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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Katie quickly makes sure the coast is clear and quickly makes a phone call to Henry chastising him for not calling her or Maddie. Even B.J. would not make him work on Thanksgiving.

Mike comes down and gives her a morning kiss but scolds her playfully for not being dressed. She tells him she was looking for photos for Margo. (but she has a photo of Henry). They hug and kiss; it’s mutual, they are going to be late for dinner.

Holden brings Luke into Emma’s kitchen and they all rush to hug and greet him. He doesn’t have gifts but tells the girls he has a kiss for each of them….and one left over for his mom, but he doesn’t know where she is. Emma and Holden exchange glances. Emma says she will take that kiss. Then she rushes the girls out to see that Hubbard squash, to see if it’s gotten any bigger since the last time they looked. Luke asks his dad what is going on? Holden has to tell him that he didn’t mention it in the car, but Lily is not coming; she’s with Keith.

Lily is admiring her ring when Keith comes out of the kitchen and tells her he thought she was going to put on some music. Trying to be upbeat, she tells him she got distracted by her ring. He comes over and gives it a quick rubbing shine and says it is pretty nice, isn’t it? She tells him dinner smells nice; she wished he hadn’t gone to so much trouble. He wonders what trouble – going to the supermarket at midnight and getting up this morning and cooking? He tells her it was no trouble because he’s not sleeping that well in the guest room anyway. Lily reminds him she needs some time. And he replies he knows and he’s being patient. He comes toward her; doorbell rings; saved by the bell!

It’s Lucinda behind shades and she waltzes in and proclaims it is Thanksgiving and they must talk. She stops cold when she sees Keith, who angers her further when he smarts shall he set another place at the table?

Jack, Carly and kiddos come into Emma’s kitchen with Happy Thanksgivings all around. The boys are happy it’s Thanksgiving because that means it’s almost Christmas. Emma thinks that means they need more logs on the fire, so she ushers all the kids out to help. She tells Jack that Holden is in the other room with Luke so maybe he’d better give them some more time alone. Carly is very quiet and Jack asks what’s the matter. She’s thinking Christmas; she might be in jail by then. He tries to shake that off and tells her they agreed they weren’t going to talk about that today. She replies she knows, but this might be the last Thanksgiving she has with him and the kids for a very long time. He tells her to come here as he wraps her in his arms.

The police officer tells Gwen she can’t take the baby down to lockup when she insists she must see Will. Jennifer suddenly steps forward and tells her that she will watch him for her. Gwen says no, she will come back later. Jennifer tells her that Will might not be here later. After they arraign him, they might take him back to the hospital. Gwen wonders why since he is not sick. Jennifer again tries to persuade her while she has the chance. She will watch Billy. She’s got her head on straight and she won’t try to leave with the baby; she’s in a room full of cops.

In his jail cell, Will is frustrated. Gwen comes in slowly and he tells her she is late. She doesn’t understand. He says for Thanksgiving dinner, but she can have his. It’s pretty ugly and probably tastes like slime, but it’s all he’s got. He laments that they still think he poisoned her mother.

Billy cries so Jen picks him up to hold and hug him for comfort. Paul comes in at that moment; looking worried and wonders what she is doing? Paul wants to hold him but Jennifer sys not with that grumpy face. But, it was so magical. He was crying and as soon as she picked him up, he stopped. Paul tells her this is not such a good idea, but she pooh poohs that. She is not going to break down and she knows he is not hers. Hal comes in and asks what is going on. Jen fills him in that this is Gwen’s little boy and she’s down the hall seeing Will. Paul asks when can they get Will out. Hal says he’s working on it and when he figures it out, he’ll handle it. And they can go. Paul tells him he never should have arrested Will; he wouldn’t hurt anybody. Hal tells them that he wants Will out of there as much as they do, but all the evidence pints toward him. Paul surmises there must be a mistake and Hal says if so, he will find it.

A lieutenant hands a report to Hal and Jen asks about it. Hal says there is a charge for methanol on Will’s credit card. And it’s the chemical used to poison Iris Dumbrowski. Jen tries to downplay it, it could have been bought for any number of reasons. But, Paul points out that is what Will used on Rose.

Will looks Gwen in the eye and tells her he would never lie to her. So here’s the deal. When he was younger, he used poison on someone and they died. She says she knows. But, he needs to tell her. It was Rose and she was engaged to his brother. They were going to Paris and Will was afraid of losing him, so he gave her something to make her sick. But, it killed her and it was his fault. And they put him away in the State Psychiatric Hospital. And he vows that what is happening to her mother right now is NOT some repeat performance. Not by accident, not on purpose. He wasn’t in some psychotic haze. He swears to her that he didn’t do it; that’s the truth.

With Mike squeezing her tight, Katie hangs up the phone and tells him she just flat out lied to her sister. He kisses her and says no, she told the absolute truth. “Nurse Katie, you need to heal me.” And he steers her again with his lips to the couch where he pulls her upon him.

Jack and Carly walk outside and she asks how come he never gets upset about her having to go to jail. Does he have some cutie stashed away? Is he going to replace her as soon as the cell door is locked? Just kidding. Jack tells her he just can’t see life without her. He sighs and says he’s tried to prepare himself. But, he sees kids and carpool, homework, bedtime stories…..and her..always her. Carly tells him to put that out of his mind. She wants to be here; not to think of anything bad. She wants to really be here. This is where she fell in love with him two or three times. And he laughs and says yeah, and she broke up with him twenty or thirty times! Turning serious, she says she wants to be holding his hand when Emma says grace. And believe it or not, she wants to help with the clean up….just to make it last a little longer. And then when the kids are in bed, she wants to be with him. He cracks a small smile and says it’s a date. She wonders what Gwen is doing today? Jack urges her to just invite her; he’s sure Emma won’t mind.

Luke tells Holden he doesn’t understand it. It’s Thanksgiving, and Lily is out with Keith? Holden offers she’s not just out with him; she’s going to be marrying Keith. Luke won’t hear of it; he thinks Lily and Holden are getting back together. Holden informs him that it isn’t going to work out. Luke wonders if it’s because he got sick? Holden assures him no; the one thing he and Lily have in common is that they love both him and the girls so much. Luke then wonders why she isn’t there. Holden tells him because it would have been too confusing. Luke offers that it IS very confusing. He saw them down in Mexico and getting closer. How does that just fall apart? Holden tells him he doesn’t know.

Lucinda smarts that she wouldn’t break bread with Keith. “Not if it was the last slice from the last loaf from the last wheat berry in the universe.” Keith retorts well if she should change her mind; he’ll be there for the next 50 years. And then he urges Lily to show her mother her ring. Lucinda cringes.

Lily tells her if she came there to lecture, please don’t. Lucinda scolds well somebody has to. It’s Thanksgiving and they have so much to be thankful for this year. Luke survived, and she too, she’s surviving. Lily assures her she is grateful for both she and Luke. Lucinda tells her all the more reason ‘darling’ that she should be at Emma’s table. She’s begging her to be there with her husband and her children. But, Lily tells her she can not leave Keith. Lucinda pops can’t he feed himself? She points out this is Luke’s first day home from the hospital; the very first day. Why would she choose to be here with Keith than with them? Stoically, Lily tells her that she and Holden thought this was for the best since it wasn’t going to happen between them. She did what she needed to do for her family, now she was going to do what she needed for her. Lucinda is just beside herself. This makes no sense after what that man did. She tells Lucinda he’s also done some wonderful things. Keith slips back in as she finishes. She knows Lucinda doesn’t agree with her decision, but she knows she made the right one. Keith asks her again if she’s sure she hasn’t changed her mind? They have plenty. Ignoring him, she goes to Lily and hugs her and whispers that if she changes her mind, there’s always room for one more at Emma's and she excuses herself as she brushes past Keith. He rubs his hands together and tells Lily that dinner is served.

With Katie watching, Mike pulls on his jeans (sans shirt also) and remarks why can’t he just order pizza? Why does he have to go all the way over to Mabel’s? She tells him because it’s his fault that she’s not having turkey and stuffing. And it’s also his fault that she worked up such an appetite. He jokes that why doesn’t she give him his shirt back? She quips why doesn’t he come and get it, then he can have it? He does, giving her a kiss just as the doorbell rings. So, she did order pizza? He nervously laughs when he sees it’s Maddie. She remarks she thought he was sick --- a chest cold? He grabs a shirt and says he’s heading out now to the drug store. Maddie sighs and tells Katie when she didn’t come to Margo’s, she thought she was out looking for Henry like she promised. Katie says she did try to call, but what else could she do, it’s Thanksgiving. Maddie laments what does Katie think he is doing? If he’s even alive. Katie hugs her and tries to re-assure her that he’s fine; he can survive anything.

Will tells Gwen he needs to know what she is thinking. Does she believe him? Hal walks around the corner and asks Will if he is sure he had nothing to do with this poisoning? Will assures him he didn’t. Hal asks a young man to step in. He does and identifies Will as the young man who signed for the delivery. Will offers his defense. He just happened to be on Iris’s porch and signed for it; he didn’t know what was in it and she said it was for the baby. Gwen mentions that Iris never gave her anything for the baby. Will thinks that proves she is lying. And he tells Gwen again that he didn’t do it. In fact, does she remember when they were at Java and his credit card wasn’t in his wallet. They’d had to go back to get it and that’s when he’d run into the messenger. And Iris and Stan were there. Iris was freaked out and grabbed the package and handed him back his credit card. He’s got it – her mom is setting him up!

Meg and Dusty arrive at Emma’s and she is a little reluctant to go inside. He finally gets it out of her that she’d afraid Emma might offend him. She’s so overprotective. He thinks she will get used to him….especially after they move in together. Meg reminds him he can’t say anything just yet, until she has a chance to ease her mother into it. He wonder’s why not? Is she going to excommunicate him from the Snyder family? He remarks he’s been here before for Thanksgiving, not to worry, all the guys cut the Hubbard squash. She laughs that yes, all the guys do it because Emma asks them. But to do that, she has to like you.

Emma comes out as she thought she heard Meg. Meg gives her a kiss and hands her a big bouquet of flowers. She says hello to Dusty and he holds the door while they go inside.

There the boys are badgering Luke to play Sky Raiders with them and even Jack challenges him, and Luke says they are on. Lucinda arrives and it’s another Happy Thanksgiving greetings all around. Emma offers to take her coat and get her something to drink. Lucinda asks for just plain tea and Meg has some. Lucinda says hello to Holden; she needs a hug. Lucy and Sierra send their regrets from Massachusetts and wish they could be here. She’s glad that he, Meg and Dusty are there because she’s got the keys to the guest house for them. Have they decided when they are going to move in? Emma overhears this; a pall hovers over them as Dusty says he doesn’t know yet. Lucinda goes to find the kids and Meg confronts her mother that she was going to tell her. Emma lies well, she says it’s okay. If it’s what Meg wants, then she is happy for both of them. She walks off. Dusty tells Meg – see she is already happy. Meg offers she was only being polite. She quips when she pulls out the saw to cut the squash, don’t stand too close!

Holden walks up as Meg walks away. He says to Dusty, “outside.” He then opens and holds the door for Dusty to follow. And asks pointblank what are his intentions concerning his sister? Dusty thinks he’s kidding but Holden assures him he is not. Dusty tells him they are almost living together. He cares about her a lot and his mom has already given him the third degree. Holden tells him now he’s going to get it from him. He doesn’t exactly have a great track record. Dusty quips that Holden doesn’t exactly have a great one either. He doesn’t see Lily whipping up any potatoes. With that he dismisses him and walks back inside.

Sitting at an elegant small table with glowing candles, Keith asks a very quiet Lily if she likes it? She remarks that it is great; absolutely delicious. She hasn’t eaten much because she just hadn’t pictured her Thanksgiving this way. He senses her sadness and remarks that Holden was wrong to keep the kids away from her. She differs; they belonged at the farm. They shouldn’t be here until they get used to their situation. He takes her hand and offers to look on the bright side, they’ll enjoy the privacy. The family will come around and they and the kids will have lots of holidays together.

Emma proclaims it is time to cut the squash. Jack and Holden agree to meet out back. Dusty asks if she needs help with that. Not being able to answer, Nancy Hughes is at the door with a sweet potato pie and to wish them Happy Thanksgiving. She declines dinner as she’s going to Tom and Margo’s. She spies Luke and goes to him to tell him how glad she is to see him out of the hospital and she knows what everyone today will be grateful for. Holden volunteers for him and Lucinda to walk Nancy out.

Meg corners Emma and tells her that Dusty is a good guy. Emma says if she says so. Meg tells her their relationship has changed. She didn’t ask him to move in; he asked her. Emma says good, and asks does he love her? Meg thinks he’s getting there. “But, I’m crazy about him, so will you try to be too?” Emma turns and calls for Dusty, will he help Jack cut the squash? Dusty replies yes mam! Meg beams as she kisses her momma.

Lucinda says it’s quite cold. What is it Holden wants to tell her? He thinks she knows why Lily went back to Keith.

Katie tells Maddie that she needs to go back to Margo’s house. Henry is sure to call today and she doesn’t want to miss that call. Maddie comments that he would have already called. He always called so they could watch the TV parades together, even when they weren’t together. She knows something is wrong; Katie can feel it too. That’s why she offered to help. Katie says she will; the first thing in the morning. Maddie is adamant. No, that won’t do. One day can mean the difference in life and death. She points out she knows how much a creep that B.J. is. Look what he did to Katie. Doesn’t she think he could do the same to Henry? But, Katie states that B.J. doesn’t even have a reason to be angry with Henry. Maddie says he would if he thought Henry was trying to keep Katie away from him.

Emma gets Luke to help her put the food on the table. Carly tells Jack that Emma told her she could invite Gwen, but she’d called and didn’t get her. Wonder where she was? Jack thinks probably out to eat; Iris doesn’t strike him as the cooking type. Carly admits it would be nice to see that baby today. Jack surmises she is also missing Rosanna. She admits holidays do that; makes you miss the people you can’t be with. Dusty walks up just in time to hear this.

Paul encourages Jennifer to put the baby down; she doesn’t need to be babysitting right now. They should be concentrating on Will. Jennifer says he’s right; she owes him an apology. He had wanted to get Gwen and the baby out of town; and they should have. She ended up hurting their family.

Will continues that Gwen’s mother wanted to keep Gwen with her to get a clear shot at the trust fund, so that meant getting rid of Will. Gwen asks if he is suggesting that her mother poisoned herself? He says yeah, her and that boyfriend of hers, probably came up with this whole plan. Gwen is skeptical that she would drink poison that might kill her. But, Will offers it would make him look guilty. Gwen thinks her mom is a lot of things, but not that brave or that stupid.

Keith tells Lily he has the wishbone; is she ready? She closes her eyes to make a wish. They pull and she gets the bigger half, so she wins. He says it’s just as well because he got everything he wants. What did she wish? She declines. You know what they say if you tell, it won’t come true.

Holden springs it on Lucinda. What if Keith offered Luke a kidney from the black market in exchange that Lily came back to him? Lucinda shudders at the thought but admits Lily would have done ANYTHING. He has to talk to her; ask her! He says he can’t, at least not now. She would only stonewall him. He has to have proof.

Will argues that if Gwen’s mother didn’t set this up, then what happened? She has to tell him what she thinks right now. She tells him she doesn’t know anything for sure, but she knows he didn’t have anything to do with it. He’s surprised. Really, then why does no one else believe him? She just knows that he would never hurt her or anybody like that again. He thanks her. She wonders now how they are going to get him out of there? He offers that his dad is Chief of Detectives and if he thinks he’s guilty, he doesn’t know how to prove he’s not. Gwen tells him then she will prove it. She doesn’t know how yet but she’ll find what they need and make them listen. Will has always been there for her so now it’s her turn to help him.

Katie tells Maddie that when she found that picture of Henry, she tried to think what he might do. Maddie opines that he would be sneaky. Katie says right, but she needs to find out if B.J. knows more about Henry than he is saying. Maddie urges her to do it today, right now and she will help. Katie tells her she can’t be involved in this at all, and that Katie can’t take off right now, what about Mike? Maddie says she will cover with Mike. Katie needs to talk to B.J. now. Katie was Henry’s only hope.

Keith hovers over Lily, kissing her on the back of her neck. She tells him she is going to clean up. Why doesn’t he watch the game? He’s not sure he can stay awake that long. She offers to tape it for him. She hands him his drink and tells him to sit and relax and drink up. He asks her to join him, and she says soon. She turns back to the table and glances at a nearby photo of her and Holden and the kids.

It's time for the Big Event - with a small hand saw, Jack and Dusty cut the squash!

Emma has everyone join hands at the long table and she says grace for all their love ones who have been missing or lost (we see Katie and Maddie looking at the picture of Henry)….may they find their way and for the children in other cities, states and countries, may they come home safely (we see Jennifer caring for Billy)….and for those that seek love, may they find it (we see Gwen and Will lock fingers and kiss through the bars). And for those that have love, may they cherish it (a glimpse of Lily putting the wishbone in front of the picture). “And dear Lord, for all the love and well being, and bounty and friendship around this table today, with all our hearts, we thank you. Amen.” All echo Amen. And Emma encourages Holden to cut the turkey and all dig in and pass it around.

Lily sees that Keith has lain down on the sofa and is fast asleep. She quietly picks up her purse and slips out.

Mike comes home and asks Maddie where Katie is? She tells him she went to Margo’s to drop off that pie. Mike is obviously skeptical that she would go alone and leave Maddie there. He says he’s calling over there, but Maddie runs to stop him from picking up the phone. He looks at her in amazement.

Katie goes to WOAK and is surprised to walk in and find B.J. there. He wonders why she too is there on Thanksgiving. He has an excuse, no family. She says she needed to get some work done and needed to be alone with some peace and quiet. He senses that she is upset and asks what’s wrong. He walks toward her just to put his hand on her shoulder and she lashes out at him not to touch her. He says he’s sorry and she apologizes, she’s sorry. It’s not him, it’s Mike; she HATES him!

Holden thanks everyone for coming and taking care of the kids since Lily isn’t here today. He makes a toast. “Here’s to family and love, and for fighting for both.” And may they all be together for Christmas. Lucinda says, “ Hear, hear!”

Lily walks onto the back porch and peaks into the window as Holden hugs Luke. She looks up to the Heavens and says thank you!

Jennifer realizes she has Billy’s teething ring. She will have to drop it off at Gwen’s. They visit Will and tell him they are there to help every step of the way. He chastises them that first they should ask if he did it and believe him when he says he didn’t. So just leave. Paul says he won’t let him push them away; they are there to help him. Will doesn’t see how when he doesn’t even believe him, blah, blah, blah, he didn’t mean anything he’d said before. Paul points out there is evidence. Will yells yes because it was put there. It was a setup and Paul would know all about those. In fact, maybe he even put the evidence there himself. Just trying to get control of his life again, and get him away from Gwen and the baby. Or maybe he never forgave him for what happened to Rose in the first place. Jen tells him to stop this. Paul says it’s okay. Jennifer is vociferous, Paul would never do that; plant evidence against him. Paul loves him. He would never do anything to hurt either of them. He just wants what’s best for them. And Will knows no matter what happens, they can count on each other!

Meg asks if Luke is all tucked in and Holden replies that yes he’s already asleep. Jack is rounding up the kids to go home while they want to see a movie and have candy and popcorn. Carly announces again that she is going to stay and clean up and then coming home and will slip into something sexy for Jack. He gives her a kiss and says he hopes it’s a short movie. “All right, you, me, leftovers. Later.”

As she’s leaving, Lucinda tells Holden she has spoke with her P.I. He’s going to get them some information. Holden hopes this works. She and Emma hug and do their goodbyes. Holden asks if she doesn’t mind watching Nat while he goes to the movies. She encourages him to do so; she’ll be up as soon as she is through cleaning up. Dusty gives her a quick kiss and tells her to go on up; he and Meg and Carly will clean up. Amazed, she shuffles off wishing all of them again another Happy Thanksgiving. Meg hugs her and tells her that thanks to her, it was!

There’s a knock on the door and Carly gets it. It’s Gwen with Billy. She got Carly’s message but that isn’t why she is there. “Carly, I need your help.”

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