ATWT Update Tuesday 11/15/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/15/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Carly and Jack are having lunch at Java. Carly is worried that she screwed things up worse with Gwen when Margo and Casey came over. Jack thinks that Carly has the power to sway Gwen’s feelings toward her. Jack suggests that Carly invite her, Billy and Will to lunch at their house. Carly is skeptical, but Jack is sure that Carly will find a way (as she always does) to convince someone to do something they may not originally want to do. She should try acting as Gwen’s big sister would act.

At her house, Iris is pretending to straighten up in the living room when she picks up Will’s coat and takes his credit card out of the pocket, right before he and Gwen walk into the room. They are going out for a while. Iris wonders if they would like to leave the baby at home for some alone time. Gwen doesn’t feel comfortable with that. She reminds Iris that she had been carrying around a flask in her purse. Iris promises that those days are long over. Iris pushes, saying she has to learn to trust her some time. Gwen tells her emphatically that she doesn’t really have to, and with that they are out the door. Seconds after the door shuts, Iris is surprised by her male companion, Stan, who has let himself in the back door. She scolds him, but he toys with her, telling her that he won’t tell her what he found out at the library. A big smile shines across his face, and Iris jumps at the bait. He found out about Rose and what Will did to her. He also found out what poison he used and that he would have probably gotten away with it if he hadn’t confessed. Now it is Iris’s turn to smile. Stan asks her what she is going to do. She tells him that she is going to use a little poison herself to keep Will away from Gwen forever.

At the cottage, Katie slinks in the door, playfully calling out Mike’s name. He pops his head in the room, thrilled to see she is home early. They rush into each other’s arms and kiss passionately. She wants him to show her how much he missed her. He starts by scooping her up in his arms and starts to take her upstairs, when Maddie interrupts them. She is frantic to find Henry; she knows he is in trouble, and she is scared to death!

In the wine cellar, Henry awakens from napping on the floor to find B.J. sitting a chair. He is playing with a bottle of wine and a corkscrew. He tells Henry he may get by him, but he won’t get by Olga. Henry just wants him to let him out. It wouldn’t be right for Henry to be running to the cops, spilling all of his secrets. Henry promises that he will keep quiet. He knows that the "disposing" B.J. was talking about was referring to garbage, and even if that is not what he was talking about, Henry doesn’t see the benefit of him shooting off his mouth. B.J. tells him that he wants to believe him, but he can’t let him out until he gets Katie back. Henry is exhausted over this; the problem with that is that she loves Mike, and as long as he is around— He stops there. B.J. coldly repeats that last phrase, "as long as he is around," as he pours a glass of wine and stares out into nowhere.

At the Lakeview, Paul continues to harass Meg about Dusty. She does not want to continue their conversation. She is sick of Paul’s subtle threats. She hates lying to Dusty. She wants to forget what they did, but he keeps bringing it up. Paul continues; he just wants her clear. Jen is finally starting to get over losing her child. If he is really honest, they both know that the only reason Dusty is with Meg now is because Jen decided she no longer wanted him. Meg is getting more frustrated by the moment, but Paul won’t let this go. If she tells him the truth, she will lose Dusty forever for sure.

Still stuck in the elevator, Jen and Dusty are inches from each other’s lips. You can feel the desire, but Jen backs off. She wants to find her cell so they can call for help and get out if there. Dusty notices how edgy Jen is acting. He calls her on that, but she denies that it is because of him. She has moved on and she is happy he has as well. Dusty stares at her as he tells her that he thinks that is a lie. Jen takes a moment, surprised by his forwardness, before she tells him that he has quite an ego. She is not going to fall apart; she can live without him.. Dusty knows she can, because she made that clear when she dumped him. They are inching closer to each other again, but again Jen pulls back and wonders what is taking them so long to fix the elevator. Dusty assures her that it has only been a few moments. She can’t breathe as well, and she pulls at her dress collar. Dusty directs her to sit down, which she does. He is sure that it has nothing to do with being in the elevator; it is about them. She knows what happens when they are alone. Their faces get closer as they continue to talk quietly. They seem as if they want to kiss, but at the last minute Jen jumps up and starts to call out for help.

Meg is angry; she demands that Paul stop threatening her. All he does is twist her words and thoughts. Paul wants her to remember that it is better for everyone—her, Dusty, him and Jen—for the secret to stay under wraps. Meg is sick of Paul playing himself off as a hero; she is not delusional. She saw how devastated Dusty was when Jen pushed him away, and there are times when she feels he is with her under false pretenses, and she hates that! Paul is sarcastic when he manages to say that somehow, though, she has seemingly managed to go on with her life. She tells him that what they did to Jen and Dusty will haunt her the rest of her days, but when Paul pushes her she feels like screaming out the truth to them and seeing where the chips fall. Paul glares at her as he tells her that would be the biggest mistake. Then, she says, she wants him to stay out of her face. She tells Paul in no uncertain terms that the next time he sees her she expects him to go in the other direction, or she will tell them the truth.

Iris laughs as she reads through the newspaper clippings about Will. She reads a few lines about how he spiked Rose’s mouthwash. She jokes about how Rose was gargled to death. Stan adds, joining in the fun, that she died with minty fresh breath. He then tells her the poison Will used was something made out of paint thinner. Iris wonders if this is going to be harder than she thought. Stan assures her that this would be very easy to get her hands on. Iris sidles up to him coyly and tells him he needs to do her a favor.

Jack reminds Carly of something, hoping to motivate her to try with Gwen.. If Gwen testifies against Carly and she goes to jail, Gwen will be stuck all alone with Iris. She is no match for her mother, and they both know that Iris will stop at nothing to get her hands on that trust fund. Carly picks up her cell phone and starts to dial Gwen’s number.

B.J. hands Henry a glass of wine. Henry asks what B.J. means about "as long as Mike is around." He tells Henry that Mike has become more of an obstacle then he anticipated. He has decided to remove him from the equation.. Henry starts to freak out; when B.J. was talking about disposing of someone, was he talking about killing Mike?

Maddie pleads with Mike and Katie. She can’t wait another minute; she knows Henry is in trouble. B.J. is crazy, and he has probably already killed him. Mike feels that she is simply overreacting. She said he called her, but Maddie interrupts him, saying that the call was very weird. Katie and Mike try to rationalize that: he was probably around other people and felt uncomfortable getting into anything. Mike thinks her imagination is running away with her. She is convinced that Henry has met with some type of foul play. Why was his cell phone on the floor? They think he might have dropped it. She tries another question: why was one of his wing-tip shoes found in a filing cabinet? Now Katie’s curiosity is piqued. She bought him those shoes, and he loves them. Mike is not on the bandwagon yet, but Katie does think it would be weird of Henry to be out hopping around in one shoe. Maddie looks to them both pleadingly: please help her find her brother. Katie now looks concerned, but Mike remains seemingly unfazed.

B.J. tells Henry, "Bottoms up." Henry doesn’t want to take a sip until B.J. answers his question—is he going to kill Mike? He avoids the question. He tried to give Katie a chance to be won over, but Mike seems to have her under a spell. Why would she pass him over, or Henry, for that matter? Henry tries to empathize; they both loved Katie, and they both lost her to Mike, but they need to be men and move on. B.J. asks him if he thinks that is possible.

He points a laser remote control at the wall, and suddenly there is a real-life looking hologram of Katie standing there in a floral red dress, beckoning to him. How did he do that? Henry stammers. B.J. wants Henry to tell him how he is supposed to forget about the perfect woman.

Mike continues to try to get rid of Maddie. She calls him on the fact that he must still be mad about Henry locking him in the cellar; Mike admits that he is. They were friends, but ever since he has been hanging out with B.J., Mike doesn’t know him anymore. Maddie then wants them to at least accompany her to the police station. They will not believe a kid like her. Mike doesn’t think they need to, and Maddie looks to Katie, wondering if she feels the same. Katie doesn’t answer, so Maddie leaves. Mike thanks Katie for backing him up, but Katie tells him that she just didn’t want to argue in front of her. Mike knows what that means; Maddie has convinced Katie that there is some evil plot going on. Katie understands that Henry has done some awful things recently, but so has she, and he has never let her down. She could never forgive herself if something happened to Henry and she had stood by and done nothing. Fine, Mike gives in; they will find Henry together.

Carly has left Gwen a message, since she didn’t answer. She thinks it was a waste because she is sure that she won’t return her call. Then the cell phone rings and Carly is amazed that it could be Gwen that fast, but when she answers it she finds it is for Jack. Jack gets on the phone and it is Katie asking to meet with him to talk about Henry, because they are worried about his safety.

Iris hands Will’s credit card to her companion and tells him to order the poison and charge it to the card. He wants to know why she can’t. She needs to have a man do it, so he can pretend to be Will. She sends him off with a kiss. He thinks if they are going to use Will’s credit card they should be booking a vacation. Iris continues to wrap this guy around her finger; they will have a lifetime of vacations after she gets her hands on the trust fund. He leaves happily, but after Iris closes the door on him, her face looks like she can barely stand this guy.

Will and Gwen stop outside Java as Will tries to locate his missing credit card. He decides he should go back to her house and see if it is there or if he has lost it. He would need to know, to see if he needs to call and cancel it. He leaves her with a kiss and a promise to meet up with her in a few minutes. Inside, Gwen runs smack-dab into Carly and Jack, who are preparing to leave. Jack tells her that he is glad they saw her, because they were just talking about her and they were wondering if she had gotten their message. She hadn’t, so Jack excuses himself so the two estranged sisters can talk. Carly awkwardly apologizes for the mistake she made with Margo and Casey. She wants to make it up to her; can she come to lunch tomorrow at her house? She could bring the baby, because her kids will be there as well. Gwen immediately thinks she is on to her. She calls Carly on the fact that she probably wants her to come over and see her with her kids because she hopes then Gwen would feel she can’t ruin their sweet lives by testifying against their mommy. Carly counters, swearing she just wants some time with her sister. Gwen tells her that she had her chance and she blew it, and she walks away.

Dusty thinks that they are spending so much time trying to avoid each other that they should— Jen interrupts, asking what. "Talk," Dusty responds simply. Jen remarks that they tried that before and they gave new meaning to the word "awkward."

Jen thinks they just need to get used to it, since they are going to be running into each other a lot. Dusty thinks it is one thing to run into her at a party, but it is another thing to be alone with her, as he closes in on her again. He jokes that she needs to get rid of her good looks. She softly laughs and tells him that he needs to do the same. Dusty is inches from her mouth when he asks quietly for her to tell him how he is supposed to get over her.

Paul wants Jen to use her womanly ways to get Dusty to move out. Meg scoffs at that; since when has Dusty ever done what he has been told? They are going to continue to keep running into one another, then. Meg is resigned to the fact that if Dusty and Jen keep running into each other and fate puts them back together, then it is too bad for her—and for him. She is not going to be scheming with him anymore. Paul tries another tactic to scare Jen into submission, so to speak. He simply asks, "Where is Dusty, then?" Meg, less confidently, replies that he will be right back. As Paul is walking away he comments, "Unless he is with Jen."

Jen doesn’t want things to be like this between them; Dusty agrees. She goes on to admit to him that he was the best friend she ever had. They hug and Dusty kisses her on the cheek. Outside the elevators, Paul has arrived and asks the service tech what is happening. "The elevator is stuck with people in it," he replies. Meg, who has just shown up behind Paul, glances nervously at him. The doors suddenly open, and there stand Jen and Dusty in an embrace, looking awfully guilty. They quickly walk out. Paul quickly asks if she is all right, and she says she is. Paul goes into interrogation mode: what was he doing in there? Is he following her? Did he upset her? Jen just explains that they were talking, and he was sweet. Paul is at his wits' end trying to keep them apart. He demands that Jen move out of the Lakeview tonight. She can move in with him if she needs to. Jen looks stunned by Paul’s orders.

Meanwhile, Dusty and Meg have found a table and are sitting. He explains it was not what it looked like; he was just comforting her. She was freaking out because they were stuck in an elevator, and nothing happened. Meg believes him. Dusty laughs a bit because he wants to know if she is really mad and just saving up for later, or if she is really okay with it. She qualifies her statement; she is really okay. She is thirsty; does he want some champagne with her? Dusty makes one more attempt to make sure she is okay. He had his arms around another woman, and she is truly not mad? Meg jokes in return that if he wants her to go put her arms around another guy… He said that they were real, and she trusts him—totally.

Carly assures Gwen that she is her sister, no matter what she says in the courtroom. Gwen wonders bitterly if she is supposed to now get all warm and fuzzy. Carly doesn’t expect her to, but she could teach her a few things. She starts to sit down beside Gwen. She needs to watch out for number one. Iris will not stop until she gets her hands on Billy’s trust fund. She has more tricks up her sleeve than Gwen would know what to do with. Gwen explains that she has Will, and he will help and protect her. Carly is happy for that, at least. Carly reaches out to Gwen, telling her she can also have her or Jack. If she is not around, she is also always welcome at her house. Gwen tells her that she wouldn’t ask Jack for help, and her suggestion seems strange about going over her house, because Carly doesn’t even like her. Why is she trying to help her? Carly implores her to see what Gwen would get out of it—she would get a family. Gwen answers, still bitterly, but waning a little now, that she has done fine this long without one. Carly explains that she doesn’t know what she is missing. If she doesn’t need or want to be near her, she understands, but she should think twice about not wanting to be around Jack, Parker, J.J. and Sage, because they are awesome. Those guys don’t just belong to her; they belong to Gwen as well. Carly implores Gwen to do this for herself. Gwen appears noticeably touched.

Iris sees the package arriving and happily calls out to Stan to come see.. When he doesn’t answer she goes to get him. At this time, Will is arriving at the door and meets the deliveryman. He signs for the package. Iris runs outside and demands that he give her the package; it is hers. As Will looks at her funny, Iris tries to not look so desperate for him to not know what is in the box.

Henry and B.J. are watching the Katie hologram, mouths watering. Henry then turns to B.J. and tells him that it is still a waste of time; Katie belongs to Mike. B.J. pushes a button and the fake Katie starts to tell Henry how much she still loves him and how she wishes they were still together. Henry finds himself caught up in the illusion then. Henry starts to walk toward the hologram, lost in his world. B.J. stops him and asks, if this illusion is this alluring, how is he supposed to resist the real thing?

Katie and Mike are having coffee with Jack at their cottage. Katie explains that they are not sure that Henry is in trouble but they had to check it out. Jack is glad they called because he thinks they could be right. Both Katie and Mike look surprised. He tells them how he approached Henry to do undercover work for the FBI, but he turned them down. Why is the FBI interested in B.J.? Jack explains that B.J.’s father was an anti-government activist who was gunned down by the Feds in a raid. They worry that B.J. may be following in his father’s footsteps. Katie is now quite noticeably nervous and afraid for Henry. They can’t arrest him without evidence, Jack explains. They wish they had someone on the inside. Katie jumps up; she will do it! Mike stares at her, stunned.

Carly starts to walk away; maybe Gwen really doesn’t need her or her family, but she is still welcome to come tomorrow. She reminds her that she can bring Billy and Will. She starts to turn to leave when Gwen stops her to say thanks for her help with Will. Carly is happy she stopped her; Will is a great guy, she answers. Carly tries again; will she come tomorrow? Gwen tells her she doesn’t know still. Carly’s shoulders drop and she turns to walk away again when Gwen stops her again, randomly telling her that Billy has started to drool a lot. She knows that he is teething, but is that normal? Carly beams; yes, it is normal. She tells her to keep him hydrated. Does Gwen have any other questions for her? She admits she does have a few. Carly starts to sit again; it is a good thing she has plenty of time, then.

Will wants to know what Iris needs that is so important that she would need to express-messenger it over. Iris covers by trying to be casual. Why is he back so soon? He tells her he lost his credit card. Iris explains that the package is a surprise for the baby. Stan shows up on the porch. Will and he introduce themselves. Iris quickly gets rid of Stan and then explains that she gets lonely. Will wants to go in to check for his card, but Iris stops him and says she will be right back. She comes back shortly with his card. She found it in the nursery right after they left. Will is confused about why she wouldn’t have told him right off the bat, but she blows him off. Will leaves and Iris goes inside, practically skipping. She throws the box at Stan, who almost drops it because he is worried about fingerprints. They will throw everything away after they use the poison. She is psyched, though. Will just made it easy—he signed for the package. She declares that she is one lucky girl, as she hugs Stan..

Meg explains that for months she wanted Dusty to say that they were more than friends, and now that he has finally said it she just wants to enjoy it. Dusty is thrilled with her laid-back attitude. He hugs her and promises that he is not going anywhere.

Jen is angry; she is not 17 anymore and doesn't need to live with her big brother. He tells her that she doesn’t need to live in the same apartment, maybe just the same building. Jen demands to know why he is asking this of her. Paul covers; Dusty makes her sad. Jen explains that she is an adult and she has to learn how to deal with this without needing to run and hide. Paul wants to know why she won’t distance herself. Jen answers that it's because Dusty means too much to her.

Mike tells Katie that she is most certainly not getting involved. They start to bicker, but Jack whistles to separate and quiet them. He tells Katie that he would never want to put her in danger anyway. Katie is sure that no one could get closer to B.J. than her. "Please let me," she begs. Jack is considering this; maybe this could work if they could find a foolproof way to protect her. Mike is adamant; there is no way he is letting Katie anywhere near B.J. This infuriates her.

B.J. goes to leave the cellar, and Henry, almost pleadingly, asks if he is going to bring laser Katie back. B.J. reminds him that she is an illusion and that only one of them is going to end up with her after all of this is over, and that person is he. Henry tells B.J. that he has looks, charm, brains and tons of money. He can do it on his own, and he doesn’t need to hurt Mike. He begs B.J. not to harm a hair on Mike’s head. B.J. repeats the words coldly as he turns to walk away..

Someone dressed in black and holding a gun is listening outside to the conversation inside the cottage between Katie, Mike and Jack. Katie tells Mike that she loves him more than anything, but that doesn’t give him the right to tell her what to do. Mike tries to get her to see that if the roles were reversed, she wouldn't be keen on having him put his life on the line. Katie has to agree that she would not be. Jack tells them that he appreciates the help, but they will figure something else out. As Jack leaves, the mystery figure with the gun hides. Inside, Katie and Mike hug. Mike never wants to lose her. She promises him he won’t.

Paul wants to know if that is why Jen won’t leave the Lakeview—so she can keep running into Dusty. Jen doesn’t want to even talk to him right now. No one gets to tell her how to run her life, she says as she stalks off. Paul is standing there, unsure of what to do, when he sees Dusty leave Meg’s side for a moment to say good-bye to someone. What did Dusty say to her? he demands. Nothing, Meg tells him. He tells her that Jen still has a thing for Dusty, so she needs to get Dusty out of this hotel or she will not have him for much longer. He walks away as Dusty arrives. What did he have to say? Meg doesn’t answer; she wants to go upstairs.

Will walks up to Gwen and Carly and sits down at the table. He tells her about the card and her mother’s new friend. He says hello to Carly. Gwen tells him how Carly has invited the three of them over for lunch and asks if he wants to go. He watches her face for what his answer should be, and it seems to him that she wants to go, so he answers that it is better than TV dinners with Iris. They tell Carly they have to get Billy home, but they will see her tomorrow. Carly smiles as they walk off.

Iris smiles evilly as she reads the warning on the poison. Stan wants to know what her plan now is. Iris icily answers that they are going to set Will the Turkey up for a Thanksgiving carving.

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