ATWT Update Monday 11/14/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/14/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the Lakeview, where the Fashion Awards are being hosted, in walks Dusty, dressed to the nines, and Meg, clad in a swanky, strapless black number. He is complimenting her and she is eating it all up. They pause for photographers to take some pictures. Lisa approaches them, complimenting them as well. Dusty makes her blush with his usual flirtatious behavior. She asks (clueless) if Jen is going to be there. Dusty makes an excuse and Lisa understands, considering all that she has been through. Lisa needs to speak to someone, and off she goes. After she moves on, Dusty and Meg can’t help themselves and they start to kiss right there in the middle of the room. Paul shows up, looking for his table and dreading the fact that his mother will join him. He is pleasantly surprised when Jen shows up, taking Barbara’s place due to their mom feeling under the weather.

In the wine cellar, Henry is on the floor when he looks up to find a tall blonde woman dressed in all black standing over him. He remarks that he must be dreaming. She wonders why he is screaming. Henry approaches and reaches for her. This woman, who enjoys speaking in the third person, tells him with a strong Swedish accent, “Don’t touch Olga!” Henry does his normal stand-up comedy act with this mystery woman. He would never hurt her; he couldn’t even bruise a grape. He wonders if she has come to his rescue. He tries to explain to this woman that he needs to get to a phone, because someone he knows is going to hurt someone he cares about. Olga stares at him blankly. This person is going to dispose of this other person, this person is going to punch his ticket, Henry continues in vain; this person is going to take a long walk off a short pier. Nothing. Thanks to her showing up, he can put this to an end. He looks at her, but it seems she is not moving to allow him to make a swift, heroic exit.

At WOAK, B.J. stumbles onto Casey and Maddie making out in his office. They pretend to be caught, claiming they were just trying to find some alone time. B.J. wonders why they would need that, since they live in the same house. They explain that they have to be careful because of just that. Casey feigns fear that B.J. will tell his grandmother, Kim. B.J. tells them he won’t but strongly suggests that they find somewhere else to enjoy each other’s company. They go to leave when Henry’s cell phone starts its familiar chiming, and B.J. turns and closes the door so they can’t leave. What is that? he inquires.

At the hospital chapel, Lily is talking, or should I say pleading, with Keith. She wants to speak in private. Keith reminds her that she promised that if he got her a kidney then she would marry him. She remembers that. Keith interrupts; he trusts her. He would have done anything for Luke. Lily’s turn to interrupt; she will always be grateful for the risk he took. Her family is the most important thing to her. She thought Luke was going to die; she was desperate. She never meant to hurt him. Keith starts to finish her thoughts; he knows she probably didn’t think things through. Lily continues; it is now more important then ever for Luke to see her with his dad. It is probably vital for his recovery. Keith answers that he understands and is very familiar with her priorities. Lily thinks that he is giving her an out and rushes to him, hugging and thanking him happily. She tells him that deep down he is a good guy. Keith tells her that she is always worried about everyone but herself. He should not have pressured her. Lily understands that things have not been easy for him either, with losing Julia, the Mexico fiasco, the collapse of their relationship and her getting back with Holden. Keith was surprised she took Holden back, but then he realized that something wasn’t right. How could she go back to her life with Holden after all they had shared? Lily tries to be sympathetic. She does admit that they had been happy. She even goes so far as to say that if Luke hadn’t gone missing maybe things would have been different, but he did, and that is what brought her and Holden back together ultimately. She really appreciates him being a gentleman about this. Keith stops her; he is not being a gentleman. Lily’s face turns from concern to fear as Keith is adamant; he is not going to let her go, not ever!

Henry continues to joke with Olga: if they had met in another time… After this is over maybe they could meet on a mountaintop. He starts to walk by her but she stops him, a little roughly. It dawns on Henry now that this Scandinavian brute of a woman works for B.J. He takes a different tactic: there was some miscommunication between him and B.J. B.J. thought that Henry overheard him talk about disposing of something. Henry now understands that he was talking about disposals, which would make sense, considering he is renovating a house. He just needs to ‘pop on’ upstairs and clear this mistake up with B.J. Olga continues to look unfazed.

B.J. asks Maddie where she got Henry’s cell phone. Maddie becomes belligerent; she found it under the desk. She knows that Henry never goes anywhere without it. She demands to know where he is. B.J. casually tells her that he sent him out of town on business. Maddie pushes; why wouldn’t he have let her know? B.J. covers by telling her it was a last-minute decision. Maddie continues, saying he still would have called. B.J. reminds her that she is holding his cell phone. Maddie remarks that they have pay phones. B.J. wants the questioning to stop, so he tells Maddie that Henry was off quickly to Palo Alto, and that is that. He is sure that Henry will call her when he catches his breath. Maddie glares at B.J.; he would call her if he were still breathing. Casey steps in and tries to diffuse the situation because it is obvious where this is going—downhill quickly.

Dusty and Meg are casually talking to one of the other fashion reps and Dusty nonchalantly refers to Meg as his girlfriend, which delights her to no end. Meg rewards him with a passionate kiss. This occurs just in time for Jen and Paul, who have just walked in, to witness it uncomfortably.

Henry tries to puff himself up to look threatening; she is not the boss of him, he crows, as if he's a little kid talking to an authority figure. Olga agrees; Mr. Green is the boss. Henry threatens to report her to B.J. for insubordinate and belligerent behavior. Olga looks him over; he is not much muscle, but kind of cute. Henry takes exception to that. He is strong; he once was on the wrestling team (then he mumbles more to himself that he would have been, if they had let him join). He starts to dance around, mimicking a boxer; he is going to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. She remarks that that is a boxer, not a wrestling statement. Henry cuts to the chase: he needs to get out of there to help keep a friend safe, and all her blubbering isn’t going to stop him. Olga is more worried about Henry. He isn’t worried because he has a black belt. Olga asks, "In karate?" Henry mumbles no, in his closet—and he is not afraid to use it, he adds. He tells the ‘blonde goddess’ to step aside, but as he tries to breeze on by her, she grabs him by the wrist and twists it and launches him into the air, and he lands flat on his back on the floor. He yelps in pain.

B.J. demands to know what Maddie is implying. Casey steps in and says she is just worried because her brother usually stays in touch better. Maddie is getting more wound up. If he doesn’t tell her where Henry really is then she will go to Casey’s mom for help; she is a detective, after all. Casey wants Maddie to settle down before they both are in trouble. Did he force Henry to leave town? Maddie badgers him further. B.J. gives in; he did, in a way, force Henry to leave. Maddie is nervous. B.J. tells them that he told Henry if he wanted to keep his job he would have to go to California to make a bid on a computer chip. Maddie knows that Henry would know nothing about this, but B.J. has her beat again. Henry was sent along with his top IT guy. He remarks that she has quite an imagination. He dismisses them after this exchange, telling them he has some e-mails to attend to. Casey thanks him as he drags Maddie and her accusatory looks and statements out of the room. B.J. watches them, smiling, until they close the door behind them, when his smile quickly fades.

Dusty is wondering what Jen is doing there. Jen jokes that last time she checked she was a designer. Dusty chuckles; she should have called him. She explains that she is there on Barbara’s behalf, who is feeling under the weather. Paul whispers in Jen’s ear that he is going to find them another table. Jen whispers back that it is not necessary, but Paul still leaves. There seems to be a degree of discomfort, and then Meg excuses herself to go use the ladies' room, leaving Jen and Dusty alone. Jen tries to make her getaway right after, but Dusty gently asks her not to go.

Lily pleads; she thought he understood. He says he does, and that is why he made her promise. He is trying to save her. Does she think because Luke and Lucinda are on the mend that now everything is fine? Then Holden moves back in, and she'll be on with her life, business as usual? That part of her life should be over. Holden left her and the marriage and started a life with Julia. Their marriage was over before he entered into her life. He was trying to be everything he could for Lily, because she deserved it. He was trying to be a father figure to Luke because he needed one. How many times have they tried to patch up their marriage? She needs to know that there is something missing. Lily tries to make Keith understand that she loves Holden. Keith thinks she loves him as the father of their children. He thinks that Holden still sees Lily as that teenage girl from so many years ago. He thinks that Lily is going back to Holden because that is what is expected of her and what everyone wants to make them happy. What would make her happy? He knows, and he will make her happy for the rest of her days. In a year from now she will thank him for this.

Lily is overwrought; he is going to hold her to her promise to marry him? He is, and he knows that Lily doesn’t have it in her to go back on it. Lily’s eyes are pleading. Keith knows she is a woman of integrity and she will keep her promise. What if she doesn’t? Lily ponders. That will be between her and her conscience, Keith answers. Lily now wonders if Keith would have let Luke die, then. Keith answers adamantly that he never would have allowed that. He would save any child’s life he could. That is the reason he got involved with this organization in Mexico to begin with. He thinks that really deep down, Lily really loves him. He goes on to suggest that Lily may worry that Luke could be punished if she goes back on her word. Lily desperately wonders if Keith is threatening Luke. Of course not, he answers. He just knows that Lily is always thinking of others first and is the first to blame herself if something goes wrong. She probably blamed herself when Holden had his affair. He is going to be the one to put her first. Lily thinks she could give him the benefit of the doubt. He probably would have saved Luke, and maybe he does love her, but she has been with Holden forever. They are not perfect—he has hurt her and she has hurt him—but they belong together. So, he needs to let her out of that promise she made to him when she was out of her mind with fear. Keith assures her he isn’t trying to be the bad guy. He takes out a black ring box and places it down next to her. He wants her to look at it, maybe try it on later when she is alone, and for once dare to dream. He walks out gallantly, as Lily emotionally glances down at the gift bestowed upon her.

Dusty asks Jen if he and Meg should go. He knows that Jen is much more into these events than he is. Jen doesn’t want him to feel he should need to go. They need to get used to bumping into each other. She is happy that he is there with Meg and that they have obviously moved on. She is getting used to that, even though that is what she wanted. She also recognizes it is not like he needed her permission. They had been … friends. Dusty corrects her: there had been a time when they both had wanted to be more. Jen agrees, but for many reasons the end results were that they had to only stay friends. She just couldn’t handle it, but she is happy for him and Meg. They look great together. Meg enters back into the conversation and asks Jen if she could borrow Dusty, because they are playing a song she wants to dance to. They excuse themselves and leave, playfully flirting with each other, much to Jen’s obvious chagrin.

Olga asks if Henry is okay, as she pokes at his feet; can he move his toes? Yes, Henry snaps, they are attached to his legs, which hurt as well. She apologizes, but she has her orders. Just then B.J. enters and relieves Olga of her duties. Henry gets up and tries to explain to him that what he thought he had overheard he hadn’t really. Even if he had, why would he go to the cops anyway? They have never done anything for him. They are not the ones who are going to put his sister through college. B.J. strongly embraces him suddenly as he exclaims that he believes him. It is obvious, though, that B.J. is still not going to let him go.

Henry tries to remind him that he is memorable; people would notice him if he went missing … especially the bartender at the Lakeview. B.J. agrees that people would notice, such as Maddie, who was just asking about him. Henry starts to threaten; if he lays a hand on Maddie… But B.J. stops him. He is not interested in Maddie, unless Henry won't promise to cooperate.

At Java, Casey has bought Maddie a coffee-and-whipped-cream drink, trying to cheer her up and to help get her mind off of Henry. It seems to be working, as they share some laughs. They touch on the kiss at WOAK. Maddie remarks that Casey was a quick thinker, although she is sure that is not the first time he has given a girl a tour of his molars. He is glad that she didn’t slap him like those uptight women in those black-and-white movies she wastes her time with late at night. Maddie teases that he is paying attention to her habits. They end up back talking about Henry and his mysterious trip, which Maddie doesn’t buy one bit. Why was Henry’s one shoe in the filing cabinet, and why was B.J. so determined to get Henry’s cell phone? Casey wonders if she ever stops. Maddie’s walls come up. She bitterly answers that she forgot that Casey likes his girls dumb. Casey snidely responds that it is a good thing she is not his girl, then. Maddie’s cell phone rings, interrupting this increasingly heated exchange. Maddie pleads to know where Henry is. B.J., who is standing beside Henry, covers the mouthpiece of the phone and warns Henry to be convincing. Henry tries to act casual, explaining that he is on a last-minute business trip to Palo Alto.

Maddie is barraging him with questions, but Henry is not answering her questions. It is obvious he is trying to signal to her that something is off, but Maddie is so overwhelmed that she is not aware of Henry’s subtle cries for help. Henry tells her to stop whining (she isn’t, but Henry is hoping that Maddie will pick up on the fact that their conversation is so disjointed). B.J. wants him to wrap things up, so Henry tells her that he loves her very much and to never forget that. B.J. grabs the phone and warns that Henry acted very stupid.

Meg and Dusty are still enjoying each other’s company with kisses and embraces. Meg remarks that she is a bit cold and that she is going to go get her wrap, but Dusty offers to go for her. Soon after he leaves Meg is enjoying herself with a glass of champagne, and Paul approaches her. Where is Jen? he inquires. Meg doesn’t know. Paul answers that she shouldn’t have to worry about Dusty, then. Meg is not concerned. Things are going well for them? Paul asks. Yes, Meg answers quickly. Paul wonders where he is, then. Meg answers this with a glare. Elsewhere in the hotel, Dusty sees the elevator doors about to close. He jogs to catch it and jumps on just as the doors are about to close. He turns to see a watery-eyed Jen standing there.

Lily is standing alone in the chapel. She thinks back to Keith’s remarks about her dare to dream. She is agitated; he doesn’t understand that when she dreams, she dreams of Holden. He is right, she laments. If something should happen to Luke she would feel guilty. Why wouldn’t she? Everyone warned her about him, she angrily continues to say to herself. Now look at the mess she is in; her son almost died and her marriage is at risk. She apologizes to a non-existent Holden, saying it is all her fault.

Henry panics and tries to cover, claiming he always tells Maddie he loves her at the end of their conversations. B.J. counters, "What about the comment about her whining?" Henry jokes that he knows she can whine. He apologizes for B.J.’s misinterpretation of his phone call. B.J. threatens that with one word to Olga he could dispose of Henry. Henry jokes that Olga secretly loves him. B.J. goes to call out her name, but Henry tries to explain that he kept Maddie on the phone a moment or two longer than he should have, but he had to convince her that he was alive and well. B.J. glares at Henry as he explains that one more stunt like that and Henry will wish he were dead. Henry quietly whimpers.

Casey and Maddie are continuing to snip at each other now. He thinks she should relax because her brother just called; she should be happy now. She can’t get the feeling out of her head that something is wrong. Casey remarks that she needs to stop being a drama queen; two seconds ago she was convinced he was dead, and now he is fine and she is still not happy. Maddie thinks it was too coincidental, and Henry and B.J.’s stories were too perfectly similar. Casey is getting a little tired of this, which Maddie picks up on and responds to by being sarcastic; this in turn gets Casey’s ire up. In the end, Casey leaves to go to the mall to meet Lia, frustrated, and Maddie is left there alone.

Meg is irritated; it is not Paul’s business, but she was cold so Dusty went to get her wrap. Paul remarks that he is such a gentleman—a prince, maybe—and that they will live happily ever after. Meg doesn’t want to talk to him. Paul reminds her they are on the same side, which doesn’t impress her. He thinks that Meg appears awfully confident, when her world could be blown up if their secret gets out. If she wants to keep this life she is now so fond of, she needs to keep her mouth shut.

On the elevator, Jen asks what Dusty is doing. He answers that he is getting Meg her wrap. He wonders if she is okay, based on her appearance. She left the event without saying a word. She doesn’t have to run away. She wasn’t; she was just tired. Just then, the elevator comes to an abrupt halt, throwing Dusty and Jen into each other’s arms. Jen wonders what is wrong, not moving away from Dusty. He thinks they are simply stuck, also not moving away. They are so close you can feel the sparks as they fight their desire.

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