ATWT Update Tuesday 11/29/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/29/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the farm, Holden is talking on the phone with Lucinda about her PI tracking down the kidney in El Paso. He thinks that has to be it, because he can’t figure out what else he could be holding over her head. Luke comes in, having awoken from his nap, and so Holden hangs up. Holden offers to make him a sandwich, hoping to keep things routine for him.

Luke wonders if he should be doing something else. Holden wonders what he means. Luke mentions that he had told him he would have good news for him soon regarding his mom and Keith. Holden tells him he needs to have patience; he is doing what he can. Luke is angry at Lily for having ditched them all on Thanksgiving. Holden corrects him; "She ditched me, not you kids." "That is not how it feels," Luke says. He knows Keith is not right for her, and he was positive she felt the same way. "Even before I went into the hospital things were good between you both," he recalls.. "She still loves you, right?" Luke wonders. Lily walks in just after.

At WOAK, Jen tells Kim that she didn’t need to bring her there. Kim half chuckles about leaving Jen upset and sitting on the ground in front of that dive. Jen meant she could go home. Kim won’t hear of it. She wants her to hang out with her for a while to catch up. She also wants to know what Jen would like to drinkóapple cinnamon or chamomile? Jen decides on apple cinnamon and then poses a very poignant question: When does the pain go away from losing your baby? She goes on that it has been many months now since she lost her baby. "I can’t feel like this forever"; her voice is bubbling over with sadness.

At Iris’s, she wonders how Jack could be in her house without anyone being there to let him in. Jack is racking his brain to come up with a quick answer to this question. He covers by saying he heard she had been in the hospital. He was concerned; he came to check on Gwen as well, for Carly. When no one answered he got worried, and the door was open.. Iris slits her eyes and looks at him suspiciously; his concern is so sudden. She locked the door when she left, though, so try again. She tells him he wasn’t worried about her. Had he heard she had been poisoned and come rushing over, worried that Carly did this to her? Iris wonders. Jack lets out an almost unnoticeable sigh of relief and shrugs his shoulders as he tells her that she got him.

At Yo’s, Carly is still hanging all over Stan. She was acting overly impressed with Stan and his ‘research.’ She is holding the tape recorder behind her back. Can she see his research, or is he lying about this just to impress her? He says it is boring and just technical. She tells him that he is being modest, or maybe he is pretending to have something going on just to be a big shot to her. He assures her that he is not. He will show her it, only if she does something for him first. Carly smiles seductively, trying to hide her contempt.

In the jail, Will and Gwen are recalling the good times they had in New York. Will promises a scared Gwen that he is going to get out of jail. Gwen is sure something good is going to happen because Carly is on a mission, and when she gets like that, Gwen feels confident. Will is surprised; she enlisted Carly’s help? Gwen tells him that she did, but before they can talk further, Hal and Barbara show up. Will wonders if it is time for his arraignment. Hal nervously tells him that they got it postponed. Will wonders why they would do that. Hal explains that if he got arraigned now he would be facing attempted murder charges. Will doesn’t care because he didn’t do it; he would be arraigned post-bail and get out of there. Hal explains that he is getting out of there, but he and Barbara apprehensively look at each other. Will doesn’t understand for a moment, and then he gets what his dad means. He says he refuses to be taken there; he is not going back to the hospital.

Carly playfully asks Stan if he has a girlfriend. He corrects her; he has a business partner, and they are going to split the proceeds. Carly tells him that is not fair. He comes up with a plan and does all the legwork, and only gets half? Stan agrees; he is the brain in this operation. Carly suggests that he should find a way to end up with all the money. If he lets her in on the plan then she will help him figure out a way to keep all the money. Just then she drops the recorder onto the floor and Stan sees it.

Iris tells Jack, despite the desire to yank his chain, that Carly did not poison heróWill did. Jack feigns surprise. Iris reminds him that Will did it before. Jack feigns empathy; it is a shame, after all, because Will is such a young kid, and now he is going to get locked up. Iris tells Jack that if you mess with her family you are going to get what you deserve. Iris asks if Will should be allowed to walk around. Jack concurs that he should be locked up. Jack pretends to be concerned with the effect the poison may have had on her. She admits that they caught it in time and she will not suffer any long-term effects, luckily. Jack wants to make a quick exit now. He tells Iris to tell Gwen that he stopped by, but Iris grabs his arm and stops him from leaving. Jack looks at her and asks her what she wants, since she already told him that Carly was innocent. She tells him provocatively that his wife may be off the hook, but he isn’t.

Will is adamant; he will not go back. Hal and Barbara promise it is just for an evaluation. Will thinks that it is Barbara’s doing. Barbara tries to deny it. Will is definite in his refusal to go anywhere. An emotional Hal reminds him that they are still his parents, and Barbara adds that he is still a minor, so they have some options. Hal thinks that an evaluation at this point is the best way to get the charges dropped. Will wants to know how he is supposed to convince them he is still crazy. How could they do this to him? Barbara snaps that he never would have made bail, and then he would have stayed locked in jail until his trial. Will glares back; he would take jail over this alternative any day. Gwen intercedes; she will find proof. Hal thinks that no one else should be getting involved and messing with evidence. Gwen promises to not mess it up. Barbara lashes out at Gwen and tells her to mind her own business. Will yells back for her to leave her alone, because she is the only one who is trying to help him. Barbara assures him that is not true. Will corrects his statement; she is the only one who thinks he is innocent. Hal tells him emphatically that is not true and he is sorry that he sees it that way. "Then don’t punish me," an emotional Will blurts out. Gwen steps in again and tells him she will be right back. When are they taking him? Will tells them it doesn’t matter because he is not going. Gwen begs for him not to let them; she will be back with the proof to get him out. She leaves, and Hal promises that no matter what, he will be with him. Will tells him not to bother. Hal tells him that he can hate him, but he will still not let him down. He leaves to go check on the transport. After he leaves, Barbara tries to comfort Will, but he slaps her away and yells for her not to touch him.

Jen thinks she should leave. Kim already has too much on her plate, and now with Will she is just going to get going. Kim assures her that Barbara and Hal are handling that and so they can talk about her right now. Jen emotionally tells Kim that she's felt trapped in a bubble of grief for so long. She can’t get out, no matter what. She watches people around her moving about, talking, laughing and falling in love, and here she is stuck in the same spot. Kim remarks about how Bob has seen Dusty picking up Meg at the hospital. It surprised her because she had seen how close she and Dusty were. She saw how they looked at each other. Jen explains that she pushed him away so he wouldn’t get trapped with her. It was all about the baby; she was afraid if they held on then she wouldn’t let go of the baby. She had to let him go, and now he has moved on. Then Kim asks how she ended up at Yo’s. Jen admits being there, but not looking for a guy. Kim wonders how far it went. She wants to know if Jen took meth so they would know how to proceed. Jen admits that she bought some meth but threw it away. Kim wonders if she retrieved it. Jen assures her she did not. She does not really want to go back to that place.. She had this crazy, manic, panicky energy. She just wanted to stop the numbness. Kim wonders if the intense pain means she is healing and coming out of this. Kim thinks she needs to stop running away from her problems, because they will follow her, and when she stops running they are still going to be right there with her. There are tons of people around her that love her. If she wants to get out of the bubble, then she should reach out to all the people willing to help around her.

Lily asks Luke how his Thanksgiving was. He isn’t answering, so Lily goes on, saying he was probably fussed over. Luke still doesn’t answer her. Lily thinks she should leave, since he doesn’t seem to want to talk. Holden stops her; he tells Luke to ask Lily any questions he may have. Lily thinks maybe that it is not a good time, but Holden repeats that Luke can ask Lily whatever he needs to; she will give him an honest answer. He tells them he will be in the barn. Lily empathizes with Luke and how much pain he is in about this. She would do anything to change how he feels. Really? Luke wonders. Then he holds up his cell phone and tells her to call Keith and tell him they are over. Lily slowly takes the phone and stares at it, but then puts it down. Instead she asks him if he has any idea how much she loves him. He thought he did, he says, but now he is unsure. She swears she did not do this to hurt him. Luke laments over how great she and Holden had been getting along. She reminds him that that was because they pulled together when he was sick. Luke isn’t buying it; he also saw them before he was sick. He is getting more wound up. They were fine, and then he had the surgery and woke up and his family was broken up. What happened? he demands sadly. He doesn’t allow her to answer. Did Holden do something he wasn’t aware of? Lily answers that he had been amazing throughout. Then was it Lucinda; had they fought? Lily tells him that is not what happened either. Then what happened? Why did she do it? he yells. Lily yells back that she did it for him.

Meanwhile, Holden is outside when Lucinda shows up with a file folder in hand. She tells him laughingly that Fenwick blocked Lily in, so she is stuck there. She tells him she has the PI report, and he won’t believe it.

Iris toys with Jack; she could still press charges. Jack answers back, playing, that she invited him in. It would be her word against his, and he has a lot more friends in the police department that would side with him. Iris admits that they probably would, since he already lied about her and Gwen. She wants him to be neighborly, put his feet up, and relax with her. He says he has to go; he has errands to run and the kids are with a babysitter. Iris gives him this come-hither look as she asks if Carly is able to meet his needs. Jack is put off, but Iris continues; she tries to pull his jacket off, but Jack grabs it before she sees anything.

Carly picks up the recorder, momentarily unable to figure out what to do or say. Stan wants to know what that is. Carly covers by saying it is her phone. He says he has never seen one like that. Carly is glad; she seems to have averted this near-disaster. Stan wants to move the party to his place. Carly agrees, but only if he shows her his research. He has to go to the bathroom, but when he gets back they will go. After he leaves, Gwen comes tearing in. The babysitter told her where she was. She hopes Carly has found out something. Carly says that he has said a few things, but they need more. Gwen is petrified and desperate; they need to get it now, or it will be too late.

Will shouts that Barbara wants Gwen out of his life, and she wants him in a hospital so she can control him and whom he sees. Barbara denies it. They love each other, and this attempt to break them up is not going to work, Will bellows. Then Will sees Hal coming with a couple of men from the hospital. He remarks sarcastically about them bringing a straightjacket. Barbara assures Will they are right there for him. Will wants to give Gwen a chance to get back. Hal tells him that she has been gone for a long time. Will wants them to wait a little longer. One of the guards steps toward Will, and Hal tells him to back off or he will make sure he is writing traffic tickets for the rest of his career. The guard apologizes, explaining that they have their orders, and Hal moves to let them by. Will starts to fight them. He won’t go. Hal is telling him they are there with him. His mom will accompany him and he won’t be long behind. Will continues to fight them as they struggle to walk him down the hall and out.

Iris wants to know what the problem is. Jack remarks in a smart-alecky way that he didn’t know she cared. He has to go, and just so she knows, he loves his wife. Iris tells him that is his second mistake. What was his first? He is leaving her there so unsatisfied. He leaves, telling her that he will see her soon. As soon as he leaves, Iris wonders out loud what he is up to.

Carly takes Gwen outside to talk; what is going on? Gwen tells her that Will’s parents are trying to take Will back to the mental hospital. He is just barely holding it together. He once said he would rather die than go back there. This will break him. It is all her fault. Carly wonders if Gwen is repeating this from what Barbara said to her. Gwen thinks it is true, though. Iris did this to Will. She is her sister, and she will not stop until they prove Will’s innocence. She tells Gwen to go back to Will and stay with him, and not let anyone scare her away. She should leave her cell phone on, and when she and Jack get solid proof they will call her. Meanwhile, Stan has come back from the bathroom and witnessed this exchange, and has taken off toward the back of the bar.

Luke doesn’t understand how she went back to Keith for him. Lily realizes what she said and tries to backpedal. She just meant that it was not fair of her to allow him to get his hopes up about her and Holden only to crush them. An exasperated Lily covers her face in her hands. Luke notices Keith’s rock. Whose ring is that? This is really going to happen with her and Keith? He is irate and starting to raise his voice. How could she do this so suddenly? Lily wants him to calm down. It is not good for his recovery, she pleads. Like she cares; he wants her to leave him alone, he shouts as he rushes out.

Meanwhile, Holden is outside with Lucinda, looking at the report. It doesn’t make sense. Lucinda thinks that Keith is loathsome, but not stupid. She doesn’t think he would risk using an illegal organ. Holden is not so sure. If he saved Luke’s life, there would be nothing Lily wouldn’t do to thank him, and he counted on that. Lucinda thinks that might be true when Luke was dying, but why would she continue this ruse now? Holden is unsure; maybe there is a paper trail that would implicate him or Lucinda? Lucinda wonders if it is simply that Lily has fallen back under his spell. Holden doesn’t think that, deep down, she believes that. Lucinda agrees to keep looking into it with the PI. Holden wants him to look into everything Keith has done since Luke got sick. He knows Lily doesn’t love Keith, and that she still loves him. Lucinda reminds Holden that sometimes that doesn’t stop Lily. Holden feels whatever decision she made, she was forced into it.

Jen hangs up the phone; she is seeing her counselor in the morning. Kim suggests that Jen stay over her house tonight, but Jen doesn’t think she can. She has things to do, and in particular, she needs to check in with her dad about Will. She reaches for her cell phone and pulls out Billy’s toy. She happily tells Kim how she babysat for Billy and how fussy he was until she picked him up and coddled him. She knows it doesn’t really mean anything. Kim thinks it does; it means she is great with babies. Jen smiles absently. Kim tells her about a toy drive at the hospital that Jen might want to consider getting involved with. There are a lot of babies out there that need hugs. Jen goes on to say how full and content she felt when she held Billy, and he is only a stranger; imagine how she would feel with her own baby. Kim thinks that maybe babies wouldn’t be such a good idea right now. Maybe she can work at an adolescent toy drive. Jen also thinks that the toy should go back that night. Kim doesn’t think they will miss it, but Jen thinks Billy will. They hug and kiss, and Kim makes her promise to call her if she needs her.

Carly asks the bartender if he has seen the guy she was with. She has been looking for him and can’t seem to find him. The bartender tells her that if he left he'd have had to leave through the front door, and he didn’t see him. Carly realizes that means that he left through the back door. She scrunches up her face when she realizes what has happened.

Iris comes home with Billy. She talks to Billy, saying that at least Jack wasn’t lying about him having a babysitter. She walks through the door to find Stan ransacking the place. Did he call this cleaning? Stan is desperate to find the folder with his research. If he doesn’t find it then they are sunk. Iris looks freaked out by his pronouncement.

Carly is calling Jack to let him know what happened with Stan just as Jack is showing up at Yo’s to see her. She tells him that Stan took off because he caught on to her act. Jack tells her that it doesn’t matter because he has the all the evidence they would need. They kept it in a folder, and from what he can see this could easily elicit a confession from them.

Stan is babbling; she was asking about our research, he starts. Iris wants to know who was asking. Then he goes on to say that when he was having a drink with this blonde, and Iris interrupts, asking him why he was drinking with a blonde. He proceeds to mention that he started to get freaked out when he was dancing with her and she said her name was Rose. Again Iris interrupts, now stuck on him dancing with someone else. He assures her that she wasn’t his type. Then he saw her talking with Gwen, and he knew he had to get out of there. Iris is furious; he was hitting on Gwen’s sister? Then Iris realizes that Carly was working him at the same time Jack was at her house. Stan is panic-stricken. If they don’t get out of there right now they will be thrown in jail. Iris is now alarmed. She has to buy diapers and do a few other things. Stan tells her that they don’t have time and they can’t afford to bring the rug rat. He is her grandson and ticket, Iris whines. Stan corrects her: he is their ticket to jail. He is dead weight. Iris pauses for a while, and then agrees. Stan runs out the door and tells her to come on. Iris grabs a few things while staring at the baby. She sits a life-sized teddy bear on the couch next to Billy and tells him it’s for company. She bids him good-bye and takes off out the door.

Gwen runs into the jail area, starting to talk about what Carly said, but she stops in her tracks when she sees Hal sitting alone in the cell instead of Will. Hal tells her that they had to take him. She doesn’t understand; she said she would be right back. Hal tells her that it wasn’t a trip to the mall, it was a court-ordered transport. Gwen laments how unfair it is. She asks him if he thinks it is her fault, too. He doesn’t know. Gwen doesn’t understand how he doesn’t see the set-up. She gets that Barbara is out there, but he seems calm and smart. Does he really think that Will could hurt someone? Hal answers that before when Will was in trouble, no one knew that he could have hurt someone then. Then Will didn’t say a word for months after that. He was very sick. Gwen looks heartbroken. He has to step up and take care of him now. Gwen assures him that he is not going to lose him. Hal knows that Will trusts her implicitly. In that case, Gwen says, she needs him to take her to where Will is. Hal agrees to.

Will is led into a padded room. Barbara is irate. Is this necessary? The male nurses assure her this is protocol. She is going to talk to Dr. Kitteridge about getting him a normal room. As Barbara and the nurses start to leave, Will tries to bolt, but the men grab him and throw him back towards the bed. They leave him yelling as they lock the door behind themselves.

Lily is sitting at the table, looking at Keith’s ring, when Holden comes back in. Is she okay? Like he cares, she snaps. He mentions that she sounds like Luke now. As far as she is concerned, he wound him up and pointed him in her direction. Holden thinks that Luke needed questions answered. Lily thinks Luke hates her. Holden is sure it won’t last. He also has figured it out. What? she asks. Why she decided to go back to Keith, he answers; she would do anything to save Luke’s life.. She agrees, saying that they all would have. Holden wonders if she is including Keith in that statement. Lily answers that they were all lucky, and she is so grateful for that. Holden doesn’t see it as luck or divine intervention; he sees it as her making a deal with the devil. Lily is nervous and doesn't know what to say. She wants to go.

He wants Lily to look him in the eyes and tell him he is wrong. He thinks he is right; she agreed to marry Keith if he got her a kidney for Luke, no questions asked. She traded her life for Luke’s.

Hal and Gwen are arriving at the hospital, and Jack calls him. He tells Jack that it is a bad time, but Jack wants him to listen. He got the evidence; Iris and her boyfriend set Will up. He pulled the evidence out of the house unlawfully, so to speak, so it may not hold up in court, but it could scare a confession out of them. Hal hangs up, ready to leave to go see Jack. Gwen knows they found out something. Hal tells her that they have something that sounds like good news. Barbara arrives right after Hal leaves. Where is Hal? Barbara demands. Gwen explains that it is all over. Jack and Carly found something out. What evidence? Barbara challenges. Gwen isn’t sure. Barbara threatens Gwen against saying a word to get Will’s hope up. Gwen stares at Will through the small glass window in the door and mouths that he will be coming home soon, as they press their hands together from opposite sides of the window.

Jen arrives at Iris’s with the toy. She hears a baby crying and looks in to see Billy on the couch with the big stuffed teddy bear next to him. He is crying. She knocks, calling out for someone. No one answers. She continues to watch the baby through the door. The teddy bear falls over on top of the baby and Jen starts to panic and bangs harder on the door, as Billy cries harder.

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