ATWT Update Thursday 12/1/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/1/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

At the Fairwinds wine cellar, Henry wonders if B.J. has killed Mike yet. Olga informs him that B.J. isn’t thinking about killing Mike because he is upstairs talking to Katie. B.J. is happy Katie has had a change of heart about him and asks Katie to give him a chance, since her relationship with Mike has ended. B.J. decides to toast the occasion with bittersweet-chocolate milk he has flown in daily from Switzerland. Katie thinks the chocolate milk is nice but wants a more grown-up drink, like champagne. B.J. goes downstairs to get the champagne and Katie decides to follow him to try and search the wine cellar for clues.

Mike arrives and stops Katie before she can go downstairs and demands that she go home right now, because he doesn’t want B.J. to hurt her.

At the shopping center, Dusty and Meg bump into Jennifer, who is doing her best to keep them from seeing her. Dusty informs Jennifer that he and Meg are buying things for their new house because they are moving in together.

At the state mental hospital, Will and Gwen are playing with Billy, and Gwen is trying to encourage Will not to give up hope because Carly and Jack are going to get the evidence to set him free. Paul arrives and is shocked to see Gwen has brought the baby to see Will, because it’s against hospital policy. Gwen tells Paul that she and Billy are safer with Will until Jack and Carly can catch Iris and Stan.

At Sparky’s garage, Jack and Carly stop Iris and Stan from leaving town. Jack is about to call Hal to inform him that they caught Iris and Stan trying to leave town, but Iris takes Carly hostage and demands that Jack put down the phone. Jack tries to calm Iris down and get her to talk to him. Jack tells Stan that he and Iris will be in even more trouble if they kidnap Carly, and it will mean even more time in jail for both of them. Stan gets scared and tells Iris he never wanted this much trouble, and he leaves the garage. Iris calls Stan a coward and starts to get flustered. Iris tells Jack and Carly to be quiet because she needs to think of what to do next.

At the state mental hospital, Paul tells Will that Gwen has caused him enough trouble and he should go home to his family. Paul offers to let Will live with him again so he can settle down and relax. Will tells Paul that he doesn’t want to live with him and Emily, and he can’t live with Barbara, and Jennifer is in too much pain for him to add to her problems. Will makes it clear that his home is with Gwen and Billy, and he will have to get used to both of them being in his life. Will also tells Paul that if he can’t accept that fact he can leave now.

At the shopping center, Meg leaves Dusty and Jennifer alone to talk. Meg excuses herself by saying she needs to look for an alarm clock. Jennifer tells Dusty she is glad he has finally found someone with whom he can settle down. Jennifer starts to leave, but Dusty tells her he misses her and he doesn’t want to lose touch. Jennifer again makes it clear to Dusty that she must learn to be independent, and for that she needs to stop depending on him. Jennifer tells Dusty to build a life with Meg, because she needs him.

At Fairwinds, Katie makes it clear to Mike that she must get close to B.J. in order to discover whether he has done anything to Henry. Mike is worried that B.J. could hurt Katie, but in the end Mike understands that he and Katie could never forgive themselves if anything happened to Henry. Mike gives Katie a kiss and tells her if she isn’t out of B.J.'s house in half an hour he will call the police.

B.J. comes upstairs with the champagne and tells Katie he heard voices. Katie tells him that she has been alone the whole time and B.J. starts looking for intruders. Katie pretends to faint so B.J. won’t discover Mike’s hiding place.

Henry screams, hoping that Katie will hear him, but Olga gags him again before he can scream a second time. Once Katie knows Mike has gotten out of the house safely, she awakens and begs B.J. not to leave her alone, because she is scared. Katie decides to go down to the wine cellar and choose the champagne she wants to drink. B.J. tries to stop her but she is walking faster than him and makes it down to the wine cellar before he can get there. Henry hears Katie’s voice and screams but Olga gags him again. Katie quickly scans the wine cellar and finds a receipt for a lime-green MP3 player. B.J. arrives and Katie pretends she is having a hard time deciding what she wants to drink.

At the shopping center, Meg arrives and invites Jennifer to visit once they get settled in their new home.

At the state mental hospital, Will wonders why Paul hates Gwen and Billy so much, and he tells Paul to stop taking out his hatred on Gwen and Billy just because Billy reminds him of Rosanna. Paul admits the baby does remind him of Rosanna and he apologizes to Gwen, because even though she is Billy’s mother, the baby will always be Rosanna’s son to him. Paul reminds Will that if the doctor comes in and sees he has broken hospital rules they could send him back to jail.

At Sparky’s garage, Jack offers to trade Iris his car for Carly. Iris is so flustered she decides to take the deal. Iris tells Jack to throw his keys on top of the car. Jack does as he is told and Carly elbows Iris in the ribs. Jack takes Iris’s gun away, and then Carly punches Iris in the nose.

In the state mental hospital, Gwen explains to Paul that Iris poisoned herself in order to frame Will, and she left Billy alone in the house to escape before the police could catch her. Gwen tells Paul that Jennifer was passing by and heard Billy crying and broke inside the house to stay with him. Paul rushes off to check on Jennifer. Will is starting to believe that he won’t get out of the hospital and will be lost in the system. Gwen tells Will to have faith in Carly and Jack because they will find the proof to set him free. Gwen tells Will that if he has to stay in the hospital she and Billy will stay there with him so he won’t be alone. Hal arrives to tell Will and Gwen that Iris and Stan have been arrested, and after a few hours at the station all charges against Will are going to be dismissed. Hal tells Will that he has been released into his custody. Will and Gwen hug and kiss each other.

At the shopping center, Meg asks Dusty how Jennifer is doing. Dusty tells her Jennifer will be fine. Dusty wants to go for a drink and refuses to talk about Jennifer anymore.

Inside the wine cellar, B.J. kisses Katie, but she quickly reminds him she isn’t ready for a relationship yet.

At Java, Mike talks to Jack’s boss at the FBI and tells him he is worried B.J. will hurt Katie. The FBI guy explains that they are trying to catch a hit man that B.J. hired to do a job in Oakdale. The FBI guy goes on to explain that the hit man has left the country. Jack’s boss assures Mike that he will let him know if the hit man comes back into the states. Mike calls Katie, and B.J. answers the phone and informs Mike that Katie doesn’t want to speak to him again. Mike demands that B.J. put Katie on the phone or he will go to Fairwinds with Margo. B.J. threatens Mike and tells him if he comes near Katie he will be sorry.

Inside the wine cellar, Henry tries to leave when Olga opens the door, but Olga pushes him back inside the room. Henry screams loudly until Olga shuts the door.

Upstairs at Fairwinds, B.J. is very angry and looks through his address book to hire a bodyguard for Katie. Katie stops him by saying that she will confront Mike and make it clear to him their relationship has ended. Katie promises B.J. that she will have dinner with him tomorrow.

At the shopping center, Jennifer daydreams that she is happily spending her first Christmas with Johnny and Dusty. Jennifer and Dusty share a kiss in the dream. Jennifer is startled out of her daydream when Paul arrives to talk to her.

Jennifer shows Paul a letter from her friend Colette, who has invited her to Paris. Paul is shocked when Jennifer informs him she is leaving Oakdale and doesn’t know if she will ever return. Jennifer explains to Paul that she needs to get away from all the painful memories. Paul informs Jennifer that Will has made it clear that he intends to move in with Gwen and Billy. Jennifer is happy for him because she thinks Gwen is good for him. Jennifer leaves to go for a drive and tells Paul she will call him later.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen fears the court will take Billy away from her now that Iris is going to jail. Will promises to use his influential family to help her keep Billy.

At Sparky’s garage, Carly worries that Gwen could still want her to go to jail. Hal arrives and informs Carly and Jack that all charges will be dropped against Will soon. Hal tells Carly and Jack that Will went home with Gwen to put the baby to sleep. Carly worries that Gwen will be home alone with the baby. Jack encourages Carly to invite Gwen and Billy to stay at their house.

At the bar, Meg wonders if Dusty is sure he is ready to move in with her. Dusty finishes his drink and leaves with Meg because he wants to test out the new satin sheets.

At Gwen’s place, Hal and Carly arrive and Will gives Gwen a kiss before going to the station. Carly invites Gwen and Billy to stay at her house and tells her Will is welcome to come over once he is finished at the station. Gwen accepts the invitation and Will thanks Carly for saving him. Once Will and Hal have left, Gwen struggles to find the words to thank Carly. Gwen tells Carly she doesn’t know what to say because she saved her and Will. Carly smiles and tells Gwen that is what sisters do.

Inside the wine cellar, Henry gets tired of screaming and eats the food Olga brought for him while he worries that B.J. may hurt Katie.

Upstairs at Fairwinds, B.J. tells Olga to prepare a special French dinner for Katie tomorrow. Olga worries about Henry since Katie is coming to the house for dinner tomorrow. B.J. is too excited about the love of his life coming for dinner to worry about Henry.

At Java, Katie shows Mike the receipt for a lime-green MP3 player that Henry supposedly bought for Maddie in Palo Alto. Katie explains to Mike the MP3 player was bought at the Oakdale mall, so that proves B.J. has kidnapped Henry.

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