ATWT Update Friday 11/11/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 11/11/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Gwen’s place, Gwen and Will look at blueprints of their new apartment and plan for their future. Will tells Gwen they are both going to finish school and take turns taking care of the baby. Will explains to Gwen that he will hire a baby-sitter for those times when they have a class. Gwen tells Will that she intends to keep working at the diner so that she can have her own money, and Billy’s trust fund can be used to take care of him. Gwen smiles and tells Will that she finds it hard to believe her new life isn’t a dream. The doorbell rings and the baby cries. Will goes to check on the baby while Gwen goes to get the door. The social worker arrives from the Department of Child and Family Services for a surprise visit with Gwen. Gwen gets nervous when Will comes in the room with the baby, who is still crying.

Outside Java, a worried Maddie calls Henry’s cell phone and gets no answer from him. Maddie tells Casey she is scared that B.J. might have hurt Henry.

Inside the wine cellar at Fairwinds, Henry awakens and slowly begins to recall what happened in B.J.'s office. Henry gets up from the floor and discovers the door to the wine cellar is locked.

At the hospital, Luke awakens and tells Lucinda he feels weird having a stranger’s kidney inside his body. Lucinda tells Luke she understands how he feels, because she felt the same way when she found out she had cancer. Lucinda asks Luke to help her stay alive. Luke is puzzled by his grandmother’s strange request and asks her how he can help keep her alive. In the hospital hallway, Holden once again makes it clear to Keith that he and Lily are back together and he should stay out of their lives. Keith asks Lily if she has told Holden the news yet. Lily asks Keith to leave her alone with Holden so that they can talk. Keith complies with Lily’s request but reminds her she must tell Holden the news. Lucinda shares with Luke what a shock it was for her to find out she had cancer. Lucinda tells Luke that the news was like an earthquake to her, and suddenly the earth shifted and she discovered her family was the most important thing in the world to her. Lucinda tells Luke that there was a time when she gave up on living, but once she saw him fighting so hard to live she decided to fight for her life too. Luke tells Lucinda he is glad that she decided to fight for her life. Lucinda asks Luke to promise her he will always fight for his life, no matter what happens. Luke asks Lucinda to do the same thing and not give up on her life. Lucinda and Luke both promise to encourage each other to fight for their lives. Outside in the hallway, Lily struggles to find the words to say good-bye to Holden. Lily tells Holden that Keith didn’t come to visit Luke, he came to talk to her. Holden wonders what Keith and Lily have to talk about, since their relationship is over.

At the Fairwinds wine cellar, Henry fears that B.J. has arrived to dispose of him.

At Java, Casey offers to go help Maddie look for Henry at WOAK. Maddie doubts Henry is at the station, since B.J. gave everyone the day off. Maddie tells Casey to go be with Lia because she can look for Henry by herself. Casey gets up to leave and Maddie tells him to wait, as she turns around to stare at him. Casey wonders why Maddie is staring at him. Maddie tells him she is memorizing his face, because it may be the last face she will ever see. Casey tells Maddie he will take her to the station to look for Henry.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen is a bit nervous when the social worker starts to interview her. Gwen explains to the social worker she plans to get her own apartment as soon as the three-month temporary custody agreement is over. The social worker asks if Gwen intends to finish school. Gwen responds that she and Will both intend to finish school, and they will take turns taking care of the baby. Gwen also tells the social worker that Will has gotten a list of baby-sitters from the Department of Child and Family Services, just in case they need a baby-sitter. The social worker goes to inspect the baby’s room and Gwen sees Iris is about to come in the house. Gwen gets nervous because she is afraid Iris will ruin the social worker's visit. Will goes outside to persuade Iris to leave and come back later. Will tells Iris that they withdrew some money from the baby’s trust fund today, so he and Gwen decided to reimburse her for paying a lot of the baby’s expenses lately. Iris is suspicious about why Will is being nice to her and doesn’t want her to go inside the house. Will explains to Iris that Gwen is meeting with her high school counselor and they should be done soon. Will gives Iris some money and tells her to go shopping. Iris takes the money and leaves. Once Will goes inside the house, Iris comes back and looks inside the window. The social worker is impressed with how Gwen is taking care of the baby.

At WOAK, Casey and Maddie arrive and find that nobody is at the station. Maddie decides to call Henry’s phone and hears the phone ringing inside B.J.'s office. Maddie tells Casey that Henry never goes anywhere without his phone. Maddie tells Casey to search the office for clues as to where Henry might be. Casey finds one of Henry’s shoes inside one of the filing cabinets. Maddie is positive B.J. did something to Henry.

Inside the Fairwinds wine cellar, Henry tells B.J. that he has forgotten everything they spoke about in his office. Henry asks B.J. to let him go, and he promises to keep his mouth shut. B.J. tells Henry he gave him the chance to make a deal and he refused, so now he must pay the price for his slip of the tongue.

In the hospital, Lily explains to Holden that they have become closer than they have been in a long time, and she is happy about that, but she and Keith have a connection because he helped Luke. Holden tells Lily he understands how she feels about Keith, but he was hoping that when Luke was better he would have a chance to prove to her how much he loves her. Holden asks Lily to give him one more chance to put their family back together. Lily tells Holden she is worried that their happiness won’t last. Holden tells Lily to trust him and trust their feelings for each other. Holden gives Lily a hug before he goes in to see Luke. Lily calls Keith and asks him to give her more time to break the news to Holden. Keith tells Lily he understands how she feels and hangs up the phone. Keith tells himself he won’t allow Lily to back out of their deal. Holden tells Luke to get some sleep while he talks to Lucinda. Lucinda apologizes for making Luke tired. Holden tells Lucinda that Keith is hanging around Lily, and she tries to let him go, but he won’t leave her alone. Lucinda tells Holden to fight Keith for Lily’s love. On her way out of the room Lucinda tells Lily that she has made Luke a promise to fight for her life, and since her family is her life she has resolved to fight for her family.

Inside the Fairwinds wine cellar, Henry promises B.J. he will be loyal to him and keep his mouth shut if he lets him go. B.J. tells Henry that he doesn’t trust him anymore and he will let him go once his plan is complete, without any interference from him or the police.

At Gwen’s place, the social worker tells Gwen that she will tell the court she is taking good care of the baby on her own. The social worker also tells Gwen that she should have no problem getting full custody of the baby. Iris arrives and tells the social worker not to leave, because she has a few things to tell her about Gwen and the baby.

At the TV station, Maddie and Casey are about to walk out of B.J.'s office when Maddie sees B.J. at the station. Maddie asks Casey what they should do, because B.J. is coming toward his office. B.J. catches Maddie and Casey kissing in his office.

At Gwen’s place, Iris explains to the social worker that she has been there to help Gwen fix tiny mistakes she made with the baby, like buying him the wrong size diapers. Will tells the social worker he bought the diapers. Iris also tells the social worker that Gwen and Will ran away to New York with the baby. Will finds a bottle of booze inside Iris’s purse just as Iris tells the social worker she wants to give the baby a stable home. Gwen blasts Iris, because she promised she would quit drinking. The social worker makes more notes and leaves. Will yells at Iris that if she does anything else to ruin Gwen’s happiness he will get in her face.

At the hospital, Faith and Natalie arrive to visit Luke. Faith is happy that Luke is better and gives him her favorite stuffed animal to make him feel better. Luke tells his sisters he has missed them very much and he feels like Christmas came early this year. Lily smiles and looks at her family and realizes she is very happy. Lily tells Luke that she hopes that things will be better by Christmas.

Inside the wine cellar, Henry gets tired of screaming for help. A mysterious blonde woman enters the wine cellar and Henry asks her to help him, but she pushes him back inside the wine cellar.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen, Will and the baby decide to go look at the apartment. Iris’s lover arrives, and Iris kisses him and persuades him to find out how Will killed Rose.

At the hospital, Holden takes the girls outside and Luke thanks Lily for everything she has done for him. Lily tells Luke that she is happy to be with her family again. Lily gives Luke a kiss on the forehead and walks outside to let him sleep. Keith gives Lily an engagement ring, but Lily asks Keith to release her from the promise she made to him.

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