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Written By Wanda
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In Paul's apartment, he comes in and grabs a drink of water. Emily is practically right behind and wants to hug him and share her news. He is stand-offish, as he’s sweaty and has just come from the gym. She beams that she got to the courthouse early, before they even opened. She filed her divorce papers, and she is now a free woman. He tells her she can breathe easier again and congratulations. Guess she was expecting a little more, but he wasn’t doling out hugs or kisses; he needed to take a shower. She wishes he could at least pretend to be happy about this.

At Java, Meg bumps into Lucinda as she orders cappuccinos for the kids and a plain tea for herself. She looks fabulous, and Meg comments on how great and strong she looks. She asks about Luke, and Lucinda tells her she doesn’t want to jinx it, but it looks like his body is accepting the kidney. Meg says it’s a miracle, and Lucinda says there has been a lot of that these days, and she is surviving in the best sense of the word. Meg tells her she is happy for her. Lucinda asks if there aren’t any grudges. Meg is sincere when she says no, she understands why Lucinda did what she did. She was scared and coping with her cancer, and she is glad she finally did it. They both laugh when Lucinda tells Meg that she looks good; does it have anything to do with a certain Dusty Donovan? Meg opines that things are going okay—so far. Lucinda scoots a little closer and urges her to confess more. “I have cancer, you can confide in me.” So Meg tells her they have decided to live together. Lucinda remarks that she doesn’t look too enthusiastic about that. Meg replies that she is, it's just that the only place available is his suite at the Lakeview. The farm is out of the question, and Lucinda quite easily guesses why—Mama Emma. Meg offers that there is also the Jennifer factor. Again, Lucinda catches on quick—Jennifer lives at the Lakeview. She says to Meg, calling her darling, that she is tired, and why doesn’t she get her coffee and come sit down with her; she may have a solution to her problem.

Meanwhile, at the Lakeview, Dusty says hello to Mrs. Snyder. She was just on the phone, calling up to his room. He assumes she wasn’t looking for him, and he informs her that Meg worked the late shift and is not back yet. He asks if there is anything he can help her with. Just a little awkwardly, she explains that she has some boxes in her truck that Meg asked her to drop by. He says he will take them up and she thanks him. They discuss Luke also, but Emma finally confesses it’s not Luke she is worried about right now, but her Meg.

Iris is on the phone with Stan. She’s holding a bottle of some liquid and making Stan swear that it’s the exact same stuff that Will used to kill that Rose woman. She tells him that she will trust him and that she thinks today is going to be the day. She is just finishing laying some groundwork. She hears Will and Gwen returning, so she hangs up quickly. They are waiting for Billy to wake up so they can go to Java and get breakfast. Iris interprets this to mean her, too. (Sorry.) Iris tries to hide her disappointment and offers them some of her famous papaya juice. Gwen pooh-poohs that idea; no one likes the drink but Iris. She admits it’s an acquired taste, but it’s very good for you. As soon as they go to the kitchen, Iris shuffles off to the phone and makes a mysterious phone call. She tells the other person she knows she is the last person he expected to hear from, but he’ll want to meet her. It’s very important; Java in 10 minutes.

Keith shows up at the hospital and catches Lily unawares as she’s walking down the hall. She tells him that if Holden sees him there, there is going to be a fight, and none of them needs that right now. Concerned, he says he just wanted to see how Luke was doing. She’s brusque and says he’s fine right now and she needs to get inside to see him, so excuse her. He says he understands; she needs to focus on her son right now. She reminds him it's not just Luke, but the whole family. He comments that her commitment to her family is what he loves about her, but what about her commitment to him? She isn’t even wearing the ring he gave her. She pulls him aside and says of course not. Holding up her finger, she asks how she could explain that she’s wearing a shiny new engagement ring on her finger. He says maybe by telling the truth, “we’re getting married.” She tells him she can not do this, not now. She’d told him she needed time. She tells him she knows what she said and what she has to do; why can’t he just accept that? Deadly serious, he tells her because he doesn’t want to lose her again. She brushes him off, repeating that she can not do this now and she will talk to him later; she has to get back with her family.

Luke is furious with Holden, who is spoon-feeding him, and calls him a klutz. Lily is cheerful coming in and slaps him on the toes and comments on the color in his cheeks. Luke says it’s the food Holden is feeding him, but Lily says no, he’s just getting better. Luke says she promised him he would, and she never breaks a promise—right? She replies no, she doesn’t break promises. Holden asks if she is okay and she says yeah, but then adds that she has to check on something right quick, so she’ll be back. Out of the room, she leans on the door and shakes her head in bewilderment.

Holden follows her and says he knows what is going on. She gulps; he does? He tells her she can’t deny her feelings any longer. She’s been strong for everyone else and now it’s her turn. She admits she’s been more tired than in a really long time. He tells her Luke is going to be fine and he will stay there with him. Lucinda is on her way over, so why doesn’t Lily go home and get some sleep? She tells him she does not feel like leaving him or Luke. He convinces her that they aren’t going anywhere. They will be there when she gets back; go home, get some rest. She can’t fall apart on him now, they have too much to do. She agrees and says he’s right, they do. He gently kisses her on the forehead. With a worried look, she leaves. Keith is just beyond the corners of the hall, watching and following Lily.

Emily continues to chide Paul for not being as thrilled as she is. He keeps saying he is, but they aren’t the right words for her. He wants to start over again and tell her how thrilled he is, and he suggests they go out to celebrate. This perks her up and he tells her she can make the reservations. A knock on the door interrupts, so he goes to take a shower while she answers the door. It's Tom, who needs to talk to her a moment. She invites him in. He immediately tells her he heard about the divorce and he’s worried; this might not be the best thing for Daniel. He’s not taking this very well, and he’s surprised that she hasn’t picked up on that.

Gwen picks up Billy and brings him back to an empty room—no Will. She spies him on the front porch making a phone call. He explains it was to a lawyer of Rosanna’s. Gwen is somewhat skeptical until he explains he wanted to make sure Iris couldn’t get her hands on the trust fund money once Gwen moved out, and she can’t. Will assures her he will never go behind her back and do anything. She accepts that but says that every time she turns around Carly is there to do her a favor. She wants to butter her up so she will drop the charges. Will still thinks they ought to go to the lunch today, and Gwen says she will think about it. In the meantime, she feels a lot better knowing Iris can’t get her hands on the trust fund money.

Iris is sitting and waiting at Java when Barbara joins her. Both ladies are oh so civil on the surface, but let’s get this straight right now: this is no tea party. With contempt, Barbara tells her she has 5 minutes, and every second that Iris wastes making BS is more ticks off the clock.. Iris spills it: Will is spending too much time with her Gwen. Barbara agrees with her for once; so what are they going to do about it?

Meg fills Lucinda in that she doesn’t know which is worse, constantly bumping into Jennifer in the lobby at the Lakeview or the constant glare of disapproval she knows she will get from her mama if they move to the farm. Lucinda advises her that she’s thinking too small. Aren’t there other options? She could stay in her guest house. Meg laughs and asks if she is serious. Lucinda tells her Sierra has moved back into the main house with her since the chemo, so it’s just sitting there all on its lonesome, going to waste. Meg asks if she would let her live there with Dusty. Lucinda replies yes, until such a time when she does something to make her want to throw her out. Meg chuckles and says okay, asking how much it will cost them. Nothing, replies Lucinda. She owes her a gesture of gratitude, and Meg had better hurry up and say yes before she changes her mind. Meg mentions that Lucinda hired her as a nurse and she was paid well for that. Lucinda says she was more than a nurse, she was a friend and a confidante. Meg points out she didn’t always agree with her advice. Lucinda reminds her that she rarely agrees with anyone’s advice—now hurry up and accept this before she changes her mind. Meg hesitates but finally says she will. She’ll have to talk to Dusty, but she’s sure it’s not a problem. Lucinda tells her to run along; the sooner they get her out of that hotel, the better. Meg thanks her.

Dusty sets the boxes down that Emma brought and tells her he’ll be sure Meg gets them. She lingers to have a little serious mother–potential suitor talk with Dusty. She’s still worried about her Meg. She loves her; the question is, does he? This all seems so sudden; just a few moments ago he was pretty committed to Jennifer Munson. Is Meg here to ease his pain on that score? He replies no, but Emma tells him she is a bit more skeptical than that. She’s not exactly buying this sudden burst of enthusiasm, and she thinks it’s very premature for the two of them to be living together. He grins and tells her that’s because she is a traditional kind of gal. She retorts, “Just cool it, sweetheart. There’s one thing you have to remember: my daughter is not as tough as she appears. She’s just as fragile and susceptible as the rest of us.” He agrees, and she continues that she is not going to stand by and watch him break her heart for a second time. He tells her she doesn’t have to worry, that won’t happen. She concludes that it is going to take a lot more than his say-so for her to believe that.

Emily tells Tom that she knows Daniel is having a hard time with her not being with Hal anymore, but she has talked to him about it. Tom relays that he was very upset when he picked him up from school, wondering who she’s going to be married to now. Paul walks in, and clearly Tom doesn’t want to be having this private conversation in front of him. However, Emily says they spend a lot of time together, so Paul is a part of this. She quizzes Paul about whether Daniel seems happy to him, and he replies yes, he's a great kid, but Tom is his father and he has to respect that. He gets out of their way. Emily is taking the side that Daniel has given her no indication that anything is amiss, while Tom says he is definitely acting out at school, calling students names. She does confess that she got a phone call from a teacher, but she was out, and they played phone tag but always missed each other. Tom infers that she must have been very busy. She thinks that is very unfair of him. He states, “What’s unfair is you leaving Hal and taking up with Paul Ryan, which is creating chaos in our son’s life, and you seem to be oblivious to that.” And he tells her that she’s going to have to prove to him that she’s more in tune with what’s going on with Daniel, or he’s going to have to seriously reconsider their custody arrangement.

Lily lets herself into her house, and two steps behind is Keith, who comes on in. She asks if he’s following her, or if he's paying someone to follow her. He makes it sound good that he was so worried about the way she looked when she left the hospital, and he didn’t want her to fall asleep behind the wheel. (Yeah, and Lily, I have some swamp land to sell ya.) She replies that she is exhausted and all she wants to do is go upstairs and crawl into bed and go to sleep. He begs for five minutes of her time. She tells him she doesn’t know what else to say. She’d told him she needed more time to work it out. He reminds her they are getting married. She’d agreed to that, so there’s nothing to work out. Of course there is, she differs; what is she going to tell Luke? Keith doesn’t think that will be a problem; maybe just Holden needs an explanation. She doesn’t know what to tell Holden, since she doesn’t even understand all of this herself. Keith had forced her to sign something and she’d had no time to think, and, she tells him, even if none of this had happened and they were still together, she isn’t ready for marriage! He tells her yes she is; they were meant to be together. She lets him know she only said yes to save her son’s life, and now she’s terrified. She says she doesn’t break her word, but what if she is punished for breaking her promise, and Luke is taken away from her anyway?

Iris munches on her croissant and Barbara sips her coffee. She giggles right out loud when Iris tells her that Will and Gwen are moving in together.. Barbara knows Will would never do anything that foolish. Iris spills that they must both be fools—fools blind in love. Barbara expounds that her Will is not in love with her daughter; she is merely using him for his good nature. Iris counters that her daughter is not the problem here. It was Will’s idea that she move out on her own, and he gave her the money for the down payment. Barbara sighs, "So that explains it, why Will cashed in some bonds saved for college." Iris says now they are going to the Midwood Terrace apartments. She explains that she and Gwen are getting along fine, but she’s competing with teenage hormones here. Every time she walks into the house, their hands are going everywhere. Barbara wants to be spared the details. This is madness. Iris says the best thing for Gwen to do is stay with her so she can finish school and Iris can take care of the kid, blah, blah, blah. She puts her hand out and covers Barbara’s hand. Barbara looks like she’s been bitten by a rattlesnake. She tells Barbara—she can call her Barbara, right?—they are both on the same team here. Let’s be honest here, Barbara doesn’t want her seventeen-year old son playing Daddy—he’s not even the kid’s father! Iris continues that they are both very smart women. She is sure they can put their heads together and figure out some way to split them up. Iris spots Will coming in and manages to get Barbara to leave for the restroom, saying she has a spot of coffee on her jacket. He jumps on her and tells her he knows what she is doing, and she won’t get away with it. She feigns innocence; she is only having a cup of coffee with a friend. He spouts that his mother is no friend of hers. He sits as Iris asks him how he would know; she and his mother have become very close with concern for him and his relationship with her Gwen. They both agree that he should stay away from her.

Livid, he tells her that Barbara doesn’t get to make that decision, and neither does she! She wants to know what he’s doing there anyway. Is he following her? He replies that no, Gwen is in the car with the baby, and he’s sure she’s going to be really happy when she finds out they are plotting to break them up. He gets up to leave, and she grabs him by the sleeve and restrains him. In his face, she tells him, “You listen to me, you spoiled little brat! I’m sick of you trying to poison by daughter, Gwen.” They have a real finger-pointing confrontation and she tells him she is not going to put up with any of that anymore. Where does he come off thinking he knows everything; it wasn’t that long ago that he was carried away by the boys in the white coats, right? “Advice from you, sweetie pie, is the last thing my daughter needs. You are a bad influence on my daughter, and you deserve nothing.”

Gwen brings the baby in just as Barbara comes back to the table, and both hear Will holler that SHE is the bad influence and he will do everything he can to get her out of her life for good! He screams at his mom that she will not break them up. Then he tells Gwen they need to leave before he really does something he’ll regret. Iris plays it to the hilt; clutching her heart, secretly smiling, she cries that he threatened her—did everyone hear it?

Dusty greets Meg in the lobby with a kiss and tells her she missed her mother. She doesn’t particularly want to hear the details of their chat.. He says thank God, because he’s trying to get over it himself. She asks if he’s hungry and suggests they get a bite to eat, because she has some interesting news. He says no way are they going to the dining hall, he’s had everything on the menu. She guesses he must be pining for a good home-cooked meal. He nods yes, then adds that it depends on who’s cooking, though—him or her? She laughs and tells him the only reason he had to rescue her from that dinner last time was because she was trying too hard. She brags that when she’s not trying to pull out all the stops to impress him, she cooks just fine; all she needs is a kitchen—and she has an idea.

Holden shuffles and deals the cards for him and Luke to play. They discuss Mom being tired. Luke knows it’s been a rough year but is glad things are getting back on track for his parents. Holden says they haven’t made it official yet; they’ve had a lot to do. Luke surmises that now that he’s getting better, they can start focusing on each other more. So, what are they waiting for? Get to it. Holden asks if he’s trying to boss him. Luke answers that if he wins this hand, Holden has to go home and be with Mom right now. Holden agrees; what’s he got? Luke can beat that. Nope, two pair, beats three of a kind. Sorry, Luke loses. Mom gets to stay in bed. Luke asks for the best two out of three. Holden agrees but wants him to know that even if he doesn’t win, Holden is doing all he can to get back with Lily, and he doesn’t see anything else standing in the way.

Keith tries to reassure Lily that she doesn’t have to make a decision in fear, but she re-states that he threatened her son’s life would be taken away if she didn’t marry him. How does that not have anything to do with fear? He tells her Luke is fine; he’s come through the hard part, he will live, and this is a separate issue. He loves her, that’s what this is about. She says she knows he loves her, but that doesn’t mean that they have a future together. He thinks she is just under a lot of stress here, and when things die down she’ll realize she still loves him too. He’s going to be here, he’s going to help her, he’s going to take care of her and make her happy again. He gives her a big hug. Lucinda walks up outside and sees their outline through the window.

Gwen and Will sit and he says he doesn’t know who set the meeting up, but it’s clear Barbara and Iris’s agenda is to try and break them up. She says they can plot all they want to; it won’t work.. He tells her of her mother’s accusations and says they have to be prepared; this could get ugly. Gwen says they won’t let it happen. He reminds her that his mother is ruthless and usually gets what she wants. Barbara Ryan practically wrote the book on that. Gwen responds by saying, “Yeah, and my mom wrote the white-trash version.” He chuckles, and she says she is not afraid of either of them and no one is going to split them up. He warns her just to keep her eyes open. She winks—one eye open! Iris walks in and mouths, “Aww, how cozy.” Gwen tells her not to start, she’s caused enough trouble today. Iris is sure Will has given his side of the story. Gwen says it’s the only one she is interested in. But, Iris says, she also heard what matters—that he said he would do anything to get her out of his life. Is that what Gwen wants, after all Iris has done for her? Gwen faces her and says she just wants to be left alone and be able to make her own choices, without her mother sneaking around making secret deals. She retorts that she is not making secret deals; she and Barbara have the same concerns. They are two kids not even out of high school, and no matter what baloney Will feeds her, she is not ready to take care of this child on her own. She huffs, “So excuse me for worrying about your future.” Will tells her to give it up. No one is buying her ‘mother of the year’ act. She calls him "sweetie pie" again and, as she points her finger in his face, warns him not to threaten her again, adding that she is going nowhere!

Meg and Dusty sit in the lobby and he finds it incredible that Lucinda would just hand over the keys to Meg. In his experience with her, it’s usually not giving without receiving. Meg thinks Lucinda just feels badly that Lucinda sort of forced her to quit when she went down to Mexico. Plus, dealing with her own mortality has sort of softened her up. Anyway, Meg expounds, what’s the difference? It has plenty of space…and a kitchen. Can she call Lucinda and tell her they accept?

Emily asks Tom if he is threatening to take her son away. He tells her he doesn’t want to do that, but he’s worried. She seems to be more concerned with getting her life the way she wants it than with how Daniel is going to react to it. She says that is not true and she resents him saying she is oblivious to her son. They both agree they only want what is best for Daniel, and she knows he has a loving home with Tom and Margo and a solid home with them here, and he loves Paul. Tom asks if it is the way he loved Hal. She relays that he can see Hal any time he wants to. She feels he is telling her she is not a good-enough mother. He tells her not to put words in his mouth. He came by to simply tell her that Daniel wasn’t handling this well and she needed to pay a little more attention to it. She should do something about it, or he will.

Tom leaves. Paul walks out from the bedroom and she flies into his arms, crying. Paul surmises it didn’t go very well.

Seeing Lily in Keith’s arms, Lucinda walks away. Lily breaks away and tells Keith that she can’t do this right now. Luke is trying to recover. How is she going to tell him that not only is she not getting back with Holden, but she is marrying Keith? That shock could put him in a relapse. He scoffs that would never happen, but she can’t take that chance. He doesn’t see any other choice; what, lie to her family and make them think she’s getting back with Holden? She offers it may be better for him, but it’s not better for her, though he thinks it is better to put it all out on the table.

Outside, Lucinda calls Holden on her cell phone and tells him to get over here, NOW!

Meg worries that this arrangement is a bit presumptuous of her. It seems like more than popping one of her toothbrushes in an extra glass at his hotel bathroom; having her make him a great paella is a bit different, though he doesn’t see how. Maybe more of a commitment? He thinks she is not ready for that. She confesses she doesn’t think he is. He asks her why doesn’t she let him decide that. She tells him okay, decide away. He gives her a big smile and asks where they pick up the keys. She gives him a big smile and a hug.

Paul tells Emily that if Tom is threatening to take Daniel away, they need to talk to a lawyer immediately and get it straightened out, before it gets out of hand. She thinks Tom is just giving her a warning, a heads-up. Paul states that it’s unfair; she is a phenomenal mother. Daniel is crazy about her. She tells him Tom doesn’t think her life is so stable. What would fix that? Maybe a husband? (Emily, are you fishing for a proposal?) Paul falls right into her hands and says fine, why don’t they get married.

Will and Gwen continue to discuss Iris and having to live with her. Iris comes out and berates Will for still being there. “Get used to it,” says Gwen, adding that once the 90 days are up, she’s gone. Iris proclaims yeah, only if the judge agrees to it WITHOUT her help. Gwen tells her please, she blew her chances when the social worker caught her with a stash of booze in her purse. They’d talked to a lawyer and there was no way Iris could get her hands on the trust fund money, so give it up. This is not going to be one big, happy family, and there’s nothing she can do about it! They leave. Iris pours a little of her mixture into her papaya drink and says there IS something she can do about it. Bottoms up! She drinks the concoction.

Holden manages to get Lucinda to go to the hospital to be with Luke while he goes inside and takes care of the trash, once and for all. He barges in and tells Morrissey he wants him out of his house and away from his wife. Keith tells him they are having a private conversation and it’s none of his business. Holden says he will make it his business. Lily jumps between them and tells Holden that she wants Keith there. With a stunned look on his face, she tells Holden that she has something to tell him. She has to tell him the truth. She can’t put it off any longer: she and Keith are back together.

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