ATWT Update Tuesday 11/22/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/22/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Mike and Katie are at WOAK. They are talking about how behind the eight ball she is. She promised Margo that she would bake a pie and bring it to Thanksgiving. How can she find the time to go to the store, buy the ingredients and still have time? She stops herself. Mike finishes her sentence for him. He smiles sneakily and tells her that they will buy a store bought pie and they won’t tell anyone. Katie smiles back and tells him that she likes how he thinks. Mike adds that he will also pick up some whipped cream, and Katie looks at him slyly and asks if it is for the pie? He answers no and that he will see her in an hour! She tells him she will be home sooner. As he is about to leave, he asks her if they are done with thinking Henry is in trouble? Katie answers quickly saying yes she is over that and thinks it is a case of Maddie and her overactive imagination.

Olga and Henry are walking back to the wine cellar. He is complaining about his toes being cold. He wonders why he had to be taken out of the wine cellar? Olga answers that he had been a bad boy for trying to steal her keys and for breaking the bottles and making a mess. She needed to clean up. Henry is confused; he thought the point was to make him uncomfortable. Light dawns on Henry; was someone there? Had someone come looking for him? Olga tells him to shut up. Why does he care who came looking for him? Was he hoping that they found something? Had he been a bad boy?

At Java, Casey and Maddie are talking about the wine bottle with the help message. He doesn’t think she should jump to the conclusion that Henry wrote the word. It was an old bottle; it could have been written a long time ago or Mike could have written it on Halloween. Casey reminds her that there had been no sign that Henry had been there. Maddie agrees; she thought the wine cellar was too clean though. Who cleans a wine cellar unless you are hiding something? Casey wants her to let it go. She is becoming obsessed with this thought. Maddie is frustrated because he had told her a couple hours ago that he believed her. He responds that was before they found no trace of her brother. He is even more convinced Henry is in Palo Alto. Just because he sent you something with smiley faces and mentions being whiny in a phone call, doesn’t mean anything. Henry is eccentric. Maddie laughs; he is right. That is a start. Casey goes for broke. His friend Teddy is having a Thanksgiving break party tonight; she should go to get her mind off things. Maddie thinks Teddy is a stuck up jock who lacked brains, which she thought she might have told him. She is sure she is not on his guest list. Casey answers quickly that he is, and he is inviting her to go with him.

Outside Iris’ house, Will is getting very frustrated with Barbara. Will she say anything to him to get Gwen out of his life? Hadn’t anything he said to her recently mattered to her? She knows what he did, and she is not here to judge. She just wants to get him out of there. She then starts to comment about how Gwen is probably the one who convinced him to do this. Gwen walks out onto the porch and asks what she has done now? Barbara glares at her; how could she force her son to poison her mother?

At the hospital, Iris is going at it with Hal. Why would she say that about Will, Hal demands? It is simple; Will hates her. Hal, half smirking, suggest that maybe many people could be in that category. Iris answers that he has motive and opportunity. He hates her and is filling Gwen’s head with garbage to turn Gwen against her. He could easily have done it since he was at her house that morning and is in fact there all the time. Hal thinks this is a strong accusation. She is going to need a lot more then her word to prove this. Iris reminds Hal of the temper Will has, and she knows Hal is aware of it. He threatened that he would do anything to keep her away from Gwen. She has proof because he did it in front of a bunch of people at Java. Then presto, she is in the hospital. Iris slits her eyes at Hal as she tells him since Will is his son, maybe she should be talking to someone else on the police force?

Elsewhere in another part of the hospital, Holden is talking to Luke’s doctor. Does he think Luke is out of the danger zone? His doctor feels confident. There is no sign of kidney rejection and his vitals are strong. Holden asks if Luke will be able to be home for Thanksgiving? Again, with confidence, the doctor tells Holden that his family has a lot to be thankful for this holiday, and he feels that he will be home and sitting around his family at the dinner table. Holden looks sad at this last comment since Lily is slipping away from him and back to Keith.

Lily opens the door to her house only to find Keith standing there with an overnight bag and a teddy bear. What is he doing there? He smiles and tells her that he is moving in. Lily is not amused. Is he hell bent on doing things his way only? How could he pack a bag and not consult her first before coming over? It was hard enough for her to tell Holden and Lucinda; now he wants to rub their nose in it. Does he have no regard for her feelings? Keith apologizes. When it comes to her, he loses his head. He was so excited about them renewing their relationship that he didn’t think it through. Lily goes on; Luke is coming home soon and then it is going to be Thanksgiving. She cannot have him there. Keith asks a rhetorical question; she has not told Luke yet? She has not; she does not know how to even begin to tell him. She explains that he is expecting way too much of her right now. Keith apologizes again; he will just drop his stuff off since he is already there. He wants her to remember that they have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Luke is alive; they are back together. Lily is thankful for Luke’s good health. Keith reaches out and hugs her; he is going to make her so happy. She will just have to wait and see. As they are hugging, in walks Holden, a bit taken aback to find Keith there holding Lily. He didn’t know Lily was not alone. Keith answers sharply that he lives there now, so next time Holden comes over, he should knock. Holden’s face drops, as Lily looks stunned that Keith blurted that out.

Olga pushes Henry around. Did he leave a clue for someone to find? Yes, he did; he leaves one for every hour that he is there. Why is today different? Olga wants him to surrender. He cannot win. Henry answers that he will die trying. Ok, scratch that… wrong choice of words. He doesn’t want to die and he doesn’t want his sister to either. Has she forgotten his sister? Olga tells him that he has been watching too many movies. Henry wishes that he could believe what she says, but she is bought and paid for by BJ. He thought when he talked about Maddie Olga felt for him. She thought they had a connection. Olga tells him that they do not have a connection and his sister is fine. Wait a minute, does that mean she has seen her? Was she the reason that Olga cleaned the place? Olga is going to leave, but Henry stops her. He wants her to embrace compassion. It will set her free he says almost preacher sounding. Ok, Gwen says she understands the problem now. Henry is overwhelmed; god bless her unfrozen soul. He goes to hug her, but she stops him.

Maddie asks if Casey wants her to be his date? Casey answers back quietly that it doesn’t have to be a date. He just wants to get her mind off her brother. She will go on one condition; he will go with her to talk to his mom about her brother’s disappearance. He explains that his mother is going to tell her the same thing he told her. She doesn’t even have enough evidence to file a missing person report. Henry called and he sent her a package. In addition, they could get into trouble for breaking into Fairwinds and taking the wine bottle. Maddie’s getting frustrated with Casey and the wall she hides behind starts to go up. She is beginning to think he went along with her just to see her fall flat on her face. Casey disagrees; he just thinks there should be a point where you call it quits. He feels Henry will be back by Thanksgiving, so Maddie should just relax. That is why they should go to the party and just have fun. Maddie glares at him; she tells him that she is going to pass. It is not her crowd. She doesn’t want to be around them, including him. Casey glares back at him. Lia walks up and addresses Casey. Will she see him at the party tonight? Casey answers quietly that she will, he guesses. Then she looks at Maddie almost as if an after thought. She wasn’t invited to the party. Teddy doesn’t like her and she can’t imagine why, she sarcastically says. Maddie makes a sarcastic comment back about him not being the same since his lobotomy, but she is sure Casey and she will have fun. With that, Lia turns on her heels and leaves. Casey asks if Maddie is going to go with him or not? She is not because she has better things to do. Casey stares at her; she is her own worst enemy. Henry tells her that all the time and she is going to find him to prove him wrong. He should just run along to go with Lia. Casey leaves frustrated.

The nurse enters Iris’ room and gives the toxicology results to Hal. He reads it and tells her sadly that the poison used was called methanol. She asks, knowing full well, if he has heard of it before? Hal admits that he has. People usually put it in food or drink. Iris feigns figuring out how she was poisoned. She thought her papaya juice tasted funny. He assures her that a police team will be heading over to her house to search for evidence. He wants to get back to what she said earlier. Iris answers coldly; he wants to know what she meant about his son trying to kill her? He threatened her in front of a bunch of people that he would do anything to keep her away from Gwen. There was something in his eyes that made her blood turn cold; she adds for affect. Who heard this threat? Iris recounts that Gwen heard it and Barbara. Hal is shocked. She recounted how when Barbara heard the way Will talked to her, she looked stunned. She looked almost as if one would when you have spot someone you haven’t seen in while and they are the last person in the world you want to see. It was creepy.

Barbara wants him to listen to her. Will is overwhelmed. She wants him to listen to her after she thinks he poisoned Iris? Gwen wants to know why Barbara would ever think that? She will explain. She saw the toxicology report from Iris’ room, which she stole, and it said she was poisoned with methanol. Will’s face turns ashen. Gwen wants to know what that means? Will starts to answer. Methanol is the same poison. He stops and Barbara finishes his sentence. It is the same poison that killed Rose D’Angelo. Will tries to recover. So what. It is the same poison. It is a coincidence. He can’t believe his own mother would think he did this. Gwen steps in again. Will would never do what she thinks. Barbara is incensed. Stop the innocent act. Next time they should use something untraceable. Gwen is angry; she thinks she had something to do with it now? Will is again getting more agitated. He wants Barbara to leave her alone. She doesn’t know anything more about this then he does. Barbara wants him to open his eyes. Gwen has put him in a bad position. She wants him to trust her. Will is furious as he is screaming at Barbara. She wants him to trust her when she has admitted that she thinks he tried to kill someone. He and Gwen will deal with this themselves. He does not want her help. Barbara tries to stop him. He yells for her to get the hell out of there. Hal shows up during this confrontation. He wonders what Barbara is doing there? She is there taking care of her family. Hal thinks that Gwen should take Billy out for a couple hours. His officers have to search the house. Gwen wants to know what they are looking for? Hal mentions that Iris thinks that Will had something to do with her poisoning. Gwen interrupts; Will could not have done what she said. Will is amazed; they cannot think he did this. Hal wants them to step outside so his officers can do their jobs. He wants them to check for papaya juice. He tells Barbara she should leave as well. Barbara is going nowhere. Gwen pleads for Hal not to believe what Iris said. She hates Will; she would say anything. Hal comments that Iris said the same thing about him. Will wants to know if Hal believes it too? Barbara has already gotten him convicted. Barbara tries to explain, but Will stops her. Hal explains that he is here as a police officer not as a father.

Jack walks into Java dejected. Mike notices and asks how he is? He has had better days. Mike guesses it is because of BJ Green. Mike answers that things are getting bad. Mike is worried about Katie still working for him, and Mike thinks the only way to keep her safe is to take care of BJ. Mike asks Jack what he thinks is happening? Noone really knows. The Feds think something is up, but to be sure they need someone on the inside. Word out there is BJ is looking for someone to do his dirty work. Mike knows that Jack is making another pitch for Katie to work undercover. Jack is desperate; they don’t know what he is planning. Jack wonders if Mike would feel better about this if he could promise to definitely keep her safe?

Katie is alone at WOAK. There is a light out and then she thinks she hears something. She calls out for the person to identify themselves, and when noone answers she yells that she has mace. Petrified, she reaches for the phone, but someone grabs her hand and Katie screams. It is Maddie though. Maddie tells her to sshh.

Henry is ecstatic; Olga understands and is going to let him out. She thinks Henry sees her as a fool. He tries to finesse her. He doesn’t see her that way. They go back and forth and Henry gets frustrated; he doesn’t get him at all. He wants to be left alone. He just wants to be alone so he can think about his sister and sharing Thanksgiving with her and their ‘turducken’. She corrects him; he must mean turkey. No, he does not. It is a special dish that he and his sister share. He just wants to be left alone. Olga tells him she will if he tells her what ‘turducken’ is?

Holden explains that he just wants to pick some stuff up. Keith wants Holden to deal with this and plan on getting used to seeing him around. Holden assures him he may get used to seeing him there but he will never like it. Luke is going to be released tomorrow. Lily hears this good news and is joyous. Holden tells her that he was going to bring him here, but he now thinks he should take him to the farm. She can come see him there though. Holden wants to shield the kids from being confused and then asking all kinds of questions. Lily asks sadly if that means he wants her to stay away? Holden doesn’t know what to say. She could come by if she plans to lie to the kids. Lily is crushed, but she tries to hide it. She understands; it is probably for the best. Holden is shocked; he can’t believe that she would choose Keith over the kids. Keith corrects him; she chose him over Holden. A frustrated Holden asks Keith if he can he have a moment with the mother of his children? Keith agrees saying that he will bring some things upstairs. After Keith leaves, Holden turns to Lily and says that she has never turned her back on her kids…why now?

Katie is freaked out; she exclaims that Maddie scared her to death. Why didn’t she answer her? Maddie thought she might have been with BJ and she couldn’t take that chance. She is determined to find out what happened to Henry. The last time they talked, she knows Henry was giving her a clue. He was mentioning her whining when she wasn’t. So she figured he was in the wine cellar, and so she and Casey went to Fairwinds to look for him. Was he there?

No, but they found a wine bottle with the word help on it, and she produces the evidence. Katie is uncertain; it could be anyone. Maddie tries another angle; he sent her a package supposedly with smiley faces on it and a lime green mp3 player. Katie doesn’t understand. Maddie explains; she hates smileys and lime green. Henry would know that, and she thinks that BJ sent them to throw her off the track. Katie is still not convinced. Maddie is frustrated; she is not going to admit that Henry is in trouble because it is her fault. Henry is in this predicament because of you, she tells a stunned Katie.

Will is furious; he demands to know if Hal thinks that he is playing the whole Rose thing out again? Hal just wants to find some evidence to prove Will innocent. He wants to know about the day he threatened Iris? Barbara intercedes; he wasn’t himself. Will corrects her; he was himself. Iris got him angry. Was that a crime now? Hal wants to know why Barbara was there? Barbara explains that Iris called her to talk about Gwen and Will. Will stops her; they are wondering why he lost his temper when their mothers are plotting to break them up? Hal wants to know what Will said to Iris? Will tells him that he told her that he would do anything he could to keep her from messing up Gwen’s life. Then he adds sarcastically that he then ran to the nearest store and picked up the same poison he used with Rose. How stupid do they think he is? Hal doesn’t think his attitude is helping, but Will is angry because both of his parents have him on trial. He is sure that someone else poisoned Iris, and she is using this to frame him so she can get her hands on Billy’s trust fund. She would do anything to get to it, and they are playing right into her hands.

Iris is happily and greedily circling jewelry pieces in a catalogue deciding what she is going to buy herself. Gwen walks in and interrupts her, as Iris hides the catalogue. She is incensed; Will would never do what she is claiming. Iris mentions casually that he has already done it once. Gwen is not going to let her use his past to help her cause. She would do anything for money and it isn’t going to work. Iris feigns being hurt. She never would have said anything, but he threatened her and then he was hanging around the house. Gwen yells that she is just doing this to get back at him. Iris pretends to be all sweet and understanding. She tells her that all the evidence points to Will and that she is sorry that would hurt Gwen. Will is a scary guy and not because of what he did to her but because of what he is doing to her Gwennie.

Lily thinks that the sooner Holden accepts this then the kids will too. Holden knows that it doesn’t make any sense. Is Keith holding something over her? Lily turns to regain her composure. She turns back around; please stop it, she says. Holden persists; they have always been honest with one another. This honesty has made their bond unbreakable. Is she in over her head? Is there something she wants to tell him? He pleads with her to just talk to him. Lily has mixed feelings as she looks at Holden’s face. Then she gets up her resolve and tells him that Keith did not force her. She made a promise. Holden repeats this - a promise? Lily changes the subject to cover. She needs to rest. Holden goes on. He thought they were back on track after Mexico and when they came back home. Lily tells him they reconnected because they were worried about Luke. Holden wants to know how things could change so quickly? How could she be standing there fine with the fact that she won’t be seeing the kids at Thanksgiving? Lily starts to tear up. Something is wrong and it tears him up that she won’t share it with him. Holden turns and walks away. Lily looks after him and then down at the ring Holden gave her so many years ago.

Katie wants to know how Henry’s disappearance would be her fault? They broke up a long time ago. Maddie explains that doesn’t matter when you have a broken heart. She did not see Henry. He hid the hurt from her. He got involved with BJ to get over her.

Henry spins the tale of Thanksgiving’s past with Maddie. He explains that when Maddie was five she had all sorts of questions about Thanksgiving. Why a turkey and not a goose, duck or chicken? So they thought to stop any jealousy between the birds, the chicken would stuff itself into a duck, which in turn would stuff itself into an abnormally large turkey, thus ‘turducken’ was born, and Maddie loved it. Olga asks if it was good? Henry tells her that it was terrible, but Maddie loved it and that was all that mattered. It is not about the meal. He pleads with Olga to let him out. She can come with him and they can all spend Thanksgiving together. She can even try the ‘turducken’. They have made it more edible in recent years.

Will did not try to kill you, Gwen yells. Iris tells her that she must be wondering if it is true because he did it before. Iris thinks Gwen is lying to herself. She was having doubts before when Will walked out, but then he showed up with a truckload of money and poof she forgot about them. Gwen explains that she is not like her. Money isn’t important to her. Then Iris assumes it is the attention he lavishes on her. She is worried to lose that. His family screwed him up and now he is looking for another family to latch onto. He saw that I didn’t like it, and he did something about it. You are wrong, Gwen states defiantly. Iris responds that he is too good to be true and deep down she knows it.

While Barbara, Will and Hal are talking; a police officer asks Hal to come inside. Barbara tries to empathize but once again, she comes across poorly. What he says makes sense about using the same poison. She feels that he wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for Gwen though. Will glares at her; does it bother her more that he could have poisoned Iris or that he is with Gwen? Hal comes outside. His face speaks volumes. He explains that they found the glass with the papaya juice in it, and there are only two sets of fingerprints on it – Iris’ and Will’s.

Henry continues to plead; it is her last chance for sainthood and ‘turducken’. Olga shoots him down. She doesn’t care about sainthood and she is allergic to chicken and duck. Henry is furious. She was just playing with him, letting him believe that he was getting to her. Olga tells him to get some rest because he is acting crazy. Henry sinks to the floor with a bottle of wine. He toast to Maddie hoping wherever she is that she is safe.

Katie knows she hurt Henry, but they talked and she thought they were ok. Whatever Henry felt though, that did not give him the right to throw her to the wolves on Halloween. How could Henry have known how far BJ would have taken it? Maddie explains that he felt so bad he confronted BJ and that is right before he went missing; she needs to do the math. Maddie wants Katie to suck up her pride to get close to BJ again. Katie finally agrees to do that, but asks Maddie to keep this from Mike. She agrees.

Jack explains that BJ has had conversations with someone who is a professional assassin. Mike tells him that makes him feel good about Katie’s safety. Jack would not share this with him if he weren’t desperate. BJ could be after anyone, but the only way to find that out is to get someone close to him. He can promise Katie’s safety. She will be wired and armed protection will always be a room away. Mike knows that he can’t promise that. If BJ gets a whiff that Katie double-crossed him then she will be dead. Jack tells him it won’t come to that. Mike tells him that it doesn’t matter anyway because Katie only jumped on board because she thought Henry was missing, but the mystery has been solved. Jack asks if he is back. BJ sent him to California on business, Mike answers. Jack wonders if he heard that from BJ. Why would he take BJ’s word on this? If BJ hired an assassin and Henry caught wind of this…

Lily is sadly walking around her livingroom looking at pictures and playing with her ring from Holden. She carefully takes Holden’s ring off and puts it in a box. Then she takes out Keith’s ring from the black ring box and puts it half way on her finger. She looks very overwhelmed with the predicament she has gotten into.

Hal tells Will he needs to take him to the station to question him. Is he arresting him? No. Barbara is going to call their attorney. Gwen shows back up and asks what is happening? Barbara tells her to stay away from her son, but Will calmly answers her. He is just going to answer a few questions. It will all be ok. Gwen asks him if he promises? Will tells her it is going to be ok because has he ever lied to her before? He leaves and Gwen sadly watches him go.

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