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At Paul’s place, Paul offers to marry Emily because she is worried that Tom will take custody of Daniel away from her. Emily refuses Paul’s offer of marriage because she can tell he is only trying to do her a favor.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Carly runs around the house making sure everything is perfect for her lunch with Gwen. Jack arrives with the soft drinks and Carly is annoyed at him because he didn’t buy any root beer. Jack points out to Carly that nobody in the house likes root beer. Carly tells Jack that Gwen might like to drink some root beer. Jack goes over to Carly, gives her a hug and tells her to relax, because everything will be fine with the lunch. Jack smiles and says that it is impossible that things won’t go well, because she has every kind of bread and sandwich topping imaginable.

At Gwen’s house, Gwen is also nervous about the lunch with Carly and considers calling to cancel it. Will tells Gwen to relax because it’s just a lunch, and all she has to do is smile and eat. Iris arrives and Gwen tells her they are going to lunch. Iris asks Gwen to get her a grilled cheese sandwich. Gwen explains that they aren’t going to a restaurant, they are going to have lunch at Carly’s house. Iris tells Gwen not to trust Carly because she is only trying to use her so she can drop the charges against her. Gwen tells Iris she doesn’t want to listen to her anymore. Gwen tells Iris she is going to have lunch with Carly and she can’t say anything to stop her. Gwen, Will and the baby leave to go to Carly’s house. Iris tells herself she warned Gwen, but she didn’t listen to her. Iris takes a glass of juice, puts poison in it and drinks it.

At Lily’s house, Holden is puzzled by Lily’s change of heart about getting back together with him. Holden tells Lily he knows she loves him; no matter what she says, he knows that in his heart. Holden asks Lily if she wants him to leave her alone. Keith interjects before Lily can say a word and tells Holden he must leave Lily alone, because she is with him now, and he should accept that fact. Holden yells at Keith that he won’t ever accept that Lily is with him. Lily explains to Holden that she always had feelings for Keith, and she has forgiven him because she knows he would never harm Lucinda or Luke. Holden tells Lily that he can’t believe that she is falling in love with Keith. Lily doesn’t say a word, and Keith once again jumps in and tells Holden that she does love him, and they are getting married.

At the hospital, Lucinda stops by to visit Luke after her own doctor visit. Luke wonders what the doctor told her, and Lucinda jokes that the doctor said she is too stubborn to die. Lucinda then tells Luke she will be just fine. Lucinda also tells Luke she is going to throw him a big welcome-home party once he is released from the hospital. Luke tells Lucinda he wants a special present from his favorite grandmother. Lucinda tells Luke she will tell Emma to cook him something special. Luke smiles and tells Lucinda that he would like a red sports car. Lucinda says that she will see what she can do, but she has to ask Holden and Lily for permission to buy him a car. Luke tells Lucinda he really doesn’t want a car, or a party, because his parents getting back together is the best present he could ever receive. Luke reminds Lucinda she must keep the promise she made to him. Lucinda tells Luke she must go make sure one of his wishes comes true.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly tells Jack that she hopes Gwen will realize the importance of having a family. Carly wonders if she and Gwen will have anything in common with each other. Carly also tells Jack that Gwen won’t be a replacement for Rosanna because Gwen and Rosanna have very different personalities. Jack points out to Carly that even though Gwen is different from Rosanna, Gwen is also her sister, and he believes they will grow to love each other. The doorbell rings and Parker rushes to answer it, shouting, "Rory is here!" Carly reminds Parker not to call the baby Rory, because his name is Billy. Parker opens the door and is happy to see the baby but isn’t so happy to see Gwen. Parker asks Carly what Gwen is doing there, since she hates her. Carly tells Parker to be quiet and gives him a stern look. Gwen tells Carly it is okay, because Parker is right—she does hate her. Gwen starts to leave, but Carly asks her to stay. Carly sends Parker to get J.J. and Sage so that she and Jack can apologize to Gwen. Jack explains to Gwen that the last time Parker saw Gwen she was taking the baby away, so that is why he was so rude to her. Gwen decides to stay and ignore Parker’s comments about her.

At Java, Hal is looking at his divorce decree when Susan arrives and sits down to talk to him. Hal shows Susan the divorce papers and Susan asks Hal not to give up on Emily, because she needs him to protect her. Hal tells Susan Emily hasn’t needed him in a long time.

At Paul’s place, Paul sticks his foot in his mouth when he tells Emily that he doesn’t need a piece of paper to prove to him that she loves him. Paul also tells Emily he will marry her if that will make her happy and solve her problem with Tom. Paul tells Emily that when Rosanna left him he stopped believing in an all-consuming love. Paul tells Emily that now he knows that love is two people who make each other happy and protect each other. Paul tells Emily that he is happy she can accept him for the person he is, and he appreciates her the same way. Emily tells Paul she doesn’t know if that is enough anymore and leaves the house.

At Gwen’s place, Iris asks Stan if he ordered the same poison Will used to poison Rose. Stan is offended by the question because he can read, and it is the same poison. Iris explains to Stan that she has been putting the stuff in juice and she hasn’t felt sick at all. Stan advises Iris to put a few more drops in her juice. Iris does as she is told and then toasts to her rich grandson before she drinks the juice.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack, Carly and Will explain to Parker and J.J. that Gwen is Carly’s sister and their new aunt. Gwen tells the boys that she and Carly just found out they are sisters, so they are trying to figure things out. Parker and J.J. are happy to have a new little cousin named Billy, and they try to decide what Christmas present to buy him. Jack, Carly and the boys go to the kitchen to get lunch ready. Gwen tells Will things are awkward between her and Carly, but maybe Carly isn’t so bad after all.

At Lily’s house, Lily asks Keith to allow her to speak to Holden alone. Keith goes outside so Holden and Lily can be alone to talk. Lily does her best to persuade Holden that she always had feelings for Keith and the only reason they (she and Holden) got close again was because they were worried about Lucinda and Luke. Holden doesn’t believe Lily because he knows she loves him. Lily reminds Holden that they split up because their marriage had problems, and she doesn’t think those problems can be solved. Holden demands Lily tell him the real reason she is marrying Keith.

Lucinda arrives and isn’t happy to see Keith standing outside Lily’s house, looking in the window. Keith explains that Holden and Lily are talking because Holden refuses to accept the fact that Lily is marrying him. Lucinda bursts through the door and tries to talk some sense into Lily by explaining that Luke’s only wish is to see his parents back together again. Lucinda offers Keith money to leave town. Lily yells that she is marrying Keith and she doesn’t care what Lucinda and Holden think about her decision.

At Java, Emily arrives and sees Hal and Susan talking about her. Hal gets up to leave because he knows Emily received her copy of the divorce decree, and they have nothing more to say to each other.

At Gwen’s place, Iris starts to get stomach cramps from the poison she just drank. Iris asks Stan to help her get to the liquor store to celebrate, because her plan is working perfectly.

At Carly’s place, Carly and Gwen discover they both like rhubarb pie. Jack and Will are amazed the two sisters like such an awful-tasting pie. Parker asks his Aunt Gwen if he and J.J. can take Billy for a ride outside in his stroller.

Gwen decides it’s getting late and they should leave so Billy can take his nap. Jack gives Will a box of Parker’s old clothes for Billy. Gwen thanks Carly for the lunch before she and Will head home. Carly hugs Parker and J.J. and thanks them for being so great with Gwen. Carly is happy things went well today, despite some awkward moments. Carly wonders if Gwen will always hate her.

At Lily’s place, Lily asks her mother to respect her decision, even though she doesn’t approve of it. Holden decides to leave with Lucinda because he knows Lily won’t change her mind. Outside Lily’s house, Holden tells Lucinda that he knows Lily is marrying Keith for some other reason, and he won’t rest until he discovers it.

At Java, Susan wonders if Emily is really happy with Paul or if she just likes the excitement she feels when she is with him. Emily tells Susan that Paul makes her so happy she is considering accepting his marriage proposal. Susan tells Emily that excitement isn’t enough to build a solid marriage on. Emily decides to accept Paul’s marriage proposal.

At Paul’s place, Paul looks at the box of Rosanna’s keepsakes and recalls the marriage vows he said on their wedding day.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen feels Carly was only being nice to her to get her to drop the charges against her. Will agrees that is partly the reason but feels Carly is honestly trying to be a good sister to Gwen. Gwen goes to put Billy down for his nap. Will looks at the box of Parker’s old clothes. Gwen arrives and Will starts planning how they will furnish their apartment. Gwen is surprised and wonders if Will wants them to live together. Will tells Gwen living with her and Billy would be great. Gwen wonders if Will is ready to accept the responsibility of living with her and Billy.

At Paul’s place, Emily arrives and is ready to say yes to Paul until she sees him looking at the box of Rosanna’s keepsakes. Emily suddenly realizes that Paul still loves Rosanna, and she will always be first in his life. Emily is hurt when Paul doesn’t deny that he still loves Rosanna. Emily decides to leave the house because she wants more from a relationship.

At Lily’s place, Keith is confident that Lily will love him again, even though Lily tells him she will never love him.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly hopes Will can teach Gwen the importance of family. Carly also tells Jack that Will reminds her of him, because he loves Gwen the same way he loves her. Carly and Jack kiss, and Jack vows that he will fight for her even if Gwen takes the court case all the way to the Supreme Court.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen thanks Will for helping her today and making her life less weird. Will tells Gwen he wants to live with her because she makes his life less weird. Gwen and Will kiss each other. Iris arrives and tells Gwen she feels sick. Iris passes out and Will calls an ambulance.

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