to come!

Gwen is upset; she tells Carly angrily that she trusted her. She starts to walk away but Carly tells her to look at the papers. She tells her that she was given full and permanent custody. Gwen’s face turns to sheer happiness. She looks excitedly through the papers. How did Carly get these? Carly just shrugs her off. She wants Gwen to read what the judge wrote about her. Gwen reads outloud, "Ms. Norbeck shows excellent instincts and appears to be more than competent to provide for the child's ongoing needs." Then Gwen sees that Carly has withdrawn the petition against her, and that is how this probably started.

Carly admits that Billy needs to be with his mother. She did what she needed to do. Will goes to get a fussy Billy. Gwen is speechless; all she can muster is, "Can this be real?" Carly assures her that it is and her baby is now all hers. Gwen hugs her and thanks her. Will comes back out saying he doesn’t know what is wrong; he is not wet and he doesn’t seem to want his bottle, but Will thinks he may feel warm. Gwen immediately worries, but Carly asks to hold him. Once she does she tells them both that he is probably simply cutting another tooth; it happens. Gwen takes Billy back and tells him that Aunt Carly has come to their rescue again.

Holden tells Lily that he has hired a lawyer—Rob Feldman—and he will play hardball and tie Lily up in court for years while he contests this divorce. She doesn’t want the divorce either, so ultimately she should be thanking him. Lily can’t believe that he hired her mother’s lawyer and is willing to go through all of this. She tells him that it is a waste of time; she has made up her mind. Holden tells her defiantly to prepare to be worn down. "We will see about that," Lily declares as she walks out.

Susan is defending Emily to the hilt: her daughter has never left a fiancé a crumpled mess at the altar! Barbara’s son doesn’t exactly have an exemplary record with the other sex. Susan reminds her that their kids are adults and all they have left to do is support them. Barbara spitefully tells Susan that some of them try to be parents and not just friends. Susan sees that it is no wonder that Barbara alienates all of her kids. Barbara assures her that this marriage will be the biggest mistake ever. She intends to put an end to it before it happens. She will not lay down and be a doormat for her kids. Cue Emily and Paul, who overhear part of this debate. Emily is about to rip into Susan for being in cahoots with Barbara until she hears her defend Emily to Barbara. She says she will support Emily and this marriage; that is her choice because she wants to stay a part of Emily and Daniel’s lives, and if that means she is a doormat then so be it. Paul and Emily both smile. Paul remarks that his ‘mommy’ has heard the great news.

Lily looks into the limo that is waiting for her. She talks into it; why did she insist on picking her up here? As she gets into the car she asks, Why would she hire Holden an attorney? She can get another lawyer.

Lucinda looks sickly and defeated. She is not in the mood to fight today. The chemo treatments are cumulative and she is feeling unwell and exhausted. She tries to joke about her being in this position so Lily could vent at her. Lily looks sadly at Lucinda; she is so sorry for being selfish, she didn’t know she had such a bad day in treatment. Lucinda is overwhelmed; she sits for hours while the treatments drip endlessly into her arm, and she couldn’t even read her favorite book as she was receiving her treatments. She needs only one thing—a hug from her “favorite pussycat.” Lily happily and tightly hugs her mom. Then she sees that Lucinda has no hair under her wrap. She is momentarily shocked, but Lucinda explains that she was tired of fighting it. Everyday there was more hair falling out, so she had someone shave it all off for her.. Lily is saddened by this and emotional over what her mother has to go through. Lucinda tries to comfort her by reminding her it is only hair; it will grow back. She has to focus on little victories. However, Lucinda’s brave front falters when she feels that all of her dignity has been stripped from her. Lily doesn’t know what she means; side effects from her chemo could never strip Lucinda of her dignity. Lily feels she has it all, in her eyes. She admires her mother most above all others. What can she do for her? Lily asks as she comforts her. Lucinda answers that if she really wants to do something then she can get rid of Keith and go back to Holden, where she belongs.

Dusty and Meg arrive home and he wants to know what is wrong. He says he is here for her no matter what. Meg starts to explain that it was seeing Jen at the hospital. Dusty wants to know if she said something to upset her. No, it is just that Meg realizes how much she has and how much Jen has lost, and yet there Jen was wrapping gifts for kids. It just got to her. Dusty agrees that that is how Jen is. He asks her if she wants to hang some pictures on the wall to make it feel more like home. Meg walks up to him, grabs him and kisses him passionately.

Carly regales Gwen with stories of when Parker was born and how she didn’t know anything at first, but then she slowly started to figure things out. Gwen feels that she is lucky to have Will by her side to help her. Carly agrees that Will is good with Billy and that they seem to have bonded. It is good for Gwen to have such a strong support system. She should reach out to her pediatrician and friends. Gwen laughs; Will is it for friends. Then Carly suggests that Gwen should reach out to family, as well. Gwen thanks her again. Carly wonders if she has heard from Iris. Gwen admits she hasn't since she was taken to jail. She doesn’t really have much to say to her anyway. Carly reminds Gwen that they are going to have to give statements, though. Gwen then poses the question of what it might have been like if Iris hadn’t kept them apart. Carly chuckles; she had always wanted a sister. Of course, she would have made her her guinea pig for modeling all her designs. Gwen laughs; she would have been more than happy to do that. Carly tells her that she intends to make up for lost time now. She has brought her something. Gwen unwraps a pocket watch, and Carly explains that it is their father’s and she thought Gwen might want to give it to Billy. There is a knock and it is Tom. He has come to discuss the case. Gwen and Carly look nervously from one to the other. He asks Carly if she has talked to Jessica and she tells him not recently. Is this about the trial in January? Tom explains that the judge decided not to delay the trial. The trial is going forward—tomorrow. Carly looks devastated but recovers quickly to try to explain to Gwen that she didn’t know anything about this; she was there solely to tell Gwen the news about her getting full custody of Billy. She hopes she believes her. Tom realizes it is not a good time and so he tells her he will come back so they can go over her testimony. Gwen stops him; what if she is not ready to testify?

Lily tells Lucinda that the state of her marriage has nothing to do with her sickness. She shouldn’t tie them together as if it were connected to her recovery. Lucinda wonders if she knows for a fact that it isn’t. Lily doesn’t think Lucinda can understand. Lucinda isn’t sure about that; she makes deals and works on mergers every day. Lily doesn’t think it is the same, and Lucinda agrees; she now makes deals with the man upstairs. There isn’t much you don’t allow when your life is at stake, or when you're dealing with the life of someone you love. She is done, though; it is her life and Lily will ultimately do what she wants to do with it. She is through! Lily stares at her, very concerned.

Dusty wants to know where this is coming from. Meg is just in disbelief at them actually living together. She hates to be like this, but is this what he wants? Dusty assures her he wouldn’t be here with her if it wasn’t what he wanted. Meg knows she is being ridiculous, she just needs him now, and Dusty assures her that she has him.

Susan continues to rant about Paul, saying he is lucky to find a woman as good as her daughter. Emily wants to interrupt, but Paul jokes that if they let them go on maybe they will kill each other. Emily laughs and they turn to walk away, but Emily drops a package and Barbara and Susan hear it and turn around and see them. Busted. Barbara starts in on Paul—he plans on marrying this woman? Paul reminds her that Emily has a name. Barbara understands that he is probably in need of some company, but she just left Hal. Emily glares at her; she had better not mention Hal’s name—look what she did to him with Craig. Barbara claims being a victim of Craig’s. Barbara continues ranting; he needs to return the rock and travel to the end of Washington Street, and then he doesn’t have to pretend to be in love, and he doesn’t need to make them an espresso in the morning either. Jen shows up and yells for her mother to leave them alone.

Lily pouts a bit; is she sending her away? Lucinda is exhausted.. Lily hates disappointing her; she doesn’t want her to give up on her, she pleads. Lucinda assures her she never would, but it is her life. She doesn’t like what she is doing, but ultimately, who cares? Lily is bothered by how everyone thinks they know what she is feeling inside, because they don’t. Lucinda understands and says that at the end of the day it is just Lily and her conscience. Lily agrees. Listen to your heart, Lucinda suggests. She should make a decision with her entire self and then follow it. Lily looks pensive as Lucinda talks.

Meg and Dusty are sleeping, but Meg is tossing and turning with nightmares. She sees Emily threatening her; Paul talking about her finding her way back to her first love with Dusty; Dusty thanking her for how much she risked for him; her telling Emily how Jen has a right to know; and then Jen crying. She shoots up straight in bed and looks over at Dusty.

Paul explains that Emily and he came by to bring Jen toys for the drive. Jen tells Paul and Barbara to come with her to sort through them. Emily takes Susan aside and thanks her for sticking up for her; Susan smiles and offers to buy her a coffee while Paul is preoccupied. Jen thinks it is about time that they start acting like the family they claim to be. Barbara feels that this is a crisis; Hal will be devastated, also. Jen reminds her that Hal and Emily are divorced and free to move on with whomever they want. She also reminds Barbara that she and Hal are divorced, too. Maybe Barbara is wracked with guilt over the stuff she did to Hal. Jen thinks the only way to handle life is to move on; you can’t change the past, and acceptance is the only way to survive. As Paul stares at Jen, he knows she is also referring to herself.

Gwen doesn’t understand; she is not going to testify against her sister. She wants a clean slate. Carly looks on, happy that Gwen is sticking up for her. Tom tells her that it is not that easy. Gwen goes on; she is the one who pressed charges, and she wants to take it back. Tom again tries to intercede and explain it is out of Gwen’s hands and in legal territory now. She was the injured party and she wants to cancel the trial, Gwen continues. Tom explains again so she will understand: she cannot cancel the trial; that is not an option for her anymore. Carly and Gwen look at Tom, extremely concerned. Carly repeats his words: she can’t cancel the trial? Gwen tells Tom that she just won’t testify, then. Tom explains that the state no longer needs her. The vendor confessed and signed a statement. Tom apologizes and tells a shocked Carly and Gwen that the vendor’s testimony alone will probably be enough to convict Carly.

Lily comes back to the barn, looking around nostalgically. She remembers times with Holden in the past—when she first met him, their first kiss, when he proposed, when they had their kids. Holden walks back in the door and sees Lily standing there, and he stops in his tracks. They hesitate, but then Lily runs into his arms and they kiss.

Barbara thinks Jen has too kind of a heart, and she is so naive. She cannot stand by and let Paul ruin his life. Paul sarcastically asks her when he is not on the verge of ruining his life, and Barbara agrees. Paul tells Barbara that he and Emily are getting married and that she had better get used to it. Barbara declares, "Never!" as she leaves. Paul thanks Jen for her support. Emily walks up and jokingly asks what she missed. Paul jokes back that she shouldn’t hold her breath for a wedding gift. Paul and Emily then mention to Jen how she shouldn’t worry about this, because soon she will be thousands of miles away. Jen corrects them; she is not going to leave before the wedding. Emily and Paul assure her that she shouldn’t stay on their account. Jen assures them that it is the least she can do to thank them, as she walks away. Paul and Emily look concerned.

Meg props herself up in bed next to Dusty as she whispers to him that she thought she could do this, but…

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