ATWT Update Monday 11/21/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/21/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Katie is sneaking around WOAK. Where is that shoe Maddie talked about, she thinks to herself? There it is! Mike surprises Katie as she is looking around. She covers by saying that she was there dropping off purchase requisitions for exercise mats. She jokes about how bureaucratic it is getting there. Mike thinks that she knows about requisitions about as much as he knows the goings on around there. Katie jokes that she knows about them because she shops. Mike confronts her; she is there because she believed Maddie. She is there to snoop even though she said she wouldn’t get involved.

Maddie’s thoughts are getting ahead of her words. She tells Casey that BJ did the same thing to Mike. Casey wants her to back up. What is she talking about? She explains that BJ had Henry lock Mike in the wine cellar on Halloween. She thinks that it makes sense since Henry was telling her to stop whining. She was not even whining so it was as if he was trying to tell her something. Casey wants to know why he wouldn’t just tell her that straight out? Maddie thinks maybe BJ was standing there beside him. Casey thinks she is being dramatic. Maddie won’t be deterred; she starts to leave, but Casey stops her. Where is she going? She is going to the wine cellar. Casey informs her that she is not going anywhere near that place.

Henry and BJ are talking about how BJ is convinced that Maddie believes that Henry is ok. BJ sent her a package care of Henry. Henry tries again to convince BJ to let him go. He whole-heartedly believes the only way Maddie will be 100% convinced he is ok is if she sees him in person. BJ chuckles; Henry won’t tell her where he has been, right? No, he wouldn’t want to upset her. BJ wonders if Katie could turn him into jelly and he would blurt the truth out to her? Henry assures him that he wouldn’t unless he has hurt Mike. He hasn’t hurt Mike has he? BJ wants to know why he cares? Henry explains simply that Katie loves Mike. BJ wants to know how she could love something that doesn’t exist? Henry panics; he couldn’t have! BJ remarks that anyone is capable of anything depending on if they are given enough provocation. Henry is shocked.

At Java Gwen is shocked; her mother was poisoned. Bob informs Gwen that her mom ingested some type of chemical that is not familiar in poison cases. They are waiting for the tests to come back to find out what exactly it is. Barbara overhears and remembers Hal telling her about the poison Will used on Rose. Bob tells Gwen they have not told Iris yet because she was in such a bad way when she was brought in. Bob suggests to Gwen that she go to the hospital lab and get tested to make sure she didn’t also ingest something dangerous. She will do it a little later.

Cass is talking to Iris in her hospital room. Does she have an idea of who might have tried to hurt her? Iris feels something is wrong in the pit of her stomach. What would their motive be for hurting her? Iris remarks she has an idea. Cass needs a name. Will enters into the room and quickly says to her that she needs to say who she thinks is capable of killing her; he dares her. Iris wants him to butt out. Will goes on to say that she is simply embarrassed to admit the guy she shares a bottle with could be capable of that. Cass wants to know if this is true? Iris gets defensive and tells him to shut his mouth about Stan, as if Will is such a good judge of character. Iris thinks Will is trying to make her look bad to Gwen and the Social Worker. Will explains that it is not about her; he is worried about Gwen and Billy. Iris is adamant; Stan would never hurt her. Will demands to know then who else would want to hurt her? His cell phone ringing interrupts him; it is Gwen and she wants him to come meet her at Java right now. He has to go meet her, but leaves after demanding Iris dump that loser.

Mike can tell that she is not being honest about why she is there. She admits that she is there because she is worried about Henry. Mike sarcastically responds that is why she turned into a PI and went snooping even though they agreed she wouldn’t get involved. Katie is even more convinced because she found Henry’s one shoe. Who loses a shoe and doesn’t come to retrieve it? Mike is still convinced that Henry is fine and probably busy at a wine tasting in California. Katie wants to take the shoe to Margo and have her dust it for fingerprints. BJ’s fingerprints might be on it. Mike laughs as he admits that he doesn’t know what to say. All that would prove is that BJ found the shoe and put it in the drawer for safekeeping. Mike feels strongly that he doesn’t want Katie in the middle of anything that involves BJ. Katie is shocked that Mike is so dead set against lending help to a possibly hurt Henry. Does he want Henry to pay for him betraying Mike’s trust? Has he still not forgiven him? Why can’t he forgive him? Mike stops her barrage of questions and answers that it is not Henry he can’t forgive; it is himself that he can’t forgive.

In the wine cellar, Henry and BJ are going toe to toe, but for Henry who is pretty non-confrontational, that doesn’t mean much. He is pleading for Mike’s life though. Even if BJ were to kill Mike, does BJ really think that Katie would lean on him? Henry reminds BJ that he is the one Katie can’t get far enough away from since he recreated their high school prom. Henry is convinced that Katie would dress in black and mourn the rest of her days for Mike. BJ sees his point, but in his twisted mind, he thinks that at some point it would be possible for Katie to turn to him. Henry thinks that BJ is delusional to think that he can kill Mike and make him disappear and noone would notice. BJ thinks that it would be easy to make Henry disappear; noone has even coming looking for him really. Katie and Mike who are supposed to be his best friends are not even raising a ruckus. Henry reminds him that Maddie is his blood and she certainly will notice. BJ icily tells Henry that when he is through lavishing her with money and gifts from who she thinks is her brother sending her love from California, she won’t even remember Henry’s name. Henry looks concerned as BJ glares stonily at him.

Casey and Maddie continue with another one of their disagreements. She wants to know where Casey gets off telling her that she can’t look for her brother? Casey finally admits that he just doesn’t want her getting hurt or into a situation she can’t handle. She wants to search Fairwinds. Casey wonders how she would be able to get in? She explains that Henry gave her a key when they thought they were going to be moving in. How does she know that BJ won’t catch her there? She tells him that he has a meeting at WAOK and that Katie is there. He will be too busy drooling over her to want to go home. Casey thinks that it doesn’t make sense that BJ would turn on Henry who has been his right hand man for months now. Maddie worries that it is due to her pressuring Henry to stand up to BJ. She wonders if he finally did that to prove to her that he is not afraid of BJ. Maddie tells Casey that he doesn’t have to help her. It is ok. She starts to leave, but Casey gently takes her arm and tells her that she is going to owe him when this is over.

Katie is upset; why can’t he forgive himself? Mike is feeling guilty; he never should have left her alone. He knew that BJ had a thing for her; he didn’t trust his instincts and it almost cost him her. He doesn’t know what he would have done if he hadn’t gotten to her in time? Katie comforts him. He never could have known what BJ was planning, and in the end he saved her. Mike is worried about her getting into another situation with BJ where she might have trouble getting herself out of. Katie feels that something is wrong. Henry would not be hobbling around on one shoe. As she is holding up the shoe, an assistant walks in and exclaims that she found the shoe. She explains that BJ was looking for it and told her that if she found it to overnight it to California. Katie tells the woman that she can’t have the shoe, which confuses and surprises her. Then Katie realizes how it must look, so she hands the woman the shoe. After the assistant leaves Mike smiles as he asks her if she still thinks there is a conspiracy? Katie reminds him that the woman did not talk to Henry personally. Mike thinks that BJ would be going through a lot of hassle for a shoe. Katie reminds him that it wouldn’t be the first time that BJ went to a lot of trouble for a lie. Mike reminds her that BJ’s obsession is with her and not Henry. Katie and Mike hug, but we can see the extreme worry written all over Katie’s face.

BJ tells Henry that he needs his other shoe. He needs to send it to Palo Alto to keep appearances up considering Maddie found his other shoe. He needs to put Maddie’s doubts to rest. BJ coldly says next that Henry will need a new pair of dark shoes to match his dark suit when they put him to rest. Henry is agitated. He has had enough of BJ’s threats. He cannot just be thrown away. BJ asks Henry what exactly the world would miss in him? Has he made any inventions? Has he made any worthy contributions? Has he ever done anything for anyone else that he didn’t benefit from? He tells Henry in a bold deep television voice that, “This is his life”. He exclaims simply that Henry is a loser. Henry’s face drops. BJ tells him not to worry because he understands; he was in his shoes once.

BJ calls for Olga and tells her to keep Henry company, and to keep an eye on him because he thinks Henry will need it. BJ leaves, and Henry is morose as he talks to Olga. Maybe nobody really cares for him. He suggests they toast to that and he takes out a bottle of wine and almost tosses it to her. All of the sudden Henry cries out. He has thrown his back out, he exclaims from a twisted position.

Maddie and Casey are sneaking into Fairwinds. Maddie shows him that BJ is not around. They need to hurry up and find the wine cellar. BJ unexpectedly walks in. He smiles wickedly as he asks them if they are a bit young to be drinking?

Gwen and Will are talking at Java about Iris. Gwen tells him that the doctors think that someone has tried to poison Iris. Will thinks that a likely suspect is her boyfriend/boy toy Stan. He thinks that Stan has been acting strangely. He has been sneaking around and staring at him. Gwen doesn’t know what motive he would have. Will wonders if Iris got cocky and told him about Billy’s trust fund. Gwen still thinks that is a stretch. How could he possibly think he could get his hands on it? Will tells Gwen how he even suggested to Iris that possibility and there was something in the way she looked at him that made him think she knows something and is not saying it. Gwen can’t believe she is saying this, but she is worried about her mother. Will thinks she is a better person then he is because his only concern is for the danger that she may now be in. He thinks that she and Billy should move out of Iris’ house tonight.

Cass asks Iris if Will is onto something? Should he look into Stan’s background? Is she trying to protect him? Is she afraid of saying something against him? Iris tries to calm him. No, is the answer to all of his questions. Iris doesn’t want anyone to jump to conclusions. She may just be suffering because she ate the two-week old chicken left in the refrigerator. Maybe she has a bug? If she was going to squeal on someone it would not be on him, she says foreboding. Cass relents; does she still want him to write up her will? Iris definitely wants him to finish that up. She wants to make sure the Gwen gets everything. Cass agrees and leaves, but once outside he asks a nurse where he can find the Chief of Staff to report a crime? After he leaves, Iris is getting wheeled away by a nurse to go get more tests done, when Barbara whom is walking down the hall spies her. After Iris is wheeled away Barbara walks over to the intake box outside Iris’ room and sees a piece of paper, which she picks up and reads. She is stunned and her face drains of color, when she reads the words methanol.

Gwen doesn’t think that Will should panic. They don’t know if Stan really had anything to do with her mom getting sick. Will doesn’t think they should wait around till she or Billy gets sick. She doesn’t think she can just up and leave her mom’s house because of the court order. Will thinks that the court will think she is more of a responsible mother because she is doing something in order to protect her child. She is putting her child’s welfare ahead of all else. Any court would agree that Gwen and her baby could be in danger. Gwen still wonders if this is all a mistake? What if this was an accident? Will tells her that people don’t accidentally get poisoned. If Stan is not the culprit, then there is someone else out there that is trying to hurt them, and she and the baby are still definitely in harm’s way.

Barbara is nervously holding onto the sheet of paper as she remembers again Hal telling her that methanol was the poison Will used on Rose. Barbara pockets the piece of paper and hurries off. Soon after Iris arrives back with the nurse. Iris asks the nurse if the test results are back yet? The nurse glances into the intake box and sees no paper there and assumes strangely the tests are still not back. Back in the room and getting settled in, Iris is surprised when Stan shows up for a visit, as he remarks without looking in the room to see if Iris has company, that she pulled it off and is alive to tell about it. Iris nervously looks from him to the nurse.

BJ wants to know what they are doing in his house trespassing? Maddie thought he had a meeting at WOAK? BJ is touched that she is keeping up with his schedule. Maddie tells him that is her job. Casey explains that Maddie left her address book there and she needs to get a phone number from it – then Casey adds for a guy that she likes. BJ tells them that he was on his way out. Maddie pleads with him that she just needs to look for the book quickly. BJ shortly says they need to do it another time. Maddie defeated turns around and begins to walk out. She stops, turns around and charges back and gets in BJ’s face. She gets the picture and he doesn’t have to draw a smiley face. She hates them almost as much as lime green. Her brother knows this and she knows that he did not send her the package, and adds that she also knows that he is not in Palo Alto. BJ asks if she is still on that kick that Henry is in danger? Casey breaks in once again to try to diffuse the situation. Maddie is such a worrier. BJ tells her if she wants to search the house then it is ok with him.

Henry begs for Olga to help him from his contorted position. It is her fault that he is in this predicament. Olga tells him that she will fix him. She grabs him roughly in order to crack his back. Henry, who is being flopped around like a rag doll, exclaims that this is probably how BJ is going to kill him? Then he spies the bottle of wine on the floor and starts to position himself so when she pushes him down and then back up, he will be near to the wine bottle. Finally, he is within arms reach of the bottle; he picks it up, swings around and hits her square on the head and seemingly knocks her out. Score one for Henry. He turns to leave and then all of the sudden Olga is back on her feet and grabbing Henry around the neck, threatening him that he should not have done that. Correction, score two for Olga.

BJ is playing pool, but when he misses an easy shot it is obvious that he is unable to concentrate. Olga, who has come into the room, tells BJ that she has finished up with the prisoner. She asks what those kids are doing here? BJ assures her that she need not worry if she did what he asked her to do. Casey and Maddie are searching around the house. They end up walking down the stairs and wind up just outside the wine cellar. They pick up the key and start to open it, but Maddie is fearful that they are going to find Henry’s dead body in there so she turns around and tells Casey to look. He goes inside and she continues to talk and when he doesn’t respond she gathers it is because he is witnessing something awful. She turns around when Casey returns and he tells her that she should see it for herself.

Iris asks the nurse to give her and ‘her friend’ some privacy. After the nurse leaves, Iris bats Stan with a donut type of pillow. Is he trying to ruin everything? Why is he here? Stan tells her that Will told him that she was still hold up in the hospital and he came bearing yummy chocolates. She groans that she just got poisoned and had her stomach pumped three times and he expects her to eat? He apologizes; did they nail Will yet? They haven’t yet, but as soon as they see the results of the tests he will get what he deserves. Stand sidles up to her and reminds her that they will get what they deserve as well. He tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away. She immediately apologizes and claims she just doesn’t want anyone to see them. Iris wants him to leave. She will call him later though.

Hal is talking to Bob about the poisoning accusation. They are awaiting the results to find out what exactly she ingested. However, her lawyer seems to think she knows who did it. Bob asks the nurse if the toxicology results are back and when she tells him they haven’t come back yet, Bob wants to go get them himself. Hal realizes when Bob asks the nurse about the test results on Ms. Dumbrowski, whom the patient is. He tells Bob he is going to talk to her while he tracks down the results. Hal knocks and enters into Iris’ room. He wants them to cut to the chase; is she going to pretend that she didn’t know that her lawyer filed a report regarding the fact they think Iris was poisoned. Iris sits upright. She pretends to be surprised. She had thought deep down there was something amiss. She thought something might have been slipped into her drink. Hal continues; Cass also suggested that Iris has an idea of who might have been involved. Does she care to share it with him? She does not want to talk to him about it though.

Gwen and Will are back at Iris’. Gwen thinks they should reconsider because technically Iris is not even there right now. Will is adamant; they still should leave. She worries about where they are going to go? Will wants her to come stay with him at Bob and Kim’s. Gwen worries that it is Thanksgiving time. He doesn’t see the problem with that. They love babies; they know what is going on and Kim stuffs a mean turkey. Gwen agrees and Will goes to put her bag in the car while she finishes packing Billy up. As Will is walking out the door with a bag, and Barbara runs up exclaiming that she is glad she got to him on time.

Casey tells Maddie that he searched the entire wine cellar and found nothing. Maddie isn’t convinced; maybe BJ stuck Henry in the barrel? Casey thinks she is over the top. He thinks that Henry is exactly where BJ said he was – in Palo Alto. Maddie explains that she checked all of the directories out there and he was not listed. Maddie was so sure. She starts to leave and as she does she gently kicks a bottle of wine. She goes to pick it up and notices on the dust that covers the bottle is the word ‘help’. She defiantly shows Casey the bottle. He thinks that anyone could have written that, albeit he says it unconfidently. Maddie is adamant; she knows it is Henry because she knows how he writes his ‘h’s’.

Mike and Katie are walking out of the room at WOAK talking about the shoe mystery supposedly being solved. Mike wants them to talk about Thanksgiving. Katie can’t help but make the comment about how she thinks it is strange that Henry wouldn’t be planning on spending the day with his sister. Mike wants to think about just the two of them. They should be concentrating on the fact that they are finally together for this holiday. They seal that comment with a kiss.

BJ is sullen as he drinks his chocolate milk. Casey and Maddie show up telling him that they are sorry to have bothered him and they won’t waste anymore of his time. Casey is hiding the wine bottle that they tucked into his pants waistline. They slink out hoping he won’t notice what they have found. Right after they leave, a mystery man with long hair, beard and mustache walks into the room. BJ quietly tells him that things are getting out of control with Mike. He wants him gotten rid of tomorrow.

Iris coyly says to Hal first her Gwennie gets poisoned and now her. She is worried about an epidemic in this town. Hal assures her that he will do all that he can to help. Iris remarks that he won’t do diddly to help most likely. Hal guarantees that he will make sure the perpetrator is held responsible. Iris asks coldly even if that person is his kid. She makes the stunning revelation. The person who tried to off her is none other then his kid, Will. Hal stares back at her stunned.

Barbara misunderstands and thinks Will is leaving town and tells him that she is glad that he is all packed up. Will explains that he is just taking Gwen somewhere safe. Barbara is irritated. Can he stop thinking about her for one minute? She tells him that she is the reason he is in this mess. She tells a confused Will frantically that they don’t have much time. They need to get him out of there right now!

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