ATWT Update Friday 12/2/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 12/2/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Mike and Katie’s place, Katie gives Mike a special breakfast right before she stuns him by saying he must move out of the house today in order for their plan to work.

At the hospital, Susan asks Emily if she has thought about wedding plans yet, because she wants to be there for the wedding. Emily can’t believe the words her mother just said because she knows she hates Paul. Susan explains to Emily she has her doubts about Paul, but she understands that Emily loves him and she hopes that Paul can make her happy. Susan asks Emily not to shut her out of the most important day of her life. Emily gives her mom a hug and a kiss on the cheek and tells her she can come to the wedding if she promises to behave herself.

At the shopping center, Meg meets with Paul, although she is starting to feel guilty about lying to Jennifer and doing his dirty work for him. Paul explains to Meg that they did what was best for Jennifer, because they couldn’t allow Craig to be a part of her or her child’s life. Paul tells Meg to be happy with Dusty and stop worrying about Jennifer, because she will be fine. Paul tells Meg that she won’t feel as guilty anymore, because Jennifer is leaving Oakdale and she won’t have to run into her everyday and be reminded of the secret she is keeping from her.

At the hospital, Jennifer begins to put up Christmas decorations but is reminded of her baby when she sees a teddy bear in a Santa hat that says "Baby’s First Christmas." A little girl and her mother arrive and admire the pretty Christmas tree. The little girl is worried that Santa won’t be able to find her if she is still in the hospital on Christmas day. Jennifer bends down to talk to the little girl and assures her that Santa always finds the good little boys and girls, no matter where they may be.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen arrives home with Billy and is worried that Iris must have returned, because the house is all dark and the broken window is boarded. Gwen sticks her key in the door, and once she opens it she gets a creepy feeling and starts to leave. Will quickly turns on the light and yells, "Surprise!" The house is decorated beautifully, all ready for Christmas. Gwen smiles when she sees the house and hears the Christmas music on the CD player. Will thanks Gwen for being the only person who had faith in him and explains that nobody has ever had that kind of faith in him. Will tells Gwen that her love saved him from loneliness when he thought he was going to have to stay at the mental hospital. Gwen and Will kiss each other and neither can believe they are so happy.

At the hospital, Gwen and Will arrive with Billy for his check-up. Jennifer can’t take her eyes off Billy. Jennifer apologizes to Will for believing for one minute that he could poison someone again. Will is bothered that his own sister didn’t believe in him, but Gwen points out that Jen saved Billy when Iris left him alone in the house. Will softens toward Jennifer and thanks her for taking care of Billy. Will gives Jennifer a hug and says he wants to put all the bad things behind them. Gwen offers to let Jennifer hold Billy, but she declines the kind offer because they will be late for the doctor’s appointment. Once Gwen and Will leave with Billy, Jennifer runs to a little corner to cry.

Inside the wine cellar, Henry awakens and asks Olga if he dreamed that Katie was there last night or if she really was in the wine cellar last night. Olga confirms that Katie was in the wine cellar, but she just came to get a bottle of wine and left. Henry can’t believe that Katie couldn’t sense that he was in the wine cellar and explains to Olga that he and Katie had such a strong connection to each other. Olga laughs and tells Henry that his connection to Katie is gone.

At Katie’s house, Mike refuses to leave Katie alone in the house because her getting close to B.J. is dangerous enough without her being left alone in the house. Katie explains to Mike that B.J. must believe that they have ended their relationship so that she can get close enough to him to find out what he did with Henry. Katie promises Mike that she will be very careful and not be alone with B.J. Mike and Katie start making love to say a proper good-bye but they are interrupted by a knock at the door from B.J. A half-naked Mike goes out the back door while Katie goes to the front door to talk to B.J.

Inside the wine cellar, Olga tells Henry that a man broke her heart and she understands how he feels about Katie. Henry decides to get Olga drunk and get her to tell him her story of heartbreak.

At Katie’s house, Katie tells B.J. to drive her to the studio so that they can work on the telethon. B.J. is in no hurry to leave and wants to toast their future with chocolate milk. Katie goes to the kitchen and brings back two glasses of chocolate milk, and she and B.J. toast.

At the shopping center, Emily tells Paul she invited her mother to the wedding. Paul is bothered that Emily is rushing the wedding plans when they are not even officially engaged yet. Emily tells Paul that doesn’t matter to her because she wants her family around her on her wedding day. Emily thinks that Paul isn’t ready to make a commitment to her yet.

Outside Katie’s house, Maddie sees a half-naked Mike hiding in the bushes and startles him. Mike explains that he and Katie are pretending to be over so that she can get close to B.J. in order to find Henry. Maddie thanks Mike for putting himself through this to save her brother. Maddie gives Mike a scarf to help him keep warm.

Inside Katie’s house, B.J. asks Katie to take the day off and spend it with him. Katie tells B.J. that she would love to do that, but they must work on this telethon. Katie also explains to B.J. that she must work to forget about Mike, and she would like for him to be there for her and be a shoulder for her to lean on when she needs him. B.J. tells Katie that he would love to be the man she turns to when she feels sad. B.J. decides to take Katie to the station, so they both leave the house. Katie pretends she forgot her cell phone and tells B.J. to head to the car so she can get her phone. Katie unlocks the door so Mike can go inside the house and get his clothes. Katie sees Mike hiding in the bushes and whispers "I love you" and gives him a kiss before leaving for the TV station with B.J.

At Gwen’s house, Gwen and Will look at the three stockings hung on the fireplace and Gwen tells Will this is the first time she's felt part of a family. Will kisses Gwen and promises to always make her happy.

At the shopping center, Paul gets down on one knee and puts a ring on Emily’s finger. Emily is so happy she can’t stop crying, but through her tears she answers yes, and she and Paul kiss each other. Paul tells Emily he wants her to have a very special wedding.

At the hospital, Jennifer tells Meg that she misses her baby and doesn’t know if she will ever feel normal again. Meg tells Jennifer that she learned from Paul that she wants to go to Europe. Meg thinks going to Europe will help her get over the loss of her baby.

Inside the wine cellar, Olga tells Henry about her boyfriend who left her for another woman. Olga continues to drink wine and cry. Henry holds Olga to console her. Olga thinks Henry is a very special man and shouldn’t still be in love with a woman who doesn’t love him.

At Gwen’s place, Will gives Gwen a boost to put the star on the tree. Once Gwen has finished Will puts her back down on the floor and they share a kiss.

At the hospital, Jennifer tells Meg not to tell Dusty that she is still having a hard time dealing with the loss of her baby, because it will only make him feel guilty. Jennifer tells Meg she pushed Dusty out of her life because he reminded her of the baby, but it hasn’t helped, because she still misses the baby. Jennifer can’t understand why she can’t accept the fact that her baby is dead.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen asks Will to make love to her and Will is nervous about it. Gwen thinks that Will doesn’t want to make love to her. Will explains to Gwen that he does want to be with her, but he wants her to make sure she isn’t doing something she will later regret. Gwen explains that she won’t regret her decision to be with him. Will tells Gwen that he hasn’t ever been with anyone before and he is nervous. Gwen explains to Will that it's okay, because she had sex with Casey when they were drunk, but she has never made love with anyone either. Will and Gwen kiss and begin to make love.

At the hospital, Meg has a panic attack and can’t breathe. Jennifer asks her what has her so upset. Meg tells Jennifer she can’t take this anymore and that she is upset because of her.

Inside the wine cellar, Olga tells Henry Katie was a fool to let him go, and Henry tells Olga her boyfriend was also a fool to let her go. Henry continues to give Olga more wine and console her as she cries.

At Katie’s house, Mike heads to WOAK with Maddie because he senses something is wrong. Mike decides to keep an eye on Katie from a distance.

Inside B.J.'s car, Katie tells B.J. that Henry would be very helpful planning the telethon and it’s a shame he is away on business. B.J. tells Katie that Henry will be gone for a long time and they will find someone better to help them. Katie wonders why the ride to the station is taking so long. B.J. tells Katie he thought they would get more work done on his private island in the Caribbean.

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