ATWT Update Monday 11/28/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/28/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the cottage, Mike is getting irate with Maddie because he wants to know where Katie is. He wants to call Katie, but she stops him. She finally tells him that Katie is on a mission of mercy for a friend. She breaks down and tells him that they were both really worried about Henry, and Katie decided to take matters into her own hands. Mike wants to know what changed, because Katie had seemed to accept that Henry was on a business meeting. Maddie tries to explain that they don’t believe B.J.’s explanation. Mike glares at Maddie as he pleads with her to tell him that she did not wind Katie up and send her in B.J.’s direction. Maddie answers that it was all Katie—she wanted to do it. Mike poses a question: if Maddie thought B.J. was so dangerous that he would hurt Henry, what does she think he would do to Katie?

At WOAK, B.J. goes to put his hands on Katie’s arm to comfort her. She instinctively shoots backwards. She covers by saying simply that he is the last person she should be discussing this with. B.J. thinks that Mike and she must have gotten into a really bad fight, judging from her reaction. Katie comments that they have had worse fights, trying to rope B.J.. in. She says she figured she would just come to WOAK to get some work done and send out some emails. Who is she kidding? She tells him that she will be okay, as she watches him from the corner of her eye. He seems to be giving her her space and starts to leave. Seeing this, Katie panics and starts to sob loudly. B.J. comes back in and hugs her, as she smirks successfully.

At the farm, Meg and Dusty are doing the dishes for Emma. They talk about moving into their new place. Dusty grabs her and tells her that he wants them to move in together—tonight.

In jail, Jen is assuring Will that Paul is just trying to help. Will isn’t so sure. He sarcastically says that no one in their family has an agenda. Jen thinks he wouldn’t do that because he knows what they went through with—, and then she is interrupted when they see Barbara coming towards them, and Will says aside to Jen, "Don’t forget, Paul is her son." Barbara is talking incessantly. She has made some calls and she is determined to get Will out of this place no matter what the cost. She has called Will’s doctor, Dr. Kitteridge. Will stops her; he doesn’t need a shrink. He thinks Barbara wants the doctor to tell the world that he is still sick just to get him out of jail. She starts up again, saying she is just trying to help. Will is furious. How could they possibly believe that he could poison Iris? He would never do that—never again!

Iris and Stan arrive back at her place. She comments about how good it is to be home. He wants her to kick her feet up and relax, but Iris snaps that that is what she has been doing in the hospital for days. Then Stan starts to get a little frisky, and suddenly Iris is not feeling as well. She snidely comments that she has just been in the hospital for being poisoned. I guess she is hoping for some sympathy from the person who helped to poison her. Iris talks about how they planned the perfect set-up for Will. They could have staged a fall, but using the poison he used before was pure genius. Iris reminds them that they have to have patience for the wheels of justice to work. Stan adds, snickering, Doesn’t she mean the wheels of fortune? Iris beams as she remarks that thanks to her daughter, they will be set for life.

At the farm, Gwen has come looking for Carly. Carly, not sure why Gwen is there, asks if she got her message about joining them for Thanksgiving. Gwen remarks that she did, but she is actually there for her help. A concerned Carly asks what she needs help with. She blurts out that Will has been arrested for supposedly trying to poison Iris. Carly stays calm as she asks what Gwen wants from her. Gwen stammers that she thought that since Jack was a cop… Carly reminds her that he is now an ex-cop. A frustrated Gwen tells Carly to never mind and then starts to walk away. Carly stops her and tells her that if she really wants her help, she needs to give her a chance; she needs to know the history of what went on.. Gwen tells her about how Iris got sick and ended up in the hospital, and now the test results are saying that she was poisoned with methanol—the same drug that Will used on Rose. They even have a signed receipt from Will for the drug. His family even believes he might have relapsed, and she doesn’t know where else to turn. Carly is momentarily shaken, but pushes forward. She states straight-forwardly that it doesn’t make any sense that he would use the same drug as before with Rose, or that he would also sign a receipt; it has got to be a set-up. Gwen breathes a huge sigh of relief. She is so happy that Carly gets something in five seconds that no one else has gotten yet. Gwen asks a rhetorical question: Iris did this to get rid of Will? Carly reminds Gwen that she had always said that Iris wants to get rid of anyone who is close to her, and she would do anything to get her hands on that money. What should she do? Gwen pleads. Carly thinks for a moment. She tells her to go see Will and let her think through some things. Gwen mentions that she can’t because of the baby. Carly tells her to drop Billy off at her house, where the babysitter is looking after the other kids. Then she can go see Will all she wants. Gwen thanks her. What is she going to do? Gwen wonders. Carly doesn’t feel she should tell her; what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Gwen wonders if she should know, but Carly tells her that since she asked for her help, she needs to trust her. Will she trust her? Gwen smiles; she does trust her.

Dusty is concerned; has Meg changed her mind about their living situation? Meg wonders if they need to rush into this. He could stay over a few nights. Dusty will hear none of this; he needs a drawer and half of a closet only. Meg looks at him lovingly and then tells him that it is a deal, but adds jokingly that he can’t have the medicine cabinet.

Will is furious. He raises his voice as he demands to know how his family could think he is capable of this again. Barbara reminds him the only opinion that matters now is the judge's. Will cuts her off; that is not true to him. Will is starting to yell; do they think he is stupid enough to use the same poison? He has had it; he is done talking. Barbara snaps back that he will talk and cooperate with the lawyer, shrinks, and whomever else to keep him from going to jail. She demands that of him and tells him he'd better listen to her, because this time if he is found guilty he is going to prison and not a hospital.

Mike tries to reach Katie, but she is not answering her cell phone. Maddie is trying to assure Mike that she is safe. B.J. would not hurt her; he loves her. He would only go so far. Mike is not at all convinced; he hands Maddie his cell phone and tells her he is going to find her and that she should stay there in case Katie calls. He runs out of the cottage as a terrified Maddie watches him go.

Katie continues to fake-cry. B.J. apologizes for what she is going through. Katie adds a little realism to this when she asks him if he is really sorry. Then she adds that she shouldn’t have come there. B.J. doesn’t think she should be the one to leave. He can go work elsewhere. Katie tries to keep him with her again by mentioning that she needs tissues. B.J. doesn’t think she should be driving in this condition. Katie mentions that she has no one to go see anyway, because Mike has alienated her from her family and friends. Then she pretends that she didn’t want that personal information to slip out. It only intrigues B.J. more, and Katie knows this. B.J. suggests that if she wants to get a drink or if she needs a shoulder to cry on, he is available. Katie shoots down going into public, and then B.J. shyly suggests Fairwinds. Katie sniffs around for information. She wouldn’t want to be around his staff and Henry; Henry always sticks his nose in, and she couldn’t handle it right then. B.J. bites and tells her Henry is not going to be there. Katie presses further; is he sure? B.J. assures her that Henry won’t be around, because he is on a business trip. Katie pauses, not really knowing what to do next. B.J. then suggests that he should just call his car service. Katie stops him; she has decided that he is right, and she doesn’t want to be alone. "Let’s go, then," B.J. declares. They are heading for the door when Mike storms in, shocking Katie; he demands to know where the hell they are going.

Meg walks into the kitchen lugging a giant chest. Dusty laughs at her. She explains that she told her mother that she was leaving today, and she told her to take it. She pretends it was not even her idea. Dusty wants to see what is inside, but Meg doesn’t think it is such a good idea.. Dusty skips around her and opens it. He finds a few teddy bears and other childhood keepsakes. He stops and stares at a white negligee. He asks her if she and her mother bought this together. Meg jokes that it was done with their normal knock-down, drag-out fight. Dusty smiles flirtatiously as he tells her that it looks good to him. Meg jokes that she had wanted a red one. Dusty holds it up to her as he comments that this one works for him. They seal it with a passionate kiss.

Barbara is trying to convince Will that she knows what she is doing; given his medical history… Will interrupts and says that must mean he is deranged. Jen is trying to stop them from arguing. Gwen shows up and tells Will that she has help for him, much to the chagrin of Barbara. Jen offers to watch Gwen’s baby, almost too happily, wanting to help. Gwen mentions that he is being taken care of by a babysitter. Jen continues on and leaves the holding-cell area. She stops halfway down the hallway and pulls Billy’s toy out of her purse and stares at it before she leaves. Will tells Gwen that his family thinks he did it. Gwen is incensed; how could they ever think Will is capable of that? Barbara is furious; she demands Gwen not preach to her about her son and says she should stay away from him. Gwen reaches for Will; she has talked to someone who believes in his innocence, and they are going to get him out.

Carly is sneaking up to Iris’s house. She is listening to the conversation going on inside between Iris and Stan. Stan wants to know what happened to all the booze. Iris laments that they took it away for evidence. Stan thinks that she would feel better after a gin and tonic. Iris whips out a prescription that she is supposed to be taking. She is not going to drink with him; she is filling this, and doing everything by the book. She asks Stan to drop her off at the pharmacy on his way to Yo’s.. They leave the house, and Carly scrambles to hide by the front lawn wall.

After Stan and Iris leave, Carly creeps up to the front door and looks to be about to let herself in when she is grabbed from behind by someone wearing black gloves. The mystery man turns Carly towards him and pulls his hands away from her mouth. We see that it is her G-man, Jack. Her fear turns to relief when she sees him. How did he know she was there? He had been at the house when Gwen had come by. He knew that he had better find her before she got into something that she could get in trouble with. She needs to help her sister, Carly pleads. Jack just doesn’t think she should be planning to commit a felony when she is already fighting a couple of felony counts. Carly is adamant; she has to do something. They will, Jack assures her, as he holds up a set of keys. Carly smiles slyly back him.

Barbara is annoyed with Gwen. She tells her that her can-do speech is great and all, but unless she plans on doling out the money to pay for the lawyers and other people Will needs, she should make herself scarce. It is Will and her trailer-trash mother’s fault that he is in this mess. She goes on to explain that Hal is making a few calls and then they have a conference call. She will be back in a little while. As she is about to leave, she reaches through the bars and taps Will on the cheek and tells him to cheer up, because his mom is on the job. After she leaves, Gwen looks at Will and asks him if she ever takes no for an answer. She sadly goes on to tell Will that she is right about something: if it weren’t for her and her ‘trailer-trash mom,’ he really wouldn’t be in this mess.

Jen is outside of Yo’s. She looks inside and makes contact with a man. He excuses himself from a pool game and goes outside to talk to her. She thanks him for coming, and he makes a sarcastic comment, asking if she has gotten rid of her boyfriend, because he doesn’t need him around. The last time he saw him he almost took him apart. He also took his supply without paying. Jen remarks that he isn’t around, but she doesn’t want to talk about her private life. He reminds her that if she wants more ice then she will need to settle up. Jen holds up some cash and tells him that she will pay.

Katie tries to make eye contact with Mike to get him to play along, but Mike is so upset and worried he just wants answers. What is she doing there? Katie answers that he should not pretend to not know. She offers up more about him being insanely jealous. Mike is still not on her wavelength. He asks her what she is talking about and says he just wants her to come home. Katie shoots back that she has already left him. Mike is beside himself; there is no way in hell he is going to leave her there. He doesn’t care what B.J. thinks. He grabs Katie’s wrists and they start to leave, but B.J. and his henchman, a dark, long-haired man with a goatee, greet the stunned couple. B.J. declares that Mike is not going anywhere with Katie until they understand each other. Katie tries to keep the situation from becoming dangerous. She wants to get rid of Mike because she fears why B.J. has brought this guy there. She tells Mike to leave because she is not going anywhere with him. Mike tells her that he is not leaving without her.

He turns to B.J.; does he think this guy is going to stop him? B.J. responds with an emphatic yes. "Katie wants you to leave," B.J. tells him, that is why Jerry is there. Jerry is his security to escort him out of there. Mike pleads with Katie to come with him, and Katie pleads with him to go. B.J. nods for Jerry to take Mike out. He tells him angrily to just get rid of him. After they leave, a frightened Katie asks B.J. what he meant by that comment.

Will is adamant when he tells Gwen it is not her fault he is in there. Gwen tells him that he should be in school, worrying about his SATs and whom he is going to take to the winter dance. Will answers quietly that he thought he had a date. Gwen is frustrated that he is in this situation. She wouldn’t have been able to go because she will be busy changing diapers. Will tells her that in that case he will be beside her, warming up the milk for Billy’s bottle. Gwen thinks he is crazy and that he should get out while he can. Will asks her if she ever wondered why he was so easy to set up. He had done something bad, that is why.

He can’t blame anyone else for his choice. After that, he thought that nothing good could ever happen to him again. Then he met her. Gwen recalls how Will didn’t like her at first. She tells him how he thought she was a pushy pain in the butt. He smiles as he tells her that she was. Will thanks her for that. Gwen doesn’t understand what for. She doesn’t think she is any help to him. He thanks her for being the only one who doesn’t think he needs psychological help. He tells her that her standing beside him and believing in him means more to him than anything in the world.

Meg laughs at Dusty’s reaction to all her boxes. Would he prefer she burned them all? She mentions that she still has others back in Texas, but she is not going to worry about them. Dusty picks up a folder that she has. Is this their insurance? He thought they were going to live dangerously. It drops on the floor, and Meg tries to grab for it so Dusty can’t see in it. As Meg reaches for it, some of the stuff falls out of the folder. She starts to pick it up quickly. Dusty picks up the e-ticket and asks her if this is her one-way ticket to Alaska. Meg glances at the ticket and we see that it is for Florida, and then she remembers seeing Dusty and Jen kissing in bed.

Jen tells the guy that is all she has. Then the man hands her a little baggy and tells her that is all she can have. He jokes that it is a good thing anyway, because she hasn’t been using in a while; she should start off slow and build up. He tells her that she knows where to find him.. After the man leaves, Jen takes Billy’s toy out of her bag and stares longingly at it. She sees Carly coming and she ducks out of the way.. Meanwhile, Carly is talking on her cell phone, telling the person that she is there and she will tell him what she finds out. Stan is sitting at the bar, and Carly walks in and unbuttons and removes her jacket, showing off a low-cut, tight black-and-red bustier. Carly, in her bright red lipstick, sidles up to him and asks him seductively if he wants to buy a thirsty girl a drink. Stan stares at her, practically licking his lips.

Jack is letting himself into Iris’s house, mumbling to himself about an ex-cop breaking and entering being a beautiful picture. He rifles through some papers and folders. He rummages through a bag. He pulls out an empty alcohol bottle and then opens up a folder, and bingo—he sees clippings of Will and Rose and the poisoning inside.

Katie is adamant that B.J. cannot allow his ‘guard’ to hurt Mike. They may be over, but a part of her will always love him. She can’t have him being hurt on her conscience. B.J. understands; she can’t punish someone for caring too much. B.J. calls Jerry and tells him to make sure that Mike gets home safely. Katie breathes a sigh of relief. Now B.J. wants to focus on her. Katie pretends that he shouldn’t worry about her. She then adds, for effect, that facing her family and friends now, considering what has happened, is more than she can handle (hoping B.J. will rise to the occasion). B.J. suggests that she can take time to regroup at Fairwinds. She can be by herself, or he could keep her company. It will be her safe haven. It is the least he could do for her after everything that happened between them. Katie pauses and then tells him that he is on.

Maddie is nervously waiting at home. The door opens and Maddie jumps up, exclaiming that she is glad he is back, but Mike silences her so as to not give anything away. The thug threatens that if Mike goes near B.J. again, he will be there. Mike threatens back that he won’t see him coming. The guy tells him not to bet on that, and then he stalks out of there. Maddie wants to know who the scary guy was. He tells her that it was B.J.’s boy. Maddie asks if B.J. hires people to beat people up now. Mike tells Maddie that he was carrying a 357, so he is sure that he would probably shoot someone instead. Mike doesn’t know what to do, but he has a bad feeling about the position Katie is putting herself in. Maddie is sure she is fine, but Mike calls Katie. They talk almost in code. B.J. thinks he hears Katie telling Mike to leave her alone, but Mike is on the phone telling her what to do and what he expects. He tells her if she gets in trouble to hit the panic button on the cell phone, and the police will be there instantly. She secretly tells him she is going to Fairwinds, and Mike tells her that he is going to call the police if she isn’t home in two hours. She agrees and hangs up, pretending to be done arguing with Mike. She turns and leaves with B.J.

Dusty wants to know why she would hold on to her ticket to Alaska; is this in case she wants to bail on him? Meg suggests that they could cash it in and go wherever they wanted. Dusty adds that they could go where the wind took them. She reminds him that that used to work for them a long time ago. Why does she want to look back? What they have should all be new now. Meg agrees; she puts the ticket quickly back in the folder and tells him she is going to burn it symbolically. Dusty smiles and they leave hand in hand.

Jen is sitting in the corner on the ground, eyeing the baggy of drugs. She is shaking and crying. She looks as if she is about to take the drugs, but then at the last minute whips them away. She drops her head in her hands and starts to sob. Kim shows up and sees this. She asks Jen if she has lost something. Jen looks up and tells her almost hysterically that she has. She then continues that she was fine earlier, and then all of a sudden it just came rushing back. Kim picks her up and tells her to come with her as she wraps her arms around an overwrought Jen.

Will promises that he will get out of there soon. He'd better, because he can’t have her looking forward to all this stuff and then leave her hanging, Gwen tells him. Because of him, she is looking forward to everything. They kiss through the bars. Will tells her that he loves her. She happily tells him that she loves him also.

Carly continues to flirt with Stan. She tells him that he is as cute as a bug, but he can’t afford her. He informs her that his cash flow will improve soon. As a matter of fact, he tells her specifically that it will happen three weeks from Tuesday. This information perks Carly up. She has a feeling about what that might mean. She jokes and tries to get him to give up more information; is he going to win the lottery? No, the court is going to be helpful in bringing this windfall to him. Carly asks if he is a lawyer. He tells her that simply thinking outside the box and doing research brought this about. Carly presses more; where is he doing his research—in a lab? He corrects her, saying he did it in a library on a computer. Carly acts all turned on. She loves research, she purrs. What was he researching?

Meanwhile, Jack closes his coat. "This should be enough." He opens the front door to leave and bumps smack-dab into Iris coming home. She smirks at him as she asks him if this is what happens to good cops gone bad.

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