ATWT Update Friday 11/18/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 11/18/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Inside the wine cellar, Henry breaks expensive wine bottles from B.J..’s wine collection, hoping that B.J. will decide to let him out of the wine cellar. B.J. arrives and makes it clear to Henry that he won’t let him out, no matter how many wine bottles he destroys from his collection. Henry wonders if B.J. has killed Mike yet. B.J. jokes that Mike is a "dead issue," and then laughs and says Mike is fine. B.J. warns Henry that if Maddie doesn’t stop interfering with his plans they will both regret it. Henry warns B.J. that if he hurts Maddie he will claw his way out of the wine cellar and hunt him down and kill him with his bare hands.

At Java, Maddie calls every bed and breakfast in Palo Alto and discovers that Henry isn’t registered at any of them. Casey arrives and gives Maddie a package from Henry with a Palo Alto return address.

At Gwen’s place, once Iris awakens, Gwen helps her onto the couch while Iris continues to complain that she feels dizzy and has a stomachache. Will decides to call an ambulance when Gwen tells him Iris's hands are cold and clammy. Gwen hugs Iris, who is scared, and Gwen promises her mother she won’t leave her alone.

At Paul’s place, Emily cries tears of anger as she tells Paul that she's finally realized that he will never love her as much as he loves Rosanna. Emily also tells Paul that the only reason that he offered to marry her was to help her get out of a problem with Tom. Emily also tells Paul to forget about the marriage, and having a relationship. Paul explains to Emily that she misinterpreted everything; he was trying to say good-bye to Rosanna so that he could move on with his life with her. Paul does admit to Emily that he proposed to her so she could keep custody of Daniel, but he doesn’t want to live in the past anymore; he wants to have a future with her. Paul tells Emily he wants to marry her—for the right reasons, not just to help her with Daniel.

Inside the wine cellar, Henry pleads with B.J. not to hurt Maddie, because she is an innocent girl who is just concerned about her brother. B.J. tries to decide if he should hurt both Henry and Maddie or just one of them. Then B.J. tells Henry he was just kidding, because he has put a new plan in motion to get Maddie to stop bothering him. B.J. tells Henry that if this new plan doesn’t work then Maddie will be in trouble.

At Java, Maddie gets even more worried about Henry when she opens the package and discovers a lime-green mp3 player with a smiley face on the screen. Casey thinks the gift is awesome, but Maddie tells him Henry knows she hates lime green and that she would never like anything so cute as a smiley face on the screen. Maddie thinks someone is going to a lot of trouble to make her think Henry is okay, which only means that he is in serious trouble. Maddie also thinks it’s strange that Henry didn’t write her a note telling her he is okay. Casey thinks Maddie is being paranoid, but he tries his best to be supportive.

At Gwen’s place, the paramedics arrive and tell a nervous Gwen that they must get Iris to the hospital before she goes into shock. Gwen asks the paramedics what is wrong with Iris, but they tell her they can’t be sure until they get her to the hospital.

At Java, B.J. arrives and asks Maddie if Henry has contacted her, since he knows she is very worried about him. Maddie smiles and shows him the lovely lime-green mp3 player Henry sent her. Maddie asks B.J. how much longer Henry will be gone on his business trip. B.J. tells Maddie he isn’t sure, since Henry is very busy. B.J. smiles because he thinks his plan worked and leaves Casey and Maddie alone to talk.

Inside the wine cellar, Henry paces and tries to figure out a way to get out so he can protect Maddie. Olga arrives, and Henry tries to turn her against B.J. by telling her B.J. is a bad man who is trying to hurt an innocent girl.

At the hospital, Bob informs Gwen and Will that Iris is fine, but only because the paramedics got there just in time. Bob won’t know if Iris has food poisoning or something else until he looks at the toxicology reports. Gwen goes into Iris's room to check on her. Gwen wonders what Iris ate this morning, and Iris responds she just had toast and her papaya drink. Will arrives, followed by Cass, and Will and Gwen wonder why Iris called her lawyer. Iris explains that this close call has made her think about her death, so she wants Cass to draw up her will. Iris makes it clear to Cass that she doesn’t have much, but she wants to leave everything to Gwen. Iris sends Will to get her insurance papers, so Gwen walks Will out into the hallway. Will advises Gwen to be careful of Iris because he fears she may be planning something in order to ruin their relationship and keep them from moving in together. Gwen decides to give her mother the benefit of the doubt, because Iris knows she can’t interfere in her life anymore. Will gives Gwen a kiss and leaves to get the insurance papers.

At Paul’s place, Emily continues to cry as she tells Paul she risked everything for him and he still refuses to put her first in his life. As if to prove her point, Barbara knocks on the door and demands to talk to Paul about Will, who is in serious trouble. Paul opens the door, and Barbara asks Emily to leave because she must talk to Paul alone. Emily starts to leave, but Paul asks her to stay.

Inside the wine cellar, Henry asks Olga to help him get out so he can stop B.J. from hurting his sister. Henry tells Olga he knows she has a good heart and she won’t allow B.J. to hurt an innocent girl. Olga tells Henry she can’t help him because she made a promise to B.J. Henry asks Olga to speak to B.J. and persuade him not to hurt Maddie, because he is confident B.J. will listen to her.

At Paul’s place, Paul asks Barbara not to bother him with every little problem in her life anymore. Emily adds that Barbara should learn to solve problems on her own without running to Paul for help all the time. Barbara fears that Will is getting in too deep with Gwen and it may lead to trouble. Barbara tells Paul that Will got very angry when he saw her talking to Iris at Java, and he started screaming and yelling at Iris. Barbara thinks Will needs to go to therapy again, because he is in the same dark place he was in when he killed Rose. Paul thinks Will had every right to get angry and he doesn’t think that Will is in a bad place at all. Paul tells Barbara Will has become strong and is making good decisions for his life. Paul thinks Gwen has been a good influence on Will, and he refuses to interfere in Will’s life and wants to begin treating him like an adult. Paul thinks Barbara is just angry she can’t control the lives of her children. Barbara tells Paul she hopes he isn’t sorry he refused to help her when Will gets in trouble. Paul throws Barbara out of the house and suddenly realizes he needs Emily to keep him sane. Paul asks Emily to marry him, and she says yes, smiles and gives him a kiss.

At the hospital, Iris tells Cass and Gwen that she has a feeling her life is going to end soon. Gwen tells Iris that she knows this experience has scared her, but she should stop talking about dying.

Outside Java, Casey admits that there is something suspicious about B.J. so he offers to help Maddie find Henry. Maddie goes over every word that Henry told her in their last phone conversation. Maddie wonders why Henry kept telling her to stop whining. Maddie paces and thinks about what "whining" could mean, and she finally figures out the clue Henry gave her.

At the hospital, Iris cries because she is happy to be alive. Bob arrives and tells Gwen that her mother will be fine, but they need to keep her in the hospital a couple of days for observation. Bob invites Gwen to lunch because he knows she hasn’t eaten anything all day. Iris persuades Gwen to go with Bob to lunch. Once Bob and Gwen have left, Cass tells Iris to drop the act and tell him if she really thinks someone is trying to hurt her. Iris nods her head yes and begins to tell Cass the whole story.

At Gwen’s place, Will is surprised to find Stan inside the house when he arrives to get the insurance papers. Will almost calls the police until Stan shows him the key Iris gave to him. Stan tells Will he just wanted to check on Iris because he hasn’t seen her in a few days. Will tells him that Iris is in the hospital.

Inside the wine cellar, Henry asks Olga to do the right thing; when B.J. arrives Olga quickly leaves the room. B.J. tells Henry that he won’t turn Olga against him. B.J. tells Henry not to worry about Maddie, because she won’t be a problem anymore; his plan worked perfectly.

At Java, Bob tells Gwen that he suspects Iris was deliberately poisoned.

At the hospital, Iris tells Cass that her being poisoned wasn’t an accident, and she also tells Cass that she thinks someone is trying to get rid of her, just as Will walks in the room.

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