ATWT Update Wednesday 11/9/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/9/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Will meets Barbara at the Lakeview. She hugs him and is so glad he agreed to meet her there. She wants to go in and get breakfast, but he brushes that off and wonders what was so important that she wanted to see him. She says she ought to be hurt, and she is, but she forgives him for not asking her along on a trip with Jen to scope out colleges. Then she blathers on and on about bulletins and checking out certain schools, and never gives Will a chance to speak. Finally he says that he’s not going to Harvard, and in fact he’s not taking a trip at all; he’s changed his mind.

Gwen shows up at Carly’s, but she hesitates and almost walks away before knocking. Carly is surprised to see her until Gwen assures her it is a peaceful visit; she wanted to thank her for telling her what her mom did to Will. Carly thanks her for telling her and asks if it helped. Gwen admits they talked and they are back together. Carly is pleased with that too. Gwen then asks if she can ask her something. Carly says sure and invites her in. Gwen asks why she did it. Carly states that Iris has messed up their lives enough, doesn’t she think? Gwen still seems to be suspicious and wonders if Carly maybe thinks she owes her one. Carly assures her no, she never thought that at all, that she would drop the charges—not that she doesn’t hope she will—and she had not done it to win points with her. Gwen tells her it wouldn’t be that easy. Carly figures then this probably means she is still going to press those charges. Gwen says, well, she can’t just forget what Carly did to her. She made up some horrible things to the judge to make Gwen look bad, and she had drugged her, for crying out loud. Carly says she knows, and she is sorry. All she can say in her defense is that she was in a total panic and couldn’t think clearly at all. But poor thing, she doesn’t have a clue what Gwen means when she accuses her of switching the paternity tests so it looked like she was lying, so Casey wouldn’t show up to be the baby’s father. Carly says she didn’t, she swears it. Gwen doesn’t know why she’s admitting other things but still denying that.

Margo asks Casey if she can take him for a ride to Carly and Jack’s before he hits the books. She’s gotten some things for them and the kids and needs someone to help her unload it. He wonders why she’s doing Carly’s shopping now, but Margo says she is just being nice. Does he remember that—being nice? She tells him she had just picked up some stuff from the bakery and toys for the kids, since Jack had lost his job and Carly was upset. He understands Gwen is getting the baby back and calls his mother a saint for wanting to be neighborly and help out. She jokes that she hasn’t been canonized yet, and then she asks if he is going to help her out. He quips, Does he have a choice? and she admits he doesn’t. “Let’s go!”

At Java, Jack bumps into Henry, and he acts all loosey-goosey that Jack has snuck up on him. Jack even asks what has him so panicky. Jittery, he says he’s not, he’s as cool as November, and then proceeds to order a double mocha latte with a shot of espresso and some cayenne pepper. (Huh?) Jack asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to make that a decaf. Henry laughs, then Jack tells the waitress he just wants regular coffee. Jack asks an innocent question—“How you doing, Henry?”—and Henry can’t answer him enough; he says that he's doing fine, just fine, but he’s edgy, hasn’t been sleeping well. No time for dreams even, his job is pretty much 24/7, but he’s not complaining, the pay is amazing. Jack sizes him up and says then that probably means he wouldn’t have time for extra work. Henry sputters over his coffee and wonders if that means law-enforcement kind of work. Jack replies not exactly. Henry asks then what, exactly, does not exactly mean. Jack confides it is a little more covert than your usual straight-up police work. Henry leans in and asks if it’s FBI. Jack replies that he would be helping a friend in Washington, and so would Henry. He’d be totally interested if it were some James Bond sort of thing, says Henry. Jack tells him he needs some information about his boss, B.J. Greene. Uh-oh!

At WOAK, Mike pulls Maddie aside and tells her to get to the point. What is it she thinks he needs to know to protect Katie? Is it something to do with B.J.? She’s vague but says there are things about the guy that Mike doesn’t know—Katie caught a glimpse of it the other night—and even Henry sometimes only sees what he wants to see. Maddie rattles on that she knows he doesn’t really like her, and she is not crazy about him either, and she's still on the fence about Katie. But Henry is her brother and she loves him, and she justifies that the only reason Henry is working for B.J. is to put her through college and get a place to live. And that’s cool, but she’s also afraid he’ll get caught up in something really bad. Mike asks why would she think that. She opines that not only is B.J. a creep, but he’s a mean creep, and dangerous.

She runs off when she hears B.J.’s voice booming from the halls as he hollers orders to a worker, something about he doesn’t care if the whole team has to pull an all-nighter, he wants the music cleared by this afternoon, no matter what the cost. He also barks to get him an update on Katie’s tour an hour ago! He turns around and there is Mike, who asks what part of ‘Katie’s off limits’ doesn’t he get.

Dusty (shirtless) is kissing Meg (blouse off) and is about to maneuver her down onto the bed when she coyly flirts that, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, even the decadent ones, and she pushes him gently away. She says she has to get in gear, she has a busy day. He finishes his wine and puts on his watch as she says she wants to stop by and see Luke before she starts work. She says so far, so good when Dusty asks how he is doing after surgery. They both agree it was darn lucky that the kidney came through when it did. He continues putting his shoes on and says he'd quit believing in miracles, but he’s glad there are some out there. She comes out and says she has to stop by the farm and change clothes. She doesn’t want to go to work in yesterday’s clothes; people will talk. He asks if she is afraid of a little gossip and if he can see her later. She moves forward and cutely says she was counting on it.. They exchange a quick kiss and he tells her to come back later—and bring a toothbrush. She quips, "Oh, like a sleepover?" He replies, "Yeah, pack a bag." They have two quick kisses this time and she asks if he is feeling all right. He replies he feels great, better than he’s been in a while. She mutters her, too. He guides her to the door with his fingers in her back belt loops. Outside, she turns again, not wanting to go, and stands there offering herself for another kiss, to which he obliges. When she leaves, he goes back in to get the breakfast cart and wheels it outside, just as Jen comes around the corner and spies the evidence. She has a knowing smirk on her face.

He asks if she wants to come in and she declines. He excuses himself to go get his shirt. She can’t help but glance down and see all the cups and glasses (for more than one) on the table. He asks how she’s doing and she replies okay, one day at a time. She informs him that she went to the cemetery early this morning and sat by his grave. He asks how did that go. She replies it was peaceful, saying good-bye. They discuss it being good to be able to do that, let things go. Finally she asks, Is it just her, or are things just a little unbearably awkward? Dusty sighs and says, well, they both live there, so he guesses they have to get used to the fact that they will run into each other—unless she wants him to relocate? She says no, that would be a little extreme. He admits he was hoping she’d say that. Long silence, and then he finally says okay, he’ll see her. He closes the door as he goes back inside.

B.J. tells Mike that he’s really overreacting. He promises him he is going to stick to his word and keep things professional as far as Katie is concerned. Mike, on the other hand, seems to want to keep things personal. Mike says he loves Katie; it doesn’t get any more personal than that. B.J. chuckles that he’d hate to think he only stayed on this job to keep an eye on him. Mike offers that he couldn't care less what he thinks. B.J. moves in even closer and smiles bigger (can we wipe that smile off his face, ever?) and tells Mike that he made a mistake; he took things a little too far on Halloween. He had admitted that and he had apologized for that; now could they move on, thank you? He walks off.

Maddie steps out of the shadows and asks if he sees what she means—he’s Jekyll and Hyde. Mike says he’s just a coward with money. Maddie tells him he’s wrong. B.J.’s bite is as bad as his bark. Mike doesn’t know what she saw him do the other night. Mike shakes his head and says he knows everything he needs to know about him. He vows he won’t mess with him and he isn’t going to hurt Katie. She wants to know who’s going to protect Henry. Mike offers that he’s a grown man; he can take care of himself. Maddie isn’t sure; he seems to be in way over his head this time.

Jack reveals to Henry that all he has to do is find out information about B.J.’s daily routine; who he meets with, who he talks to, where he travels, organizations he has contact with—that sort of stuff. Henry cuts to the chase: in other words, spy on his boss. Jack asks if he has a problem with that. “Well, golly, Jack, a little bit; he’s the guy who signs my paychecks.” Jack scoffs to not tell him he hasn’t been a little suspicious of him ever since he started working for him. Now’s his chance to find out if he’s on the up and up once and for all.

Will quickly tells his mother it’s not like he’s not going to college. He’s just postponing the search for a while; no big deal. Still, she is not happy and asks what happened. Did he have a fight with his sister? He tells her no and to just let it go. Barbara asks if Jen even knows about this. Will says he just called and she will understand. Barbara tells him she thinks it’s more than him just changing his mind; he wants to stay here. So he fesses up: yeah, it’s Gwen, that’s why he’s staying. She’s aghast: Gwen? She thought that was over. How did she manage to rope him back in? Will fires that she didn’t "rope him back in." He’s giving her a hand. Her mom is useless, and Gwen needs someone to help her with the baby. Barbara snarks, Why does that have to be him? He says because he wants it to be; he wants to help, because he cares. She rails at him to open his eyes, for Pete’s sake; Gwen is using him—can’t he see that? Will confides this is why he didn’t want to tell her in the first place—because she’d never understand. She insists she does understand. She points at him and says she knows him and what a good person he is, and how caring he is—too caring. And Gwen is using that to her advantage to get herself out of a jam. Will agrees; yes she is in a jam, and he’s her friend, and that’s what friends do, they help each other out. Barbara whines, So he’s going to throw his life away, throw his future away, for his little tramp? He tells her to stop right there, but she continues that she should be having the father of her baby help her out. Will tells her the father is a jerk. She argues okay, fine, but that’s who she should be going to. Let him act like a man, so Will could stop acting like a fool.

Carly quizzes Gwen. Why does she think someone messed with the paternity tests? Gwen confides that it's because Casey Hughes is the father of her child. Carly asks what she hopes to accomplish by singing that old song. She says nothing; she’s got her baby back, so why would she need to lie? She adds she has only slept with one guy, and that was Casey Hughes. “So, unless there are three wise men on their way to Oakdale with a bunch of gifts, then Casey is my kid’s father.” Carly explains that the test says he isn’t. Gwen says that’s why she thinks someone messed with it, and Carly had every reason to do it. Carly repeats that she didn’t. Gwen wonders who did; perhaps his parents, or even his grandfather. Carly scoffs, "Bob Hughes switching tests? Highly unlikely." Gwen wants Carly to swear to it that it wasn’t her. She looks her squarely in the eyeballs and swears it wasn’t her.

The doorbell rings and it’s Margo and Casey. Carly quickly realizes this is a sticky situation and isn’t too eager to invite Margo in, but she comes in anyway to just drop the stuff off and get out of her hair. She stops dead in her tracks with a less-than-pleasant look on her face when she sees Gwen. Casey even mouths, “Oh, great!”

Maddie is angry; is Mike just going to let Henry hang out and twist in the wind? He offers that they both knew what B.J. was trying to do to Katie, but she didn’t say anything about it so Henry could keep his nice, cushy little job. She states she didn’t tell because the psycho threatened her. Mike says then she can take her suspicions to the cops. She argues, Doesn’t he even care what happens to Henry? Mike is supposed to be his friend. Mike opines that he thought that too, until Henry let B.J. puts his hands all over Katie. He’s now done with him; he’s on his own, and so is she; he walks off.

The guys sit at a table. Henry reveals to Jack that B.J. is a little eccentric, but so was Howard Hughes. Jack offers, "Yeah, and look how that worked out for him!" Henry says it was a bad example. Jack tells him to quit covering for the guy just because he’s his boss. They both know he’s trouble. Henry pretends to be a little murky on exactly what trouble is. Jack says it’s what Katie got into at the Halloween party.. Henry seems surprised that Jack knows about that; he says it was a bad, bad mistake, and B.J. feels terrible about it. Jack says, well, it sounds like he would have raped her. Henry defends that no, he wouldn’t have done that, he was just taking a trip down memory lane; he wanted to talk about high school. Jack asks him how long he is going to keep lying to himself about what this guy is capable of. Henry says until he fires him, and then he’s fair game. Jack thinks even he is not that greedy.. Henry tells him okay, drive a limo for a few weeks and then come back and talk to him. Jack continues and asks Henry if he wants to give this guy another chance to hurt Katie. Henry argues that he wouldn’t do that. Jack asks how does he know and says they could kill two birds with one stone—the feds get the information they want, and Henry gets to protect Katie. "Do it for her, do it for Katie!"

Barbara tells Will that she was actually kind of excited about this trip for him, even thinking of giving him access to his trust fund again. He asks if she really thinks that will work; does she really think he’d turn his back on Gwen for access to his trust fund again? She points out that it must be pretty hard on him, almost college-bound, and he has to come to his mother for a new computer, even a new pair of shoes. He tells her he isn’t like her; money doesn’t rule his life. She continues to argue that this isn’t about money, but him throwing away his life and his future for some needy— He tells her she'd better stop right there and not make him choose between her or Gwen, because she won’t like the outcome. She fires at him that she doesn’t care if he hates her. She loves him, always will, and she will always protect him, and she is telling him this: “Gwen Norbeck is going to drag you down. I am sure of that.” He barks at her that he doesn’t care what any of them think, her or Paul. He’s had it with both of them. They are NOT his family; “You’re my nightmare!” He rushes off with her calling after him.

Jennifer gets off the elevator just as Meg is about to get on. Jen notices Meg’s bag. She says she is glad she ran into her, as she was going to look for her at the hospital later. Meg is obviously feeling a little guilty. Jen wants to thank her for all she did, like getting the blood samples and having them tested. She knows Meg went out on a limb and she’s very grateful. We see a flashback of when Meg made the switch in the lab.. Jen goes on that it brought her back to earth; she needed clinical proof to accept her baby’s death, and it finally opened her eyes, and Dusty’s too. Meg mutters that she did what she had to do for her, and Dusty, too.

Margo wants to make a hasty exit. She says they had just been on their minds, with the baby having been taken away (looking right at Gwen). Gwen wants to leave as well, but Carly convinces them to just wait a minute, saying this would be a good time to clear a few things up. Margo is skeptical and asks about what. Carly says about what really happened between Gwen and Casey. (Boy, does he look guilty.)

Henry wants to order another coffee, and Jack tells him to quit stalling and give him an answer. He dances around the moment, saying that Jack is putting him on the spot. The job with B.J. is the best he’s had, and yes, Halloween was weird, but he doesn’t think he’s a danger to Katie. He tries to laugh it off that maybe he’s just behind on a couple of tax returns. Jack says he thinks Henry is turning him down. Henry does say thanks, but no thanks. He may be a strange guy, but basically he thinks B.J. is okay. “I mean, he’s not a serial killer or anything, right?”

B.J. is talking to someone on his cell phone. He tells the someone they need to meet sooner; plans have changed. Why doesn’t he come there? He’ll make sure they have complete privacy; just make sure to come in the back way. He then charges in and tells Maddie and Mike to get the word out to everyone that they can take the rest of the day off. Mike wants to know why and what’s going on. B.J. gives a quick answer that he’s re-thinking things and he doesn’t want to waste their time on something he might eventually change. They’ll get back to it early in the morning; is that clear? Maddie is happy to go, but Mike asks what sort of changes. B.J. tells him to just let him worry about that. Mike has a very serious look as he leaves.

Margo says she doesn’t know why they have to dredge this up again. Casey has moved on; Gwen got what she wanted, and there’s really nothing left to talk about. Carly says there is, and Gwen thinks so too—doesn’t she? Gwen is caught off guard and wonders what Carly is doing. Carly asks Gwen if she thinks a mistake was made on the paternity test. Casey pipes in: "What has Gwen been saying?" Margo also wants to know that; what are the two of them up to? Carly stammers nothing, but mistakes do happen all the time. Margo says she doesn’t believe this; this is amazing. She looks at Gwen and says she is still trying to convince people that Casey is the father; what does she want from them? Gwen finds the courage to say, "Just admit the truth, that’s all." Margo mocks her; what is she suggesting, that she tip-toed into the hospital and changed the test? Or maybe Tom did; he’s the D.A. and can do anything. Carly tells her that no, she’s not suggesting that Margo herself did it. Gwen breaks in that she IS certain. Margo fires at her that she has her son; leave hers alone. She motions to Casey and they leave, slamming the door.

Gwen tells Carly thanks a lot. Did she really expect them to admit anything? Carly says no, because there was nothing to admit. Gwen feels she has been set up, just to humiliate her. Carly tells her it was just to prove a point, as there is no way any one of them could do what Gwen is suggesting. Gwen says, well, somebody did, as she’s not lying about this. And hey, wait, do her a favor and don’t do her any more favors. “Stay out of my life, and my son’s too, okay? Great, thanks, have a good one.” Carly winces and makes a face as Gwen slams the door.

Carly is looking at a photo when Jack comes home. She rushes into his arms for a hug and fills him in that she may have made things worse with Gwen.. He asks if Carly changed the paternity results, and of course Carly denies it. Jack can see that Gwen wouldn’t see it as helpful to accuse Margo or Tom. Carly admits Gwen blew up. It’s one step forward, two backward with that girl, she says; why doesn’t she just let it go? She got her baby back, but she still is not going to forgive Carly, and she could end up in jail because of it. She’s almost crying by now, and Jack holds her again to soothe her.

Gwen slams the door at Iris’s as she comes in. She plops her purse down, throws something at the door and peels her jacket off. Iris can feel the breeze and wants to know what happened. Gwen is taking no prisoners and huffs, What does she care? Iris crawls on the sofa with Gwen and tries to honey-talk her, saying that she should talk about it; let it out. (A big puff of wind.) Gwen calls Carly a selfish witch. Iris agrees, saying it's all to try to keep herself out of jail. She is never going to be on Gwen’s side. Iris schmoozes more, saying that she may not always do the things Gwen wants her to do, but she’s on her side for the long haul. She pouts for Gwen to please tell her what Carly did this time.

The doorbell rings and Gwen hastens to answer it when she sees it is Will. She hugs him, in fact hugs on desperately, and tells him she is glad he is there; he’ll never believe what Carly did to her.

Jen continues to thank Meg, asking if there is anything she can do to repay her. Meg quickly tells her that she doesn’t owe her anything; Jen has been through hell already. She just needs to pick up the pieces and find her life again. Jen hugs and thanks her and walks off just as Dusty joins Meg. He asks how’s Luke, and she says he made it through the first twenty-four hours and his body doesn’t seem to be rejecting the kidney. Dusty thinks that is good news. Meg asks if they should go up or if he is heading out. He tells her go ahead, he has something to do first.. Then he walks over to Jen, who is picking up some mail at the desk. He wants to talk to her a second. He informs her they both live in the hotel and says he wanted her to know up front that Meg will be staying with him now and then. She replies that with room service for two and Meg with an overnight bag, it wasn’t hard to figure it out; why was he telling her this? He says he just didn’t want it to be a problem for her. (Sort of presumptuous of him, huh?)

Carly tells Jack it’s not going to be easy convincing Gwen to give her a second chance. She’s got Iris yapping in one ear and Will in the other. He tells her to try harder and reminds her that she can be just as stubborn as Gwen can. Carly says not stubborn, determined. Jack says, “Yeah, determined to be stubborn. You have to find a way to connect, that’s all.” Carly answers, "And be friends?" He says sisters. He knows she wants to, she just hasn’t realized it yet.

Gwen tells Will that then Carly made her feel like she was doing her a favor, just to make her point. Will sees that she really put her on the spot.. Gwen says she humiliated her and was after her from the get-go. Will isn’t sure, and now Gwen thinks he’s defending Carly. He says Carly is not stupid and she knows she can’t afford to be on Gwen’s bad side. So she screwed up, but her intentions may have been good. She asks if she should forgive her. He says simply to let it go and not let it drive her crazy. Besides, they had already agreed that whoever switched the tests did her a favor. She and the baby are better off with Casey out of their lives. So, forget about Casey and his parents and whoever switched the test results, and go easy on Carly, as she did tip them off about her mom lying and trying to break them up.

Iris is listening to all of this, of course, on the other side of the wall. Gwen makes Will promise that he will never lie to her; they need to make a pact. They make a pinky swear and seal it with a long kiss. Then he pulls out a check, the reason he came by—a deposit for her new apartment. (Uh-oh, Iris looks worried.) She wants to know how he got the money, and he replies that he cashed in some bonds that his Aunt Kim and Uncle Bob had been giving him on his birthday since he was born. She’s grateful and doesn’t know what to say. She gives him a big teddy-bear hug.

At Java, Margo buys Casey a drink for dragging him over to Carly’s. He tells her it’s okay, she didn’t know Gwen was going to be there. They discuss the nerve of that nutcase and hope she isn’t going to cause Casey more trouble down the road.

As they start to leave, they bump into Maddie and ask about her. She tells them they don’t want to know, but Margo insists. She says it's just problems at work, and she knows she told them that Henry would be getting a place for them soon, but looks like it's going to be a little longer. Margo tells her that is okay, she can stay with them as long as she likes. Maddie thanks her. Casey tells his mother to go ahead; he wants to talk to Maddie. She is surprised—he actually wants to talk to Maddie? He whispers that she isn’t that bad. He walks up to the bar by Maddie and asks what is the deal; why, all of a sudden, does she want to stay at their house?

Henry shows up at WOAK and asks where everybody is. Mike is sarcastic and tells him B.J. gave everyone the day off; guess that didn’t include him! Henry scoffs that he is useless without him. Again, Mike quips, yeah, he needs him for everything—even his dirty work. Henry thinks that is unfair. “Unfair?” says Mike. How can he live with himself? After what he tried to do with Katie, why is he still working for him? Henry fires back that so is Mike. Mike says he’s trying to make sure Katie stays safe. Henry asks how does Mike know that he isn’t doing the same thing. Mike tells him he’s only out for the paycheck; that’s all that matters to him. He’s glad his eyes are finally open to him. He leaves and Henry goes into an office, where he remembers what Jack told him earlier: do it for Katie.

He hears voices, including B.J.’s voice, so he ducks under the desk. A bearded gentleman (and I use that term loosely) comes in with B.J. He closes the door for privacy to be sure they are not heard. The stranger in black asks exactly what B.J. needs him to do. B.J. says he needs him to take care of a little problem. The stranger says that's his specialty; what’s the problem? “A troublesome associate I need you to dispose of—immediately.”

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