ATWT Update Thursday 11/10/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/10/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

At the hospital, Luke awakens after his operation and wonders what is going on. Holden and Lily explain to him that he just received a new kidney. Luke wonders who the kidney donor was, and Holden tells Luke that it was a donor from Texas. Luke wonders how his parents are doing, and Holden tells Luke he and Lily are just fine. Lily gives Holden a hug while Keith watches them from the hallway. Lucinda arrives to visit Luke and she isn’t happy to find Keith lurking in the hallway outside Luke’s room.

At the Lakeview, Paul informs Emily that Will found out about the fact that he paid Gwen’s legal bills and was planning to send her out of town. Paul tells Emily that Will is very angry with him and may never forgive him for what he has done. Paul feels guilty that Will had to be hurt in order to keep the secret about Jennifer’s baby. Emily tells Paul that the reason Will is so angry is because Gwen is his first love. Emily tells Paul that when Ryan men fall in love for the first time, they fall pretty hard. Emily gives Paul a kiss, and then Paul suggests they get a room and spend some time together. Emily reminds Paul that he has a meeting, and she has to meet her mother. Paul gives Emily another kiss and they both decide to get a room. Hal walks in while Paul and Emily are kissing for the third time, so Emily sends Paul to reserve a room and she stays to talk to Hal. Hal is hurt that Emily is displaying her relationship with Paul in public while she is still officially his wife. Emily yells at Hal that if it bothers him so much he should sign the divorce papers. Hal yells back at Emily that he will never give her a divorce.

At Java, Maddie confides to Casey that she fears B.J. could really hurt someone, and she feels guilty because she was the one responsible for B..J. coming to Oakdale.

At B.J.'s office, B.J. is about to tell his employee the name of the person he wants him to dispose of when he hears a noise coming from under his desk. B.J tells his employee to leave and says he will give him the details of the job later. B.J. tells Henry to come out from under the desk. Henry tries to cover by saying that he dropped something and was looking for it. B.J tells Henry to drop the act, and he will explain the conversation he overheard while he was hiding under the desk.

At Java, Maddie explains to Casey that she only sent e-mails to Byron Glass pretending to be Katie because she hoped he would come to Oakdale to split up Mike and Katie so Henry could have a chance with her. Casey is surprised that B.J. is really a former high-school nerd who was in love with his aunt Katie. Maddie gets angry with Casey, because once she has told him the whole story he asks her how much longer she plans to stay at his house. Maddie gets up from the table and calls Casey a jerk. Casey is puzzled and wonders what he said to make Maddie leave.

At the Lakeview, Hal asks Emily why she is in such a hurry to get a divorce, because he doesn’t see an engagement ring from Paul on her finger. Hal also wonders if Paul is pushing Emily to get a divorce. Emily is offended by the question because she doesn’t think it’s any of Hal’s business. Emily tells Hal that Paul would never push her to do anything. Hal wonders how much longer Emily can live without a commitment from Paul.

At the hospital, Lucinda asks Keith to leave Lily alone because her and Luke’s illnesses have brought Lily closer to Holden. Lucinda thinks that Holden and Lily might have a chance at giving Luke, Faith and Natalie a stable home again. Lucinda goes inside Luke’s room to visit him. Keith stays in the hallway and tells himself he isn’t leaving until he talks with Lily.

At the movie theater, Maddie watches an old Dracula movie and daydreams that she and Henry are prisoners of Dracula, played by B.J. In the dream, B.J. tells Henry, who has a hunchback, and Maddie that he killed Katie and Mike by sucking all their blood. B.J. sends Henry to do his chores while he talks to Maddie. B.J. tells Maddie that he is grateful that she brought him to Oakdale. B.J. tells Maddie that he is truly sorry she must now be dessert. Maddie wakes up, startled, when Casey taps her on the shoulder..

At B.J.’s office, Henry tells B.J. he will not help him dispose of anyone, so he is going to quit his job. Henry also tells B.J. that he must inform the police about his plans. B.J. asks Henry to please hear his explanation before he decides if he should go to the police.

At the Lakeview, Hal informs Emily that he is investigating Paul and he will discover his secret. Emily tells Hal Paul hasn’t done anything wrong, so he can investigate all he wants, but he won’t find anything. Hal tells Emily that he knows she is helping Paul cover up a secret, and he will find out the truth. Daniel and Susan arrive, and Daniel gives Emily a hug.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Holden, Lucinda, Lily and Luke that they will have to keep Luke in the hospital for a while to make sure his body doesn’t reject the kidney, but he should be fine. Everyone smiles with relief, and Lily goes outside to call Faith and tell her that Luke is doing better. Lily talks on the phone to Faith for a few minutes and then hangs up the phone. Keith pressures Lily to tell Holden that they will be getting married soon. Lily tells Keith she doesn’t appreciate being bullied or badgered into doing things. Keith explains to Lily that he only pressured her to marry him because he knows that she loves him and that she only got close to Holden again because of Lucinda's and Luke’s illnesses.

Outside the Lakeview, Hal shares with Susan that Paul paid Gwen’s legal bills and was planning to get her and the baby out of town. Hal explains that Emily’s version of the story is that Paul was trying to get the baby out of town to protect Jennifer and keep her from being reminded of the baby she lost. Hal also tells Susan that Will thinks that Paul was trying to control his life by getting Gwen out of town. Susan also thinks Paul has something to hide and wonders why Paul would be so interested in Gwen and her baby. Hal shares with Susan that he is refusing to sign the divorce papers because he wants to protect Emily from Paul. Susan thinks that Emily won’t listen to anyone, and he must let her go so she can learn the hard way.

At the movie theater, Maddie is annoyed with Casey because she thinks he was following her. Casey admits he was worried about her, so he followed her. Casey thinks Maddie should tell Margo about B.J. if she thinks he could hurt someone. Maddie wants to go to the police but decides not to, because she is worried that if she goes to the police B.J. will hurt Henry.

At B.J.’s office, B.J. explains to Henry that he never expected Katie to reject him when she saw the special prom night he created for them. B.J. explains he didn’t mean to rip Katie’s dress, it’s just that she walked away from him when he was still holding her and the dress ripped. B.J. tells Henry the worst part of the night for him was when Katie looked at him like he was crazy. B.J. says that look on Katie’s face hurt him worse than all the teasing he got in high school. B.J. continues to explain to Henry that he threw himself into his work when Katie rejected him, and he decided to buy a company and tear it apart and sell off the divisions of the company; that is what he was talking about when he told the man to dispose of something that was bothering him. Henry tells B.J. that he can dispose of as many companies as he wants, but he is still going to go to the police. B.J. gives Henry one last drink for the road, because he is the only man on the planet who understands what he is going through over losing Katie. B.J. asks Henry how he got over Katie. Henry explains to B.J. that he realized that Katie loved someone else, and if he loved her he had to let her go. Henry drinks the drink that B.J. gave him, and B.J. has a strange smile on his face.

At the movie theater, Casey apologizes to Maddie for acting like a jerk and tells Maddie that since she is going to be living at his house for a while, he will persuade his parents to put cable in her room so he won’t have to put up with her taste in movies.

At the hospital, Holden admits to Lucinda that he wants to move back home, but he hasn’t asked Lily about it yet. Lucinda tells Holden that she will stay with Luke, but he should go find his wife so they can talk.. Lily starts go back inside Luke’s room, but Keith grabs her arm and demands they talk about their future.

At the Lakeview, Paul tries to calm Emily down when she is worried that, now that Hal is investigating, he will discover the truth about the baby. Paul assures Emily they have covered all their bases, and the people who know the secret won’t tell anyone. Emily also tells Paul that Hal thinks that he is afraid to make a commitment to her. Paul asks her how she feels about Hal’s comments, and she says they are great together, married or unmarried. Daniel arrives and asks Paul to play a video game with him. Hal arrives and gives Emily the signed divorce papers. Hal also vows to find out the truth and bring Paul down, and he doesn’t care anymore if she goes down with him.

At B.J.'s office, Henry, who seems to be drunk, starts to leave B.J.'s office but passes out beside the office door. B.J. tells himself that Henry won’t be talking to anyone for a long time and starts dragging Henry’s passed-out body somewhere.

At the hospital, Keith tells Lily she will marry him, because that is what is best for both of them. Lily tells Keith she might have felt differently about him if he offered to find a kidney for Luke out of the goodness of his heart and not asked for anything in return, but since he is blackmailing her, the situation has changed. Keith tells Lily it isn’t blackmail, because he knows she loves him. Lily asks Keith to let her go, and Holden arrives and demands that Keith take his hands off his wife.

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